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Leveling up ideas

Lloyd Dupont

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I gave some thought to leveling up rewards and want to share my ideas so far for feedback! :)

First why? We play BRP to get away from Level!
Yeah, right.. but when I reflect on RPG video game or D&D session, I think it gives a nice buzz to have some "getting noticeably better" stat thingy.. and just increasing you percent chance of success a bit feels a tad underwhelming...

But what about 100%+ skills? Yeah, can give a very nice boost... but I would like more such things....

I started to play with pseudo skills (works better with XP since they are not really skill with skill check mark) which gives an extra bonus

My ideas so far (all untested.. I am not GMin this year, we taking turn, and the other GM is GM-ing an unholy game that shall not be named!)

  • Endurance, where every 10% give +1HP. i.e HP are now (SIZ+CON)/2 + Endurance/10% up to (SIZ+CON)
  • I got one for MP as well: Arcane Knowledge
  • Veteran (x), where X is a fuzzy general purpose group of skill (like combat, magic, science, etc...) and every 10% gives 1 advantage roll per session (i.e. a roll can be rolled a second time).. although I am not sure about that idea... it doubles up with Luck point.. and, say, 5 advantage roll.. isn't that much?
  • Additionally combat veteran point can be used to add +1D6 damage or reduce incoming damage by +1D6
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