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Great Attack damage


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On the Combat Actions chart on page 67, in the Description for a Great Attack, it "one attack at +20% at maximum damage"

On the next page, it says "+20% to attack and automatically does the maximum damage bonus value"

Which is it- maximum damage or maximum damage bonus? Both?

For example, would a great attack from a PC with a 1d4 damage bonus using a 2 handed sword be:
1. 20 damage (maximum weapon damage, 16, + maximum damage bonus, 4)

2. 16 + 1d4 damage (maximum weapon damage, 16, + 1d4 damage bonus)

3. 2d8 + 4 (2d8 weapon damage + maximum damage bonus, 4)


OQ2 said the same thing. I know how we played it but wondered if it has changed or even if we played it correctly to begin with, lol

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Great Attack
Page 67 keep the summary as is.

But under the description. 

Page 68 second line should read "The attacker gains +20% to attack and automatically does the maximum damage possible for the attack, i.e.. maximum amount for the weapon plus the maximum amount for any damage modifier.

So that's scenario one. In general OQ goes big or goes home when it comes to modifiers and bonuses. It doesn't do twiddly add a little bit here or there. 

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