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  1. Full cult writeups, similar to Cults of Prax. Plus more (eg: a "What the Priest Says" piece introducing each pantheon; cult distribution charts; etc.) And I share your concern about the sheer mass of information (and simple handling concerns: those are heavy books we're talking about). Then again, nowadays it's easy enough to print your character's cult out from the PDF, and the most useful details for common adventurer cults are already summarised in the core rulebook.
  2. Just updated for Heort's Legacy, also noting that Valley of Plenty is now available in print. (These are two HeroQuest titles that would be easy to use in a RuneQuest campaign)
  3. The print files for Tradition have been approved by DriveThruRPG's layout team and uploaded to Lightning Source (the print-on-demand firm) for quality checks... ... meanwhile, work continues on remastered versions of Sandheart Volumes One and Two. Because we all love our printed books, don't we? :-)
  4. Yeah, but who cares about them? 😉
  5. The origin of the Pairing Stone at the north edge of Prax is revealed in Pegasus Plateau. (I hadn't heard that one before, and I keep an ear out for these things) I got my own place-name in the Guide to Glorantha, thanks to Jeff's generosity, and am immensely proud to be the genius loci of Red Badger, in far-distant Ralios.
  6. My old notes on Imperial Succession Crises and what happens during an interregnum might be interesting, though they are similarly way off topic. https://www.facebook.com/notes/nick-brooke/succession-crises-in-the-lunar-empire/10156975451495049/ https://www.facebook.com/notes/nick-brooke/interregnum/10156975569540049/
  7. Yay! "Tradition: Sandheart Volume Three" is a Copper Best Seller in just three days. Have some beleaguered Yelmalion hoplites:
  8. Radiation causes cancer. Radiation can also be used to treat cancer. +1% Illumination chance next Sacred Time if you follow my analogy to its logical end.
  9. There's Morokanth illustrations by Kris Herbert (above) and Mark Baldwin (not in the preview), plus dozens more pictures Jonathan commissioned to illustrate his scenario. It's a real beauty, and it was an absolute pleasure to get it into shape for this release.
  10. If you bought our new book yesterday, please consider leaving a rating and/or a review at DriveThruRPG to inform other potential customers. (The website imposes a 24-hour time-lock before you can leave ratings/reviews, to give you time to look at what you just bought)
  11. Oh, I love Leika's speech. Thank you ever so much for sharing!
  12. Jonathan Webb's third Sandheart scenario is out now in PDF from the Chaosium's Jonstown Compendium web store on DriveThruRPG: TRADITION. This book is lavishly illustrated, with artwork by Mark Baldwin, Kris Herbert, Jacob Webb, Ludovic Chabant and Beverley Webb, and cartography by Jonathan Webb, Diana Probst, Kris Herbert and Nick Brooke. I did the layout, because I loved reading the scenario so much when Jon sent it to me for feedback. My marketing spiel: "This scenario is just beautiful, it's pure Glorantha. You want a hero-questing dungeon-crawling police-procedural martial-arts siege situation, featuring weaponised bison, ninja raids, hot archival action and a hippy VW camper-rhino? Jon's got you covered.” Link: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/319251/Tradition-Sandheart-Volume-Three?affiliate_id=192945
  13. I've attached a letter I wrote Greg Stafford back in the nineties that talks about Plentonius, Yelm, Murharzarm, Khordavu, the Six Parts, etc. back when the Glorious ReAscent of Yelm was a new thing. Hope it confuses things nicely! Apologies for the enthusiastically effusive tone, I was in my twenties and the world was a fun and exciting place back then. Speculations on the Glorious Reascent.pdf
  14. I've always thought a thematic approach could work better than straight reprints: imagine books with titles like Tales of Prax, Tales of Dragon Pass or Tales of the Lunar Empire. Grab the best existing articles (that fit the theme, and that you can get permission to reuse), rework their presentation to modern standards, upgrade them with "Director's Cut" style bonus features where available/appropriate, and reissue. That avoids all the problems of a straight reprint (which would require all contributors to each issue to be brought on board) But nobody bit my hand off when I suggested this... so now we're pillaging our old Lunar articles for the Jonstown Compendium instead. The Cult of the Red Emperor and Letter from a Monopolist were originally printed in Tales #16, and A Visit to Glamour was in Tales #12. You can get them all in A Rough Guide to Glamour (link: https://bit.ly/2BW0a8g). Other old stuff by Chris Gidlow, Mike Hagen and myself is likely to re-emerge in some form at some point. And we had no problem contacting the original artists whose work was reprinted alongside those articles and getting their permission to reuse it. It's a friendly Tribe!
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