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Apple Lane 1626 (Spoilers maybe)

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We killed a dream dragon and our Babeester Gorian said, "Sure I will join this cult" and then forgot about her temple and then there was a penitent acolyte who showed up and then starved to death waiting and our Babeester Gorian was kinda guilty about that. And now I can mention that maybe our Babeester Gorian should consider taking snacks up to the temple on her new seasonal pilgrimages.

We brought three new stars to Orlanth's ring. No one noticed much. Even though we were meteors landing on the Starfire Ridges. The Orlmarth were kind of supportive, but cult supporters kinda thin on the ground.

Argarth snookered the Thane of Apple Lane into becoming some sort of weapon, if the Thane of Apple Lane can start some sort of MLM scheme. Earnest recruits thin on the ground.

Our Yelmalian spread his seed all over all the fields and helped us survive a bad harvest season, but next year's omens are terrible. I have commanded him to not touch himself except during holy days.

Our Arroyan married a giant. They kinda damaged the town but that sounds like a good wedding reception. He is going to fight ice giants on Valind's glacier now which has temporarily postponed a couple of practical questions.


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You forgot to mention that you also bore Kallyr's body from the Twins back to Boldhome as part of her honor guard. Or that the previously mentioned Barbeestor Gorian led an insane charge against the Silver Shields and broke Pharandros' line. Or that the Lunar sorcerers threw the Creek out of its course and drowned the Orlmarthing chariots. Or that her insane maneuver and costly maneuver nonetheless left an opening in the Lunar line that allowed Leika's Colymar chariots to charge through and rout Pharandros and saved the life of another queen who was being decimated on the flanks....

Or that you successfully stole an Ernaldan artifact out from under the nose of a terrible Darkness monster and brought it back to Clearwine, which pleased everyone very much.

Or that the Yelmalion went on a diplomatic mission to Vaantar for Queen Leika and learned of the Sun Dome Count's perfidy...

So much more happened in 1626 than just your friendly Sun Templar fertilizing apple trees and cabbage patches...

So soon they forget...

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42 minutes ago, claycle said:

Or that the previously mentioned Barbeestor Gorian led an insane charge against the Silver Shields and broke Pharandros' line.

Indeed, So insanely stupid I wrote a bad epic poem in another language.

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