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  1. I'm currently doing a review of OpenQuest's three magic systems. In short Battle Magic has had some trimming down of it's spell list. Sorcery has had a few "utility" spells added so you don't have to use Battle Magic to create magic point stores or charms any more, as well as a tweaked version of the Combined Manipulation Effects table (mainly because OQ doesn't support skills over 100% any more). Divine Magic for the time being is left largely unchanged. One thing that I've added to Battle Magic is another type of specialist magician type. Currently you either graduate to learning Sorcery or Divine Magic, to peruse a career as a wizard or priest respectively, or become a Shaman. But what if you want to carry on and become an advanced Battle Magic user? Enter the Wise. This is the local hedge wizard/witch who lives on the edge of a small local community, usually rural where there isn't an established religious Temple or School of Sorcery. I've posted more about this new type of Battle Magic Magician along with the current rough draft of the rules for it over at OpenQuest Rpg. The Wise, more information and current draft
  2. OK we now have a cover courtesy of Jon Hodgeson (of Handiwork games fame, previously Cublicle 7 One Ring, Lonewolf etc). This is just the front cover, the final book will feature it in its full wrap around glory :)
  3. Skyraiders is up first, I'm working on layout of Zero Edition now. And t answer @el_octogono 's early question up thread, it will be available in pdf/print+pre-order when its done :) I'm very happy that the dichotomy of having a big book/old school d100 OQ and a little book (6x9) new school(ish) D100 system has worked itself out, and I can do both :)
  4. I've blogged about where I'm up to with OpenQuest 3 over at the new site for the game openquestrpg.com. Its a somewhat rambling post, but basically I got stuck on the last draft, went back to OQ2, decided to do a tidied up version of that with bits of the last draft incorporated into it. The post itself also breaks down chapter by chapter what the changes are from OQ2. OpenQuest 3 current status Looking to have it done by end of June, and out to Kickstarter by Aug/Sept to coincide with 1st Anniversary of its release
  5. Newt

    QuestWorlds SRD

    Congratulations to Ian and the rest of the Chaosium team for getting this out Its warmed the cockles of this old HQ Narrator's heart and as a publisher made my head explode with the possibilities Thank you for bring back a game that I loved and meant a lot to me from the last decade and for giving it a future going forward
  6. OQ3 is very much its own thing and based off Legend OGL SRD. Its a big happy Fantasy Adventure FRP with a few modern bells and whistles. Its a base system that I, and others, can write adventures/settings pretty straight out of the book. It will be OGL and there will be an online SRD and a word doc SRD. Skyraiders is its own thing. I wrote the rules base quickly over two days and while it has many similarities to OQ3, it is a bit more experimental in places. Its also written from scratch, and I won't be releasing it under the OGL. Other self contained D100 games from me and other D101 writers will probably use the underlying system, which I'm calling the D101-System.
  7. Will you be kind if this one-man publishing house doesn't ?
  8. Its one of Ospreys line of RPGs so marketing will be kinda last minute, it's not out until September 2020 according to Amazon page.
  9. It does raise the bar for OpenQuest 3's production values, gulp! :D
  10. Crikey, couple of days has become a couple of weeks! How time flies. Ok short version: OpenQuest 3 after a pause is being worked on. I was hoping to have it done by now but I got engrossed in updating the Organisations chapter - which is all the rules/info for what other games call Cults or Factions. There's the unified magic list needs trawling through as does the monster chapter, which may ore may not get a radical overhaul. Then I'll have a playtest version which I push out and we will have an open playtest, which will probably last until the summer when I take the game to Kickstarter. OQ will still be Legend OGL based. I briefly flirted with the idea of it going BRP-OGL, but decided against throwing 2 years worth of work under the bus. Also OQ3 has diverged quite significantly from BRP that it wasn't a straightforward "engine" switch, of taking out the core mechanics of OQ and switching in the equivalent BRP-OGL. As well as OQ continuing to be Open Gaming Content, I've looked at how I support 3rd Party publishers. Since OQ2 Refreshed came out in 2016 I've been swamped with other work and life stuff, and haven't really been as supportive as I feel I should have been. So when OQ3 comes out there will be a freely available SRD and a website to support it (check out openquestrpg.com if you want a sneak peak :). As well as OQ3, I'll be publishing stuff like Skyraiders of the Floating Realms using an even more striped down D100 system, that I'm causally calling the D101-System. This won't be OGL, I wrote it from scratch - and while it has ideas from OQ its its own system. D101-system releases will be even more experimental than OQ, which is partially why I'm making its own thing. Also since after 10 years of publishing my goals as a publisher have changed. I've also got a Mythras Gateway license which I'm going to be putting out an adventure/setting book called the Isle of the Dead later this year. I'm also looking and doing other bits and bobs for it. This means the OpenQuest RPG Adventures Patrenon has got a name change to D100 RPG Adventures , since I'll be using it to support not only OQ, but also Skyraiders and Mythras adventures. if you are a Patron I'll be doing a furher update about how this changes what I'll doing for it. Which is big news in itself
  11. Just in case anyone is wondering if OpenQuest 3 is still a thing, the answer is yes and I'll be making an a fuller announcement of where I'm up to in the next couple of days
  12. I'll have to check this out I've recently got back into online gaming and was considering using Roll D20, since its commonly used. With OQ3 on the way perhaps now is the time to consider support. . If anyone finds anything that is ready made please let me know.
  13. Just under a day and a half to go on the campaign. I've posted two blog posts about Skyraiders; First off a small bit of gaming fiction that introduces the setting of the Floating Realms and give an idea of the tone and scope of the game. The Voyage of the Flying Circus Then there is a character sheet of a starting character Janic the Bard.
  14. I've had a Mythras Gateway license for some time now and this is the year I dust it off and use it. A sneak peek of what I'm up to is featured in the Grogzilla fanzine I've already funded as part of Kickstarter's ZineQuest 2, and this article on my Sorcerer Under the Mountain goes into detail. Six for Mythras.
  15. Its 1-100% with no skill going over 100 (which is considered mastery). Sure mathematically 10% and lower will never get a critical, but such low skills in my opinion shouldn't get one anyway. Also 99 & 00 in the D101-System aren't automatic fumbles. If you are in the 100% range they are criticals, and the tiny advantage of two more crits at the upper end of the distribution makes sense, Skyraiders is designed to be broadly compatible with other d100 systems, so if the way it does certain things does jelln't with you can swoop in you favourite subsystem. But its not a BRP Clone. BRP/RQ/early Chaosium systems are an inspiration but not the only ones
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