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  1. Newt

    RQG Fanzine When?

    Just to be clear for folk who just want to write/draw stuff, Hearts in Glorantha going forward will be publishing material to support RQ:G. I'm currently accepting submissions for all the Gloranthan games currently in print, and that includes RQ: G now that its out. Next issue already has adventures for RQ Classic, 13th Age Glorantha and HeroQuest. I'm hoping to get some RQ:G material in before I publish in July, in time for our 10th Birthday!!! If you are interested in contributing to Hearts in Glorantha here are the submission guidelines: Hearts in Glorantha Submission Guidelines.
  2. Newt

    RQG Fanzine When?

    Opps sorry I hadn't twigged it was you
  3. Newt

    RQG Fanzine When?

    Me too, I've been happily working within it and putting out publications (7 issues of HiG , 2 Gloranthan Adventures, and one 'special' The Book of Glorious Joy) for the last ten years
  4. Newt

    RQG Fanzine When?

    Actually, it was RuneQuest Classic (or 2 for us Grognards), but the difference is minimal I wanted to do something for that version of the rules to celebrate it being available again, do something in the spirit of the original presentation of Glorantha (which frankly was a lot more gonzo than it is today) before we all get obsessed by RuneQuest Glorantha. I've got another RO Classic adventure lined up for HiG #7 and possibly HiG#8 before I ride off into the sunset on this one Hearts in Glorantha has always had a smidgen of RuneQuest material. In the initial five issues (2008-2012) which was during Mongoose's iteration of RQ it was all sort of RQ3ish (I wasn't stringent in getting out my rulebooks and checking stuff), because initially Mongoose wasn't supportive of us using their Second Age setting (the response I got when I politely enquired was "you can use the rules, but we want to keep Glorantha to ourselves") . Then later when Jeff Richard pointed out that we could because their license didn't allow them to say that fan publishers couldn't publish Second Age material, there was zero desire from either myself or the group of regular contributors. John Ossoway (of Cthulhu Rising and Savage North fame) did the scenario Happiness is Dragonewt Shaped that you can find in Hearts in Glorantha issues 1-5 Volume 1 Collected. John always had plans for a sequel so maybe if I can persuade him we could revisit this scenario for RQ:G as well as any new material he produces.
  5. Newt

    RQG Fanzine When?

    That would be awesome, the more the merrier I say! (there now begins a general exhalation to anyone considering it) When I started Hearts in Glorantha ten years ago*, we had Zin Letters ( as small but excellently produced fanzine by the Finish Kalikos Society) and the online One Rule (which was a lot more fanish and had more rapid production values). Gradually over the years, they both dropped away and now ten years on* HiG is all on its ownsome, which isn't half as much fun Read the Fan Licensing section on the Chaosium website. Work out what works for you in both a time and money sense. It doesn't have to be a printed magazine, with even semipro layout standards. You can start by doing a website with pdfs. Which is what I effectively did, the pdf downloads of my scenarios I ran at conventions, plus the articles I published on the old Ring of HeroQuest Narrators/MoLaD website were the predecessors of HiG and Gloranthan Adventures. If you want to go down the printed route check out the tutorials and help at both Lulu.com and Drivethrurpg.com. Have a chat with MOB (mob@chaosium.com) who is in charge of licensing and was highly supportive of me when I restarted HiG after its five-year hiatus as was Jeff Richard during the early years (before he just became so gawdarn busy). Just DO IT!!! *HiG is ten this July! Come say happy birthday at Continuum if you are there!
  6. Newt

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    Continuum is squaring up to be a hot bed of HeroQuest action, both Gloranthan and non-Gloranthan, and I've not even thrown my hat in the ring yet.
  7. Newt

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    This is one of the joys of it going OGL, someone can make either a short Guide to Newcomers, that explains HQ in plain English, or an entry-level game/adventure aimed squarely at beginners.
  8. Newt

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    All this news makes me go "Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" An expanded/revised "Ye Little Book of [insert new brand name of the narrative system formally known as HeroQuest] Fantasy" is on the cards, plus some other stuff that was nearing completion but never made it out the door, during my all to short period as a HeroQuest GateWay publisher
  9. Newt

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Both print and pdf.
  10. Newt

    River of Heaven Companion?

    One of my loftier goals is to have 1 hour demos of all my games. There's already one for Hunters of Alexandria (FATE) and one in the works for Monkey. I have got the outline for one River of Heaven - but I need to create characters and playtest it as well as write it up, lay it out etc. So it's not a priority at the moment. In a similar vein I'm tempted to be grumpy and say "yes printer friendly (as in removing the colour background) would be nice, but its not my priority at the moment", but I've discovered a magic feature in InDesign (the layout software I use) called "Create Alternate Layout", so it might be easy peasy to create a print-friendly pdf using this. I'm off to play , I'll let you know how I get on
  11. Newt

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Getting back on topic, I wrote an appraisal/retrospective of the Games workshop edition on my blog seven years ago (when the D&D OSR blogsphere was afire with Swords and Sorcery). This is my Swords and Sorcery Rpg
  12. Newt

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    If you want to read a good career retrospective of Michael Moorcock that highlights how his political views have influenced his writing read this interview in the New Statesmen from 2015: Michael Moorcock: “I think Tolkien was a crypto-fascist” Since it has a sensationalist title, I would ask that people read the article in full before shooting off replies
  13. Curious about Monkey the RPG? Why not try out the free Quickstart rules available to download from our website? Then if you like it and want to buy the full game, there's a nice surprise at the end of the pdf Monkey The Roleplaying Game - Quickstart Rules Pdf
  14. Newt

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Thanks for taking the time to make notes and post here, lots exciting news
  15. Newt

    River of Heaven Companion?

    None taken, I understood and appreciated your excitement straight off the bat. I've been doing a lot of work with River of Heaven recently and it got me excited too, to the point where I wrote and ran a game of it at a convention at the end of last month My post was just to point out to others, who might silently wander by and read this thread later and not understand RoH's copyright and licensing restrictions. Because OpenQuest is open gaming content in its entirety I've had issues in the past, good-natured ones easily fixed by an exchange of emails, where people have assumed that RoH and the Company are open content too (which they are not - mainly because they commercial products written by other people).