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  1. Eight pages on running rules-light Gloranthan games, which John Wick shared with anyone who turned up to last week's ImpromptuCon.
  2. Not yet. Eagerly awaited! But lockdown, Covid, etc., y'know? The best-laid plans of men and ducks...
  3. One of mine, I believe. 😜 The Devil’s Soup Bowl - see footnote.
  4. Bah, humbug. Describe them by the speciality herdperson types they raise: the "Musclebound Lunks Clan," "Flower Bimbo Clan," etc. What's sauce for the gander...
  5. RuneQuest may be “simulationist,” but it’s never been a simulation. Applying PC advancement speeds to NPCs as if they were the norm will make for a very weird world, fairly quickly, as everybody who’s tried doing it learns sooner or later. My advice is to drop it. Average Vargasts have 3 Rune points, competent Vargasts have 75% skills, and Rune Level Vargasts have 5-10 RP and skill mastery on a par with your group’s most irritatingly minimaxy PC. Otherwise things will break in weird and unexpected ways.
  6. This seems as good a moment as any to launch this year's Jonstown Compendium Index: Nick Brooke's index to the RuneQuest & QuestWorlds scenarios and sourcebooks available from Chaosium's Jonstown Compendium community content web store on DriveThruRPG. The index includes full details for 2021 releases and all older Electrum & Gold best-sellers, plus summary listings for everything else in the store (for full details of all 2020 releases, see last year's Jonstown Compendium Scenarios & Sourcebooks index). Detailed listings analyse content (pages split between sc
  7. Cult writeup in Tales #17. Bits of it should hit the JC eventually.
  8. Yup. Yanafal Tarnils was a Carmanian, in my account. Related to the Bull Shah himself.
  9. If I changed a few names, I could say much the same about RuneQuest forums and communities. I spend most of my time on Facebook, now, where enthusiastic people are discovering Glorantha for the first time. It's a breath of fresh air! A goblet of clear wine! Wonderful! If I liked the taste of dusty old books and stale piss, though, I could hang out on the forums, bitch anonymously, and gatekeep, instead.
  10. Trilobitology was, IIRC, a throwaway joke about “elder wisdom” for people who were dissatisfied by the revelations of Saurintology. (Briefly: Did you ever notice how everyone has a favourite dinosaur? Weird, huh? That’s your spirit animal, contacting you from the Dinosaur Age and urging us not to make the same mistakes the dinosaurs did. Saurintology is the path to understanding Dinosaur Wisdom)
  11. I'd hate to derail any useful discussions, but while wearing my full diplomatic regalia can I ever-so-politely suggest that instead of writing posts to public forums saying e.g. "This Jonstown Compendium book contains a LOT of typos," or "The author should hire an RPG editor like myself to help out," or "The lack of PDF bookmarks is quite frankly outrageous," any concerned well-wishers should contact Jonstown Compendium creators directly to pass on their helpful, actionable suggestions and advice? Otherwise it looks a bit like shit-stirring, although I'm quite certa
  12. Mate, Glorantha existed before RuneQuest; the first thing ever published about Glorantha told us that Prince Argrath of Sartar fought against the Lunar Empire in the Hero Wars. Sure, you can ditch that and do whatever the hell you want with the setting -- lots of people do. But goddamn, this is a weird hill to choose to die on.
  13. Clearly you underestimate the efficiency of the Blue Army's Assassins. Which is cool by us. Please, carry on doing that.
  14. She is the Mirror, and She is the Mask. By definition. NB
  15. The New Pelorian phrase is “Inner Temple doctrines,” Comrade. Please adjust your dictionary. (Before we do it for you)
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