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  1. Just in case anyone is wondering if OpenQuest 3 is still a thing, the answer is yes and I'll be making an a fuller announcement of where I'm up to in the next couple of days
  2. I'll have to check this out I've recently got back into online gaming and was considering using Roll D20, since its commonly used. With OQ3 on the way perhaps now is the time to consider support. . If anyone finds anything that is ready made please let me know.
  3. Just under a day and a half to go on the campaign. I've posted two blog posts about Skyraiders; First off a small bit of gaming fiction that introduces the setting of the Floating Realms and give an idea of the tone and scope of the game. The Voyage of the Flying Circus Then there is a character sheet of a starting character Janic the Bard.
  4. I've had a Mythras Gateway license for some time now and this is the year I dust it off and use it. A sneak peek of what I'm up to is featured in the Grogzilla fanzine I've already funded as part of Kickstarter's ZineQuest 2, and this article on my Sorcerer Under the Mountain goes into detail. Six for Mythras.
  5. Its 1-100% with no skill going over 100 (which is considered mastery). Sure mathematically 10% and lower will never get a critical, but such low skills in my opinion shouldn't get one anyway. Also 99 & 00 in the D101-System aren't automatic fumbles. If you are in the 100% range they are criticals, and the tiny advantage of two more crits at the upper end of the distribution makes sense, Skyraiders is designed to be broadly compatible with other d100 systems, so if the way it does certain things does jelln't with you can swoop in you favourite subsystem. But its not a BRP Clone. BRP/RQ/early Chaosium systems are an inspiration but not the only ones
  6. Ok the adventures have now funded and I've added a set of three simple stretch goals. £800 The Crew of the Flying Circus + The Associates of Dr Dee. Pre-made characters for your games of Skyraiders and for Wigan Pigs (the adventure in Grogzilla) respectively in pdf format. Delivered as a pdf, separate to the zine. £1000 Creatures of the Floating Realms. A collection of twenty monsters for Skyraiders of the Floating Realms Delivered as a pdf, separate to the zine. £1100 Five Personalities of the Floating Realms - Five non-player characters designed to reoccurring patrons, foils or even enemies for your games of Skyraiders. Delivered as a pdf, separate to the zine. I'm aiming to get these stretch goals written up and delivered with the main zine in April.
  7. Yes I have gone with doubles for crits and failuers :) Yes this is a distillation of OQ3 re-written from the ground up, I literally opened up a Word Document the day after I did my tax return (in one day rather than five) determined to write down how I run D100 at my table, no more no less,. How this affects the future of OpenQuest I'll be making a formal announcement about it soon ;)
  8. Currently funded as part of D101’s ZineQuest2 Two for One Zine Kickstarter along with Grogzilla issue 1. It is a zine sized RPG, which is the first pass of about 40-50 A5 pages tidied up, so it is playable. It’s a Zero Edition, with the full first edition coming this summer as a fully kickstarted game. Skyraiders of the Floating Realms on ZineQuest It comes in two blended-bits : A colourful and action-packed setting, The Floating Realms. A concise d100 system. The Floating Realms I wanted a setting that is immediate, easy to explain and sucks the players in. I know the idea of adventurers travelling from one sky island to the next in a post-apocalyptic setting, in search of adventure and loot gets me going. It has done since I came across Skyrealms of Jorune. There’s lots of weird fun fantasy game juice packed into even the Zero Edition. Peter Frain has pretty much nailed the spirit of the game in his front cover of two adventurers at the prow of a Sky Ship, with the New Sun and the Dead Moon in the background. The D101-System At the beginning of the year, I sat down and over two days wrote a 20-page concise D100 system. It's written from the ground up, not from a SRD, because I wanted to get my idea of what I wanted from a D100 across. If you are familiar with OpenQuest it’s a continuation of many of the ideas I introduced in that game. Characteristics are still the familiar building blocks, except for Size which I’ve dropped, randomly rolled. I’ve dropped Size from the usual D100 list of characteristics because I never use in my games. Characteristics as well as being the basis of Hit Points (now Constitution) and being used to work out Bonus Damage, characteristics determine the starting values of skills, usually two relevant characteristics for each skill. Characters have a previous career, which sets them up for play with a set of skills and three magic spells since everyone on the Floating Realms knows a bit of magic, and a default set of starting equipment. They are then individualised with by allocation of small number points to skills they haven’t already advanced with their career, and players get to pick an additional spell. They advance in free form manner, earning Improvement points that the player can spend on the skills and magic they want, as well as gaining contacts, skills and magic through completing missions for their organisations. There’s one Skill test system. The skills list is short and concise, even compared to OpenQuest, and the system of simple difficulty modifiers is even more aggressively applied. In any given situation only one difficulty modifier applies from a set range (-40%, -20% , +20%, +40%). And modifiers from magic trumps mundane situational ones. Opposed skill tests are now so that only player rolls their skill, which is modified up or down if their opponent is more or less skilled than them. I realised I’ve been doing this instinctively for years since it gives similar results to both sides rolling and takes the pressure off me as Referee. It has one magic system, one list of spells, and no magic points. Instead, you roll against Magic skill to see if the spell is successful and if you fumble the character can not use it again this gaming session. There’s a shortlist of straightforward and powerful spells in this version of the game. Combat is straightforward, with characters acting in the order of the skill they are using, from highest to lowest, so characters who are more skilled get act first. There’s still attack rolls, followed by defensive reactions to prevent. Armour has a dice armour value, and weapons do damage ranging from 1d4 to 1d12. There are no hit locations. I’ve moved the system away from resource management and ditched a lot of fiddly numbers. There are no equipment lists and counting of coins and the magic pointless magic system is another example of this. If it's necessary to know the outcome, a simple skill test is applied to resolve the situation. So, for equipment acquisition the Referee either says yes to reasonable requests and moves on or makes the player perform a successful Trade skill test, modified for availability in the character’s current location, to gain the item they are after. Overall this is a heavily modified version of OpenQuest, to the point that it’s become its own thing. Its been written from the ground up, and I won’t be releasing it under the OGL. If I had to give the system a name, I’d call it the D101-System 😊
  9. In addition to the stuff pointed out above, there's also The Beard of Lhankor Mhy. An adventure for 13th Age Glorantha by Guy Milner in Hearts in Glorantha #7 On his blog there's his update version of Gringle's Pawn Shop and Sting of the Scorpion Queen adventures, as well as general commentary. Guy Milner's Gloranthan Stuff on his Burn After Running Blog.
  10. Ok this one has moved fast, and already funded, the next stretch goal is a little zine sized D100 Fantasy Adventure RPG I've been working on called Skyraiders of the Floating Realms. Its a maximum gaming fun concise D100 with a punchy immediate fantasy setting, centred on adventurers travelling and exploring the Floating Realms of the title using Sky Ships and other methods. I explain a bit more in this update. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/645319106/grogzilla-1/posts/2760689 As I said its already funded, and I'm now funding two quick adventures as final stretch goals. Here's the front cover by Peter Frain.
  11. Now on ZineQuest 2: Grogzilla, briefly seen at Grogmeet 2019 now getting a proper printing. It’s full of fire-breathing three-headed skyscraper-sized giant lizards (stats for D100, OSR, and Monkey!), articles for Mythras, and a mini-adventure sequel to the Road to Hell (for Swords and Wizardry) amongst other things. And It will grow in page count as we hit stretch goals. Of interest to the D100 fan is the the stats for Grogzilla himself, and Mechazilla (its sci-fi incarnation for River of Heaven). Also for Mythras fans there's a sneak peek of an adventure book I'm writing for the game that will be released later in the year in the form of the Six Traveller's Culture. The next stretch goal is for a full cult write up of one the Six. The zine is done, even the stretch goals and will ship shortly after the campaign closes. Also when the last current batch of stretch goals fund, I've got something very special for D100 fans lined up as the next stretch Grogzilla on ZineQuest 2\Kickstarter.
  12. Not at present....stay tuned.
  13. I got to play River of Heaven, the Guns of Olympus Mons, at Winter Con 2020 at Fanboy3 in Manchester last weekend just gone. On a personal level, it was great to play in a game with Jon Ossoway, a man who knows his Sci-fi troupes inside out. As a publisher of River of Heaven, it was great to be playing the game with John and seeing exactly how it ticks with the author running it. The set up was simple and direct. The Renoucers, a sort of Fascist Luddite paramilitary movement who are out to stop the rise of AI, had taken over a military base on Olympus Mons, which is a huge extinct volcano on Mars. Since said base controls the planet's defence grid, our team of Marines were going in hard and fast using drop-pods to take it out. So cue a fast-paced military-techno-thriller, with much sneaking about, hacking into systems, taking out guards from a distance, as well as the all-out firefights you'd expect. John had included some hooks in the character's backgrounds which led to some great roleplaying from the players, so it wasn't all grunts-n-gunplay. I had fun 'weapons-testing' the power armour and a quite frankly scary array of guns and grenades our characters were equipped with. My favourite one was the Smart Grenade, which can be programmed to have a delayed explosion ("Hey Google, set explosion for 30 seconds after impact") and to only go off when near actual combatants, not say, civilians The best thing of all was that it felt like we were in a distinct Sci-fi universe, not a cheap knock off Star-Wars, Star Trek or Aliens.
  14. Nada, Natch, Nothing...I'd imagine its a place holder. I found another one another booksellers site.
  15. The key to understanding this is that the Critical and Fumble effects are coming from the results of the Caster's Magic Casting skill test not the target's resistance test. I should have added that as an extra bit of explaination. This is the relevant bits from Magic Casting rules in the Magic chapter. Note in OQ 3 there are no magic points, so fumbles (which happen on a failed roll where the tens and units dice match) manage when the caster runs out of spells. Also opposed skill tests have changed in OQ3. Here's the rules and example from the draft:
  16. Downloaded and looking good from a quick skim
  17. I'll be unveiling them when I open up the public playtest. As for spells, while OQ core I'm currently working on tidying it up and keepign the overall list as short as possible (as I've done in previous editions), its all now one big spell list and I've added critical and fumble results, so people new to the system have something to work with. Also makes OQ 3 magic a bit more risky.
  18. A bit of fiddling about the other day and I have a logo for OQ 3
  19. It would be cool, but bare in mind Ken (Walton) is still recovering from a pretty serious cancer operation, which is why you've not heard from the dynamic duo in a while. I'm putting plans together to better support 3rd Party OQ3 publishers, that I'll be unveiling really soon
  20. I'm quite excited about Guns because its John's return to the game/setting he wrote after many years of absense. Whether he will want to get it sorted out for publication is another matter
  21. You're right it doesn't match what you are trying to do. I the way I've currently got it cast it to provide some sort of risk in running away. So you can try and run away, but if you get attacked and fail to dodge you not only potientially take damage from the successful attack (if your armour doesn't protect you) but your opponent still has you held in combat. You might want to run away, but your opponent wants to hold you there and beat the heck out of you Recasting the rule to be less mean, after all if the player is taking this option its probably because they want to get out of combat: Sprint: The character may move a distance up to twice their Movement Rate, forsaking their attack and only being able to dodge as a defensive reaction. If running away from combat at the end of the combat round they have now disengaged from combat.
  22. Newt

    Shaman Cults.

    OQ3 won't have Shamans as featured in RQ, where they are just a fantasy native-americian shaman. I'm loosely calling magicians who interact with with spirits, spirit contacters. and they will be quite a diverse group. I'm still putting the rules together on this one. You'll be able to build these Specialist spell casters out from the spell lists. Therefore you can have Mediums who speicalise in contacting spirits and sucessfully asking them questions. Exorcists who cast out bad spirits. Artists, who have a small selection of spells to help them create their masterpieces, and who rely upon a friendly spirit for inspiration. Also OQ3 won't have long drawn out spirit combat. Spirits who can possess humans will have a Possession spell, where the target gets a Persistance skill check to avoid either passive or dominant possession. And Spirit Contacters will have spells like Cast Out (possessing spirts must make a successfull Persistance test or leave the body they are possessing) or Imprison (which upon a failed Persistence roll sees the spirit trapped in an object specially prepared for the job). Right that's all I'm going to say for the time being
  23. I'm organising Winter Con 2020 a one day con (10am - 6pm) at Fanboy 3 in Central Manchester UK to celebrate the 1st birthday of Go Play Manchester a monthly rpg meetup I run. Winter Con 2020 - more information and sign up. As part of this myself and John Ossoway are running the following games: The Guns of Olympus Mons System: River of Heaven GM: John Ossoway 2998. Mars has fallen to the Renouncers, who continue to wage their relentless holy war against intelligent machines and their allies. The Martian Space Tether is down, and as Renouncer war machines ravage the surface, a network of orbital kill-sats capable of destroying any ship approaching the red planet performs an effective orbital interdiction against Hegemony space assets. Olympus Mons is the site of an important node in the command and control infrastructure for the Mars Planetary Defence Network. It is also the location of a Visser Cube – a traversable wormhole paired with a twin in your home system of Alpha Centauri. Both of the Visser Cubes are currently offline. You are a squad of Hegemony Marines. Best of the best. Your mission profile is clear: Get to the surface. Penetrate the Olympus Mons Citadel. Take and hold the Visser Cube chamber Realign the wormholes, allowing the Hegemony to deploy troops to the surface of Mars directly from your homeworld. Easy. So check those suit seals, warm up your smart rifles and show me your war face. It’s game time. Return to the Savage North System: OpenQuest 3 GM: Newt Newport You are the Drakkar, proud people of the Ice Dragon. Who in ancient times liberated the Savage North from the Vampire Lords of the Outer Darkness at the end of the Blood Age. The Ice Dragon buried the Vampire Lord Throk in its temple, under several kilometres of ice. The best thing for this fiend. But now the Mad King of Sonderland wants you to enter the temple to find a magical mirror to settle a wager. Salara the Wise Woman says the only way down through the ice is using the steel Sword of Krum himself Problem is Krum cares not! [Yes, I'm revisiting The Savage North as part of OpenQuest 3rd edtion]
  24. Current status, is that despite my bold timetable to get it out this year, I'm now currently having another pass of writing. There has been my own playtest games of the work in progress, a recent one at Grogmeet 2019 in my home city of Manchester, which have happily confirmed the route I'm taking OQ3. Couple of new developments: As a well as one magic system, with rules for specialist casters (so you can still have Priests, Sorcerers and Shamans), I currently plan (subject to successfull playtesting) to go Magic Pointless. Spirits and spirit combat is getting a review, with the aim of making this area very straightforward. Character generation has had another pass, and Culture & Careers are now in rather than the current free form jack of all trades approach. Its simpler more direct, familier to D100 players coming in from other D100 games, and makes setting up Settings for the game much easier. The magic chapter has had another pass and many many issues with the spell list has been fixed. It will have another since there's a raft of new spells I want to add in, and my latest pass identified a hand full of spells that need modifying or removed. The creatures chapter is going to be reorganised. As well as the tools to use the monster entries as templates to roll up npc/individuals, the average member of the species will be more detailed with spells so its more pick up and play. I'm going to have a final Playtest version of OQ 3 done by the Christmas holiday, and after a short internal playtest to find and fix any major show stoppers, I'll be posting the playest rules online for an open-playtest, with the aim of kickstarting the final rules - with lots of adventure stretch goals, by Early Summer 2020.
  25. OpenQuest 2 Deluxe is long out of print. It was replaced by OpenQuest Refreshed back in June 2016, and OpenQuest 3 is coming along nicely for a release in 2020
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