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  1. I'm locking this topic down as forum moderator. its gone completely off topic in an not very constructive manner.
  2. Here's a quick blog post I did on my Sorcerer Under Mountain Blog about the forth coming Green Hell supplement, which is in the early days of its development. Sunday Morning Dungeons.
  3. I'm always intrigued about what people are using OpenQuest. In the past I've received reports of a Fallout style game with Psionics and a Ravenloft style game. So go on what have you used OpenQuest for currently or in the past?
  4. I did consider this, my favorite would have been to use Battle Magic as the base system with unique spells from Sorcery and Divine added to the list. But then this would broken compatibility not just with OQ's existing adventure books but with other people's campaigns. Plus it does have a familiar charm As said if I want to do this big change I'd do it as new game. This is why Its a Refresh rather than a Revision of the system. As for being in RQ's shadow that's always going to come down to personal perspective, but I see OQ now as being firmly post-RQ. Its always been there in the rules. Even in the magic systems there's a lot of difference not just in how some of the concepts are implemented but in the fact that there's a bucket load of new spells in all three approaches. You can also see it in the Adventure supplements I've released (Life and Death. Savage North, Crucible of Dragons) Each is its own thing. You'll see it more and more in the upcoming QO Adventure/Campaign books as we go forward.
  5. With that one I just have to think "its a JapRPG, it's a cultural thing"
  6. Its a gorgeous day here in the NW of England and to make it even better the print-proof of OpenQuest Refreshed turned up. Still some tweaks to the text to be done (which the ever gracious Guy Milner is helping out with) but the new colour art works well with DriveThru's new standard colour format (which is on heavier grade of paper than RoH and OQ2 was on), which was the main purpose of this print proof. Jon Hodgson's Heroine cover looks all dark and deadly too Fingers crossed it will be on the stall at UK Games Expo.
  7. Its an area I left deliberately vague and up to the GM and their players. Its a matter of what fits your group's play style and the setting you are playing in. If you are playing magic subtle the guard may never notice, even on a fumble. Conversely if you are playing it so that each time a spell is cast it gives off obvious whizz bangs of magic, which only overlooked (in the case of deceptive magic) if the target is successfully effected, the guard will notice if the spell fails to effect them. That's the two extremes and most groups will fall in between, which is why I didn't strictly define this in OpenQuest.
  8. There's full rules on when and when not to make skill checks in OpenQuest which are similar to what you are saying. Page 35 OQ Basics Page 31 OQ 2 Deluxe
  9. Craft if its you using your knowledge of knot work. Athletics or Unarmed if you are doing it while they are actively opposing you If its an important skill that turns up again and again, then make it a skill on its own. Regarding Engineering - nope no one has ever used it and its only really there for completeness or as an example of a Specialist skill.
  10. Thanks for posting that Sunwolfe. Its kind words like this that keep me going some days with OQ, it has its tough moments, and inspired me to put asside my reservations and get on with with OQ and its 'aggressive' release schedule
  11. You might be interested in the two spin-off D100 systems I created during my hiatus year Part of the process of self-evaluation and exploration that has led to OQ Refresh was seeing if I could 'simplify' it any further. As a result I came up with two D100 rulesets. SimpleQuest which is really a minimal version of D100, the seven stats which feed into about nine skills (inc Combat skills) which funnily enough are named after the old RQ3 skill modiifers, and a single magic system of simple spells which have magic point costs and if they have variable effects you roll a dice to determine the effect (e.g The Blessing of St George gives Christian Warriors an extra D6 damage against pagan opponents). Currently it fits in about 7 pages, with minimal explanation, would probably be around the 10 page mark when polished up. D100# which is a complete overhaul of the basic D100 system, with things like characteristics are skills, one magic system with no magic point cost, Talents for specialised skill areas. As well as its D100 heritage its pretty heavily influenced by The Black Hack's approach to overhauling the OSR/D20 system. It currently stands at about 30 pages, but if any thing the final thing would probably weigh in at slightly less once I've given it a viscous self-edit. With both these rule sets I kinda realised that I was getting pretty much the same thing from OpenQuest (which when you strip it down probably comes down to 30 pages) and that it made more sense to do OQ Refresh.
  12. One thing that overwhelmed me last year when I hinted at doing a much more radical changed OpenQuest 3 was what a port of stability and safety even OQ had become for a lot of people in these times of rapidly evolving D100 systems. That's why I decided not to radically overhaul OQ. If I do that I'll do a separate new game.
  13. Basically its some very quick guidance notes on how I use Influence checks in my game, from single checks for fast talk type situations to more involved discussions where I may ask for a influence check (or not if the role-playing has been convincing enough). Its nothing that old hands at D100 will find new or odd, but its more there for GMs new to D100 who come from modern systems where Social Conflict Systems are a thing.
  14. Right many thanks to John Ossoway who has provided a printer friendly B&W character sheet. Grab it from the Downloads section of the D101 website.
  15. Well the ground work for Hi-octane Kung-Fu shenanigans has already been put in place in OpenQuest 2 (and will carry forward into OpenQuest Refresh), go and look at some of the Battle Magic spells