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Hearts in Glorantha issue 3 preorder


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Hearts in Glorantha issue 3 is nearly amongst us!

I’m running a pre-order up until Sunday 30th of August. Books will then ship the following week, wc Monday 7th September.

£6 +p&p (£2 UK/£3 Europe/ £4 Rest of the World) for a Printed copy and FREE Pdfs (print quality & ebook versions) of the issue.

Hearts in Glorantha is a fanzine that includes articles for both HeroQuest and RuneQuest as well as systemless background information suitable for any Gloranthan game.

At 92 pages long this softcover book includes:

Poisonthorn Forest

One of the two groups of Dorastor Elves detailed by Shannon Appelcline.

Within the Poisonthorn

Creatures of Poisonthorn by Shannon Appelcline.


A look at this magical Gloranthan metal by Jane Williams.

Not Plunder

A series of short flavoursome pieces of equipment by Stewart Stansfield

Wonderous Statues

Two plunder items by John Harding.

Chaos Competition Top 10

Results of the recent Gloranthan Community competition.

The Three Legs of Vice

Details of the Lunar Imperial Army ‘supplies’ by Stewart Stansfield.

The Dragonsnail a part of the Devil

An in-depth look at these Chaos creatures by John Harding.

Uphold the Yellow Standard

Dara Happan morality by Newt Newport.

The Tomb of the Empty Emperor

A D100 ‘Gloranthan Heresy’ Adventure by Newt Newport.

Casting a Spell

Part 3 of Greg Stafford’s ‘How to do Magic’ series.

Undersea Adventures feature

We all live in a Brass Submarine

An epic HeroQuest Dwarf adventure from Gemborg to Prax via the

Middle sea by Richard Crawley.

Monsters of Magasta

Ten sea monsters for RuneQuest and HeroQuest by Nick Davison.

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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