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    Been gaming since 1980, sadly lost internet service in Jan 2012, using wife' s phone and sometimes my posts get weird dropping whole parts, sorry
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    I do all sorts depending on group needs, othersuns, FASA, BRP, COC. Presently concentrating on BRP based systems exclusively. Tired of the silliness of dnd and its zombies
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  1. Problem is the fantastic nature of the weird mutations. The newer versions try to rationalize them with metahandwavium. The old Hawkmoon rules had some weird science that would work in a GammaWorld/Thundaar style world. And of course there is a fun , maybe still free, Gamma Dawn book for Star Frontiers which could easily be adapted to BRP.
  2. There is a champions rpg netbook of heroes. Has some interesting ideas. Might prove useful. http://www.sysabend.org/champions/gnborh/gnborh/gnborh_A-C.html
  3. A better system than VtM is Nightlife. Came out before VtM was semipercentile and has all the flavor non of the Ann Rice
  4. I heard Wild Cards was based on a Superworld campaign anyonebhave brp stats for the characters
  5. I like Traveller, and seeing more 2300 would be welcomed. For.me I use settings as a starting point than go off in my own. Most Gms and players tho want to follow ONLY popculture. So the issue is convert stuff, or be out in the abyss doing stuff alone. So for us in BRP derived games what do we do
  6. Minorly interesting. Kinda like RW in earth, lol. Different Races from tgr same.world, could be interesting, tho. Any other ideas. Should we explore creation in the PopCulture, or do our own
  7. Been using Bard's games Arcanum to add to our games system, it has great ideas on nagic ingredents. With some stuff from Chivalry and sorcery. And smidge from Bonewits' Real Magic. bRPs strength and for some its weakness is that it is highlybadpatable. From my dnd zombies, they have problems with its open nature.
  8. Awesome input, it is how I always saw Poison in Rq and Brp. And have taken some health stuff in college I remember LD 50. Somewhere I have some notes on LD50 at the time of various drugs etc. Another way I worl it is by using poisons and drugs from the TRI TAC systems.
  9. Lol, I did a homage to xcom, it is, or was in downloads.
  10. There is a small history of BRP based scifi, Other Suns, Other World which Is BRP in dpace, Ringworld. After Mecha Comes out going to definately merge with homegrown from above mash up.
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