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This is relevant to my interests :)

I actually posted a thread about this some time ago on rpg.net. Rpg.net being Rpg.net all I got were suggestions to use some obscure systems.

My idea (that I have yet to develop) goes something like this:

Human characters use sorcery (with the summon demon spell being obligatory, maybe rename it: summon monster) while the monsters use superpowers.

As far as monster characteristics go I'm inclined to use normal animals, maybe with a boost to INT and POW.

Hope this helps.

Care to elaborate on your own ideas?

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Yeah, I have the Old BRP stuff, and I tend to agree. Maybe after combat using a system to obtain points to change or increase the abilities. Maybe using the "tick" system of the old RQ. One thing I liked from the old Jade Cocoon game ( my kids and I played we loved it lol) Was the Mixing and matching of powers and critters. Maybe using something based on the traditional elements, wind, water, fire and earth. The summoning would be assisted by a device, like the pokeballs.

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