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Casting the Runes: Investigative Roleplaying in the World of M. R. James - Now Available


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Casting the Runes, Investigative Roleplaying in the World of M. R. James, is the latest release from The Design Mechanism. Using the acclaimed Gumshoe Engine (designed by Robin D. Laws), players take on the roles of Edwardian investigators involving themselves in the supernatural, uncanny, and sinister workings of the occult. From ancient demons to haunted artefacts; biblical monsters to ghosts and vampires; secret societies to lone sorcerers dabbling in the damned; Casting the Runes contains everything you need to recreate the tales of M. R. James and his contemporaries such as Arthur Machen, William Hope Hodgson, Algernon Blackwood and many others. The Edwardian Era is brought to vivid life in the pages of the game, and extensive background information shows how society, class, and economics worked in the period directly before The Great War. Using the Gumshoe system to create and manage clues is given copious attention, and the game includes two introductory scenarios to begin your investigations of the macabre.

The book is 200 pages, black and white, hardcover, and available from The Design Mechanism webstore and DrivethruRPG. The editions available from us directly are full offset; DrivethruRPG provides Print on Demand.
DrivethruRPG (Print on Demand: $34.99, includes free PDF): https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/334163

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