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  1. Coming late to the party here. Stormbringer/Elric has been one of my favorite rpgs, but I will be honest in saying that I haven't touched it in many, many years. However, the discussion here is how to enforce play along a certain line. I might suggest the traits system in King Arthur Pendragon. If you are unfamiliar with it (shame on you), basically your character's actions can be broken down into opposing choices. For example, Honest/Deceitful. They start at 10/10, but as you play, you can purposely add a point to one side which has the effect of decreasing the other as they always need to add to 20. As long as your range is 5-15, there is no problem. But, if one side becomes 16, then that trait now defines you. The character now acts in that accord if must fail if you want to act contrary to that trait. The system may need to be tweaked a bit to better fit the Eternal Champion system, but since Elan is already there, you have a base to start with.
  2. We create a squire pool. Sometimes these are simply unnamed until they are needed, then they are named and assigned. Occasionally, a younger brother of a knight is put in there in lieu of a simple squire. Some like that as it gives a simple way forward if a knight's main character is incapacitated or killed. And if he is over 21, so what. I can see the case where the squires are not named in literature. Were they there? Depends on your viewpoint. Unless the story says he specifically left the squire behind, then who does the cooking, the sewing, the cleaning, taking care of the tack, and such? Some of this is not 'industry' but some if it is. And knights are not supposed to do 'industry'. Again, authors could just gloss over this leaving us guessing. It all depends on how real you want your story to be in real life applications. IMHO. BobS.
  3. Sorry about coming to the party! What they all said before me. If you are able to mentally place yourself in the adventure, what needs to stand out. What would you see? hear? feel? I got a couple, but don't remember the names off the top of my head (and not at home), but the Tournament of Dreams is also one of mine. BobS.
  4. I agree, but if the squire does engage in combat... And does it matter to whom one is squired to? In other words, does being the squire of Lancelot do anything to your glory level as compared to some household knight? I am not as concerned about passive glory as that would be reduced as well.
  5. You also need to remember, Book of Sires covers the years 439-484. As Morien pointed out, During the years of Uther, Anarchy, and Boy King, one can imagine the boundaries changing. You will also notice that each map is dated to some extent so you know when we say what the borders are.
  6. which brings up a good point. KAP uses Glory as a measure of experience and renown. RAW says on page 121 (KAP 5.2) that "Any noble, from High King to an esquire, may gain glory." And a bit later, "Squires, sergeants, and other characters below the status of knight may frequently be denied the opportunity to gain Glory." (Bold emphasis mine.) I'm interpreting the above rule to allowing Glory to a squire (1/10 as 1/4 may be too large), but should esquires gain glory? I say yes, but do they gain the same reward level, or should they also be limited? If limited, what percentage?
  7. It took a while for which I apoligize, but the short answer is "NO", Lightfore does not get a cult. He is mentioned in the text when it talks about the Dawn Ages and Yelm-worshipping horse nomads in central Peloria. They followed Lightfore until Yelm returned.
  8. Maybe I was not being clear enough in the regard of Blank lands. If there are no blank lands, and no area books coming out, how does one create a campaign that won't step on Chaosium's toes in the future by creating something that they will contradict later? I liked the idea of running a campaign where it would not do so, although I understand the reluctance because of problems later on.
  9. Both are on-line applications. FG has gone the extra step and set up licensed games that is supported with items that are pertinent to the campaigns, but it seems both can be used. I have experience with R20 as it is more generic. Just google the two names to find out more.
  10. Just a thought to put out there. However, there is a sense that Sartar, Prax, Lunar Tarsh, the Holy Country and the Lunar Empire and the lands surrounding them are very well much in development and are deeply involved in the Hero Wars. Many may be wanting material to base a campaign on. If that material takes too long, gms not willing to take the chance of doing something that will contradict the official lands, then they may look for a place where they may set their own campaign. If you tell them there is no place to do so, then some (hopefully a small minority) will look elsewhere and perhaps an alternative system to create. Griffin Mountain was epic in that there was the skeleton of an area and general guidelines, but gm's could create their own stories. Is there such a place in the new RQG?
  11. Well, you can always try to get them to do a one-shot and see how it goes. My group is also heavy Pathfinder oriented. So, I am not running as regularly as I want either. But, they do have fun when they do. Good Luck.
  12. No problem at all, it was my pleasure. I also had a great time running. Your group was getting into the spirit of the game. You might have to look a bit to find a face-to-face game, but there are games online.
  13. She could have gotten it by rolling additional Lunars as a reward or boon during the background tables. If I have it right, it is 150 Lunars to buy the armor she has.
  14. So, does this mean that if one wanted to learn a spirit spell that requires more than one point to initially cast (e.g., Darkwall, Lightwall), one would wait the required amount of years (2 for Darkwall as it is a 2 point spell and 4 years for Lightwall), or are they prevented from learning it as the cult only teaches 1 point increase? Just want to know if there is an official answer.
  15. Curses, my secret is revealed! No, the other one, Nysalor, definitely Nysalor. Orlanth with his eyes opened ... Apologize about coming late to the party here, but my eyes have recently been opened (so to speak). At GenCon this year, Chaosium released a limited number of Gods of Glorantha in 2 volumes. The second volume contains the Storm, Shaman, Lunar (Moon), and Chaos pantheons. Specifically, the Lunar section has expanded to include each of the 7 mothers expanded into their own cult writeups. The section on illumination is greatly expanded and shall we say, illuminating on so many levels. I think I know now just how powerful Nysalor was and why Arkat had to go through so many changes to defeat him. I am looking for the finished product with much anticipation.
  16. X X X X X X X X X SPOILER ALERT X X X X X X X X X that depends entirely on whether your players are willing to go with the concept of female knights having amours with female ladies... In my game, the knight who got the first victory was the lady knight. And the players had no problem with the concept. But, this comes full circle at the end, so options are still open as you know. Remember, amours are courtly love.
  17. Grail Knights are extremely rare in the early years (in my timeline), so he could be mistaken as a Pagan as he was not necessarily a good Grail Christian. His being taken with the Questing Beast so fervently IMHO was a result of his negligence to his spiritual side. He was continuing questing for it and it took the form of the beast manifesting itself. Of course, this is my interpretation to the entire side. And since Pellinore's home is in northern Cambria, did not have to delve into it too much.
  18. I was privileged enough to run one of the scenarios at GenCon. I ran the Adventure of the Three Damosels. The setting was the beginnings of the High Romance period where the Courtly Amor Love is taking shape. In it, the five male knights and one female knight were on their way to Camelot when they came across a woman promising adventure if they dared follow her. The players did and the rest is history. (Sorry, no spoilers here.) The players had a great time and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If any of them follow this thread, by all means, chime in your impressions. All were pretty new to Pendragon, but got into the spirit of the game very quickly, including use of accents. I was very pleased that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, including the one who kept saying at the end, "Hate! Hate! Hate!" David Z. (author of the upcoming "Book of Magic") also ran two scenarios, but it might be better for him to give his thoughts.
  19. You will notice that Poisoning is the standard default of the Saxons. The Night of Long Knives between the Saxons and the nobles of Britain had the massacre of the nobles due to drinking (ok, maybe not poison directly, but get a person drunk, and then fight them...), Vortimer is poisoned by his step-mother (at least some believe that), Aurelius is poisoned by the (Saxon) fake doctor, and now you have the feast. So: It is up to the gamemaster to decide if he wants the conventional villain, or to put a feint within a feint, so to speak.
  20. Merlin is the wild card in my games as well. Is he all-in for Arthur? Does he play both sides (or multiple sides) for his vision of the greater Britian? or is he completely amoral and out for his own? My players had a wonderful time being raised up by Merlin, only to find out they were left holding the bag a few times.
  21. Proposed schedule is: new scenario around October, Book of Magic next spring. Of course, things are still in a bit of flux, so bear with the powers that be, They are doing the best they can to bring you more stuff.
  22. Maybe, just maybe, not so alone in your viewpoint.
  23. I agree on this one. In the gamemaster section we should have either 1/2 a page or full page on scaling the campaigns and notable choices. For example, how powerful do we want the characters to be. Which Merlin is present, which characters have plot immunity, and so on. This also might be a way to increase the little used stats. The only problem would be is to determine what the default numbers would be, and how do you reflect this for the random choice.
  24. Then, my bad in this as I did not mean to say the proposed system would weaken Pict characters. I think the proposed set of rules would strengthen Pict characters. DEX would have more of an impact in doing the change.
  25. Yup, loud and clear. But, it can be the beginnings of one. I know you are not advocating that a campaign can't be run until Arthur arrives on scene. I am also saying that Knight A and Knight B may not be that different in armor. Not much difference in DEX 18 and DEX 9 while wearing plate armor, but put them in a court scene, or a night attack, or something similar and suddenly those DEX stats become more important. Your example of the Middle Earth campaign is an example of the system being used for more than just Arthur. Having the rules transportable and depending less on using these rules in KAP and those rules in something else means the system doesn't encompass it all when it should be. Lancelot's saga has more than just when he is armored up. He does a lot of things out of armor (and outside the bedroom). 😉
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