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  1. Been busy - haven't had a chance to come back. Thanks to you both both!
  2. I know that one of the books details what the Wergild (non-Saxon version) in Pendragon would be for killing various people, but for the life of me I cannot recall if it was in one of the books or on Greg's old site. If in a book, book and page would be highly appreciated. If on the old site, well knowing where could help me find it (maybe - the Wayback Machine's search engine doesn't much like me - grin). Thanks for any assistance.
  3. Hello everyone, I am unable to find my notes on the Companion of Arthur and Round Table Knights that I had originally found on Greg's Pendragon Page. THEN - I found that Greg's Pendragon Page has vanished, or at least the link I have on my home computer isn't working. I think I have the newer link on my work computer, because that was working on Thursday. HELP please! Thanks.
  4. Morien - you rock! Thanks for the info. Hzark10 - you also rock - and thanks muchly for telling me where to look - and in what page. I think I will handle this in this manner. Limit the number of traits/passions (T/P) which can be "inherited". The "standard" will be *up to half* of the Father's famous T/Ps, with a dice roll determining how many that is. If the player wants to go as high as 2/3 of the famous T/Ps being inherited, then he has to tell me a good story for *why*. I'm a HUGE lover of story, so long as it does not unbalance the gave vs the other characters. Might also allow them some (5-10) extra skill points to use on those skills which Father was known for using a lot, but the player will not know how much will be available until after character creation is finished.
  5. Morien pg 68-69 of which book?? I checked my hardcopy Pendragon 5.0, but pgs 68-69 are all about Traits and Passions. I checked my PDF Pendragon 5.1, same results. I even checked my Knights and Ladies (nope) and Entourage (only has 50 pgs). Thanks for the assist.
  6. PC knight is about to see his 21yr old son knighted. Does the new knight inherit any of Dad's famous traits? any of Dad's skills. I know he gets 10% of Dad's glory. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. This all started when the player said "so how high does my skill need to be for me to be Seniors or Graduate students?". I wondered what others had done in this regard, and the idea of a person just out of college with their 53% in (college taught skill) teaching Seniors seemed crazy, but how high did it need to be. Also love your comment about "there are such things as bad teachers". Made me think about "how low could the score go" (grins). Thanks again.
  8. Which - to be honest - does *nothing* to actually answer my question. My question was (and honestly still is) what level of skill is needed to teach a Junior level (300's) class in Mathematics or Chemistry or Archaeology? A Senior level (400s)? Graduate level (500-600s)? Yes - a 50-74% means you are a professional and are qualified to do a job, and 75-89% makes you an expert. I would presume that at 50% you can teach Freshman level (100s) classes, and probably at the 50-74% score you can teach Sophomore (200s) classes as well. It is in the higher levels that I am seeking advise. My thanks for the assistance.
  9. Hello everyone, One of the PCs in my game is a professor of Egyptology (skill 80). He asked what other things could he teach, and I had (and still have) no idea what skill level is needed to teach various classes. I would presume that a minimum of 51% to teach Freshman classes (the 100s), but what is needed to be teaching Sophomore (200s) or Junior (300s) or Seniors (400s) or graduate students (500-600s)? My thanks for any assistance you can provide. SirUkpyr
  10. Gorgeous art!! What exactly will the Codex Mirabilis cover?
  11. Finally finished the Red Blade adventure, as we had to skip our November game due to *life*. They find Pig-Boy, and decide that he should not be killed by his father, so they get him into the stables and disguise him as one of their squires - then have some of their squires ride out of the castle to go hide about half-days ride past the first hamlet they had encountered. King Cadwalader returns with his victorious "army", and when the ruckus begins to "find Pig-Boy!" - the players come out of the guest house, armed and armored, and loudly proclaim that they had helped Pig-Boy to escape so he would not be killed. Evil king screams "kill those miscreants and FIND PIG BOY!!" - at which point one PK takes a spear and throws it at the king - critting - and killing him with one shot. Some of the knights and warriors attack the PKs, while a few try and get to the Red Death Blade, but one PK is faster and grabs it. Fast forward - PKs have taken Pig Boy to the Castle of the Crane, where one of them tells King Garan "I think all of Cadwalader's son's were named Pig Boy - since he planned to eat them". It was a fantastic game. They are thinking of giving the cool sword to the PK with the lowest sword skill, as there is little point in having a 30 Sword Skill if you cannot crit.
  12. When I had the PKs going through Anglia on an adventure (part of the whole Camille and the Saxon Rebellion), we had one PK with a Hate Saxon of 20 who saw nothing wrong with how the Angles were being treated. The "low-life saxon rat-scum deserve to be starved to death". Other PKs disagreed, and as one of them was an RTK that RTK-PK basically told the Duke that the rebellion was his own fault for treating the Saxon's so inhumanely, dishonorably, and unchivalrously. A few passion and trait rolls later, Duke Hervis is challenging the RTK to a duel of honor to the death - the RTK pointing out that as they are both RTKs they cannot fight to the death - the Duke fumbling his "prudent" and renouncing his being an RTK - and the RTK then killing the Duke in the judicial challenge. Then - after all that - and much very good RP - the RTK in question replaces Duke Hervis - and now gets to clean up the mess and retire as an active PK. Much fun was had by all, and the PK who started it all rolling with his super-high hate saxon then proceeded to go "hmmm - maybe I need to lower that passion just a bit".*laughs*
  13. *Laughs* Am already running the Quest of the Red Blade, and plan on running the CoC adventure as well. THEY ROCK!!
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