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  1. This is all crazy talk, though, because most Sable clans are off in the deep Wastelands and might only return to Holy Prax once in seven years, or forty-nine years, or when they next need to make a Khan. Many Sable clans have never heard of the Lunar Empire, and most Sable clans have never heard of this Argrath White Bull chap. (They know the White Bull prophecy, of course, but not that some crazy mystic seems to be fulfilling it).
  2. I'll have some unofficial thoughts about at least a couple of groups of post-Lunar Sables in my Moonbroth Oasis sourcebook. Should be finished this year, if I can stop writing other scenarios long enough to make progress with it...
  3. My advice here echoes Jonathan Tweet’s, so I’ll just quote him.
  4. At this point, we know his shoe size.
  5. Argrath has a devoted personal warband of Praxian fanatics and funky Warlocks, and a working relationship with Harrek the Berserk's Wolf Pirates. He's looted pretty much every coastal region of Genertela and Pamaltela, knows secrets of the Giants and Dragons, and can access all the wealth and secrets of Old Pavis. Leika has... you lot, basically. The most deliberately backward tribe in the heartland of Sartar, existing in self-imposed quarantine from the power structures of the kingdom: no Royal Roads, no City Rings. (Quite a nice little whorehouse on one of the B-roads, I'm told, and the microbreweries are good) So that's another.
  6. I think so. Leika could lead the Greater Colymar Tribe (plus misc. allies and hangers-on), but she can't ever be the legit heir to the Kingdom of Sartar, and Argrath can.
  7. (shrug) We know she is killed in battle in 1626, so that's obviously bollocks.
  8. Yeah, if you spell "Succubi" the normal way they aren't hard to find.
  9. I think “large jewels” are always magical crystals; smaller ones could be powerless.
  10. I thought Roger Raupp's cover art for Sun County, River of Cradles and Shadows on the Borderlands was superbly evocative.
  11. Yes, that map of Boldhome was beautiful. Olivier has surpassed it now, of course, but at the time it blew me away.
  12. I hope the rules are changed soon to allow that. Currently they say: Note: we may permit content in other languages at a later time, but for now all Jonstown Compendium materials must be in English. Obviously it's easier if you write your own stuff (as you've already got permission, and don't need to work out any royalty splits, etc.), but if the original authors are happy for you to adapt their work for publication via the JC, go for it! It's great that there are so many scenarios on our community site.
  13. "If you’re looking for a great microtransaction-free iPad game for adults that provides a rare mix of storytelling and strategy, try King of Dragon Pass."
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