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    Started RPGs in 1982 though we really started role playing the following year when we dropped D&D in favor of RQ2. RQ3 detracted me from Glorantha and I am now getting back to this wonderful setting thanks to HeroQuest 2. It seems I am bound with second editions as far as Glorantha is concerned.
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    I am currently running a few one shots from time to time using a house ruled version of Free Universal (FU) or a home made compact version of FATE.
    I currently have two projects, a Solomon Kane campaign (using my home made compact FATE) and after that I would like to run a HeroQuest: Glorantha campaign.
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    Toulouse (France)
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    I am 48 years old and I am lucky enough to live with the most extraodinary woman in the universe.
    I like hiking, jazz music, reading and... guess what!

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  1. jrutila has just replied with the best advice I could give: always ask the player(s), what is his (their) goal before solving a contest. The only thing I have found a bit stressfull the first time I ran a HQ2 game was tracking the Resolution Points during an Extended Group Contest. This is actually very easy but I was not prepared. No sheet of paper at hand, time lost looking for a damn sheet, gaming notes down under for a brief moment... It took me by surprise. It could be a good idea to have in mind what you will have to do in order to solve a contest and to think beforehand about how you will handle Group Contests.
  2. Corvantir

    Extended Contest: use or not to use?

    There are no Action Points in HQ2G. Instead, the winning side of an exchange scores between 1 to 5 Resolution Points (RP) according to his success level (Marginal Success = 1RP, Complete Success = 5 RP). The first to total 5 RP against his opponent wins the contest. This is a bit like Stress Points in FATE. The difference between the RP scored against the loser and the RP scored against the winner (Rising Action Conflict) or the total number of RP scored against a contestant during the conflict (Climactic Conflict) determines the consequences. These are the basic principles of course and there are more details especially when it comes to Extended Group Contests. I think this is enough to catch the main difference between HQ1 though.
  3. Corvantir

    Extended Contest: use or not to use?

    I use extended contests and I like them. I haven't used more than one extended contest per session and it was generally for the climactic scene. I like the way Extended Contests build up the tension, I find them easy to manage and fast flowing. I allow a player to change the ability used in the conflict when it makes sense and I can perfectly imagine situations in which changing an ability could even be required by the circumstances. The bidding process reminds me of HQ1. I have tested the game once and didn't appreciate these bids. As far as I am concerned HQ1 confused me a lot at the time. @Atgxtg As far as I know you can only use a single Augment in HQ2G, to the exception of Plot Augments.
  4. Corvantir

    Bring Out Your Dead

    As far as I am concerned, I have no problem with the MOP rule. When I run a HQ game, I chose a difficulty and, when it is appropriate and does not contradict credibility, I then attribute a different number of opponents to the characters so that the characters with higher score abilities face a greater number of opponents. This allows the characters with lower score abilities to have fun while it gives some challenge to the big league characters. I am not found of the augment approach to factor in the number of opponents. I find it far less intuitive than the current rule. Orange and apples perhaps.
  5. Corvantir

    Bring Out Your Dead

    You are welcome. Thank you for these explanations. I agree with you, I find the use of stretch penalties far more intuitive. 👍
  6. Corvantir

    Bring Out Your Dead

    I am not sure they qualify as a "dead" as far as this thread is concerned but I don't know what to do with the Specific Ability Bonuses. There is only one obvious case for me, it is when a player is directly competing against another player. It rewards the player with a specific ability and I agree it is fair and easy to use. But in all the other situations I imagine, I think the specific ability bonuses give an unfair advantage to characters that already have high ability scores. In my experience, and this is perhaps the origin of my distorted vision, the specific abilities that come into play are usually associated with a high score. The characters with such high scored abilities are thus already the big fishes in a contest. If you give them more bonuses you end up with less gifted characters really struggling to have even a minor impact on a conflict while the big fishes hack their way through the conflict with ease. May be more examples or rephrasing the section could help me to better understand when and how to use Specific Ability Bonuses.
  7. Corvantir

    Bring Out Your Dead

    I don't think so, they are a matter of taste. Each Game Master will try HeroQuest 2 and find the ingredients he wants to use and those he don't want to use. I like the way the Extended Contests pump up the tension at the gaming table. I don't know how to build this kind of tensions with Simple Contests only.
  8. Corvantir

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    My first experience with Role Playing Games was with D&D and then with AD&D. But the game that really hooked me up and changed everything about my perception of what role playing could be was RuneQuest 2 and its incredible setting Glorantha. Too many great designers have already passed away but Greg Stafford's name is associated with more found memories to me than all of the others united. After all these years, I am still exploring Glorantha and learning about this imaginary world. This never ending quest goes on. I don't have the privilege to have met mister Greg Stafford but I would like to express my sympathy to his family, his friends and the Chaosium team.
  9. Corvantir

    Feedback on new improvement proposals sought

    I prefer experience to be separated from Hero Points so I will only comment the Resistance Progression part of the original post. I really like to have different options and I can see myself choosing one or the other according to the setting or the campaign structure. They are nice. I find the terms Resistance Progression confusing though, I think that Difficulty Progression is more intuitive and thus easier to remember when you are browsing an index or a table of contents.
  10. Corvantir

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Hi, An update of the Contest Tables screen panel tonight. While playing, I came to the conclusion that different tables for Simple Contest Results and Extended Contest Resolution Points were not appropriate. As others have done it before on their own gaming aids I have merged the two tables into a single one. As it was difficult to find other tables to fill the gap left by the Extended Contest Resolution Points table, I have added two reminders, one for the Difficulty Without Failure option and a second one for Boosting Results in Group Simple Contests. HQG_SCREEN_01_CONTEST_TABLES_V02.docx HQG_SCREEN_01_CONTEST_TABLES_V02.pdf
  11. Corvantir

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    I supposed you only had HeroQuest 2. As far as RuneQuest: Glorantha is concerned, I am fascinated with this new edition but I am really no more into such game system and book keeping complexities. But I agree, there are certainly a few things to borrow, especially if you want to explore the grittier side of Glorantha or to have a more concrete lists of powers to guide you for your own HeroQuest powers. I see what you mean with variable RP for different kind of ennemies. It reminds me of FATE and its stress points. Another way to treat the Minions is to group a number of them into a single opponent. For example, if a character is fighting with 15 thugs, you can create 5 groups of 3 thugs each (or 3 groups of 5 thugs if you prefer) and resolve the conflict as if the character was fighting against three opponents. As suggested somewhere in the rules, you can describe RP scored against a group of thugs as hits knocking down thugs and RP scored against the character as an overwhelming pressure, ennemy reinforcements or even supposedly knocked down foes coming back to the fight. It could require less book keeping, which is something I am striving for. Colour me as interested though, I would appreciate an after session report if you test your Minions rules. 👍
  12. Corvantir

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    Congratulations for this first successful game with HeroQuest. Among other features, the magic of HeroQuest lies in its simplicity and its flexibility. You can shape it the way you want to fit your goals. As far as I am concerned, I am fine with the rules as they are written. The way I adapt them for my own use is more about what I don't use than about what I mod or add. Keep on testing the game with your friends, always ask them "what are you trying to achieve?" or "what is your goal?", and you will soon learn by yourself how to adapt any setting or game you want. You can also have a look at HeroQuest: Glorantha and Nameless Streets (unfortunately out of print) to find some inspiration and matter for your own implementations.
  13. Corvantir

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    Godsmonkey, I think that you can simplify your character. Street Samurai 1w Master Blaster (guns) Skill with Guns can be assumed to be part of the Street Samurai package, it could be replaced by a specific gun if you want to add a favorite weapon. Those high school jocks were drek compared to me (Athletics) Yeah, I brought a knife to a gun fight (blades) Skill with blades can be assumed to be part of the Street Samurai package, it could be replaced by a specific blade, favorite weapon. Check out THESE guns (unarmed combat) Skill with blades can be assumed to be part of the Street Samurai package, it could be replaced by a specific technique. You talking to ME? (intimidation) The skill can be part of the Street Samurai package unless you want the aspect to be an important element of the character. Home is where I lay my head (Survival) Street Etiquette Ork (I would add something about the place where he comes from or where he is living) 1W Breakouts Cybereyes with all the goodies wired and plated (cyberware) tough - Feels like a part of the Orc package unless you want the aspect to be an important element of the character. foul tempered - Feels like a part of the Orc package unless you want the aspect to be an important element of the character. High pain tolerance - Feels like a part of the Orc package. Other skills Law Enforcement Techniques Motorcycles Seattle Streets - Sounds like the Street Samurai package could handle that... or the Origin of the character. Street Gangs - Sounds like the Street Samurai package could handle that... or the Origin of the character. Many skills and particulars can be considered as being part of the Occupation or Origin Keyword. In my opinion, Breakouts should generally point towards significant specialties and things. You can ease your task by creating the barebones of the character and give each player some abilities and points to spend on his character while playing. Giving the hand to the players for detailing their character is a good thing in my opinion. These are just suggestions typed in a hurry. I am not patronizing and I have used "strike throughs" and the color red because they are easy to spot. I really must go now! 👋💨
  14. Corvantir

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    HeroQuest is far more easier than it seems, and allows for many variations. You will customize it easily, if not naturally. Keep in mind that in HeroQuest "the resolution methods don't simply tell you how well you succeeded at a particular task: they tell you whether or not you achieved your entire goal". Don't forget to ask the players what their goal is and it can't go wrong.
  15. Corvantir

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    I am certainly not the most experimented around here but here are my thoughts. HeroQuest is not really a game where the difference between armors or weapons matters if it is not expressed through an ability. A piece of equipment is mainly a cosmetic thing unless it is an ability. In this case you can either use it as the main ability in a contest or as an augment if it is appropriate. Of course, common sense and the credibility test always apply, a character won't be able to access the matrix if he doesn't have something to connect to it with (of course a Decker is supposed to have this kind of things, even if it is not written on his character's sheet). But beyond that, this equipment won't have any effect in a future contest unless it is an ability. Extended contests are for the important or climactic contests, or when the player are excited by the contest at hand. You can compare them with some kind of stress points if you like. Unlike hit points, the real consequences of a contest is determined at the end of the said contest. This is a strength of this game system in my opinion as it avoids the dreaded (and boring to my eyes) spiral of death. As a rule of thumb, unimportant or minor conflicts should either be resolved through a simple contest or an automatic or costly success process. It allows the action to move on instead of being dragged down by a useless detailed resolution process (that for which Shadowrun excels in my opinion). Sometimes, you don't want the players to fail, the automatic or costly success is then appropriate. As far as character creation is concerned, I would go for two keywords : A Cultural keyword (nationality, origin, culture) including the race of the character. An occupational keyword (work, main expertise domain). The Concept of the character could be a distinguishing characteristic plus the occupation.