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  1. I looked at the debate and decided to split the baby (grins). I set the Chivalry bonus at 90. Still makes it harder for a pagan to get the needed numbers, but not quite as hard as if it were at 96. Of course, every game is different, and YPMV.
  2. Your best sources for how things were done will be the various Arthurian tales, but also things like Beowulf and the Viking Sagas. They often mention little deals, like a scene in one of the sagas which describes the hero coming in to visit a neighbor, who is described sitting at a table but more importantly also describes what else is happening in the manor.
  3. I found a link on the old Nocternal site where they discussed this in detail. http://nocturnalmediaforum.com/iecarus/forum/showthread.php?2969-What-would-an-early-manor-hall-look-like&highlight=manor+house One point I would note - while Greg said that wattle & daub was not used by a lord on his manor, that would be incorrect-ish. A peasant would use wattle and daub. A lord would use timber beams - with wattle and daub between them - and plaster or lime/higher quality clay over the wattle and daub.
  4. I believe that these may help: http://www.gspendragon.com/1mapspage.html#stafford http://www.gspendragon.com/manormaps.html
  5. Ah - I don't own The Book of Feasts (yet). I use the Feast Data from one of the older books, which I cannot recall of the top of my head.
  6. You must remember - 1L will feed a peasant for a full year. What if one of his VIPs takes offense at something that happened at the feast? That VIP will expect the host to make things right. ex: "HOST - your servant just spilled wine on my new cloth-of-gold outfit - I demand that you replace it"... 25L later - it is replaced. Or another VIP challenges one of the PKs to a duel due to an offense given a while ago. How will the Host handle it. Another thing to think about - just cuz you host a feast doesn't mean you are "above the salt" - you have to have the actual social position. What I mean is that being the host means you are at the head of the table. To be above the salt, you actually *need* a high table that is not only at the head of the table but also raised. Host PK with other PK knights - not going to be lording over them "above the salt" - and thus no +100g. Also - where *did* you find the 100g for sitting above the salt?
  7. Oh - it is always a big deal to host a Feast. 1. Host is spending money for food and entertainment - which is conspicuous consumption - *everyone* sees he is spending money. 2. He is hosting other people - perhaps his lord - a high glory guest - an RTK - etc etc. Myself - I would give him either the glory for the feast itself, based on how much he is spending - OR the extra 100 glory - whichever is higher.
  8. While the "myrmidon" were the warriors who followed Achilles, in the modern world (and in the gaming world) the word has come to represent the Greek warriors of the Hellenic period. I would bet that if you asked most people whether the "myrmidons" were what the fighters of Troy were called, they would say "yes". The same if you asked whether "myrmidons" were what the fighters of Sparta were called. My point here is that calling a game set in mythic Greece "Myrmidon" makes good sense, and people who saw it would probably get the idea that the game is about the timeframe of Mythic/Heroic Greece.
  9. A single day of battle is a single event. If a battle lasts more than one day (Badon being a perfect example), then each day is counted as a single event.
  10. Hello, When might we see the migration of the old Nocturnal Pendragon forums? SirUkpyr I have fought my fight, I have lived my life, I have drunk my share of wine. From Trier to Cologne ‘twas never a knight Lived a merrier life than mine.
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