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  1. Drew’s new initiations in “The Company of the Dragon” are beautifully written, and do a great job of presenting “Eurmal as Loki.” Seriously good stuff. Check them out?
  2. Hey, you're welcome. Please consider leaving a rating or even a short comment/review on DriveThruRPG if you find my Catalogue useful -- doing that helps reassure potential customers it's actually worth buying, and motivates me to keep the updates coming.
  3. Paging @MOB. Michael O'Brien to the Demivierge-enthusiast booth... (Not me, him. Check out what Scott just wrote)
  4. My Quality Assurance job just got a lot more exciting. Thanks, @scott-martin
  5. Updated again: Dario Corallo has released his Trollball Teams Virtual Tabletop Token set, including two seven-troll teams, plus the giant referees, the "ball," and a hex map of the pitch. €4.00 for 17 tokens and a map. Drew Baker (author of Rubble Redux: Insula of the Waning Moon) has released six sets of Quick And Dirty Family Histories, covering the six RQG Homelands. 101 randomly generated character histories for $4.50 each, or you can pick up all six (with over 600 pages of random output) for $18.00 in a bundle.
  6. #9 best-selling title on DriveThruRPG: that's nice. If you bought our book when it came out yesterday, please consider leaving a rating (the site allows this 24 hours after purchase). It really helps, which is why I keep mentioning it.
  7. For what it’s worth, the Dara Happan encounters with Sorcery included the late First Age Brithini, implacable foes who spawned the manipulative destroyer of their Bright Empire, then the Carmanians, at various times their neighbours, allies, rivals and finally conquerors. Probably not a very positive relationship, overall. (I leave aside fragmentary mentions of Western Logicians possibly affiliated with YarGan the Terrible’s invasion of Pelanda, because (a) Pelanda not DH, and (b) life is too short to parse the Entekosiad again)
  8. Updated again, as Life of Moonson, Book Two: The Freeform is now out. Details at this link: 240 pages, $19.95, digital download (PDF).
  9. Reaching Moon Megacorp’s Life of Moonson, Book Two: The Freeform contains everything that none of the players knew before this fifty-player live-action role-playing game began: all of the rules, ability cards, secret plots and game directors' notes. Witness economic devastation, sudden tragedy, military coups, the hunt for the Moon Child... and the Glorious Re-Ascent of Moonson! Written by David Hall, Kevin Jacklin, Nick Brooke & Chris Gidlow, with Michael O’Brien & Mike Hagen. Lavishly illustrated by Dario Corallo, with cartography by Phil Anderson. Available now from t
  10. Life of Moonson, Book Two: The Freeform is available now from the Jonstown Compendium. Full table of contents and sample Coup Game counters at this link:
  11. That's one side of the balancing act. On the other hand, if you are too grimly Bronze Age puritanical and serious in your devotion to the Pure Texts of Stafford, your game may never get the spark of life it needs to take off. Blending whimsy with anthropology will give you wings. And you can take a Drones-type plot and go grimdark with it, if you want to steer clear of Whitehall farce, hiding fiancees in sarcophagi, stealing valuable canopic jars and cult artifacts, etc. One excellent early campaign setting for "Call of Cthulhu," the Games Workshop book "Green and Pleasant Land," provided
  12. The Gods forbid that anyone should reference Bruce Wayne in Glorantha. (Moi, Drew)
  13. OK. PG Wodehouse was a British author who wrote comedies about weird upper-class families, mostly. The most famous are the “Jeeves & Wooster” books, in which a phenomenally capable butler (Jeeves) and a blithering nincompoop (Bertie Wooster) navigate an aristocratic world of breaking scandals, doomed romance and minor crimes. The Drones Club is the spiritual home of idle young men like Bertie (generically, “Drones”): pampered and cosseted by inherited wealth, they have never had to grow up and instead spend their time being tossed on the tempest waves of their Aunts’ scheming. Some Dr
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