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  1. I've reinstated the downloads section of the D101 Website, where you can pick up character sheets, demo adventures and other game aids. So far for the D100 fan it has the form fillable, printable, black and white versions of the OpenQuest 3, River of Heaven, and Skyraiders of the Floating Realms character sheets. Check out the "Game Downloads" page.
  2. After another round of edits, both by me and by the backers, the final pdf is done and off to print proof. Also the OpenQuest Quickstart Rules + Adventure, The Lost Outpost, is done bar a final check by my editor. So delivery of final pdfs in the next week or so 🙂 It features this wonderful piece of art by Dan Barker, Granny Tier who is the pc's patroness in the Lost Outpost.
  3. Its not going to be a full conversion but the upcoming OpenQuest Dungeons is going to have a stack of stuff about using OQ to run a game more suited to the play style of the "World's Favourite Fantasy Roleplaying Game".
  4. Small update, Blasters and Lasers funded comfortably so early summer there will be a zero edition available 🙂
  5. Quick update. At time of writing backers of the campaign will be getting two zines. Grogzilla issue 2 itself, a collection of articles and adventures for Crypts and Things, Monkey and the work in progress that is Slumberland. The Duck Crusade which has grown into a zine of its own, since as well as the OpenQuest adventure + characters, it now has a gazetteer of the setting, with an article on how to turn the adventure on its head and use it for the Cultist opposition (for which there will be another set of characters). Currently we are funding this as a third rpg-in-a-zin
  6. VTT support was a stretch goal that funded. I'm currently in the research phase 🙂
  7. I've jumped into Kickstarter's ZineQuest promotion with Grogzilla #2, which is the follow up to last years...Grogzilla #1 😄 At the heart of it is an OpenQuest powered adventure called the Duck Crusade, which is a Grimdark Quest with a firm sense of humour, much like the early GW Warhammer Fantasy Battle releases (McDeath for example). It features the Crusader Ducks of Fort Fury, who are trying to regain their homeland which has been overrun by Cultists of Corruption who worship the Great Terror Lizard, GROGZILLA! The Duck Crusade is a one-shot adventure, with its own self contained sett
  8. Ok if you missed the Kickstarter, but still want either the Pdf/POD or Signed and Sent version which is the properly printed version, you can pick it up via my lastest Kickstarter as part of the ZineQuest 3 promotion. You get the main rule book, the Quickstart adventure/rules (The Lost Outpost) and the OpenQuest Companion. Also by backing the zine you get an OpenQuest adventure, the Duck Crusade. Grogzilla #2, get OQ3 as an addon if you missed the Kickstarter.
  9. The pdf went out to backers yesterday! Now sorting out pre-order for people who missed the Kickstarter. Dan Barker did this fantastic last minute piece for the book.
  10. Over at the RPGpub forum, one of its posters Private Eye does a read through of the rulebook, starting here: https://www.rpgpub.com/threads/jackals-bronze-age-fantasy-roleplaying.4535/page-2
  11. Nothing additional was ever published for the Company. Unfortunately the main author, disappeared from the Hobby. "Operation" was probably one of the convention scenarios, Operation Kamphor or Operation Mudbrick. Neither of which was ever published. I've got tentative plans to do a sort of 2nd Edition, but it will probably have a different title and be more broader in scope.
  12. The draft layout is done (with tables of contents, index and page cross references done in the pdf). Its been sent off for checking/final proof , which I'm anticipating will take up to two weeks. Then off to the printers to proof, and pdf to backers. Also in parallel, the 1st draft of the Quickstart rules and adventure, the Lost Outpost, went off to editorial/proof last end of last week. Its all go at D101 HQ!
  13. Mine turned up today, and I'm a proud Uncle John-Matthew has used OQ 2 as a base to create his own game that is packed full of flavour and fun Once I've put OQ3 1st draft layout to bed, and passed it over to final check, I shall be settling down with beverage and reading the rulebook.
  14. Excitement increases, Jonny Gray is signed up to bring his Savage Dark Barbarian Art style to the Saga of the Savage North. Jonny Gray on board to Illustrate The Saga of the Savage North
  15. I feel very blessed I've been able to work with Jon on these covers given how busy he is with his own projects for his Handiwork Games.
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