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Discretionary Income from Demesne and Enfeoffed Manors

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I've done searches online for explanations of past Pendragon rulings on the differences between these two, and I'm quite confused, seeing different answers in different places. (The change from 6 Libra to 10 Libra manor income didn't help.)

Assuming a standard 10 Libra manor, what would be the annual discretionary funds deriving from it be, based on whether it were demesne or enfeoffed?

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Book of Manor and Lordly Domains are obsolete. Book of the Estate and Book of the Warlord are clear on how these work:

Demesne manor = a manor that is held by YOU directly. Provides 10% of CR as Discretionary Funds, as well as Army upkeep, court, family, etc.

Enfeoffed manor = a manor that is held by YOUR VASSAL. Provides just the Army (servitium debitum) for the muster. Nothing else.


I am an estate holder with 10 manors (of £10 each for simplicity) and a vassal of Count Roderick of Salisbury. As far as Roderick is concerned, all those 10 manors are ENFEOFFED, since they are held by HIS VASSAL, Sir Morien. As far as I, Sir Morien, am concerned, only 2 of those manors are ENFEOFFED, held by Sir A and Sir B who are MY VASSALS, but the other 8 of those manors are DEMESNE, as they are held by ME directly. My budget is based on those 8 demesne manors (so £80 income, of which £8 is Discretionary Funds), but when the Count summons the Army, Sir A and Sir B join me with their 2 footmen each, bringing my total Army to the appropriate 10 knights and 20 footmen, which is my servitium debitum for a £100 estate.

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