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    Started RPGs in 1982 though we really started role playing the following year when we dropped D&D in favor of RQ2. RQ3 detracted me from Glorantha and I am now getting back to this wonderful setting thanks to HeroQuest 2. It seems I am bound with second editions as far as Glorantha is concerned.
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    I am currently running a few one shots from time to time using a house ruled version of Free Universal (FU) or a home made compact version of FATE.
    I currently have two projects, a Solomon Kane campaign (using my home made compact FATE) and after that I would like to run a HeroQuest: Glorantha campaign.
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    I am 48 years old and I am lucky enough to live with the most extraodinary woman in the universe.
    I like hiking, jazz music, reading and... guess what!

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  1. Corvantir

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    Godsmonkey, I think that you can simplify your character. Street Samurai 1w Master Blaster (guns) Skill with Guns can be assumed to be part of the Street Samurai package, it could be replaced by a specific gun if you want to add a favorite weapon. Those high school jocks were drek compared to me (Athletics) Yeah, I brought a knife to a gun fight (blades) Skill with blades can be assumed to be part of the Street Samurai package, it could be replaced by a specific blade, favorite weapon. Check out THESE guns (unarmed combat) Skill with blades can be assumed to be part of the Street Samurai package, it could be replaced by a specific technique. You talking to ME? (intimidation) The skill can be part of the Street Samurai package unless you want the aspect to be an important element of the character. Home is where I lay my head (Survival) Street Etiquette Ork (I would add something about the place where he comes from or where he is living) 1W Breakouts Cybereyes with all the goodies wired and plated (cyberware) tough - Feels like a part of the Orc package unless you want the aspect to be an important element of the character. foul tempered - Feels like a part of the Orc package unless you want the aspect to be an important element of the character. High pain tolerance - Feels like a part of the Orc package. Other skills Law Enforcement Techniques Motorcycles Seattle Streets - Sounds like the Street Samurai package could handle that... or the Origin of the character. Street Gangs - Sounds like the Street Samurai package could handle that... or the Origin of the character. Many skills and particulars can be considered as being part of the Occupation or Origin Keyword. In my opinion, Breakouts should generally point towards significant specialties and things. You can ease your task by creating the barebones of the character and give each player some abilities and points to spend on his character while playing. Giving the hand to the players for detailing their character is a good thing in my opinion. These are just suggestions typed in a hurry. I am not patronizing and I have used "strike throughs" and the color red because they are easy to spot. I really must go now! ūüĎčūüí®
  2. Corvantir

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    HeroQuest is far more easier than it seems, and allows for many variations. You will customize it easily, if not naturally. Keep in mind that in HeroQuest "the resolution methods don't simply tell you how well you succeeded at a particular task: they tell you whether or not you achieved your entire goal". Don't forget to ask the players what their goal is and it can't go wrong.
  3. Corvantir

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    I am certainly not the most experimented around here but here are my thoughts. HeroQuest is not really a game where the difference between armors or weapons matter if it is not expressed through an ability. A piece of equipment is mainly a cosmetic thing unless it is an ability. In this case you can either use it as the main ability in a contest or as an augment if it is appropriate. Of course, common sense and the credibility test always apply, a character won't be able to access the matrix if he doesn't have something to connect to it with (of course a Decker is supposed to have this kind of things, even if it is not written on his character's sheet). But beyond that, this equipment won't have any effect in a future contest unless it is an ability. Extended contests are for the important or climactic contests, or when the player ar excited by the contest at hand. You can compare them with some kind of stress points if you like. Unlike hit points, the real consequences of a contest is determined at the end of the said contest. This is a strength of this game system in my opinion as it avoids the dreaded (and boring to my eyes) spiral of death. As a rule of thumb, unimportant or minor conflicts should either be resolved through a simple contest or an automatic or costly success process. It allows the action to move on instead of being dragged down by a useless detailed resolution process (that for which Shadowrun excels in my opinion). Sometimes, you don't want the players to fail, the automatic or costly success is then appropriate. As far as character creation is concerned, I would go for two keywords : A Cultural keyword (nationality, origin, culture) including the race of the character. An occupational keyword (work, main expertise domain). The Concept of the character could be a distinguishing characteristic plus the occupation.
  4. Corvantir

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    I think that most gloranthans, if not all, do not question their beliefs. The things they believe in are necessarily true for them, they don't need any explanation. It is the nature of myths to be contradictory so we won't find a clear answer anywhere. Aren't the gods and the God Time supposed to be unknowable, aren't we trying to find a truth when there is none that can be proven? Are Yelmalio and Elmal two different gods or two aspects of the same god? Or both? Some believe Yelmalio is the same as Elmal and it is true because they think it is, and they can't be wrong because whatever his name their god gives them powers. So, it can't be wrong. By the same time, the Elmali believe Elmal and Yelmalio are different gods and they are true. Why? Their god gives them powers, so it is true. In my opinion you should ultimately ask yourself whether you like this Elmal/Yelmalio thing or not in your game. If not, make your Sartar sun worshippers all Yelmalions. ElmaI can easily be ignored if you want it so. On the contrary, if you like the Elmal/Yelmalio controversy, embrace it. Different people having different faiths and thinking that they believe in the right one are commonplace. Many are even angry against the other faiths because they think they are wrong. And they are necessarily wrong because what they believe in is necessarily true. They just believe it is true, and thus it is. In my opinion, this question is only of matter for a player whose character is worshipping Elmal or Yelmalio. As a gamemaster I am not sure you need to have an answer at all. If a character is doubting, I think that your task is to give informations and background to the player so that his character can solve HIS crisis. It is ultimately HIS problem, not YOURS. My two provocative though friendly cents.
  5. Corvantir

    Advancement in Questworlds. Some ideas.

    Thank you very much for this precision, I am looking forward QuestWorlds with great anticipation. I like to have the choice and this kind of "optional" suggestions are always very good to read in a RPG. They give ideas and prompt the imagination when it comes to create your own genre packs or emulate another setting. It's food for thought.
  6. Corvantir

    Advancement in Questworlds. Some ideas.

    I really like the Advancement section: no Base Difficulty increase during a campaign "season", +3 +6 or +9 modifiers next campaign "season". This is simple and elegant. In my current campaign, we have agreed upon separating Hero Points from character improvement though. The players are encouraged two spend their Hero Points and this is cool. In our game, each player is awarded 2 points to spend in character improvement from time to time and the Base Difficulty increases according to the number of "character improvements" awarded so far. Unfortunately, the rest adds a layer of rules that bothers me because it adds things I don't like and don't want to manage while I am GMing. I would prefer this kind of rules/tools to be optional. Welcome to QuestWorlds.
  7. Corvantir

    How to translate God Learner?

    Your knowledge and mastery of the french language is far better than mine and all your points are valid. And you are right, a litteral translation won't work. As far as "√Črudits de l'ambigu" is concerned, you are not wrong, it is not broken. I simply don't like it at all because it does not convey something I want to see in the translation. There is nothing I or you can do about that. Even if it is the better or less worse translation that one could find, I really don't like it. I don't like garlic for example, and you can explain me all its virtues and how much you enjoy its taste, you won't make me eat it. As far as the french edition is concerned, I must admit that I didn't like the original RQ3 neither. It went too far away from what we had perceived of Glorantha through the rulebook, Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror which were the only books we owned before RQ3 was published. I grew up with RQ2 and RQ3 didn't make it for me. More than the translation, the graphics of the french RQ3 was the worst thing of all. The text was describing a familiar world (though I didn't like the medieval tone of the West, for example) while I had the feeling that the art was describing another setting. It is mainly a matter of perception actually. The problem here was that I knew (or thought I knew) RQ2 before RQ3. The players I knew that started with RQ3 were not disturbed by the art or the translation. I am far more at ease with the setting since HeroQuest 2 and HeroQuest: Glorantha. These two games actually brought me back to Glorantha. I still don't know how I will translate "God Learners" to my players but I think I will chose one of the less than perfect translation and make them understand through their encounters that different people and cultures have different takes and use slightly different names when it comes to the God Learners. The ambiguity will come from the different names rather than the direct translation. Scott-martin: I agree, the term "savant" is a possibility but in my opinion it would lead to the same problem than "√Črudit". "Savant" is listed as a synonymous of "√Črudit" in my dictionnary. This is why I didn't stated it in my previous posts. Jeffjerwin: "divin" as some kind of priest is something I have though about. There is some ambiguity in the term that I like. Soltkass: considering "Learner" more about "researching" or "understanding" is exactly the lead I would follow if I had to translate "God Learners". The main problem is with "god" though and I agree with Julian Lord that it should be dropped and replaced by something else in french. By what is the trickier part of the work.
  8. Corvantir

    How to translate God Learner?

    I agree with you, my proposals are not reflecting the whole ambiguity of the original name, that's the problem when trying to translate something like "God Learners". I don't have the same reading than you of "√Črudits des Dieux" though, in my opinion it means more something like "Learners of the Gods". May be am I wrong but the whole debate could well be moot. In french, I don't think it is correct to associate the word "√©rudit" with "of something". As far as I know, "√Črudit" actually means being well learned and nor having a superior knowledge in a specific field nor being a student. The meaning of "Learner" in the original version is perhaps closer to something like "√Čtudiant" (student) or "Apprenti" (apprentice) than "√Črudit" (well learned, educated). And though I agree that "√Črudits de l'ambigu" sounds really well, it bothers me a lot because the "God" part of the God Learners' name is not reflected in the translation. "√Črudits de l'Invisible" hints at the "Invisible God" but I would qualify it as a Stretch (-6 penalty). One solution could be to find a whole new french name expressing what the "God Learners" did rather than trying to translate the english name at all.
  9. Corvantir

    How to translate God Learner?

    I had a doubt, thank you for your explanations. ūüĎć Other french translations could be "√Črudits des Dieux", "√Črudits du Divin" or "√Črudits Divins". The last translation has the advantage of being more ambiguous and rather close to some titles once given to priests or priestesses in the ancient world.
  10. Corvantir

    How to translate God Learner?

    I think I can blame a translator when he translates something that means "God Learners" by something that means "Learners of the ambiguous". Many Gloranthan terms are in my opinion particularly difficult to translate though and good french translations were very rare at this time, even if you consider fantasy and science-fiction novels. "God learners" is actually very difficult to translate as the translation shoud convey the initial ambiguous meaning. May be my understanding of the english grammar is lacking but the term "God" is singular which could mean that it is pointing towards a specific god. This god could be the "Invisible God" (it is certainly my knowledge of Glorantha that is failing here). "God Learners" could thus be translated "√Črudits de Dieu" or "√Črudits de l'Invisible" (with an editor's note to explain the more poetic choice). My two cents. [A sidenote to the Chaosium team: indexes are great and incredibly useful but you should identify the page specifically treating the subject of an entry. For example: In the "Guide to Glorantha", someone will find 107 page numbers listed under "God Learners". Page 135 should be somehow highlighted so that I know it is the page where the subject "God Learners" is treated and is not simply a page where the words "God Learners" appear. The same thing is true with HeroQuest: Glorantha to the point I prefer the table of contents rather than the index, for informations about the God Learners the page 91 should thus be highlighted, for example. Without such a tool indexes miss most of their goal in my opinion].
  11. Corvantir

    How to translate God Learner?

    As far as I know, the legend says that the french translators had some trouble with the translation of "God Learners". They would have asked Greg Stafford some explanations and he would have replied "it's ambiguous", hence the translation "√Črudits de l'ambigu". As far as I am concerned, I don't like the french edition both because of its graphics and because of its translation.
  12. Corvantir

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Hi, A very small update of the Contest Procedures screen panel tonight. In step 10 of the Group Extended Contest summary, I forgot to color code the references "Rising actions" and "Climactic" to better highlight step 10a and 10b. Mistake repaired. HQG_SCREEN_02_CONTEST_PROCEDURES_V04.docx HQG_SCREEN_02_CONTEST_PROCEDURES_V04.pdf
  13. Corvantir

    A List of Glorantha Products by Timeline

    Yes, exactly, in the original RuneQuest II edition, the timeline ends with Kallyr Starbrow leading a rebellion in 1613.
  14. Corvantir

    A List of Glorantha Products by Timeline

    Here is a short list I made while preparing a campaign in the Borderlands (& Beyond). There is a high risk of inaccuracies, some RuneQuest III, HeroWars and HQ1books starting time must be guessed. RuneQuest II (1613) Griffin Mountain (1612) Borderlands & Beyond (1615) Dorastor: Land of Doom (1617-1621) Sun County (1621) River of Cradles (1621) Shadows on the Borderlands (1621) Strangers in Prax (1621) Troll Pack (1621) Troll Realms (1621) Snake Pipe Hollow (1621) Sartar Rising (Barbarian Adventures - Orlanth is Dead - Gathering Thunder) (1621) Sartar Kingdom of Heroes (1618) Sartar Companion (1618) Pavis: Gateway to Adventures (1618) The Coming Storm (1618-1625) HeroQuest: Glorantha (1618-1628)
  15. Corvantir

    HQ 2 G stuff in HQ 2

    The differences are indeed very few. Here is what I am taking from HeroQuest Glorantha : - Ties in contests, a marginal victory is awarded to the higher of the two rolls. - The default difficulty base value increasement rythm of HQG, one point every four sessions instead of one point every two sessions in HQ2. - The "Cultural + Occupation" keywords as a basis for character creation whenever it is appropriate.