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Best Camlann

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There are two different options for the Battle of Camlann, one presented in the Book of Armies, and one in the Great Pendragon Campaign.

I was just wondering which (for those of you who have run the battle) you used, and how it went?

I'm assuming no-one has run both versions and can give us a definitive answer as to which worked best...

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Neither; I made up my own.

If I were to use GPC table, I would definitely pre-roll the opponents and try to come up with a story explanation as to why this is the progression of the enemies. However, I think the GPC table is 'too easy'. At this stage of the Campaign, the PKs are at the very least in Full Plate for 16 points of armor, +6 from the shield, and +5/-5 from horseback vs. footmen, even ignoring the lance bonus of +5. Sure, some of the footmen have halberds and great spears, but the vast majority of them don't. So my gut feeling looking at the opponent list is that the PKs will slaughter their way through the opponents without raising a sweat, especially if they are survivors of Grail and Twilight periods with skills in 20+.

EDIT: Just to add... I have not used the Book of Armies, but on a quick glance at what armies it suggests to use, I don't agree with it, either. In my mind, it should be more likely to run into some elite knights towards the end of Camlann, not to some guys in armor that is three generations out of date! Also, most of the opponents in the Book of Armies are infantry, and see above.

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