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  1. I had not looked at the books when I addressed this earlier. I have now. The original text has what you have from KAP 5.0, pg. 48; 5.1 also say the same on page 48; And 5.2 also says the same. So, I have to agree with Creativehum that it IS in the print. What Veli states also is correct. Those whose families lost a grandfather at the Night of Long Knives would get this Passion, while those from the continent, Estregales, Picts, would not. But, you (Piersb) are also correct in YPMV. Remember, it is YOUR game.
  2. Yes, the original 5.2 rules did not include all the options Veli and I included in Sires. Greg agreed with Sires and also contributed text to the book. But, keep us posted as to your campaign. I think it will have some interesting twists, especially when Cerdic/Cynric shows up.
  3. I posted a bit of stuff easily found on the web on discord. The legend itself should give you some ideas of what you can do with it. Perhaps the blooms arrange themselves a bit differently this year, when viewed from a certain angle, points towards the location of the Grail itself. Perhaps, when ground into a powder and mixed with blood and holy water, can create a solution that can absolve sins like a priest can. How magical do you want it? The actual history, woven into folklore, is interesting.
  4. Saxons! supplement does have stats for Poor Thegn and Landed Thegn.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Recent decision, or old one, if I could ask?
  6. Might not be the complete answer, but the GPC does have the event in 492 that King Lot, King Uriens (Lot's good and loyal friend), and King Nentes of Garloth all come down to Tintagel where Margawse marries Lot, Elaine marries Nentres, Queen Ygraine is very pregnant in a very bit celebration. Pages 25-27 pf GPC gives a quick list of info and some of the North is described there.
  7. I think it depends on what you and your players want and the story you want to weave. The more players there are, the longer the scenarios take, the more in-depth stories can be told, and more angles with the family can come to attention. It getting through the GPC in its entirety is your goal, then a smaller number (4-6) would be best. And 6 is pushing it. If an more detailed arc of the GPC is your goal, then you have the freedom to include multiple characters by each player, court scenes can be expanded, and following up on any winter court events can be done. But this will slow time.
  8. Yes, sorry, I thought you were asking overall. But, if the adventures themselves, what Morien said. The time period is a bit important as well. I find it easier to run Uther and before with little or no magic, whereas it becomes harder once Merlin and ARthur comes on scene.
  9. The fantasy elements can be downplayed very easily, or ramped upwards if that is your desire (but sounds like the former for you). Uther would be a better choice, imho, as magic is not that prevalent. Later on, during the high times of Chivalry, it is easy to bring fantasy elements into the game. You have to decide on the issue of the fae (who they are, and what role they play), but I have run a completely non-magical Pendragon, albeit my last campaign was much more fantastical.
  10. Battles may take a few posts. Initial set up, weapons, inspiration questions, the charge, results and regroup, choices for next round. Exactly how you would run it if face to face, but understanding that not every possible condition can be covered in one post.
  11. One thing I have done is to allow Recognize rolls to see if the the two sides recognize who they are facing. Facing the Butcher of Salisbury would affect the combatants more if they have Sir Robin the coward. But, the overall quality of troops are also inherent in the skills of the combatants.
  12. A bit of a different idea, but,iIf the PK's are in good relations with Bele's wife, and the Countess Ellen, then you can also try to finagle an accommodation that he might be able to swear fealty to the Countess instead. Might not be able to sustain it long term, but perhaps Ellen could get another loyal retainer in a different way.
  13. There is that. And the randomness does have its own unique take because if forces one to think of what else can happen. One reason why I like Pendragon so much, is even though we usually all start at the same place, every game has its own unique flavor. Given how much we talk on this forum, I am still hearing of novel ways various groups play out the events.
  14. It depends on what I am trying to accomplish. If fun, one knight. I see/feel his struggles, his anguish, his triumphs and such. But, as many have already pointed out, could end quickly. If trying to emulate game play, then a family. See how high I can take them before things go awry. But, I am like Morien, I like to bounce things off someone else. Some might consider 1 player & 1 GM as solo, but to me that is 1 person only. With the two, it allows the story to develop more.
  15. And having all these choices does allow replay value as you, as the gm, can modify/concentrate on different aspects of what is available.
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