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QuestWorlds SRD Status Update

Ian Cooper

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So, where are we now.
So the change to contest resolution (count successes - mastery, story point, and big success are an additional success; compare; degree of victory from difference) has flowed through the text.
I opted for big success to replace critical. It fits better with it not being the outcome or tying the GM's hands in narration. I looked at double, but it was confusing in long contests.
Ranks became degrees. Now we have an easy calculation of difference between results built into the resolution - without table lookup - we have an easy way to have degree of victory. Because they are not named the avoid the trap of marginal, minor etc of implying a given narration of the outcome.
And frankly, zero degrees of victory as 'victory at a price' sings nicely for me.
I opted to have degrees 0 based, as it only makes long contest outcomes a little harder, and they are fine with a table to help, as you are going full task system at that point.
I dropped the term 'score'. I think it was partially responsible for bloat, as really there are ability ratings and target numbers (which is what you get once you add bonuses and penalties).
Modifiers are now explicitly stretches or situational modifiers, as every application of bonus and penalty (augments, hindrances, consequences and benefits) is a 'modifier' of some form.
I cleaned up the text to make bonus and penalty more explicitly the common idea flowing through these.
Some tweaks fell out of this work as well, as I was reviewing the text again, but mostly its just clarifying the text at points.
Going to pause and back on to other work in the Core Rules book, which is close to done. I'm not expecting the mechanics section to be 'stamped' but we need to probably call it to write examples soon.
Grateful for any read throughs. As always with an edit like this there are trailing remains of prior versions that need to die. As I am going to stop editing for a bit, your rule references should be correct. Raise an issue on GitHub if you can, or come over the forum on FB as I am only intermittently here.

I added a link to Ludovic Chabant's hack of AnyDice on the README.md in the project, to make it easy to find.


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I have just skimmed through the 0.71 SRD and I must admit the changes are intriguing. I am currently using a lightly modded version of HeroQuest: Glorantha (HQG) that is still very very close to the original rules and I can see how the new QuestWorlds rules can help to manage the rules while playing.

The Degrees are a drastic change I felt "so so" about at first until I gave the idea a chance and imagined how it would work at the table. They are actually a great simplification that can greatly ease the flow of the game. I am yet to test the new rules but I am more inclined to do so now.

My intent was to keep to HQG, I am more open to QuestWorlds now. Thanks for the good work.

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Thanks @Corvantir my design goal is to really extract the game we know and love, and as played at tables, into the SRD. By focusing on 'just the rules' it's possible to see them more clearly than within a text that is providing support and guidance too, and make them a more harmonious whole.

We'll add back in the examples, advice etc in the Core Rules book.

I'm pretty hopeful that existing games won't find it too hard to adjust.

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