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Winter Phase and Missing Players - Q for GMs


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When players have missed a session or several, do you tend to run their Winter Phase in full for each year they've missed (with marriages, childbirth, harvest and all, and all the implications that might have for Glory), or just run the solos for experience checks and give them a flat estate-value-in-libra glory and assume nothing particularly else happened?

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Yes, I run the whole Winter Phase with them to catch them up. The only exception is that they might have fewer experience checks due to missing out on the play (although they get some from solos). After all, just because the player couldn't make it into the game, his character keeps on living in this virtual world that we have created together. No reason why the PK and his wife would not procreate during that time and so forth, and obviously if other PKs gain passive Glory for sitting on their behinds, so should this one.

I generally do not give event glory, although it depends a bit. After all, I am not trying to punish the player for missing out on games; missing out on RP should be punishment enough, right? 🙂 So if it is an event that the PK would have reasonably attended in NPC mode (as we call it), I might let the player collect some Glory for it (like using family history rolls). Examples could be big battles and royal marriages. Also, if someone is making a new older character, the spare to bridge the gap between the heir and the heir's still too young son, I generally see if the younger brother has been doing something whilst being a household knight in the same way.

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