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  1. "Six Seasons in Sartar" is also a Young Adult coming-of-age story, which might work for you. But you'll appreciate that if Shawn & Peggy have removed their book from sale, there isn't any way to sell you a copy. (Maybe somebody is selling the print edition on eBay?)
  2. Queen = Cwen = Woman. No special magic is necessary. All women are queens already.
  3. So: in the Orlanth Adventurous initiation, Eurmal explicitly takes the role of Loki in the story of Baldur the Beautiful. Disguised as an old woman, he tricks Orlanth into wielding Death against Yelm. Think of the old mistletoe dart switcheroo. While in the Humakt initiation, Eurmal tricks Grandfather Mortal into ambushing Humakt: he is, of course, slain. His dying words are, "But Eurmal said you wanted to play this game..." To me, those are strongly Loki-inflected appearances, not the "bumbling clown driven by his appetites and bereft of social graces" we're used to seeing in other tales. Eurmal is scheming to set up murder and mayhem. He's an asshole like that.
  4. If you're fast-reading while looking for nuance, you will fail. Look at the way Eurmal is introduced in those initiation scenarios. It's not the way you'd usually find him in one of Greg's myths. I find Drew's presentation more sinister, destructive and malevolent than the often "playful and random" Trickster we're used to. More Loki than Coyote. He is up to something, and he knows it will hurt people and ruin things, and he doesn't care: maybe that's the point?
  5. Updated again with Jamie "Trotsky" Revell's Bearwalkers, an in-depth look at the Rathori of Fronela, including character creation and cult details for both RuneQuest and QuestWorlds. $4.00 for 25 pages.
  6. Excuse me? The Red Goddess categorically demonstrated at Castle Blue that she wasn’t in breach of the Great Compromise. The only people wanting to break the Compromise are those Orlanthi fanatics who have sworn, for whatever benighted reason,* to annihilate her. To the rest of us, they sound like Trumpist dead-enders, attempting to re-litigate a comprehensive defeat with lots of windy rhetoric but absolutely no facts on their side. * (Yes, we killed Orlanth. He died in Godtime, too. What’s the issue, barbarian?)
  7. Bah. If you read or played The Duel at Dangerford, you'd know that King Moirades of Tarsh was the Vladimir Harkonnen equivalent, at least posthumously. Thank goodness this is the Dumbest Theory thread! (Moirades would actually make a totes legit "floating fat man," given the ascension/levitation and orgiastic practices associated with the illuminated Lunar elite. This is now part of my headcanon, and I will take no further questions)
  8. Here's the thing: just about every culture in Glorantha could be the "bad guys." Or the "good guys." It all depends on your perspective. Trolls, Orlanthi, Praxians, Lunars, Pentans, Telmori, Char-Un: you name it, they're all seen as irredeemable villains by various other folk, who know them only as enemies and don't share their sane and reasonable world-view. And it's also perfectly possible to play games with any of them as heroes, doing good things in a culturally-appropriate manner. The traditional exceptions are the Creatures of Chaos (broo, scorpion men, ogres, etc.) plus a few specially-designated Enemy Kingdoms from the old Orange Box (off the top of my head, that was just the Vadeli and the Kingdom of War). I suppose another set of exceptions would include peoples seen as too weak to be dangerous: Oasis Folk, Boat People, Ergeshi, Baboons, Ducks, Trollkin and their ilk. Picking on them only makes you look petty and vindictive. (And maybe you are? Who knows!)
  9. It's not quite co-existence... it's more that even after an impala herd has eaten everything it enjoys on a patch of fertile ground and moved out, a bison herd will still find enough of the fodder it prefers, because the species eat different plants. Sandy Petersen shared details on one of the old mailing lists, which were compiled in an issue of Codex and in Drastic: Prax. Let me see if I can find the source...
  10. Updated again, to note three recent developments: A Rough Guide to Glamour won the Gold ENNIE Award for Best Organized Play 2021! Citizens of the Lunar Empire won a Bronze ENNIE Award in the same category; and Legion won a Gold Best-Seller medal from DriveThruRPG for selling 501 copies. 'Organized Play' is the category the ENNIES use for community content programmes like the Jonstown Compendium, Miskatonic Repository and Dungeon Masters Guild.
  11. A Rough Guide to Glamour has just won the Gold ENNIE Award for "Best Organized Play 2021." Awards ceremony here. Acceptance speech here. Excuse me while I have a little lie-down.
  12. Wigs, man. High-class Lunar women contain multitudes.
  13. Ironically, the Christian canon itself contains contradictory stories and multiple incompatible versions of the same events. Just saying.
  14. Clearly the Old West is the Mediæval Malkioni one, and the New West is the Bronze Age Vedic version from the Guide. But what are the two different versions of the East? Needs more research…
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