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Pretty Character Sheets & Portraits

Tokkie 2

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Hello all

I am a long-time gamer but new to Glorantha. I decided to go for HeroQuest rather than RQ since it suits my taste for narrative-style games more (the last decade or so I have mainly played indie games), even though this line seems to have been somewhat abandoned by Chaosium.

Anyway I have two questions as per the title. The character sheet provided is... Ok, but for drawing in new players I hope something a bit more visually appealing exists? Anything fan-made out there?

Also, I would love to get a source for character and NPC portraits (the ones used for the Six Ages game would be perfect!). Again is there a handy go-to place for this?


Thanks a lot!

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Hello you!

Here is my homebrew sheet for HW/HQ. There are two files (female/male characters), 2 pages each. In detail:

  • I must say I'm not the author of the sheet itself: it's an old HW (= HQ1) french sheet I just customized for my purposes. I would love to credit the original author, but don't know his ID (if someone knows, by the way...). I always loved the font style and the runes lines...
  • I assembled it with an extract of HQ3 sheet (the character's portrait, for my players to customized their tattoos, hair, runes and so forth - they love it)


  • it's in french (sorry...)!!!!
  • it's suitable for what I personnaly make: a mix of HW/HQ3 rules
  • the titles aren't a font style but drawn objects!!!!!!!!!
  • it's quite "old school"... some don't like it...

I hope you'll find it at least inspirational... If needed, I have an AI version of this files, with predrawn Red Cow clan tattoos for my campaign.

For portraits, I usually search on Google Images with cultural keywords + "Glorantha", but some other GM/players here certainly have something more detailed... 😉

Good luck and welcome in HQG!!!! (and hurry ordering the last books available on Chaosium website, their prices are really really friendly!!!!)

HW-HQ sheet F french.pdf HW-HQ sheet M french.pdf

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Loïc, thank you so much for these! The French titles are not problem at all I would think.

I picked up the core book on the sale (it was also one of the reasons I got it). As for the other two books, they seem to be campaign settings/adventures which are fine, except that I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to run for now and I am not sure how useful a pre-written campaign will be to me. But the low prices sure make them tempting...


I hope someone else points the way to more cool artwork to use!

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Just an advice if you want to run any HQ campaign: try to purchase some of the old HeroWars books, like Storm Tribe, Thunder Rebels (both for Orlanthi characters), Anaxial's Rooster (the bestiary), or the wonderful King of Sartar (great timeline and inspirational ressource for a worldwide campaign as much as for a Sartar campaign!!!). You should find them for decent prices on the web. Or buy just PDF versions on Chaosium's website (and then just print what is useful for your own campaign...).

Hope you'll give us some details about your own campaign! 😉

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