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Hospitality incident for a game.

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More from the Roman de Troie.  This time, it’s not something that’s directly applicable to Arthurian Britain, but rather an incident from medieval literature where one could change the names and use it for the PKs.  Specifically, you need a PK with a Famous Hospitality Passion.  The higher, the better.

So, this is a version of the Telephus story from Greek mythology.  It’s an elaboration of the version in Dares Phrygius, and between Dares Phrygius and Benoît, the details end up very different from the more familiar Greek story, although the same characters are there.  

In this version, “Duke Telephus” accompanies Achilles in the campaign against Mysia as one of the Greek knights, possibly Achilles’ vassal.  In battle, Achilles mortally wounds and is about to decapitate Teuther (=Teuthras), the king of Mysia.   But Telephus intervenes and uses his shield to protect Teuthras, because he was once Teuther’s guest, and Teuther looked after him so well that Telephus can’t bear to see Achilles cut his head off.  (In Dares Phrygius, Telephus was Teuther’s guest when Telephus was a boy, so it’s a smaller difference from the standard idea that Telephus is Teuthras’ adopted son; Benoît changes that to  “about ten years earlier,” so that what the reader would assume is that this happened when Telephus was an adult.)  Teuther then makes Telephus his heir.

Clearly, if we stat up Telephus, we’re giving him 20+ Hospitality.  But it’s easy to see how this might come up in a game.  Have some lord be very hospitable to the PKs, and then they end up fighting for some reason, and a PK with Famous Hospitality has to fail their Hospitality roll or feel compelled to protect their enemy from their comrade.

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