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  1. The Blue Dragon Sshorg is Aroka/Heler is Nestentos/Oslira, insofar as that’s a meaningful statement to make.
  2. Have a capsule review. I'll add this to DriveThruRPG once the book's been out for 24 hours. (Disclaimer: I helped with the layout and spell-checking for this book, because I thought it was great and deserved a bit of polish; that's how I've been able to digest it so "quickly") If you like detailed backgrounds for Sartarite clans, you’ll love the latest Jonstown Compendium release: Vivien Prigent’s In A Merry Green Vale. This 165-page systemless sourcebook centres on the Lysang clan, whose ancestors settled the titular Arfritha Vale before the kingdom of Sartar was founded. Living between
  3. Just updated for Vivien Prigent's In a Merry Green Vale, a 165-page systemless sourcebook for the Lysang clan in 1614, designed to fill some of the gaps between the Colymar (HQ: Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes; RQG: GM Screen Pack) and Cinsina (HQ: Red Cow). The author has a neat trick for overcoming the gap between player and character knowledge: the adventurers are all children of exiles, returning to their homeland for the first time under an amnesty.
  4. Hi, @Aprewett: I assume you're talking about Tales of the Sun County Militia: Sandheart Volume One on the Jonstown Compendium, my apologies if you meant something else, your post wasn't entirely clear. The Sandheart militia are as described in that book, unless they vary in your Glorantha. As set out in Tales of the Sun County Militia, the local militia are something of an experiment, sponsored by the Goldbreath dynasty: more professional, with many more "special" recruits and, it seems, longer terms of service. They aren't one of the twelve active militia files detailed in Sun County: th
  5. I've just remembered that the Jonstown Compendium rules prohibit fiction, other than "Short vignettes in roleplaying game materials." So this won't work... unless someone at Chaosium gives you the green light to do it as a special one-off case for charity. (Ask @MOB?)
  6. It's possible that within the Empire, Issaries is seen as an associated cult of Etyries that creates those static, old-fashioned, fuddy-duddy markets. His daughter, though, knows how to make them do things that were never dreamed of in the Old Economy...
  7. Illuminates can recognise other Illuminates. Fortunately, the Lunar Empire has an abundance of them. Here's the first Illuminated ability listed in Cults of Terror: (In the draft I've seen for Cults of Glorantha, different Illuminates can get different powers - but this remains one of the more common powers)
  8. Yes, that sounds right to me. If you remember my Facebook post last month re: Orlanth worship in occupied Sartar (attached below), the Lunars initially worked to stop large armed mobs of Orlanthi gathering together at tribal mustering points to spread sedition. They couldn't care less what happens at clan level: clans are easy to enough to squish if they get out of line. (You can even get a friendly tribe to do it for you, with a bit of pressure applied in the right places) I used to speculate that joining the Seven Mothers might protect converts from the spirits of reprisal of
  9. Are you seriously writing poetry without Passion? It'll suck. Trust me on this.
  10. In "the other place," @scott-martin tells me that for Lore purposes the small white WB&RM booklet would be the one to go for. And as that's the edition that's closest to the Nomad Gods rulebook (which is already available), that's the one I'd most like to see.
  11. Whichever would look best. I'm not intimately familiar with different editions: TBH, I only own the Avalon Hill version of Dragon Pass. But Chaosium's Nomad Gods rulebook is so lovely and quirky (with the page colours varying for different kinds of spirits, and the way the typed text meanders between mythology and rules), I kinda hoped WB&RM would look similar. Maybe I'm mistaken.
  12. I love having the Nomad Gods rulebook in your clean, searchable PDF edition. Have you considered reproducing the WB&RM rulebook in that format? Not the whole game (counters, board and all), just the rulebook?
  13. Just updated for Jamie "Trotsky" Revell's Kingdom of the Flamesword, a magnificently comprehensive, profoundly non-canonical description of the Kingdom of Seshnela and the Rokari Church for use in HeroQuest games, from the author of the Book of Glorious Joy (which does much the same for Loskalm). I'm personally delighted to see some unapologetically mediaeval Malkionism on the Jonstown Compendium, and have plans to add some of my own writings, one of these months...
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