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    Started RPGs in 1982 though we really started role playing the following year when we dropped D&D in favor of RQ2. RQ3 detracted me from Glorantha and I am now getting back to this wonderful setting thanks to HeroQuest 2. It seems I am bound with second editions as far as Glorantha is concerned.
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    I am currently running a few one shots from time to time using a house ruled version of Free Universal (FU) or a home made compact version of FATE.
    I currently have two projects, a Solomon Kane campaign (using my home made compact FATE) and after that I would like to run a HeroQuest: Glorantha campaign.
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    Toulouse (France)
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    I am 48 years old and I am lucky enough to live with the most extraodinary woman in the universe.
    I like hiking, jazz music, reading and... guess what!

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  1. I have just skimmed through the 0.71 SRD and I must admit the changes are intriguing. I am currently using a lightly modded version of HeroQuest: Glorantha (HQG) that is still very very close to the original rules and I can see how the new QuestWorlds rules can help to manage the rules while playing. The Degrees are a drastic change I felt "so so" about at first until I gave the idea a chance and imagined how it would work at the table. They are actually a great simplification that can greatly ease the flow of the game. I am yet to test the new rules but I am more inclined to do so now.
  2. I have spotted something that seems to be a leftover from the "Game Formerly Known as HeroQuest". As Story Points are no more spent before a Group Simple Contest is resolved, the sentence in green is not needed anymore. Boosting Outcomes Because they average together the outcomes of multiple participants, group simple contests tend to flatten outcomes, making victories more likely to be marginal or minor than major or complete. To overcome this flattening effect, if the outcome of a group simple contest is a tie or victory, you may spend one or more story points to
  3. It makes me sad, HeroQuest as a brand is tied to the world of Glorantha in a way QuestWorlds will never be. But I agree it would be confusing to have QuestWorlds as a generic set of rules and to name it HeroQuest when it is used for Glorantha. I am not sure we will ever see new products set in Glorantha from Chaosium with rules other than RuneQuest though. And it also makes me sad.
  4. I am reading the SRD and I like it a lot so far. I have two design questions (for which I apologize if it isn't the place where I should have posted them): Why Outcome Points (Group Simple Contests), Resource Points (Advanced Group Simple Contests) and Resolution Points (Scored Contests)? I thought a common name would have been better as one of the big problems with QuestWorlds (as HeroQuest before) seem to be one of vocabulary. I think it can puzzle a lot of people or make the system appear more intricate than it really is. Why isn't there any Impaired outcome in a Chained Con
  5. Thank you very much for this SRD. 👍 I am currently running two campaigns with HeroQuest: Glorantha and don't feel the need to convert to QuestWorld though. But I have skimmed through the document and there are already some changes I will make based on this SRD (the new Resistance Table, the new Consequences of Defeat Table). And I am now considering the expanded Chained Contests rules as an alternative to Scored Contests if my players don't bite them or if I want the action to feel grittier. This SRD is also a very useful reference as there is a lot of clarified content.
  6. @Chiarina, what you have described in your previous post seems to be tactics not goals. In Group Simple Contests and Group Extended Contests, the goal is common to all the characters. So, when you ask the players "what is your goal?", they should reply something like : "we want them to step back and retreat" or "we want to repell the assault"... Then you should ask them, "how do you try to do that?", and then they should tell you: "I transform myself into a bear and I charge into the fray", "I climb over the roof to shoot arrows at them", "I summon ghosts that will attack them",
  7. My first games were challenging. I also felt it was hard to rate the difficulty, especially when some characters had high "combat" traits and others had low "combat" traits. I have solved the problem by adding an intermediate difficulty level (Base +12) as I felt the gap between the original High (Base +6) and Very High (Base +M) difficulties was too important. Then, while playing, I usually adapt the challenge to each character through the number of opponents they must face at a moment or another during the fight. I am only struggling with the combat scenes though as there are more
  8. I don't really know if it can help but I will share my experience with HeroQuest 2. I have runned games for almost four decades and I can tell you that though the HeroQuest 2 rules are easy to learn, they are difficult to master. At least for me. My experience with RPGs is so marked by "traditional" games using things like initiative, hit points, armor points, power points, manoeuvers and such things that I have a hard time at getting rid of the play style and tactics they imply. Even the players are lost because they are used to think through the tactical lenses those systems put on thei
  9. You are welcome @borbetomagnus. The spot rules summary also needed an update as there were some typos to correct: HQG_REFBOOKLET_01_Spot_Rules_Summary_v09.docx
  10. The HQG_REFBOOKLET_03_Runes_and_Personality_Traits files have been updated. The Air Rune symbol was wrong and has been corrected: HQG_REFBOOKLET_03_Runes_and_Personality_Traits_English_v02.docx HQG_REFBOOKLET_03_Runes_and_Personality_Traits_French_v02.docx
  11. The rules in Mythic Russia are rather loose. There is nothing else beyond the concept which you have adequately described: a succession of simple contests with immediate consequences. I would only allow one wound level of a kind. For example, if your character receives a second "hurt" consequence, it becomes an "injured" consequence, and so on. Remember that your NPCs don't have to fight to the death. You can replace the HQ2 consequences of defeat by those in HQ1, they are expressed as percentages. I would not allow a benefit of victory after each roll, I would give it at the end of
  12. That's reminding me that I have to update the Runes and Personality file, there is an unforgivable mistake with the Air Rune. I will try to do it soon. Take care of your family, of your friends and of yourself.
  13. You can skim through the various Runes magazines by following the second link given by David Scott. Click on a cover and it will lead you to a viewer displaying the magazine. http://www.runes-le-magazine.com/
  14. My original vision was mainly forged by RQ2, The RQ Companion, Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror, which were the only books I owned before RQ3 was published in french. The other RQ2 supplements were already very difficult, if not impossible to find in France at this time. My Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror "books" were even photocopies given to me by the shopkeeper himself. Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror were impossible to order and he considered the game was incomplete without them. I didn't bought the US version of RQ3 when it was released, the box set was too expensive. The dollar
  15. There were also some articles and adventures in a french magazine called Runes. In spite of its name, the magazine was not centered on Glorantha.
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