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  1. Alas Babylon – The Sequel – More Creatures of Mythic Babylon Unleashed Now there exists a few more creatures from the Mythic Babylon in the Mythras Encounter Generator. You can find them with tag “Mythic Babylon” in the MeG This batch contains Hari Hunter Kurgarra – Taloned Dancers Kusarikku bullmen Lahmu – hairy heromen Uridimmu – mad dog Hallulaja – The Centipede demon Mutu – King Slayer – The Demon Possessed Lion Nimru – The Leopard Demon These could also fit nicely into a sword and sorcery campaign for example Monster Island. You can find the previous ones for Mythic Babylon here More Babylonian creatures will join MeG soon. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/07/25/alas-babylon-the-sequel-more-creatures-of-mythic-babylon-unleashed/
  2. Alas Babylon – Creatures of Mythic Babylon Unleashed Design Mechanism published a mighty tome called Mythic Babylon this summer. It contains magic system additions and everything necessary to play a role playing campaign in Babylon – of course including creatures. I have added a few of those into the Mythras Encounter Generatorso it will be as easy to generate those than any others. There are also few additional abilities for beasts – Good and Bad Omen, Melammu – a form of frightening splendour and See Ghosts. These have been added as abilities to the MeG. I have also added tag “Mythic Babylon” for existing creatures that I have created that might be encountered in Babylon. First batch of new creatures are Kulullu – the Merpeople Girtablullu – the Scorpion men Katillu – the scorpion demon Apsasu – the Winged Bull (the ones you can see in British Museum) Suhurmasu (Goat Fish) Mushussu (Babylonian Dragon) Lion Fish These could also fit nicely into a sword and sorcery campaign for example Monster Island. There are already aurochs, Babylonian ostrich, Cheetah, Common Griffin, Hyena, Jackal, Lions and Wolves to fit into your Babylonian campaign. More Babylonian creatures will join MeG soon. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/07/24/alas-babylon-creatures-of-mythic-babylon-unleashed/
  3. Mythras Sorcery Calculator V2.5 – Mighty Sorcerers update Sorcery Calculator has been updated to handle invocation skills up to 400% and shaping skills of up to 400. These major skills are usually available with orchestrated casting of certain sorcery schools for the invocation but might be available also for some superbly potent individuals. This now also includes the alternate names for spells in Monster Island sorcery. Some of the spells do not have enhanced effect beyond 120 in skill but almost all do. Protected by minions these highest level sorcerers are truly potent opponents as they should probably also be played like the most intelligent enemies in the realm. Some spell examples with the skill and shaping chosen You can find the sorcery calculator here. Other articles about Sorcery Calculator Monster Island comes to Sorcery Calculator. Version 2.2 Released Sorcery Calculator Does Fioricetta, Mythic Constantinople and Goes After the Vampire Wars Sorcery Calculator V2.0 has been released – Favourite Spells and More https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/07/21/mythras-sorcery-calculator-v2-5-mighty-sorcerers-update/
  4. Many of the special effects can be used with unarmed. There are quite a few combat traits for unarmed in the https://notesfrompavis.blog/2014/02/04/rq6-charts-and-tables/ Combat style traits - few of which are from official books even
  5. Updating the Mythras Encounter Generator Spirits – Sickness Spirits I have started to update the older spirit encounters in MeG. Part of them were created pre-Mythras RQ6 and quite a few of them in the early days of MeG feature development. I am starting with sickness spirits. So what changes – Spirits will use newly refactored Spirit Abilities feature and use all of the Spirit Abilities from Mythras (3rd printing). They will use them by having them as “Spirit Abilities” feature in individual spirits. For the sickness spirits this will mean that they have Covert, Manifestation and Disease feature with references to the rulebook where necessary. All of the artefacts of older rules and MeG feature workarounds are updated to the current feature set. For example in earlier rule sets there was onset time for sickness to start, now that does not exist in current rule sets for spirits. For each of the sickness spirit intensity levels from 1-4 there is added a randomised Disease condition available for sickness spirit (for that intensity level). For example for Sickness spirit intensity 1 there will be only one disease condition randomised. For higher level intensities there is created all the variations of disease conditions. For example for level 2 there is sickness spirit intensity 2 (1+1) and sickness spirit intensity 2 (2) – first one will have two randomized disease conditions for level 1 and the second spirit will have only one with disease condition level 2. For intensity 3 there will be three spirits – one with three first level conditions,one with one first level and one second level and one with one with one third level. There are also a few parties created to generate spirits from all four intensity levels only spirits from intensity level 2 only spirits from intensity level 3 only spirits from intensity level 4 I have only currently created up to intensity 4 but that should be plenty enough for the opposition. There will undoubtedly remain other disease and sickness spirits in MeG created by me. They might get updated or retired later as I get the time. Other spirits will be updated one by one after summer season. You will find the usual Mythras Encounter page here and useful charts here and a set of starting resources for Mythras GMS here The link below will lead to my blog with pictures and live links to the details of the above https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/07/12/updating-the-meg-spirits-sickness-spirits/
  6. Visited the country side - found questing shamans (wibble) and stampedes in the jungle (double wibble), plateaus and savannah/prairie Questing Shamans and Beast Stampedes There has been a few shaman party’s in the MeG but nothing for the questing shamans. Questing shamans are usually shamans or high shamans and they might be accompanied by their totem animals or a strong spirit guide. Questing Shamans Here are the first few questing shaman parties Questing Kangi Shaman – ape totem animal Questing Mandahi Shaman – python totem animal Questing Kumongi Shaman – spider totem animal For these strong spirit guides have been created. Questing shamans appear also in the toolsfrompavis standard encounters. Stampede Something, it might have been human hunting party, lightning, volcano or hungry predator has caused the herd animals to stampede The are now modelled as Flocks (from Monster Island) in MeG. They can be found as Stampede in the Jungle and Stampede in the Savannah. Stampede in Jungle uses mainly herbivore saurians as the stampeding animals Stampede in Puna Plateau uses currently only Mammoth as stampeding animals Stampede in the Savannah uses bison or savannah buffalo This is now also reflected in the toolsfrompavis standard encounters in Jungle. You can generate encounters for your Mythras game easily with MeG https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/05/30/questing-shamans-and-beast-stampedes/
  7. But could it depend upon the full skill still if you play it right in roleplay. For example In Missisippi Burning movie the grip by the lawman was augmenting his influence - and he was a bit smaller than the Missisippi resident he was gripping.
  8. Cultists of Monster Island in Mythras Encounter Generator – Part 2 Here are the rest of cultists in officially active cults in Monster Island. Part 1 has few more. All the cultists are done in a similar format – cultist party has a link to MeG that you can click. The following line explains the kind of cultists you can probably expect in the party with higher ranks more rare. If a party does not list a rank – it is currently free rank and there might be a power struggle to get the position. All of the cultists can be found with searching the name of the cult or with “cultist” as search string. There might be other cults also in the island that will be revealed over time. Some of the cults are only available in the city, the rest might wander in the jungle to get sacrifices, doing a punitive raid, capture fleeing prisoner or recalcitrant former cult member or acquire substances or objects for cult needs. All of the cults have a chance to appear also in the “Nefarious Cultist” encounter in the jungle. All of the cults have also the rank structure created with appropriate spells as cult ranks in MeG. Cultists of Geolok – The shaking one, master of stone Cultists of Ilioth – Matriarch of love, corrupter of passion Cultists of Mordiggoth – Ruler of the dead, captain of worms Cultists of Ojahl – The virgin goddess, mistress of the blade Cultists of Quatochil – Lord of dust, bringer of decay Cultists of Thargorgos – Judge of dooms, bringer of catastrophe Cultists of Thasaidon – Preceptor of secrets, granter of wishes Cultists of Vergamka – Patriarch of all, inscriber of destiny. Cultists of Ylila – Queen of perdition, spreader of iniquity Cultists of Yulkha – Prince of laughter, purveyor of madness. You will find more information about Mythras Encounter Generator here… and about a typical day in Monster Island here https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/05/23/cultists-of-monster-island-in-mythras-encounter-generator-part-2/
  9. Cultists and Traveling Merchants in Monster Island – part 1 The cultists in the Monster Island have not received enough attention. They are lovingly if briefly described at the Monster Island book. That will now be fixed – the dream (or rather the nightmare) of full category of cults in Monster Island will be available in Mythras Encounter Generator. As a first step there will be four of the known cults in a similar format. When the GM gets the result “Nefarious Cultists” in toolsfrompavis generator – the group of cultists will be chosen those and it will point to appropriate party of cultists in MeG. . You can of course just pick them directly from the MeG itself – either via party or by picking them to your favourite list to generate. Here are the first ones: Cultists of Dashatan – the grasping pincer, lord of the seas Cultists of Dashatan party Cultists of Dashatan initiate Cultists of Dashatan, lay member Cultists of Dashatan, lay member, strong one Cult members have the appropriate cult rank associated with them to make it easier to create additional varieties of the cult. As you might recall the easy way to create cult ranks is to create them as cults in MeG starting from lay member (if needed) or initiate and adding appropriate additional cult rank. As Dashatan only has initiates currently only the Dashatan initiate is available as cult rank created. Cultists of OMG – Maestro of battle, drinker of blood – the hyena headed goddess Cultists of OMG party Cultists of OMG acolyte Cultists of OMG initiate Cultists of OMG, lay member Cultists of OMG, lay member, strong one OMG currently lacks a priest in Monster Island. Cultists of Zululun – Guardian of tombs, herald of revenge Cultists of Zululun party Cultists of Zululun, priest Cultists of Zululun, acolyte Cultists of Zululun initiate Cultists of Zululun, lay member Cultists of Zululun, lay member, strong one Servants of Jaguar Goddess, Yhounkehd – Prowler of the Night Servants of Jaguar Goddess Priest of Jaguar Goddess Acolyte of Jaguar Goddess Initiate of Jaguar Goddess, Initiate of Jaguar Goddess, Jaguar Form Fast Initiate of Jaguar Goddess Servant of Jaguar Goddess Servants of Jaguar Goddess have existed earlier but they have been enhanced and additions made. Trading Caravans in Monster Island For those that are foolhardy enough to wrest riches from the interior of Monster Island by trading a few trading caravans have been created or enhanced. They appear from Toolsfrompavis generator (Traveling Merchant) randomly or you can pick them individually from MeG Afadjann Merchant Caravan – one with carriers and guards from the coast Afadjann Merchant Caravan in Monster Island – one with native carriers and guards from the coast Primitive Islander Trading Caravan – natives do a lot of trade and are wily merchants Primitive Merchant Caravan in Monster Island – natives do a lot of trade and are wily merchants Serpent People Slave Caravan Umathelan Merchant Caravan – one with carriers and guards from the coast Zerzura Serpent People Slave Caravan Guards https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/05/21/cultists-and-traveling-merchants-in-monster-island-part-1/
  10. A Day in the Monster Island – Deeper into the Island This is my 200th blog post in the Notes From Pavis, never thought it would last this long – more than nine years . I will reflect on the history of the blog later. In this post I will provide the additions to the Daily Event Generator for those foolhardy enough to strike deeper into the reaches of the Island. I have also tuned the daily generator format a bit. There are three additional generators now Monster Island Encounter – Cloud Forest Monster Island Encounter – Puna Plateau Monster Island Encounter – High Mountains Each of them follows the same pattern than the Jungle Daily generator. The events and beasts encountered reflect the rarity of them in their habitat as mentioned in the tome Monster Island. Weather patterns will also reflect the particular environment. Many of the encounters will already have links to Mythras Encounter Generator and the missing ones will be updated a bit later. Cloud Forest vegetation currently uses the same vegetation as the Jungle generator. Puna Plateu is strongly different in plant and tree life. In mountains very little vegetation thrives. For Puna Plateau and Mountains the environmental encounters are somewhat different than Cloud Forest and Jungle. They are based on the Raging Swan Press Mountains and Plains material tuned to Monster Island and used with permission You will find the generators at toolsfrompavis. Select them by using one of the above names. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/05/10/a-day-in-the-monster-island-deeper-into-the-island/
  11. A Day In the Life in Monster Island Finally spent some time tuning up my Monster Island daily event generator to be able to publish it. This first one is for coastal or jungle encounters. Later on the ones for cloud forest and upper plateaus of the island may be published. It could be useful for a hex crawl in Monster Island. The material is based on Monster Island and Bird in the Hand from Design Mechanism and additional material from Raging Swan Press tuned to Monster Island atmosphere. Raging Swan Press products Primal, Woodland, Campsite, Cave and Rainstorm dressing are used here with permission. Some of the look and feel for the blocks will be refined later on. Here are the things it will do for a GM. Event It will create an event from Monster Island daily events – either the standard or special ones. Any monster encounters there will have a link to Mythras Encounter Generator and ready to generate. The chance of the monster comes from the Monster Island jungle encounter chances. There is a larger variety of beasts in some of the categories. Some of the party encounters are also mapped out with a link to MeG – more will come in later. Weather Weather temperature will be shown for both day and night. There is a chance of Rainstorms. Humidity will also be calculated. Environment There are some descriptions for environment and trees and other plants for the environment. For each of the tree and plant types there is a description where it might be located in the area and also name and genus of the plant and what they might be like. There is also a chance of a minor event. Encounter Encounter rules are based on Bird in the Hand (great scenario) hex crawl rules. If any encounters happen they will have a link to MeG as in above. Find Shelter Finding shelter is necessary when camping out in the Monster Island. The rules from RAW and Bird in the Hand are briefly referenced here. Campsite Provided the adventurers find a campsite – it is shortly described here. There might be some events happening during the night. Terrain Some things about campsite terrain are opened up here. You will find the generator at toolsfrompavis. Select the choice starting with Monster Island Daily – Jungle Only. The generator is built using the very useful campaign logger tool. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/05/05/a-day-in-the-life-in-monster-island/
  12. City Quarter Generator Visits Monster Island City Quarter Generator at toolsfrompavis has now new option to generate High Folk City Quarters. It will create Lodges and Houses for the various Brotherhoods in the High Folk City and Chapters and Orders for the various Sorcery Orders. For the Brotherhoods and Orders it will generate the appropriate numbers and ranks of adepts, masters, apprentices etc. For the affiliations it also provides affiliations more appropriate for High Folk city. At the same time all non Mythic Constantinople events, features and disasters have been modified slightly to provide appropriate to them instead of only providing what MC had. There will be additional modifications later to still fine-tune the High Folk cities a bit. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/05/03/city-quarter-generator-visits-monster-island/
  13. Map of the Akakor Golden City of the High Folk in Monster Island Here is a high level map of the Golden City of Akakor in Monster Island from my campaign in a Treemap format. You can zoom the PDF. The route to Akakor can be hard to find. Here are two routes – the Ant Route and Tower Route. The Ant Route takes you thru a territory of Giant Ants and you might encounter an outpost of High Folk at the edges of the Ant territory. There is a secret passage thru the jungle to arrive to the main gate. Tower route means having access to flying beasts. The Akakor and its buildings and inhabitants are explained more fully in the Monster Island book. The Central Valley is the entryway to the city blocks – it is the level 0. Each of the blocks is a vast area built into the mountain side with multiple levels most of them containing cloud forest and gardens. From each level there is a ramp up to the next one. Housing and slave quarter areas contain large number of buildings – many of them empty. Named buildings might be scattered among the other housing. Not all the named buildings are marked on the map. 📷Akakor top level map as PNG (.pdf) High Folk City Quarter Views can also be generated for smaller portions of each level by using the City Quarter Generator https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/05/03/map-of-the-akakor-golden-city-of-the-high-folk-in-monster-island/
  14. Hmm. Welcome to Monster Island.... it can be quite grim
  15. There is now a new version with Monster Island spells included: Sorcery Calculator has a major upgrade. Monster Island spells have been now added to spell list. You can select either to have them available or not. For those whose INT is weak the tool now states if they try to add a number of spells beyond their ability to memorise. It calculates also number of unique spells chosen. If you happen to choose a Monster Island sorcery spell the name of the spell is written in appropriate red. For each of the spells chosen it also states the page you can find the description in the RAW or Monster Island book. Some small UI tweaks here and there. The tool also now should work with Google Sheets and couple of earlier Excel versions as they do not work with recent concat function. Works at least with iPad Google Sheets https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/04/25/monster-island-comes-to-sorcery-calculator-version-2-2-released/
  16. Sorcery Calculator V2.0 has been released – Favourite Spells and More Sorcery Calculator has a major upgrade. You can now add ten of your favourite spells (a grimoire usually has seven or less) from a selector. For these spells the calculator calculates the effect of your skills and abilities according to RAW. It contains all the sorcery spells in Mythras Core Rulebook. For the description of spells you need to go to the book, all the calculations are here. Other updates include calculating durations and ranges so you will have 65 minutes instead of only having POW * 5 minutes. Some UI tweaks here and there. 📷 More about sorcery tool here and grimoires here and magical difficulty modifiers here https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/04/24/ ... -and-more/
  17. i think I might nit have the later Finnish translations of books as I do not recall encountering Joutola. would be as fitting as Jussila. both of them may lose something in translation and require further changes - was the originator of Jussila/Jonstown called Jussi or Jon. for other things the basic problem of translation exists - how do you bring the culture connotations that original text might have had. Some of the names sound better in original english but sound archaic or maybe too whimsical when translated ’directly’. This is a forever problem - professional (or very skilled) translators would be needed with excellent command of original and translated language and good domain knowledge.
  18. Well, like I said - my knowledge of Glorantha and English is probably larger now than in the student times more than 30 years ago. Cannot recall why I made that decision then, could have been because there were many namebased things. Jonstown could be Jussila , Svenstown could be Svennilä 🙂 if one would go for real translation but perhaps feeling would be lost. i would do things differently now. Heortinmaa could be one translation that would be quite direct Sydänmaa could be more poetic. Whether you go for direct translation, whimsical or staying true to original text’s atmosphere and tone is a decision one should make. Several years later I took as my last course at University theory of translation and it would have been useful. Even professional translators can do things in very different tactics - this is evident in the first translation of Hobbit and later translation by a different translator. Even more evident in translation of Lorca’s poems from spanish to finnish - two different translators of which only one succeeded in bringing the feeling, evocativeness and tonality of original even somewhere close to original
  19. hkokko

    Mythras Combat

    You can slice and dice... drop features. It is d100 🙂 But special effects are one of the things that give me the cinematic feel... Every combat is different... instead of more regular grind until a limb drops
  20. The year is something before 1989 based on last saved timestamp of the word file that will not open any more with Word. With the eagerness of young student I translated then available names for my campaign in Glorantha - a few hundred names. With the maturity that age brings and the growing knowledge of both Glorantha and perhaps English language I might change some names now but as my campaign is on the isles off Pamaltela I will refrain from doing that until I have more time or my campaign returns to Genertela.. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/03/20/from-the-archives-glorantha-names-translation-from-english-to-finnish-pre-1989/ Some names would need to be more poetic, some perhaps less. Some would need to be changed as the things we know about Glorantha has increased... But here it is for all Gloranthaphile friends of Finnish language...
  21. Crawling From the Monster Island, the Jungle as an Adversary – Hex Crawl and Jungle GM sheets and a Tool Lovers of sword and sorcery have a field day now with the long awaited hard cover release of Monster Island by the Design Mechanism and the most appropriate new scenario for it – A Bird in The Hand. Run, don’t walk to Lulu to purchase the hard cover for the sandbox and the new scenario. A Bird in the Hand will give you an excellent induction to Monster Island. You will need a hard cover for the Monster Island as the sandbox will last you a long long time with a lot of gaming. It can easily be slotted into your campaign – in mine I changed the lizard folk to native tribesmen and the high folk to serpent folk with some extra camouflage powers. A Bird in the Hand scenario contains the wonderful hex crawl rules put together by John Holmes and my group was given a chance to put them to extensive play test and have used them in every scenario ever since. The hex crawl rules makes it a must buy for the scenario itself, for the Monster Island travel and also for other jungle related scenarios. The only thing that is “missing” from the scenario hex crawl rules is a GM sheet for the various hex crawl features. The scenario is perfectly playable without GM sheet and has all the rules. The Core rules have tucked inside them rules for Survival, Precipitation, Exposure and Wind effects. The combination of Monster Island and the Hex Crawl rules in the scenario makes the terrain and weather of the island itself an adversary worth planning for. Your party better have navigation, survival, endurance and several other skills. Useful Folk Magic for Hex Crawl Many folk magic spells would also come in useful. It is of course sad that by default Monster Island does not have folk magic. YMIMV. Cool would help quite a bit during a scene. For drying yourself off “Dry” would help in helping survive the jungle night. Might might help when trying to avoid the encumbrance penalties from Burdened or above conditions. Pathway would help in not losing one’s way so easily within a single scene. Preserve would help in keeping the rations good for longer than the Monster Island week. Tire would be nasty spell against the already fatigued – might even kill a person. Vigour would help avoiding the burdened and above conditions Fatigue rolls and Warmth could help for a bit in the night. These of course will burn quite a few magic points as they are targeted per person, will last only a short while (scene might not be a day, sounds like too strong for a cantrip like folk magic spell) and magic might not work every time. It is also worth noting that Cool and Warmth requires concentration that might be broken by the denizens and surprises of Monster Island. GM Sheet for Hex Crawl I was inspired to create a GM sheet for the Hex Crawl and John was kind enough to provide some feedback to tune it a bit. You will need Mythras Core Rules, Monster Island and the scenario A Bird in the Hand. GM sheets provide summary information at a glance and refer to the books. The GM sheets contain The Monster Island (and Jungle) Hex Crawl Travel rolls The Monster Island Hex Crawl Travel Distance Camping in Wilderness V1.3 The GM sheets combine information about Monster Island temperature effects, The Monster Island Armour Penalty Fatigue Calculator The Monster Island Armour Penalty Fatigue Calculator tool calculates the effects of Monster Island Jungle rules for wearing armour. The tool is currently an excel – will likely be added to toolsfrompavis.com later on. Mark here your current fatigue level (Fresh, Weary…), your strength, worn Armour ENC and all other ENC than armour. Monster Island is unforgiving if you wear any armour at all so be prepared for that. If you need to calculate the weapon, specific armour set and other equipment ENC use the Encumbrance calculator and mark down what you need here. Tool results when no armour and weeks rations are carried and nothing else The file links are here Monster Island and Jungle Travel Rolls Monster Island Travel Distance Camping in the Wilderness Monster Island Armour Fatigue Calculator …and they will appear also in the Mythras charts page and Starting Resources for GMs To get the best of these you will need the Mythras Core Rules, Monster Island and the scenario A Bird in the Hand from Design Mechanism , Mythras Encounter Generator will create you encounters. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/02/21/crawling-from-the-monster-island-the-jungle-as-an-adversary-hex-crawl-and-jungle-gm-sheets-and-a-tool/
  22. The rule system says that if you have an appropriate clothing "a grace period of their CON in hours before exposure sets in". Yes, the key is appropriate. In the army decades ago spent days in the "wilderness" with -25 or so. The cold is tolerable with appropriate clothing at least as long as you keep on the move. At the time Goretex did not exist - it was the old winter war (WWII) type of clothing - layers of it.
  23. Updates to find the shelter.
  24. Let's Spend the Night In the Wilderness - Importance Of Proper Camp Especially in the Monster Island Here is a small chart to use when characters are traveling in wilderness.The RAW rules state wearing suitable local clothing permits a character a grace period of their CON in hours before exposure sets in. The chart below shows the RAW rules for effect of being exposed to temperature ranges. The wonderful Hex Crawl rules in the scenario Bird In the Hand situated in the Monster Island enhance if you try to rest without proper tent or lean-to you risk exposure and there is no recovery of fatigue or natural healing. Here is a small chart to use when characters are traveling in wilderness.The RAW rules state wearing suitable local clothing permits a character a grace period of their CON in hours before exposure sets in. The chart below shows the RAW rules for effect of being exposed to temperature ranges. The wonderful Hex Crawl rules in the scenario Bird In the Hand situated in the Monster Island enhance if you try to rest without proper tent or lean-to you risk exposure and there is no recovery of fatigue or natural healing. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2021/02/13/lets-spend-the-night-in-the-wilderness-importance-of-proper-camp-especially-in-the-monster-island/
  25. Ha-haaa.. It is mine, all mine. Ordered a copy..
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