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  1. Updated again on 15 June 2021: now lists 503 titles, with refreshed best-seller medals for the 64 hottest titles. Currently teetering on the brink of its Silver best-seller medal: thank you for all the support and positive feedback! If you're not sure how useful this is, someone recently asked on Facebook if any scenarios were set in Britain in the 1920s: a few moments filtering the Catalogue provided this list of relevant community content:
  2. Updated again (35th time this year), with another of Davide Quatrini's rough scenario ideas. Spirit Hunt: a minimalist scenario outline featuring an evil spirit hiding in a cave that apparently used to be a famous Lunar outlaw's den in the hills of Esrolia. Sure. 2 1/4 pages of rough notes for a dollar: it's your money, I suppose.
  3. I've had time to crunch the numbers for my own printed titles (on the Jonstown Compendium, but the same price hike applies): In general, it looks like our premium-printed books' cover prices will go up by 15% to 25%, with larger increases for books with more pages. We hope to make new cheaply-printed editions available, which should be about 10% cheaper than the current premium-printed editions. I can't emphasise this enough: these will look cheaper than the current premium-printed editions, and this is not our preferred format. DriveThruRPG has standard vs. premium printing com
  4. OK, here's a bit of insider info on how this works. It used to be that books printed in the UK cost a few dollars more than books printed in the US. So we'd set our selling prices to make our target margin somewhere between the UK (higher) and US (lower) print cost. Before you ask, there is no easy way for creators to get a US vs. UK print split, as DriveThruRPG reporting is rudimentary at best. Books are printed in the US for US orders, in the UK for customers in the rest of the world, and there's no way US customers can have their books printed in the UK and shipped to the US. I didn't
  5. Updated again (34th time this year), with a few things that came out while I was on holiday last week: Alogo's Caravan: Riding Animals of Dragon Pass, by Drew Baker: 220 random statblocks for mounts and cattle Rune Spell Reference Tables, by Austin Conrad: listings by Rune of every spell from the Red Book of Magic The Crimson Bat Battle, by Dario Corallo: a virtual tabletop map and tokens for an aerial assault on the Steed of the Goddess Plus news! The Company of the Dragon is an Electrum best-seller, and heading for print. Yozarian's Bandit Ducks is out now in print! And
  6. Nah, that book’s got everything from the two Cults books, plus all of the other cults that were published. Rick Meints is a bit of a completist, so you’re in good hands.
  7. Admin voice: please don’t encourage, advocate or make excuses for piracy on a Chaosium-managed forum. It won’t end well for you.
  8. In my opinion, the single best RuneQuest scenario from the good old days was Gaumata’s Vision, by Mike Dawson, published in the RQ3 book Shadows on the Borderlands. It’s a wonderfully, insidiously creepy investigation of a backwater village where Bad Stuff may be happening. I had a whale of a time running it for a party of Sun County militia, back in the day, which is one of the reasons I was so happy to be able to help Jon Webb with his Sandheart books (they’re all about Sun County police procedurals). Other “epic” scenarios tend to have the adventurers out of their depth and bailed out
  9. The premium colour price rise hits on 1 July. Initially every printed title’s cover price will go up by the increase in printing cost. You may see some of them settling at a new level thereafter, as creators adjust.
  10. @Graeme P - Yozarian’s Bandit Ducks has just come out in print! This was the first Jonstown Compendium release, and it’s a beautifully-presented introductory scenario with a strong Gloranthan flavour, interesting pregenerated characters (the titular Duck Bandits, who’d also make excellent NPCs to insert into any campaign), fun non-combat encounters and challenges, and good advice for gamemasters on how to stage events. The artwork is gorgeous, if you like your Ducks cartoonish and whimsical. (Which I do). Currently $11.05 for a premium colour softback, about the same size as The Duel at Danger
  11. I understand premium colour printing costs will rise by between a third to a half again (with higher rises the longer the book is). On 1 July, the increased print cost will be added to the selling price. Creators may of course fine-tune their books’ prices thereafter. DriveThruRPG describes the price rise as “dramatic” in its latest newsletter:
  12. The Glorious Reascent of Yelm is your best bet. It’s one of the Stafford Library books.
  13. Nothing imminent from me. I’ll likely be working to set up “standard colour” print editions of my older books to dodge the price hike, then I need to finish reworking parts of my epic mini-campaign Argrath thing, Black Spear. (A few bits need work, and I haven’t written the Epilogue yet). It’s gloriously, luridly colourful, and packed with art by Mike O’Connor, who is brilliant. If you liked The Duel at Dangerford, you’ll love this: proper Hero Wars stuff. But it won’t be out in print this month. Maybe out in PDF this summer, if the stars are right. We also have Sandheart 4 in the works,
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