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Prince Valiant & the Rebellious Peasants

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I feel like I'm following the rules for combat against multiple opponents ok but then I get to the supposedly straightforward Episode 'Rebellious Peasants' and it comes out as among the most dangerous encounters in the book!

According to the text p.96, "unless one of the Adventurers is very unwary, the peasants should not be able to do much damage". Later on it says "these fellows are very easy to beat". But they attack in force, three peasants to each Knight, using 12 coins. Taking the pregen knights as a guide, the average knight has 9 or 10 coins in combat. 12 coins Vs 10 is far from "easy to beat" (even if they run away after one group gets 5 coins taken off them). 

The rules on 'Personal Combat with Multiple Combatants' p.27 accepts how hard this is ("each time the adventurer wins (which may not be often)..."). Yet this episode treats fighting multiple opponents as if it's a trivial affair. And this is before we even get to the 'easier' Huns encounter on p.90 at 16 coins Vs each adventurer! It doesn't  seem possible. 

I feel like I'm missing something here. Can anyone help me get my head around it?

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This is how I have handled it in the past.

A couple of things to keep in mind. It stipulates "the peasants are unwilling fighters. As soon as one or more are brought to zero in combat, the rest will flee in terror..." (bold emphasis mine)

If you think how one or more can be brought to zero and they flee after 5 or more coins are lost in combat in any event, please review the rules of "Persona Combat with Multiple Combatants" on page 27.  You have 10, they have 12.  Ok, but split it up.  You put 4 on A, 3 on B and 3 on C.  Each of them has 4.  So, it is 4 on 4, 3 on 4 and 3 on 4.  If odds are correct, you should will probably have one or more losses.  How can I win?  

Remember, the bolded words above?  Instead of being totally fair, put 6 on A, 2 on B and 2 on C.  Now, you should win against at least one peasant. YOU win when one person is brought to zero, or they take 5 or more coin losses.  In other words, if you are fighting 3 peasants, reducing the group to 5 losses is one way to win, but the other is reducing one to zero.  Yes, you will take some damage, but you need to lose 10 times to their 4. Much easier.

Does this help?

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Yup. That helps a lot, thank you. One for the file..

I had a mental block here because the way it was set-up in the episode suggested the 'imprecise, quick' method was the expected way to approach it. I'd excluded using the 'scientific option' but, as you demonstrate, its not as deadly in this instance, more tactical and more fun for everyone.

Thanks for your time.

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