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  1. Ok work moves towards the final release. Kickstarter update that went out to backers on Sunday. Also a couple of blog posts OpenQuest outside of the Kickstarter - which details work that I've been doing outside of the Kickstarter deliverables. Welcome to the Shambles - which is the intro to the Catching the Wyrm adventure that Early Bird Kickstart backers will be receiving.
  2. Both OpenQuest 3rd Edition and the OQ powered Jackals RPG coming out via Osprey Games, are up for the vote in this. Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2021!
  3. I've just posted an update on the progress towards OpenQuest 3rd Edition, over on the Kickstarter page. November Progress Update
  4. Hi Can you send me any errors you find to directly via personal message rather than posting it here. This way I can update the document and make my editor/proofer aware. At the risk of sounding defensive, there isn't a dedicated errors thread, because it the draft that was sent out to backers was a pre-edited/pre-proofed version. I do actually have a dedicated editor, who is working with the text now, and proof reader, who will proof it after the document is updated after editorial.
  5. Hearts in Glorantha 2008-2020 RIP. Our Gloranthan fanzines have now ceased publication. Thanks to everyone who bought copies over the last couple of weeks
  6. Today is the last day, at 12 am GMT tonight, ill be making D101s Gloranthan fanzines unavailable.
  7. So 1st draft of OpenQuest 3 sent out to backers via link in Update 26, which tickles me somewhat because that's a very special day today Here's the update that follows it that outlines what I've been up to since the campaign funded 1st Production Update.
  8. Nope. Everything is on there. As it is on my web store , which does free postage for UK customers Hearts in Glorantha/Gloranthan Adventures over at d101games.com.
  9. No, for reasons I won't go into there End of Oct, they are gone. No longer available as POD or PDF via me or drivethrurpg.com or lulu.com. You've had 10 years + in some cases, and I brought back 1-5 as individual issues so completionists don't get price gouged by sellers on ebay or Nobleknight. But I can't provide an extended deadline.
  10. Hi all, I've finally decided to call time on the great D101 Games Gloranthan Fanzine adventure. Hearts in Glorantha/Gloranthan Adventures The End. As of 31st October both titles will no longer be available. Until then copies are available from my web store and drivethrurpg.com. This also includes the individual copies of issues 1-5 of HiG, for you completionists out there. Hearts in Glorantha/Gloranthan Adventures over at d101games.com.
  11. Funded back in February, as part of Kickstarter's ZineQuest 2 promotion, the Zero Edition of Skyraiders of the Floating Realms. This us my back to basics , maximum gaming fun fantasy setting which uses a fast streamlined d100 system. The full game is in development now, but the Zero Edition is a fully functional initial release, with full rules, and a introductory adventure. In print/pdf via d101games.com Read more about the game over at my Sorcerer Under the Mountain blog.
  12. Its a work in progress title, that will get changed. Everywhere else I've mentioned it I've put "The Book of Ducks (Working Title)". Here I forgot...with catastrophic results
  13. Well the Kickstarter ended just after breakfast this morning, and 545 backers have funded all 12 stretch goals! Maximum thanks to all the backers! This is what the campaign has achieved: Stretch goals 1-3 More art and enhanced graphic design for the main rulebook. Stretch Goal 4 The Whispering Warrior Quickstart Rules/Adventure Stretch Goal 5 An OpenQuest OGL SRD that will be hosted here. Stretch Goal 6 The Saga of the Savage North, an adventure/setting book. Stretch Goal 7 The Clockwork Palace, an adventure/setting book. Stretch Goal 8 The OpenQuest
  14. Its the last day of funding. One last crazzzzzy stretch goal , "the one where OpenQuest Patron backers vote on my next OQ powered project and everyone gets the first draft (at least) in pdf". I've lowered the funding goal to £13k which is achievable today. Remember there are add-ons, including the soon to go out of print The Company, OQ Classics Bundle (Life and Death, Savage North, and Crucible of Dragons). the book of OpenQuest Patrons. Here's the link one last time:
  15. Final three days and the final push - new Reward levles, and a new reward/addon. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/645319106/openquest-3rd-edition/posts/2967181
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