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All-magician or all-Pict campaigns?

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I was going over the spiritual information in Beyond the Wall cuz one of my characters is a Pict and I really enjoyed the writeups of the samhladhs ~ it felt more in tune with my (very vaguely) analogous spiritual experiences and understandings than other similar rpg interpretations of similar things.  It got me thinking....

KAP itself is, quite rightly, focused on knights and we all know the awkward position magician PCs have had in it through the years, but/and has everyone tried to adapt KAP for an all-magician kind of campaign?  Either, like, an all-PCs-are-Ladies-of-the-Lake kind of a thing or like mebbe something vaguely like the Matter of Hogwarts or some other kind of all-magician campaign?

Or, since warriors can also invoke spirits, perhaps just ~ has anyone done like a KAP campaign set entirely in Caledonia/with Pictish PCs?  (or analogous other setting situation)

either e/em/eir pronouns OR fey/fem/fear OR be/bim/bos pronouns {if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}

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I played in a game where PCs had magical powers. It used KAP as its engine. Magical powers were like skills. The powers were usually not defined as single spells, but more a set of spells. So someone had a Fire skill. He could do things with fire. This ranged from a candlelight to a bonfire or more. Other had a Healing power. This ranged from healing wounds to healing disease.

Depending on the location and the effect you wished to create you suffered a number of d6 in damage. This damage was healed after a good night rest, but limited the power. Of course when you were on a crossing of ley lines you get more powerful spells, etc. The GM sometimes even let the spell get in effect if you failed the skill, but it had usually disastrous effects.


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It off topic, but i don't want to create new thread for simple question, and this one is most appropriate. from 4th edition rulebook:

"Critical: The spell works, and the caster receives double her personal Life Force for use in the spell, without the detriment of increased sleep or aging costs for this extra Life Force."

And then, on the same page -

"If the magician finds she has not prepared long enough, either through the benefit of a Criticalled Talent roll, or because she finds she needs a larger effect than anticipated, she may still perform the magic at the higher level. Increase Sleep Owed for each increment of extra Life Force for which she did not amply prepare."

That's quite a big difference...🤨

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