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  1. Psionics are definitely in! As well as light weight vehicle rules. I'm a big fan of 2000 AD, especially Strontium Dog and Judge Dredd, so the idea of some form of Star Cops/Bounty Hunter game comes to mind, esp since one of my best RPG experiences ever was with the old Games Workshop game from the 80s which was very much D100 based and crunch lite (being a sort of Warhammer lite game).
  2. Oooooooooooo now I'm on the same page as you are there After RoH Companion (which as Clarence pointed out is a different flavour of Sci-Fi) and OQ Refresh (which it kinds depends on) I'll be seeing what I can work up on this front I have ideas, and strangely by accident I have a ton of art available.
  3. Well if anything comes as it and its still even vaguely OpenQuest by the time you've finished let me know and I'll add you to the list of third party products
  4. After being lost in the website the OpenQuest Developers System Resource Document (SRD) is now once more available from its web page at OpenQuest Developers SRD at
  5. Feel free to house rule these changes into your House Ruled version of OQ, JuxQuest?
  6. Hmmn when ever I think about MRQ and MRQ Glorantha (which I consider its own pocket universe) the phrase "polishing a turd" comes to mind for most of the first edition and "flogging a dead horse" comes to my mind when it drifts onto 2nd edition. MRQ was a mess from the playtest on a yahoo group of thousands of uninvited members, where Matt Sprange at one point suggested the main rules mechanic should become D20 roll over Target Number, to its ungainly death were Matt blamed the lack of sales of MRQ due to the complexity of writing Gloranthan material. I've happily never bought a Mongoose product since and my FLG which is normally willing to buy any game book I throw at them for their second hand section laughs in my face when I ever mention selling my MRQ1 pile to them.
  7. When I'm ready to share OQ Refreshed with people here I will. OpenQuest was originally done as Open Design, with me posting whole chunks of the rules and the beta document here for comments. But I'm not ready yet
  8. I've played games set in Kralorela, for which the I've published Mark Galeotti's take in Hearts In Glorantha issue 1 (now in Hearts in Glorantha 1-5 Collected), and Mythic China, seeing as I publish a game set there, and the two are different in ways that come out during play. Problem is until you get stuck in and run it, those devils in the detail that come out during play don't emerge, and the setting won't develop through play. Kralorai could almost do with a 'playing group' that takes the cannon information found in the Guide, goes away and 'plays' it and records their findings
  9. I'm returning to my old stomping grounds of Karia in the Eastern Wilds of Ralios immanently I've voted for big and large Heroes and Demi Gods level of play for a new published book - for years we've been tantalised by tales of the setting's big heroes and heroines and I know from experience that HeroQuest really shines at this level of play. I ran a game in Black Horse Country were within 14 sessions the players had gone from being teenagers all the way to rivals for the position of Count. The game ended in a Gloranthan version of the Battle of Grunwald/Tannenburg with a full on clash of heroes and their armies.
  10. I'm not going to go any further with this discussion, because I'm not actually working on its not something I've thoroughly playtested yet. It may be all that needs to fix Opposed rolls is a through look at the Opposed Roll Table. It maybe that the OQ refresh leaves the text 99% untouched and the remaining 1% being existing areas of confusion clarified, its main outcome is just new art and layout.
  11. No, merely a replacement for Opposed Rolls.
  12. Errr please don't FIX my post to make your own point
  13. This system was inherited from Mongoose RQ, and I will almost certainly be dumping it in refreshed version of OQ. If nothing else I never use it my games I'm erring towards a system where only the player rolls, and their roll is modified if the opponent is especially competent.
  14. Part of the refresh will be new and improved art One of the reasons why I'm taking my time with it.
  15. I'm currently sorting out what I'm doing with OpenQuest. In short its probably heading towards a 'refresh' later this year, so until I've sorted re-publishing OQ Basic's in print is very low on my to-do list