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New Series of Interviews on the God Learners Podcast


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The God Learner Podcast has released its inaugural episode of the Gloranthan Initiation series, where we talk to people who came into contact with Glorantha and/or RuneQuest rather recently, and ask them about their experience and previous experience.

For our first episode, Ludo volunteered as guinea-pig:


There will be a new interview published every month (some of which are with people that are on this discord server!) between the "regular" God Learners Podcast episodes. We hope you find those interesting! We think they are good case studies of the different ways people approach a big old complicated game setting, so it's more broadly interesting than for just Glorantha nerds IMHO.

(The image shows a map out of the Dark Eye book "City of Havena", quite possibly the best out of the early publications for that German reaction to D&D.)

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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