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  1. OpenQuest Basic Edition - the 6 inch by 9 inch 167 page version, has now been updated to reflect the changes made in OQ Refreshed. So if you want to see what the reorganised Combat chapter is like I'd recommend checking out this free download. OpenQuest Basic Edition at It's currently going through DriveThru's print proofing process, so the printed version should be ready in 1-2 weeks.
  2. Our Sizzling Summer Sale has just begun over at our web store! Get 25% off titles like Crypts and Things, River of Heaven, Project Darklight and Hunters of Alexandria. Closes on Sunday 16th July Also if you are a UK Resident you get free P&P Visit the Summer Sale page.
  3. If you've bought OpenQuest Refreshed over the last week or so since its release you have my heartfelt thanks. Its had a good opening week, up there with some of my best sellers So I guess OpenQuest is back up and running
  4. Aw you guys I'll see what can be done sooner rather than latter then
  5. I've not got an eta on OpenQuest Basics. In theory it should be a straightforward, cut and paste of the revised combat chapter and a quick proof and mirroring of any changes made in the big book refreshed version. But I've got to work out whether its worth my time doing a printed version of Basics - I can count sales of the previous print editions of Basic on one hand. There is also the temptation to spend a bit more time revising it. If I started tomorrow It could be a month away or if its a longer job, which is going to be lower on my priority list (since I don't actually make money directly from it - but indirectly when people come back to buy the fuller game), by the end of the year.
  6. The new updated version of OpenQuest is now available. Its a slight tidy of up and revision of the OpenQuest 2 Deluxe version that I released over five years ago, with a new cover by Jon Hodgson and all new full colour art by Jeshields inside. Its now available via the D101 Web Store OpenQuest Refreshed Hardcover + pdf (£23/ approx $29 ) OpenQuest Refreshed Softcover + pdf (£19/ approx $15) Its also available via OpenQuest Refreshed at If you are looking for more information about what this new edition involves, and the plans for supplements going forward, check out this blog post over my Sorcerer Under Mountain blog. OpenQuest Refresh Here's the new cover by Jon Hodgson.
  7. Alas I didn't get to run them, because we had a lack of takers (due the stallbeing invisible due to us being stuck behind the Not-So-Great Wall of Yu-Gui-OH!), but fear not they will be available some where at some point in the future.
  8. Hi all As part of D101's Demand a Game! Programme, we will be running short 30-45 miniute demos at UK Games Expo for OpenQuest and River of Heaven. Just turn up at our stall (L6 next to the Leisure Games Games Drop and right at the top of the hall) and well book you into a session Look forward to seeing people
  9. Indeed I will have a small number of copies of OQ Refreshed at UK Games Expo, Friday - Sunday at the Birmingham National Exhibition centre, along with a handful of OpenQuest adventure books (Savage North etc). If I have any left they will go up on my web store on Monday, with a general release via shortly after
  10. I'm locking this topic down as forum moderator. its gone completely off topic in an not very constructive manner.
  11. Here's a quick blog post I did on my Sorcerer Under Mountain Blog about the forth coming Green Hell supplement, which is in the early days of its development. Sunday Morning Dungeons.
  12. I'm always intrigued about what people are using OpenQuest. In the past I've received reports of a Fallout style game with Psionics and a Ravenloft style game. So go on what have you used OpenQuest for currently or in the past?
  13. I did consider this, my favorite would have been to use Battle Magic as the base system with unique spells from Sorcery and Divine added to the list. But then this would broken compatibility not just with OQ's existing adventure books but with other people's campaigns. Plus it does have a familiar charm As said if I want to do this big change I'd do it as new game. This is why Its a Refresh rather than a Revision of the system. As for being in RQ's shadow that's always going to come down to personal perspective, but I see OQ now as being firmly post-RQ. Its always been there in the rules. Even in the magic systems there's a lot of difference not just in how some of the concepts are implemented but in the fact that there's a bucket load of new spells in all three approaches. You can also see it in the Adventure supplements I've released (Life and Death. Savage North, Crucible of Dragons) Each is its own thing. You'll see it more and more in the upcoming QO Adventure/Campaign books as we go forward.
  14. With that one I just have to think "its a JapRPG, it's a cultural thing"
  15. Its a gorgeous day here in the NW of England and to make it even better the print-proof of OpenQuest Refreshed turned up. Still some tweaks to the text to be done (which the ever gracious Guy Milner is helping out with) but the new colour art works well with DriveThru's new standard colour format (which is on heavier grade of paper than RoH and OQ2 was on), which was the main purpose of this print proof. Jon Hodgson's Heroine cover looks all dark and deadly too Fingers crossed it will be on the stall at UK Games Expo.