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  1. We are getting there. The main rulebook has gone out to POD backers last week, and I received the printed version for the Signed & Sent edition from the printers today. Here's what 300 copies looks like dumped at the bottom of the drive of D101 HQ 😄 I'll be mailing these out over the next couple of weeks to backers, then the book goes on general release 🙂
  2. Great Attack Page 67 keep the summary as is. But under the description. Page 68 second line should read "The attacker gains +20% to attack and automatically does the maximum damage possible for the attack, i.e.. maximum amount for the weapon plus the maximum amount for any damage modifier. So that's scenario one. In general OQ goes big or goes home when it comes to modifiers and bonuses. It doesn't do twiddly add a little bit here or there.
  3. Steady on old chap, thinking for yourself and all that 😄
  4. If i was to do a feats system now, I'd be using Combat Options as a base and taking them away from every one regardless of skill level having them. But its more fun giving them to everyone, which players at low skill level only using them out of desperation. But "Epic Options for Masters" or big damn heros, hmmmn you got me thinking now 😉
  5. Its also 1D4 in OQ 3 for humans to cut out all that nasty fiddly 1D3 dice rolling 🙂
  6. I've toyed with doing an heroic feats system for Masters, similar to Land of Ninja for RuneQuest 3 or even MRQ 1 if you remember that. So characters with skills at 100% would spend Magic Points and then be able to activate the feat attached to that skill that they have bought. So for Close Combat we would perhaps have a "Flurry of Blows" which would give the character a multi-attack, or "Decapitation" which would be an instant kill on a hit that does damage. But its a glimmer in my mind's eye, would need vigorous playtesting, and to be honest I think could easily be replicated by characters ha
  7. I've not hit the 100% skills in my OpenQuest Thursday game yet (it is only 17 sessions young 🙂 ) but my Skyraiders of the Floating Realms game (30+ sessions) which has virtually the same experience system, we hit 100% in magic for one character and close combat for another a couple of months ago. They've now settled into the idea that the respective characters are masters in their respective skill areas , and are quietly working away at pulling up skills which have fallen behind. Skyraiders also has other things to spend Growth on, such as Skyships (they have a small fleet of those!) and their
  8. Hi Can you contact me via email, with this with your order id, and I'll see what's going on. My contact email for web store enquires is newt@d101games.com Thank you
  9. Everything is coming together, as both the limited edition Signed and Sent version and the Print on Demand version, reach the end of the proofing process. Update via the Kickstarter, and cross posted over at OpenQuestRPG.com Proofs, Pdfs and Progress.
  10. Quick correction here, GORE is based on the MRQ1 SRD It actually predates OpenQuest release wise, with its one and only release coming out in 2007, while OQ was released in 2009 🙂
  11. Opps that's a mistake, which should be deleted, and will be in v1.02 that will be issued as a pdf shortly and will be the version that goes to print. Its an oft hand reference to the guidelines in the Life-Cycle of a Character rules on page 221. But since those are more guidelines rather than hard rulings, its wrong of me to say they are the "Veteran Character Creation Rules". Perhaps one for the OQ Companion?
  12. Thanks to everyone who has jumped on the OpenQuest 3rd edition pre-order over the last 12 days, its been quite overwhelming the level of take-up 🙂 Quick reminder, the pre-order closes tomorrow night.
  13. Wow! I never knew about this, and picked up a copy as a result. If I had come across it at the time I would have been all over it. "RQ IN SPACE!!!" that's what my teen age self would have cried with glee 😄 My older self is analysing it and critically dissecting it, like it did recently with Games Workshop's Judge Dredd RPG 🙂
  14. The One Magic System arose out of convention game play, where I found no one was really keeping track of magic point spends, and spells that were variable depending on the magic point spent on them also confused new players. So I simply removed magic points, gave variable spells fixed/randomised effects and combined the three spell lists. This blog post on OpenQuestRpg.com goes into more detail. The One Magic System.
  15. Its a busy year for OpenQuest. Not only is the main rulebook getting a new edition, but there's five releases this year that the Kickstarter funded, plus at least one (the Duck Crusade) that is outside of that. I've set up a page on OpenQuestRPG.com to keep track of all the books in development/released 🙂 OpenQuest Releases This currently only lists the official OpenQuest releases, because that is what I'm focused on at the moment. Eventually I'll get round to producing a list of 3rd Party releases with links as a web page too.
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