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Nick Brooke's Gloranthan Manifesto - Volume Two

Nick Brooke

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The first one went down well, so as a small reward, here's Nick Brooke's Gloranthan Manifesto, Volume Two: The Moonson Apocrypha.

Sixty more pages of miscellaneous, mostly-Lunar stuff, with about a dozen pages of Life of Moonson-related "Notes" at its core which Facebook (wisely?) decided nobody would ever want to find again. The personal end-bits this time are a selection from my #RPGaDay social media posts.

As before, this is released free under Chaosium's generous Fan Material Policy, apart from a few longer quotes which I requested and received permission to include. If you've been following my work avidly for decades, you've probably seen most of this already. Also, thank you!

Gloranthan Manifesto - Volume Two.pdf

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If you missed it, Volume One is here:This is not a Jonstown Compendium publication (as it doesn't contain playable content for any of Chaosium's Gloranthan RPGs), and there will not be a print-on-demand edition. Page numbering runs continuously from Volume One, if you want to print your own copy. (Do people still do that?)
There may be future Volumes, but nothing is imminent.
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