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  1. Green Hell revealed!

    Nope it got lost under the pile of other stuff I have to do. But it has been revisited this morning while I was taking a break from straining my eyes at the layout files of Monkey looking for mistakes. So far its very much a draft in a notebook, but the following sections have been sorted out. The overall background: Basically Green Hell is two places which are connected. A rancid fetid swamp, which is where the players start, and a nasty stingy other-world. The cults of the setting which includes: The Imperial Aspirants - a hero cult for the beginning player characters to join, prove themselves before joining the Imperial Cult properly. The Skull and Bones - a pirate based cult (because there be pirates them swamps yar). The Cult of the Green Goddess- a divine cult which draws its power from a demi-goddess who is a bit absent-minded and isn't really into being a cult figurehead. The cult of the Horned Demon - another hero cult this time centred by a living hero who is wandering around the swamp, and therefore has active demands of his followers. Overall the cults are very much low powered introductory affairs local to the setting. Details on the six factions of the setting and their motives and objectives. Which also includes in sketch form all the npcs in the book and the locations important to each faction. I'm currently working on the 20+ NPCs that appear in the setting (about five or so in) and once that's done I'll be typing everything up and expanding some of the sketchy details. The last bit will be a full gazeeter to the setting as well as adventure or mission details. Green Hell is very much a pure sandbox, I've been playing far too much Fallout and other sandbox games on the PC recently to go with a linear adventure. Release date. No idea. I'd like to say early summer, but we'll see
  2. Long spear?

    OpenQuest doesn't support this sort of "weapon pedantry"
  3. Long spear?

    Ok lets unpack this. First off ignore the Flex trait - without the STR/DEX requirements (which I dropped in OpenQuest Refreshed) its a typo that I'll remove. It also makes very little difference mechanically, its a hangover from the MRQ SRD (which had all sorts of inconsistencies). Then ignore the Set trait for all Spears. The Set trait is only used on the heading for Spears, and obviously doesn't apply to Short Spears (that are the short stabbing variety used by Zulus, that occasionally get thrown - hence the Range triat). Then all that applies to the Longspear is the LS trait, which now on its own should make sense. I'll mark removal of the Flex and Set traits down for the next issue of errata.
  4. Glorantha with OpenQuest?

    I used to publish an advice on how to use OpenQuest in Glorantha in a book called OpenQuest Adventures, which is no longer available. There was an article in there called "Gloranthan Runes" by Simon Bray which was his take on converting the OpenQuest Magic rules to work within a Gloranthan context and a scenario called Tomb of the Empty Emperor by myself. Here's the summary I included in that book. Before you ask I'm not at liberty to pass on Simon's magic rules (which are basically some guidelines for Cult ranks and quick lists of spells by cults) and I'm keeping Tomb to myself One of the reasons why OpenQuest Adventures got pulled was that with RuneQuest coming back I didn't want support any OQ Gloranthan hack officially.
  5. Strength requirement for weapons

    Hi STR/DEX requirements where removed in the current version of the game, since I found that I never used them. Any reference to them should be ignored. This is an errata item, and I'll mark it as such.
  6. Hearts in Glorantha 6 is now available

    When it goes on general release it will be available via DriveThruRpg.com who print and ship from the US.
  7. Hearts in Glorantha 6 is now available

    Also Scott and Matt have expressed strong interest in doing articles for issue 7
  8. Hearts in Glorantha 6 is now available

    Ha, Ha, scooped again! Thanks for letting folk here know about this
  9. Advanced Magic (Optional)

    I'll reply in detail later (I'm about to do the school run, take the pup to the vets etc) but what Sunwolfe says is bang on the money I'll give you the developer's inside view once my family doesn't have me in a half-nelson
  10. As I've just posted elsewhere I'm having a Winter Hack and Slash sale over at my web store. Most things are 50% off, except the River of Heaven softcovers which are a whopping great 75% off at £5/£7 a copy. River of Heaven Softcover at £5/$7 at D101 Games web store. Reason why; When I ordered a bunch of copies for UK Games Expo the first time I went three years ago the printer sent me an extra box in error. So what I'm selling off cheap now is the last 2/3 of that box. Buy a copy and not only are you helping me reclaim space for new products (such as the upcoming River of Heaven Companion which is in final editorial now, with the aim of being out Feb/March) but also putting a bit of money in the art fund for upcoming OQ/RoH projects. Plus you are bagging yourself a bargain! Also, I've got a couple of copies of the hardcover version at 50% (but those are limited - so get in quick). Oh and did I mention you'll get a free complimentary pdf, and the whole book is full colour throughout - with illustrations by Peter Frain like this Kenturan Hegemony Noble all the way through.
  11. By Krum, I'm having a 50% off Winter Sale over at D101 Games!That means the following have had their cover price hacked and slashed: Crypts and Things, OpenQuest, The Hollow West, Hunters of Alexandria, Gloranthan Adventures, Hearts in Glorantha, River of Heaven, Project Darklight and their associated adventures/supplements.Seeing as I want to clear out some space for new stock, the large number of River of Heaven softcovers I have have been reduced to £5 ($7) each. Also its the end of the line for Project Darklight, so it’s your last chance to pick up one of the last five remaining copies of the game for £5.Free Postage to UK addresses for orders over £10.Visit the D101 Games web store (d101games.com/store) to go to the sale.Sale ends Jan 31st
  12. Furnace and 7 Hills, aka the Sheffield Garrison Conventions, have been a hotbed of OpenQuest activity since the early days of the game. They've also seen a fair bit of action on the River of Heaven, The Company and Renaissance (Cakebread and Walton's Early Modern History spin off) front too. The new Chronicle of Gamers website, as well as being a tool for games submission for upcoming conventions, holds games from previous conventions. This link summarises all the games run under OpenQuest (and spinoffs) for the last nine years or so OpenQuest Games from 2009 at The Chronicle of Games
  13. That's up there with Neil Gow's (author of Duty and Honour, Beat to the Quarters) tales of playing Basic D&D sat on coal sacks in a shed in the North East, for gritty rpg origin stories
  14. I'd like to say I was one of the cool kids and RQ2 was my favourite, but it is RuneQuest 3. Oh the fun me and my mates had with that game. It was like being allowed to breathe after all the Gygaxian directives in AD&D and the training wheels of Moldvay's Red Box (we had yet to learn to say "sod it, this is my game I'll run it the way I want"). Also I jumped in with Games Workshop version, dutifully buying the basic slim volume first which I loved, because it was quick up and at 'em although I knew enough about RQ to know that I wanted the Advanced book as soon as I had saved up my paper round money for Divine Magic and Sorcery if nothing else. The Monster Book was next, because that made sense in a world of AD&D's PHB/DMG/MM Land of Ninja and Griffin Island were picked up in the great Games Workshop sale where pretty much all their RPGs (except their own lines which if memories serves me well lasted another 3-5 years,) were dumped in the sale bin, as part of their move to focus solely on miniatures. I always regret that Vikings never got the GW hardcover colour plates treatment. Not having Glorantha available, I spent my formative years GMing in worlds of my own devising. So despite knowing better, my RQ is a Generic Fantasy system. I didn't get round to using Glorantha until a good five years later when I used a good chunk of my student loan to buy all the Avalon Hill boxsets. That led to another ten years of my home game. Which by the end of it had lead to the stripped down system that would be the prototype of OpenQuest years later. I wouldn't go back to playing RQ3, Mythras is a fine inheritor in my opinion of that branch of RQ (the realisation of which makes me love it even more) but when I was originally designing OQ it was RQ3 I used as a reference, nicking a bit of RQ2's coolness an simplicity here and there. If you want to read more of me waxing on nostalgic about RuneQuest, I wrote this post on my blog Sorcerer Under the Mountain, a couple of years ago: RuneQuest and Me .
  15. We’re going Cyberpunk and Sci-fi for our Cyber Monday 2017 sale here at the D101 Games Web Store. 50% off the usual price of our Sci-Fi games Project Darklight and River of Heaven in print with PDF. Project Darklight £7.5/$10 usually £15/$20. River of Heaven main rulebook in hardcover £15/$20 usually £30/$40. River of Heaven Main rulebook in softcover $10/$13 usually £20/$26. Free postage to UK Addresses, and Free PDF with all orders. Offer ends 12 midnight GMT! Project Darklight is a game of Cyberpunks in space, battling the megacorporations and the conspiracies behind them in the 23rd Century. River of Heaven is a D100 game using our popular OpenQuest rules, based in a near singularity setting in the Bright Age of the 28th Century.