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  1. Welcome

    First of thanks to Trif for setting up and hosting this sub-forum This forum so I can preview The Chronicles of Erun, both the setting and the rules - which are a rewrite from the ground up of the OpenQuest rules. The Chronicles of Erun comes from the idea that while I still love the D100 rulesets and I know the rules shine over a series of long series of games, the idea of going back to running long-form D100 campaign week in week out, taking years to complete, is both impractical given my current situation (job/Dad) and unappealing. So the idea is to design something that is much more pick up and play, with a framework to deliver a flexible but focused campaign, that only takes at most a dozen game sessions to play out (and allows for breaks), yet is still recognisably D100. Erun, is a primordial land of mist and rains, tormented by a recent war against an inhuman enemy and a past of fractured mythologies. The character’s start at the bottom of Erun’s hierarchical society and through heroic (and not so heroic deeds) move up through society to become movers and shakers. This happens in three clearly defined acts, provisionally entitled “Back from the War”, “Wardens of Parliament” and”Lords & Ladies”. I'm also toying with an Act Zero, "The Battle of Grimvale" which is part of a "create your character as you game", which sees the bare bones characters thrown into one of the most dramatic battles of the war against the Inhumans. All art will be by British Artist, Jonny Grey. This is the cover
  2. Other Worlds RPG

    It mitigates it by the expectation that it keywords, should be firmly set up before play (not part of play as Other Worlds does ) and a very light way of quickly drawing a ton of background to draw on (if you are playing either Glorantha or rolling your own from an established piece of literature, say the Dune series). Also, HQ doesn't expect you to define abilities for every damn aspect of the setting, being the player's abilities or the reoccurring npcs. It crept up on me eventually after a good ten years of playing it rigorously though
  3. Other Worlds RPG

    The main core book came out in 2011. To date, there have been none of the setting books that the author annouced. There's a G+ group that gives fan support.
  4. Other Worlds RPG

    I ran a quick two session game during the playtest. It took the "define everything" idea of HeroQuest to the extreme, which I found very draining as Narrator. We worked up a very nice game of War of the World meets WW2 meets Transformers, i.e extreme mash-up, which I suppose was its strong point. However, the contest system fell down very badly when we came to the climactic struggle against the Alien War Machines. Overall it appeared inspired on paper, but it was too much work to have to come up with a whole narrative setting and then have to constantly be improvising details. Then to have the central mechanic fall down on us. Nope! That be said there's plenty of posts on Rpg.net if you go digging where people have run the game over several sessions and loved it to bits.
  5. Careers

    That's very similar to what I'm doing, except I break it down into Techniques and Approches. Techniques are the groupings of individual spells, organised by Skill % So take Light for example. At lower than 25% you can only create a hovering globe of light that illuminates the immeadiate space around you, but cost zero magic points to cast. As the casters Light skill increases the can fill whole rooms with light, create light walls and at higher levels throw light balls that damage darkness creatures. Each of these effects cost mp which increases with level. Approaches are groupings of Techniques that a particular cult or school of magic knows. So for example you could have Necromancy 65% (Raise Dead, Hand of Death, Darkness). This is how I intend to model Cults, Shamans, Wizardry And any other grouping of Powers that the players want to take off the peg, and advance simply as a group.
  6. Careers

    This is the current form of Rurik the Reckless (OQ example character) in the latest draft: Rurik the Reckless Gender: Male Culture: Empire of Gatan STR 15 CON 14 DEX 13 INT 12 POW 10 CHA 10 Hit Points 14 Magic Points 10 Confidence Points 10 Skills · Agility (DEX) 65% · Awareness (POW+CON/2) 55% · Force (STR) 65% · Culture (INT+CHA/2) 30% · Presence (POW+CHA/2) 40% · Linguist (INT) 35 % · Health (CON) 65% · Wealth (INT+CHA/2) 45% Fighting Skills Gatanese Sword and Shield 65% (STR+DEX/2, +3, 1d4, Long Sword (1d8), Shield (1d6), Dagger (1d4) ) Gatanese Crossbow 35% (Dex+Int/2, 0, 0, Light Crossbow (1d6, rate of fire 1 per 5 rounds)) Magic Skills Healing 45%, Weapon Enhance 65% [Rurik is not a member of any cult but knows a couple of techniques from his past history as a peasant warrior rising through the ranks). Gear Sword of my Grandmother (+25% to hit, superior crafted weapon, family heirloom gained through Life Events). Chainmail armour (1d8 Armour Points)
  7. Careers

    They do indeed! Thanks, Mankcam and Rhialto the Marvellous for the positive feedback. My current aim with these OQ tinkerings is to do a short spinoff game, a dark fantasy RPG called Chronicles of Erun (sketchy details on linked webpage, along with the cover). Then if that's well received then I'll widen the scope and tackle the 200 + beast that is OQ (whose tenth birthday is next year - in its SimpleQuest form). I've spent a lot of navel gazing here. Mythras for me is the logical best-practice of the Mongoose RQ branch and RQ G (which I've been privileged to be granted a copy, preview coming up on the Hearts in Glorantha blog sometime soon) is the BRP/RQ2 branch tidied up. I'd play either in a heartbeat, given a willing group, and would merely simplify/house rule to taste. OQ historically is a mishmash of both branches, plus a few my own house rules. I really really want to make its own beast according to its philosophy (D100 made Easy). I've compromised in the past, to pander to loud voices in the audience. Ditching having a single approach to magic for OQ 1's release (which I now have in draft form) was a big one. OQ2 actually added bits of complexity in (Spirit combat rules for example) and bloated the system overall. OQ Refreshed was a small mini-step in the direction I ultimately want OQ to be (do you miss STR/DEX requirements for weapons for example) but I didn't have the time or to take that step further. Besides when I asked this forum people wanted to keep it as it was, in light of all the change that was going on with RQ and Mythras. Now the winds are blowing in the other direction - make OQ more of its own thing. This means taking a risk and breaking some of the compatibility/familiarity with BRP. I want it to be a game that I can happily run/design for my own time-limited circumstances (look I work for a living and take care of my family ), and suits my players (both home and convention) who can now pick and choose from various flavours of Fate, Powered by the Apocolypse, rules-lite D20 (thinking Black Hack specifically here) and other games that cut the fat and get down to business. Whose excitement wilts when presented with full-fat Mythras/BRP.
  8. Careers

    SIZ has been dropped in this version. Apart from working out, Hit Points it's almost redundant in OQ. Remember the early days where I got people hassling me to quantify how big Siz was and to produce a table which gave heights and weight ranges by Siz? That's when I realised I wasn't interested in having OQ tied to any definite physical limits, that it was way more abstract than even say RQ3. And I'm ok with that because I get to keep the fun bits, without the nonsense navel gazing maths Humperk is a quick proof of concept. Base skills are obviously Characteristic x 3, and I'm not even sure I'd go with that now (because as soon as you hit the upper end you start getting ridiculous bases, eg 18 gives you 90%)
  9. Openquest...when in spanish?

    I think the short answer to this one when someone decides to translate OpenQuest into Spanish. All the other translations that exist have been done by people picking up the SRD and translating themselves. Please note, you don't need my permission. Just make sure whatever you publish obeys the OGL and has a copy of the OpenQuest OGL in it somewhere, even if its a free download. More information on this page: http://d101games.com/openquest/openquest-developers-kit/
  10. Careers

    I kept the MRQ skill names for backwards compatibility with MRQ/Other D100% games and familiarity to existing D100 players. These days I wouldn't be so precious. In fact for a draft D100# system I've got on my hard drive I completely recast skills, to be very much like you've just said. Meet Humperk, who's spent some time in the Thieves Guild, which gives him advanced training in all the things you'd expect from a Theif, before mending his ways and becoming a member of the Pope's Guard, which gives him his soldering skills. He's also learnt a bit of Darklander because he's spent some time on the Empire's border. At character Gen each player character gets a Primary Career, Secondary Career and a sort of interest/hobby skill. In this draft, the Characteristic Skills (in brackets) are the basic skills as well as being the base for the Trained Skills. So if you ask Humperk to break an iron bar, you'll be using his Str Base at 30%. But ask him to break down a door you'll be using his Pope's Guard skill because all Pope's guards are trained in this sort of thing, or if he gets the chance to pick the lock you can use the Thieve's Skill of 74%. I've playtested it once during a Con Game of River of Heaven, and once the players got used to working out that they had a higher Trained Skill than Base skill, they were cooking with gas But with all things I would give it some more playtesting before unleashing it on the wild. Humperk , Sergeant in the Pope’s Guard STR 10 (30%) CON 15 (45%) DEX 16 (48%) INT 20 (60%) POW 15 (45%) CHA 18 (54%) HP 15 MP 15 Armour Ringmail (1d6) Weapons: Pole Axe (1d10), Dagger (1d4) Trained Skills Thieves Skills Base (DEX) 48% + 27% Training= 75% Pope’s Guard Fighting Base (STR) 30+Training 30% = 60% Language (Darklander) Base (INT) 60%+ Training 14% = 74%
  11. Which skill for ropework

    I'm closing this topic....its been discussed thoroughly earlier in thread, and later replies are really not getting how skills work in OpenQuest at all
  12. Only three and a half hours left
  13. Hearts in Glorantha Vol 1 Issues 1-6, is now Deal of the Day at DriveThruRPG. It contains 280 pages of articles and scenarios for both RuneQuest and HeroQuest. It is currently 50% off, until 4pm GMT today. Hearts in Glorantha at DriveThruRPG.com
  14. Dungeons & HeroQuest

    To be clear if a book is still available from DriveThru, but not sold via the Web Store (because I can only hold a limited stock at D101 HQ), I do list it on the store it with a clear link it is out of stock with me to the product page on DriveThru. So it is always worth checking on the D101 Webstore for stuff. You never know what you might find there
  15. Dungeons & HeroQuest

    Yup Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Fantasy (Dungeoneering + Monsters combined) as my very quick take on a HeroQuest D&D conversion. It was partly an experiment to see how well generic HeroQuest products would sell, and partly a bit of an experiment in doing a pdf product at a time when DriveThru seemed to be awash with small pdf only products for Savage Worlds, Fate and of course D20 type games. It did ok and I achieved what I set out what I to do with it, but I always felt that I could do more with it If I spent more time and effort on it. That's why I pulled if from sale...I have plans for a larger version of it (with a more sensible name ) at some point.