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  1. I will add one more: maybe your wife was shown up recently at court. She wants to put that person into her place. And needs you to do... This could be very simple and not stressful at all and simply a one-shot. Or that person could be of higher rank, or she then retaliates and has her own husband/lover...
  2. Veli's version pretty well coincides with mine in this. Uther was not always in the group because of, well, second son status. Must preserve the spare in case the heir dies. I know many hate this idea, but Greg was somewhat set in the idea, at least during the early periods. BoSires does give Uther his prominence in the latter days. Leingod's point is as a valid as any other as to why Ulfius and Uther have such a close relationship.
  3. Wonderful way to have fun! Agree there are many ways you still can get the timeline back on track. And as long as they are dead by the time of the infamous feast, it really doesn't matter. As long as Arthur is conceived. And you got a couple of twists there.
  4. good examples, speaking from experience. Yes, it is possible to run a squire only scenario. Could even do that for a couple of years. Be mindful of giving too much glory as the glory awards are scaled for knights. But, running some adventures to give faces to names which will come up again in later times when they are knights? Priceless!
  5. Running them as squires "by the book" in battles and see if they want to be squires more than once.
  6. I have played it straight, and with some modifications. The additional aging roll is only rolled if the player fails and I don't use the Ennui rule. It can be overcome, but only with perseverance and diligence.
  7. BoE, p. 18 specifically says, "...If a knight already owes homage to a lord, and he receives a holding from a higher-ranking lord - typically the king - the fortunate knight is released from his original oath..." (bold-emphasis mine). So the question now becomes, is Earl of Y considered to be higher-ranking than Earl of X? If so, yes, he can transfer his homage. The rules say this is expected. If it is deemed that no, they are equal in rank, or Earl of Y is lower, there is no Homage transfers. You generate the new homage according to the rules on p. 19. As far as the old homage goes, I would rewrite as Loyalty (Lord),.
  8. Yes, the clone wars, this is not.
  9. Morien is referring to Pendragon 5.2 for the pages of 68-69. In KAP 5.1, that section is on page 53.
  10. Well, are their reprints? I never had a chance to own them as I was unaware of their existence. And I don't do ebay.
  11. Yes, but it is not all me. Other projects need to be further along.
  12. I would be ok with making Lot older, or making him the grandson instead of the son. YPMV, I know, but my take on Merlin is that he saw many paths ahead and was trying to go the route to do as many as possible paths until he was forced to choose. Lot was the pagan path choice. When Merlin was not in the South, he was in the north advising Lot. Else, why would Lot and Nero let Merlin anywhere near their encampment in 513. (Shades of LOTR, when Gandalf was let into the throne room of Rohan.) Arthur was the Christian path's choice. At least, that is how I was seeing it. The north needed more work which is one reason I dropped it for Book of Sires. Greg thought it was a good move as well.
  13. I had his birth in 467. In a section that did not go into Book of Sires, I have his mother being a Pict Princess which gives him kingship through matriarchal lines when the King dies. So, the beardless comment was more to the "lack of experience". Yes, King Lot becomes King of Norway in at least one text and is a supporter of Arthur. But, it is not official in that regard. But, 467 or 468 is more KAP and moving it back would work as well. YPMV.
  14. Yeah, I came up with the idea of rolling a d8 first and then applying it to the roll. Yours is more elegant. For the last, I had 156-159 reroll. and 160 being choose your card.
  15. Just curious, how do you roll 155? not easily divisible.
  16. I would talk to your prospective players and see what they are thinking of. If they want to focus on battles and like a detailed system, the Book of Battle. If they want to play after Arthur takes the throne, then the old books for scenarios might be the way to go. Book of Uther, Entourage, Grand Pendragon Campaign, and others dive into details that you may or may not need. Morien has very good advice throughout this forum and is very active.
  17. To counter that partially, I only gave 1/10 Glory of a normal knight, but yes, the skill set is almost always higher.
  18. That is really the rub. Playing someone else while you wait until the heir is ready. Too many players like their newer character better by the time the heir is ready. Kinsmen helps this situation as it is the same family. BotEnt is the better option at this time.
  19. The problem would be if he wants to play the squire every game session and how rigid you are to the idea of 1 session = 1 game year. If you are somewhat flexible, I found the simplest solution is to have a squire scenario/scene every other session. I ran an all squire campaign once. Originally, the idea was the players would all know each other being all trained at the same castle of a great lord. We had fun, but it never took off completely due to schedules changing.
  20. We chose a name. Uther is known to be somewhat lecherous and probably had many encounters with the fair maidens. He may very well have lots of bastards, but he gave a ring to the mother of Madoc. Why was purposely not answered. The gm is free to run with this however they may want.
  21. And that is what a good gm is aware of. When I was examining the Picts, I found they used dogs to a large extent. In skirmishes, dogs were another threat to a knight. In battles, the gm needs to try to emulate what the Picts would do. Double-feints would be good, but when in a unit, the combined arms of sword-shield man, backed up by spearmen, who in turn are backed up with javelin throwing Picts make a solid enemy. Dawn attacks, feints and retreats, and so one. Try to make each enemy a bit different, and the players will appreciate it. Above all, remember the Romans never conquored the Picts. They simply walled them off - the success of that depends on who you talk to.
  22. One wrinkle that we added in Book of Sires was to inform players when to roll on the table. That way, they had a direct connection to it and the gamemaster could use it to create further plot points if it was desired. The above method also does it, but requires the players to work a bit more, but also works.
  23. In one of the campaigns I played in, the Angles were allied with the Iceni and fought as allies up to 500 or so. When the British got their rear end handed to them after 500, the Angles saw their chance and took over.
  24. That may be true, but it shows the scenario can also be scaled upwards in danger. "Pah, a bear?! We'll have steak for dinner," could easily be changed to the theme of "Sir Robin".
  25. That also is good. So, from one basic scenario, we now have 9 different ways in can be presented: normal bear, magical bear, shapechanged bear. kills everyone, just knights, just christians.
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