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Starter set of resources for a Mythras GM


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In the link below you will find version with URL links. This is a summary page for a starting GM. 
Here is a starter set of resources for a Mythras GM. This is a subset of all resources available at NotesFromPavis blog. 
  • Interactive Combat Flow summary
  • Visual Combat Modifier Charts
  • Mythras Skill Roll Evaluator
  • Healing and Wounds
Combat - special effects
  • Tactics of choosing special effects – next generation – one pager version
  • Offensive special effects summary
  • Defensive special effects summary
Combat - others
  • Mini charts
  • Combat Style Cards (more than 170 of them)
Encounter generators
  • Mythras Encounter Generator (MeG) - read this first how to speed up generation of enemies and encounters
  • Mythras Encounter Generator (MeG) - almost 3400 NPC/Monster templates and hundreds of parties to quickly generate encounters
  • Mythras and Gloranthan generators for GM
  • Mythras Encounter Generator JSON finder tool for roll20
  • Pregenerated characters
  • Taverns
Other sources
  • Mythras Charts and Tables (links to many others)
  • Gloranthan Cult one pagers
  • Parry and passive blocking to stop also known as “Shields are awesome"
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