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    Started RPGs in 1982 though we really started role playing the following year when we dropped D&D in favor of RQ2. RQ3 detracted me from Glorantha and I am now getting back to this wonderful setting thanks to HeroQuest 2. It seems I am bound with second editions as far as Glorantha is concerned.
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    I am currently running a few one shots from time to time using a house ruled version of Free Universal (FU) or a home made compact version of FATE.
    I currently have two projects, a Solomon Kane campaign (using my home made compact FATE) and after that I would like to run a HeroQuest: Glorantha campaign.
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    Toulouse (France)
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    I am 48 years old and I am lucky enough to live with the most extraodinary woman in the universe.
    I like hiking, jazz music, reading and... guess what!

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  1. Corvantir

    A List of Glorantha Products by Timeline

    Yes, exactly, in the original RuneQuest II edition, the timeline ends with Kallyr Starbrow leading a rebellion in 1613.
  2. Corvantir

    A List of Glorantha Products by Timeline

    Here is a short list I made while preparing a campaign in the Borderlands (& Beyond). There is a high risk of inaccuracies, some RuneQuest III, HeroWars and HQ1books starting time must be guessed. RuneQuest II (1613) Griffin Mountain (1612) Borderlands & Beyond (1615) Dorastor: Land of Doom (1617-1621) Sun County (1621) River of Cradles (1621) Shadows on the Borderlands (1621) Strangers in Prax (1621) Troll Pack (1621) Troll Realms (1621) Snake Pipe Hollow (1621) Sartar Rising (Barbarian Adventures - Orlanth is Dead - Gathering Thunder) (1621) Sartar Kingdom of Heroes (1618) Sartar Companion (1618) Pavis: Gateway to Adventures (1618) The Coming Storm (1618-1625) HeroQuest: Glorantha (1618-1628)
  3. Corvantir

    HQ 2 G stuff in HQ 2

    The differences are indeed very few. Here is what I am taking from HeroQuest Glorantha : - Ties in contests, a marginal victory is awarded to the higher of the two rolls. - The default difficulty base value increasement rythm of HQG, one point every four sessions instead of one point every two sessions in HQ2. - The "Cultural + Occupation" keywords as a basis for character creation whenever it is appropriate.
  4. Corvantir

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Two updates While reviewing the rules before a session, I spotted a typo on the Contest tables of the three pannel screen gaming aid. The Climactic scene vistory level table becomes the Climatic scene victory level table : HQG_SCREEN_01_CONTEST_TABLES.docx HQG_SCREEN_01_CONTEST_TABLES.pdf I then added a reminder from the HQ2G rules in the Consequences of defeat table of the Spot rules summary gaming aid. Here is the new file : HQG_REFBOOKLET_01_Spot_Rules_Summary_v06.docx
  5. Corvantir

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Two updates While reading the HQG rules again, I noticed that the Disengaging table of the Spot rules summary gaming aid was missing the -5 modifier when a hero is trying to counter a disengagement while being engaged with at least one other contestant: HQG_REFBOOKLET_01_Spot_Rules_Summary_v05.docx I have also changed the Contest procedures panel of the three panel screen. The Rising actions and Climactic resolution methods cross reference needed to be better highlighted: HQG_SCREEN_02_CONTEST_PROCEDURES_V03.docx HQG_SCREEN_02_CONTEST_PROCEDURES_V03.pdf A new gaming aid When it is extended conflict time, especially with group extended conflicts, there can be a lot of rolls to make behind the screen. Rolling dice when I am running a game is not something I enjoy, it can be more of a distraction than anything else for me. I have thus prepared a gaming aid with pregenerated rolls and the difficulties and augment values that can be updated as the number of sessions grows. The D20 results are simply copied and pasted from a random dice generator: HQ2G_DIFF_AND_PREGEN_ROLLS.docx With the current font there are something like 350 D20 results on each side of the A4 sheet. That should be enough for a session.
  6. Corvantir

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Steve: You are welcome, knowing these gaming aids will help some fellow players or save them the time to do them themselves is my reward. ImpishSkald: welcome to BRP Central. I had to read HQ2 twice before wrapping my head around the system and the concepts behind it. What I knew after my first read was that there was a great potential there but that I had also missed something. Everything clicked the second time a few months after. About your questions, some people have a lot more experience than I have with the system and can certainly help you better than I can. Perhaps should you create a new thread, this one is not the better place for discussing about the HQ system itself. I also think that a dedicated thread would give you a better chance to have the answers you need, visibility is the key on the web.
  7. Corvantir

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Another gaming aid which is actually a two-in-one help. This is a smaller size "alternate contest results table" should I decide to use this option (it's very likely) and a cheat sheet for setting narrative difficulties should I need some kind of safety net. I fold the sheet in half so it can be put into a plastic sleeve. Thus, I can take it in my hand if needed or the gaming aid can lie against the screen so I can throw an eye at it from time to time. The cheat sheet is based on David Scott (the sample difficulties) and jajagappa (the middle and final climaxes) posts in the Setting Narrative Difficulty thread. Unfortunately, I don't remember whom the tension bit is coming from. Please, let me know and I will edit my post accordingly. HQ2G_ALT_CONTEST_RESULTS_TABLE_and_DIFF_IN_HQ2_English.docx
  8. Corvantir

    Understanding the HeroQuest Core Mechanic

    I agree with you Ian's explanations are insightful. I will have a look at Hearts of Glorantha 6.
  9. Corvantir

    Understanding the HeroQuest Core Mechanic

    Thank you for your last post Steve, this is very helpful. Game mastering HeroQuest 2 can be very daunting and multiple explanations and takes by different authors help a lot to better grasp this wonderful system and its finer points.
  10. Corvantir


    That is an excellent idea. I am not sure I will be able to contribute regularly to such a project though. I have actually decided to limit my Internet time as it takes away a lot of time I should better use on other activities like gaming and reading. Moreover, a french translation is a tricky subject to me as I don't like the french versions from Oriflam (RuneQuest 3) and Multisim (Hero Wars). As far as french and Glorantha are concerned, I think we should start from the ground up. But perhaps am I the only one to think so. I can just assure you I will keep an eye on this project but I don't promise anything.
  11. Corvantir


    Hi Menhir and welcome on board. I started playing in Glorantha with RQ2 and our group turned towards RQ3 when it came out, and then towards the french translation by Oriflam. I have never really appreciated RQ3 and the earlier Avalon Hill books, but the french translation contributed to turn me away from RuneQuest. This translation was an awful work to my eyes, especially the art. But at this time, most of our group was not fluent in English and we kept to the french version. Though I finally came to appreciate "Lunaire" more than "Lunar", it took me a while to change my mind about this. So I understand you. As far as Glorantha is concerned, there are a lot of things that are really difficult to translate in french and Oriflam did a lot of bad choices in my opinion, the "Erudits de l'ambigu" being one of the worst to me. As the vast majority of my Gloranthan books are in english, I don't use my french versions. I don't like them and it would ask me to juggle with french and english versions of the same names, which is confusing. I am lucky enough to have players that are fluent in english and thus sometimes I translate, sometimes I don't, it depends on how the translation sings to the ear and if it sounds ridiculous or not. When I don't translate, I give some hints about the original meaning, if needed, and go on with the english name. I don't translate Boldhome for example but tell my player that it means something like "Fière Demeure" as it is easy to miss the various components of a name when playing. The pronunciation is usually a cross between French and English as a pure English pronunciation in the middle of a french sentence sounds weird. If you have ever watched a Quebec version of a US movie, you know what I am talking about.
  12. Corvantir

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Mais de rien, Garwalf, it is my pleasure. Thank you for your gaming aids, your difficulty table with the pass/fail cycle and the increasing base values is very smart.
  13. Corvantir

    Understanding the HeroQuest Core Mechanic

    Yes, the examples are really helpful to better understand the rules and moreover to grasp the spirit behind them, which is even more important in my opinion. Beware though, the Extended Contest example is not correct as far as the rules are concerned, you need to track each pairing separately.
  14. Corvantir

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    As an aside, everyone is encouraged to post his own gaming aids here. This thread can become a kind of repository.
  15. Corvantir

    Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    There are a few things that are at odd with my vision of Glorantha. I change or ignore them. In my Glorantha the Ducks are an ancient bird tribe cursed by Yelm. They also inherited a shorter stooped shape from the curse, they are thus forever locked into a submissive bow, forced to look at the others from below. After many errands they settled in the area that will become Delecti's swamps and were somehow spared by the Dragonkill War because they are tied to the beast rune. The first Orlanthi explorers coming from the south named the tribe after their totems representing their Wyter as a duck. On many wall paintings or carvings, they are pictured as humanoid ducks, a convenient shortcut for the artist and the viewer. They share some features with their animal ancestors, like webbed hands and feet. I don't like the Eastern lands and the RQ3 Malkionis neither. Kralorela and the Eastern Islands feel somehow like "the market wants samurais and mandarins, they will be fine here" where the Western lands were too medieval for my taste, I am happy they were "gregged". I tend to ignore all the "goofy" (to my eyes, of course) things like Leonardo or the Grotarons... and pumpkin headed creatures.