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  1. I do use both books. But, to be honest, I never run a battle on the fly, even cutting a night short if the players stumble into one. I then play it out and introduce those points where the PKs can help their side. It helps me with the narrative of it as well as building the entire drama out. A battle tells a story and I want the players to feel they are important parts of it, even if they are going to lose big time. How did they affect the story? How are they going to be view after the battle by both sides. "Yeah we crushed you all. Running like scared rabbits you were, all except that little pocket over there..."
  2. This is how I have handled it in the past. A couple of things to keep in mind. It stipulates "the peasants are unwilling fighters. As soon as one or more are brought to zero in combat, the rest will flee in terror..." (bold emphasis mine) If you think how one or more can be brought to zero and they flee after 5 or more coins are lost in combat in any event, please review the rules of "Persona Combat with Multiple Combatants" on page 27. You have 10, they have 12. Ok, but split it up. You put 4 on A, 3 on B and 3 on C. Each of them has 4. So, it is 4 on 4, 3 on 4 and 3 on 4. If odds are correct, you should will probably have one or more losses. How can I win? Remember, the bolded words above? Instead of being totally fair, put 6 on A, 2 on B and 2 on C. Now, you should win against at least one peasant. YOU win when one person is brought to zero, or they take 5 or more coin losses. In other words, if you are fighting 3 peasants, reducing the group to 5 losses is one way to win, but the other is reducing one to zero. Yes, you will take some damage, but you need to lose 10 times to their 4. Much easier. Does this help?
  3. I would look at google to see if any used books are out there for sale. Of course, you might be paying $50 or more...
  4. Since this was the first virtual Con for many of us, interested in hearing everyone's thoughts, comments, stories, and such. Interested in knowing how many out of country people attended as well. I will assume Chaosium will end up doing a survey, but this forum allows possibly more comments and personal stories.
  5. Understand. However, I might be something of the completist, as I do try to pick up everything for a couple of reasons: 1) They might never see the light of day again, so missing out on whatever is not reprinted. 2) In the scenarios, the might change a few things and seeing an older version also gives me a chance to vary what the current version has (for those players who read everything and try to use that knowledge)
  6. OOPs! Tizan Thane, you are correct, it is Morgan le Fay. I need to get new glasses. That 8 pt. font is getting harder to read. Thanks for catching that. If you want to see Greg's thoughts, this bibliography is a gem. Just not sure 3 pages and the timelines are worth enough to get the book as most of the book has been printed in later products. That being said, I would pick it up as it shows the progression of how to flesh out scenarios (compare this print to one later), Greg's thoughts at the time, and a few other details not discussed yet.
  7. Yup, and Yup. I'm not sure what your point is with that though. It was an attempted answer to what Mugen had posted as shown below:
  8. The Pendragon Campaign is 75 pages and The Great Pendragon Campaign is 429 pages. The gamemaster character file was probably created as a separate file due to size/cost of the GPC if added to it. If one is familiar with the latter, then a great amount of the former is in there, rewritten a bit and expanded. It is true that a timeline is added for certain characters, but this is done for only the four most important characters: Arthur, Guenever, Lancelot and Modred. The key difference I think is the pace of the campaign. The entire campaign according to GPC is about two years, if played weekly. In the PC, it is accelerated where it is suggested to run 6 years in the same session. The part I like the most is the extensive Bibliography section where Greg talks about each book he lists rather than just the list. For example, in Marion Bradley Zimmer's Mist of Avalon, he notes that Gueneviere is the least likeable version he has encountered, but is his favorite interpretation of Modred. Just my humble opinion, and remember YPMV.
  9. It does have a synopsis of the events, major characters. It does have a shortened campaign that can be run in a reasonable time frame and I believe was the beginnings of the GPC which did see print later.
  10. One can always get Glory for success with a skill. In Paladin, Romance is a skill. Every year the knight is courting the lady, he must give her a gift worth at least 1 L. and succeed in Romance. You can get 10 glory for this, 20 for a critical. But, no, there is no additional glory for succeeding in each task directly. The gamemaster is always free to give glory based on what the task is. Cheers, BobS.
  11. Then perhaps you might try it with the changes with your own houserules to take place where you think the game as gone off the rails, so to speak. Greg always said, "Your Pendragon May Vary." Morien, I, and many others, including Atgxtg, have made our own changes to the rules, be it in character creation, how Passions work, battles, tables, and the like. And, I would love to hear about your exploits. Note, this is not meant as a criticism, but rather, an exhortation, as you would make the changes that would make the world come alive for you. To say no, simply because you don't like the way the naming conventions are, would be similar to me not doing Middle Earth, because I didn't like the way they portrayed Saruman.
  12. I will add one more: maybe your wife was shown up recently at court. She wants to put that person into her place. And needs you to do... This could be very simple and not stressful at all and simply a one-shot. Or that person could be of higher rank, or she then retaliates and has her own husband/lover...
  13. Veli's version pretty well coincides with mine in this. Uther was not always in the group because of, well, second son status. Must preserve the spare in case the heir dies. I know many hate this idea, but Greg was somewhat set in the idea, at least during the early periods. BoSires does give Uther his prominence in the latter days. Leingod's point is as a valid as any other as to why Ulfius and Uther have such a close relationship.
  14. Wonderful way to have fun! Agree there are many ways you still can get the timeline back on track. And as long as they are dead by the time of the infamous feast, it really doesn't matter. As long as Arthur is conceived. And you got a couple of twists there.
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