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  1. I used this book as one of the sources for Book of Sires. It was a pretty good source for information, but if taken on its whole, would change the GPC as we know it. But then, we do that in our campaigns anyways... Sorry for the lateness of this post, I missed the reference when I first read through
  2. This is exactly what happened in one of my earlier short-lived campaigns. She was not a woman-knight, but her love for the husband was so high, the player wanted to continue on as the wife. I might be in a similar situation in a campaign where I am a player. But, she was not a warrior, but worked her way up very quickly in her weapon skills. Alas, the campaign ended before we could resolve how it came about.
  3. Yes, Greg wanted it changed to Berroc. In the really old texts it was Thamesmouth, then Surrey, then Berroc. As long as you and your players decide on which naming method you are using, then you're fine. Any texts/source material you use however, will need to be checked.
  4. Off hand, I would say that when things were codified, vassal knight ended up at 200. Of course, one could argue becoming a vassal of another knight would be one amount, of a banneret would be a different amount, of a count, more still, etc.
  5. Yeah, Book of Sires did not deal with this as everyone in this section weren't as important to the Uther/Arthur arc. If/when a regional book for Cambria comes out, I am assuming this will be attended to.
  6. Not at all, and it is a good point. I will take your advice on this one.
  7. I was using the skill in the manner of gaining a benefit in communicating with the peasants. I feel that the Household Knights would not want to anger the peasants that interact with the King's service directly. But, I could easily see this as an option or maybe a choice of the two. Moien's other options are good as well.
  8. So, how would you make them more of a true character? What rules would you think need to change/be modified/added?
  9. Found this one: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/509117932874249842/?lp=true
  10. What others have said. Please give us feedback on your campaign. I know Greg did not want the same player running both the knight and his wife as he felt they would be 100% in unison (or worse, they would set up arguments with themselves).
  11. What I did here is to give the household knights a check in Intrigue (the hidden gossip), Folklore (dealing with the locals), and one/two courtly skills (as they have more time to practice). This makes up for the 3+1 skills that the Vassal knights get.
  12. Then I interpreted this chart wrong. I always was applying my thinking to PKs only. That might be true, but I was also counting the numerous petty kings out there that might not even be in the game at this point. I am also trying to show what can be done with RAW and houserules. I am sorry to even bring it up.
  13. Agreed. YPMV. It all depends on what you and your players want to do. Perhaps in this game, I want the players to become Barons. Move up the chain so to speak. I don't just want to give them as starting players, but I want the players to be the movers and shakers in this hypothetical game. Might want to set in Cambria, or the North where I can have room to just let the players go all out and have fun. Many have used this system to run games in other settings (e.g., Middle-Earth or Samurai, or Greece). Why not try to see what is needed to run a very high level game? That is all I was suggestion. If my suggestion of 3 was too quick, change it to 10. Or not allow it at all. The point I was trying to make is, do I want this option in my game. If so, do I need to tweak it? If not, then what restrictions are needed? Humbly submitted.
  14. Or determine how many promotions you would need to get this big step. Here you could give the family, get something now or accumulate this bonus. Once you reach, say 3, then you could get the big one. Do you go for the quick bonus, or try to finagle a better one, but that one may never materialize.
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