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  1. i think I might nit have the later Finnish translations of books as I do not recall encountering Joutola. would be as fitting as Jussila. both of them may lose something in translation and require further changes - was the originator of Jussila/Jonstown called Jussi or Jon. for other things the basic problem of translation exists - how do you bring the culture connotations that original text might have had. Some of the names sound better in original english but sound archaic or maybe too whimsical when translated ’directly’. This is a forever problem - professional (or very skilled) translato
  2. Well, like I said - my knowledge of Glorantha and English is probably larger now than in the student times more than 30 years ago. Cannot recall why I made that decision then, could have been because there were many namebased things. Jonstown could be Jussila , Svenstown could be Svennilä 🙂 if one would go for real translation but perhaps feeling would be lost. i would do things differently now. Heortinmaa could be one translation that would be quite direct Sydänmaa could be more poetic. Whether you go for direct translation, whimsical or staying true to original text’s atmosphere and tone is
  3. hkokko

    Mythras Combat

    You can slice and dice... drop features. It is d100 🙂 But special effects are one of the things that give me the cinematic feel... Every combat is different... instead of more regular grind until a limb drops
  4. The year is something before 1989 based on last saved timestamp of the word file that will not open any more with Word. With the eagerness of young student I translated then available names for my campaign in Glorantha - a few hundred names. With the maturity that age brings and the growing knowledge of both Glorantha and perhaps English language I might change some names now but as my campaign is on the isles off Pamaltela I will refrain from doing that until I have more time or my campaign returns to Genertela.. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/03/20/from-the-archives-glorantha-names-transl
  5. Crawling From the Monster Island, the Jungle as an Adversary – Hex Crawl and Jungle GM sheets and a Tool Lovers of sword and sorcery have a field day now with the long awaited hard cover release of Monster Island by the Design Mechanism and the most appropriate new scenario for it – A Bird in The Hand. Run, don’t walk to Lulu to purchase the hard cover for the sandbox and the new scenario. A Bird in the Hand will give you an excellent induction to Monster Island. You will need a hard cover for the Monster Island as the sandbox will last you a long long time with a lot of gaming. It can easi
  6. The rule system says that if you have an appropriate clothing "a grace period of their CON in hours before exposure sets in". Yes, the key is appropriate. In the army decades ago spent days in the "wilderness" with -25 or so. The cold is tolerable with appropriate clothing at least as long as you keep on the move. At the time Goretex did not exist - it was the old winter war (WWII) type of clothing - layers of it.
  7. Updates to find the shelter.
  8. Let's Spend the Night In the Wilderness - Importance Of Proper Camp Especially in the Monster Island Here is a small chart to use when characters are traveling in wilderness.The RAW rules state wearing suitable local clothing permits a character a grace period of their CON in hours before exposure sets in. The chart below shows the RAW rules for effect of being exposed to temperature ranges. The wonderful Hex Crawl rules in the scenario Bird In the Hand situated in the Monster Island enhance if you try to rest without proper tent or lean-to you risk exposure and there is no recove
  9. Ha-haaa.. It is mine, all mine. Ordered a copy..
  10. about the original question and Rick's offer --> I would like to buy the Pavis Panorama picture as a poster / tabletop size from that store.... Could that happen...
  11. City Quarter Generator which generates city quarter for Mythic Constantinople era cities and generic fantasy cities now has the first versions of Gloranthan City quarters. There are two versions - Orlanthi City Quarter and Fonrit City Quarter. Currently the Orlanthi City Quarter generates temples from the Storm Pantheon. Fonrit one generates from Ompalam pantheon. For this first version the probability of gods are even for the city quarter. There are only gods from a single pantheon in the city quarter. Major Temples are more rare, others are evenly distributed to appear. This also may c
  12. That sounds wonderful - poster and desktop picture etc. In these remote times it would be great to be able to have it as a digital copy as well
  13. Personal use. the above was my plan B. The picture is so fabulous it would deserve a full blown pdf and a poster... That is my wish for plan A (while I proceed with plan B )
  14. Is the Pavis Panorama picture available as a one pdf from somewhere. There is only small size jpg in Chaosium page. I own all the paper and pdf combinations of Pavis/Big Rubble but seemingly cannot find it on a single page (it is divided across two pages in both books).
  15. **Mythras City Quarter Map Generator available now ** I expanded the Mythras Constantinople generator to create city quarter maps in couple of additional ways. The generator creates city quarter street map using Voronoi Tessellation. The maps could be suitable for many kinds of fantasy or even some medieval historical cities. It is using the rules from Mythic Constantinople city block generation and Mythras Core Rules temple creation rules. There is quite little that is rules specific so the maps could be usable by any rule system. You h
  16. Mythic Constantinopol City Quarter Generator for Mythras A fellow Mythras fan asked me if it would be possible to create a city quarter generator based on Mythic Constantinople rules. Here is the first version - it can only do Constantinople and only poor city quarters. More will probably come later and I will most likely do a more sword and sorcery oriented version later on. The system is based on generating nodes. After generating a few nodes for a part of a city quarter you will draw the streets and alleys around them and then start sketching out the shape of the buildings. Yo
  17. Mythras Encounter Generator visits Lyonesse As the year's first post here are a few Lyonesse encounters. Bearded Gryph Hulk of Cam Brakes Heceptor Natrid Screamer Ska Warrior Unicorn For spirit beings only few links are put here as direct links. Rest of them can be found via MeG search for example with tag: Lyonesse Darklings Small Lesser Darkling Greater Elder Ancient Elder Willawen Small, Lesser, Willawen, Greater, Elder, Ancient Elder Merrihew Small, Lesser, Merrih
  18. In the link below you will find version with URL links. This is a summary page for a starting GM. Here is a starter set of resources for a Mythras GM. This is a subset of all resources available at NotesFromPavis blog. Combat Interactive Combat Flow summary Visual Combat Modifier Charts Mythras Skill Roll Evaluator Healing and Wounds Combat - special effects Tactics of choosing special effects – next generation – one pager version Offensive special effects summary Defensive special effects summary Combat - others Mini c
  19. For sword and sorcery - Monster island
  20. There are a few new combat style cards available There is a small update on combat style cards. It contains now the Meeros Doomed combat styles. I added also a few Dwarven Combat Stylesinvented for Glorantha. I also updated all the cards separating all firearms related special effects to be applicable only for firearms. In addition there is now a strangle special effect from Fioracitta. The new styles are for Meeros: Brotherhood of Dust Mercenary Infantry Priestess of Myceras Minotaur Gladiator Kopashi Agent
  21. Mythras Skill Roll Evaluator New small tool in tools.notesfrompavis.com Mythras Dice Roll Evaluator. Give it a skill and augmenting skill. It calculates those pesky details of resulting skill and various difficulty grades and crits & fumbles. My small contribution to the destruction of in your brain math skills. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2020/12/12/mythras-skill-calculator/
  22. Tactics of selecting combat special effects in Mythras - a result based visualisation - next generation After using the result based visualization and listening to feedback - here is an update on how to select the special effects. Changes are it fits into a single a4 - one for offensive and one for defensive special effects. strangle special effect from Fioracitta added all the special effects that are firearms only - marked so How I use this - I printed it out and put it under plastic protective sheet - one to each side and a stiff
  23. Tools.notesfrompavis.com is getting up, second service up. Revamp of UI History Few weeks ago I was hit with a really unexpected bill from my service provider and had to shut down the tools.notesfrompavis.com Big thanks for the support from the tribe - the support is really appreciated. I changed service providers after this, the cost per month and year for the service to run is higher but it contains no surprises. The new hosting provider (I searched many) does not support the tools and frameworks I used to create the tools.notesfrompavis.com and I have had to go
  24. Mythras Character Skill Designer supports now Roll20 and helps select Combat Styles <a href="http://notesfrompavis.blog/2020/09/17/mythras-character-skill-designer-makes-exploring-character-options-and-creating-characters-easier/">The Mythras Character Skill Designer</a> (CSD) (<a href="http://tools.notesfrompavis.com">Tools.notesfrompavis.com</a> now makes it easy to create Mythras characters skills and export them to Roll20 and Excel. Mark your character stats on the screen and start selecting the options. Currentl
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