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  1. YES YES YES - especially on the "NEED" aspect. My PKs are entering the Tourney phase of the GPC, and as a group have said they "don't give a hoot about the bloody grail".
  2. I *greatly* dislike the idea of the GPC being turned into 4 books - as that increases the buy in price for the campaign quite a bit. Now seeing it updated - GREAT! Perhaps 2 books where "Romance+Tourney+Grail+Downfall" being a single book would work, but 4 books would take the price for the GPC at over $100 dollars, and possibly over $150.
  3. Pendragon is about playing a Knight (or a Lady) in the time of King Arthur. Had a player who wanted to be a Hun. Introduced the PC (note not "PK") as a captive from the Roman Campaign, who served one of the PKs as a warrior, and who eventually became knighted. Another player wanted to be a Viking, and introduced that PC when he arrived at Badon after escaping being a slave to the Saxons - and was knighted for his valour at that battle. It is a game about playing a Knight (or a Lady) in the time of King Arthur. If you want to play something else, then play a different game.
  4. The answer depends on when we are speaking about. During Uther and Anarchy and Boy King - any LANDED KNIGHT or Landed Greater Lord could make a knight. IE: Countess Ellen of Salisbury could knight someone as well as any of her landed knight, but a random household knight could not do so. The exception would be on the field of battle, where any knight could do it. From the Conquest period forward, you begin to see ability to create a knight codified/solidified into being only the Greater Landed Lords (Baron/Count/etc) or higher, and by the time we reach the Grail period, a landed knig
  5. I had one of my PK try and do the "but he died in spring, so I didn't have to pay him". I let him get away with it - but THEN he lost 1 Honor as word got out about how he treated his people and thus people did not trust his word - AND THEN he found that he was paying 4 times the normal rate for EVERY servant he had. He had to actively work to improve how people viewed him. Made for some great roleplay - and was the perfect *example* to the other PKs on how NOT to treat their people.
  6. Morien (or anyone else really) - where does it say that the shield subtracts from the archer's skill - as in providing cover? And would the shield *still* provide the +6 to Armor (ie the damage reduction aspect)? Thanks.
  7. Another VERY good resource for names is: Medieval Names Archive (s-gabriel.org) They have such things as, in the French section, a list of every name which appears in the 1292 Paris census rolls, as well as lists of Merovingian names, with other sections for Occitan & Catalan, Spanish, Moorish, and others. Great resource!
  8. From my own campaign, I have one comment regarding the GPC. If your players are not *really* into the Arthurian mythos - they may well not even know you're changing the story arc. I threw in some stuff from the Vulgate Merlin, and my players had no idea that it was not part of the standard GPC. So - when you go to change the GPC - remember that it is possible that the only person who will know that the GPC was changed - will be you - the changer. For Arthor! Sir Ukpyr
  9. === === === Not a half-bad idea - and while this may be the direction I go in - I would like to think that I'm not the first person to wonder what the values of games and jewels in the 1920s were.
  10. I am having the devil of a time finding the values of various gems and jewels in the 1920s. How much would a 1 carat ruby have been worth? a 1 carat saphhire? emerald? diamond? lesser gemstones? Any idea where I could find this information? Thanks for the assistancd!
  11. Something for the later periods would be FANTASTIC - Romance and Tournament and Grail Quest era books would ALL be great to see, since while there are many who are in the early stages of the GPC, there are also quite a few of us running around in the later periods of the GPC.
  12. Been busy - haven't had a chance to come back. Thanks to you both both!
  13. I know that one of the books details what the Wergild (non-Saxon version) in Pendragon would be for killing various people, but for the life of me I cannot recall if it was in one of the books or on Greg's old site. If in a book, book and page would be highly appreciated. If on the old site, well knowing where could help me find it (maybe - the Wayback Machine's search engine doesn't much like me - grin). Thanks for any assistance.
  14. Hello everyone, I am unable to find my notes on the Companion of Arthur and Round Table Knights that I had originally found on Greg's Pendragon Page. THEN - I found that Greg's Pendragon Page has vanished, or at least the link I have on my home computer isn't working. I think I have the newer link on my work computer, because that was working on Thursday. HELP please! Thanks.
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