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  1. What about the fact that the only major victory Orlanth had over Chaos in a direct confrontation was the liberation of the sky dome from the Chaos invasion? Wouldn't that have been a good situation for Pole Star to follow Orlanth's lead?
  2. The individual and the tribe are pretty much remote from one another by the clan layer. Unless one moved into the city of the tribal confederation, all business would be handled by the clan chieftain and his ring. Even the marriages. Clans certainly have marriage relationships across tribal borders, especially for the sake of peacemaking or diplomacy, but also for ritual reasons (like Ernalsulva in Sartar: KIngdom of Heroes). For clans to shift tribes does create a bit of a problem, with what we learned about tribal cattle (and possibly other herds) makes such a change a significant
  3. But are they canonical?
  4. but hard to overhear... "quackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackQUACKQUACK!"
  5. If this was Paranoia, there would be an exclamation mark at the end of the second sentence...
  6. I know (from the Wilmskirk Confederation list in the early 2000s, where a number of GMs playing in that confederation exchanged notes and handouts) that Alex Ferguson's Kultain campaign used a 1619 date for an ambush on a Lunar supply train headed to the besieging forces at Whitewall, earning them a swift and overpowering strike that put their continued status as a functional tribe into question. I think Alex had access to some write-up of that campaign, or to someone with access to such a text (possibly the Tales crew author of the post-1619 map?), or he got it from a direct divination from G
  7. Joerg


    Apple Lane is absurd if you try to understand it as a hamlet or village. It really is a manorial stead for the richest bloke in Sartar (at least prior to him covering up for the Lunar tax demands), and some of the ridiculous arrangements are only understood in that context. Think about it - he paid all the missing tax after Fazzur had "offered" him the tax farming of the kingdom (an offer he could not refuse), and he probably topped off one third of the tax from the richest kingdom within 20 days of travel. Granted, a defeated and plundered kingdom, but the tax standard would be towards t
  8. The island of Churanpur that fell down from the Sky in the Chaos Wars is Trowjang – never mind the God Learner maps, those are full of topographic errors or wild guesses. The demons from the sky were Shadzorings, and the amazons of Trowjang are their female offspring. The Shadzorings of Trowjang were obliterated to a demon in the Greater Darkness, and only their as demonic but human-shaped females remained. They lost their ability to take on antigod form around the same time the inhabitants of Alkoth did. Maybe the Shadzorings already were an all-female people?
  9. Läuft. Das Primärziel war in unter 90 Minuten erreicht. Jetzt scheint das Material aus dem GM-Screen-Pack nach Salamitaktik als Bonusmaterial mit rauszugehen. Fragt sich dann natürlich, was für den Spielleiter-Schirm übrigbleibt.
  10. If you overshoot your identification immensely, your questers may be prone to what I would call "a crisis of identification", as the Big Man had in "Morden Defends the Camp". Yes, you can draw your opposing side into a heroquest, but they can pull you into their version if yours has only a threadbare shroud of legitimacy. Any invader can be treated like Worcha, the Raging Sea, at the Battle of the Trembling Shore. Especially if they come at you in a charge. But they can break out of your identification and display abilities that stretch your hold on defining the mythical setting.
  11. I always thought of "Monster Coliseum" as something where the Lunar urban campaign had been amputated, but I guess that was hopelessly optimistic. But then I was told by Greg that all of Chaosium's playtesting for RuneQuest happened in Glorantha. That doesn't make the events from those house campaign sessions canonical Glorantha, though.
  12. There is a lot more exhaustive material on the metallurgy of swords on that site which I advertised earlier. I think the term "bronze age rapier" is used too loosely in that essay, and the discussion of the weird tongue-less blades was expanded on in that coursework. The contention remains that attaching a handle to such a tongue-less blade would not survive any hacking attack, and be hard put to survive slashes, which is why these were regarded either as mainly thrusting blades, or as mainly ceremonial ones. Wear on such blades may have come from sacrificing them or from use, and discern
  13. I have an easy solution for that. The dragon was miles long because it miniaturized its environs, entering legendary or greater god scale. The one where Dragon Pass represents Ernalda's hearth, with the Kitchen etc. The Black Serpent fought by Belintar whose death throes pulverized the Obsidian Palace, used pretty much the same transition, and when it died, all the stuff it had gathered up re-emerged as mundane rock and metal, creating the Lead Hills blocking the River. I suppose that in order to fight it, Belintar adjusted his size to that of the monster, and Esrola's throne. The third c
  14. There is the Unity Battle myth to unite a very disparate bunch of peoples into a common defense, but I don't think that the mercenaries warrant comparison with Wakboth's horde. It looks like Ironhoof the Centaur (the mythical ancestor of the Dragon Pass centaurs), while being a son of the sun, is also an avatar of Orlanth, so there isn't really a myth about enmity between the beastfolk and Orlanth and his people. There is the ancient "this is our home" call to arms that should work, but as a heroquest, that's kind of weak. Basically a wyter-quest, possibly aiming for the genius loci.
  15. Except that the time between "got him!" and "splat!" isn't that long. At least objectively. Subjectively the approach of the ground may take quite a while before impact. You don't want to entangle a weapon that you might wish to use in your next swoop. A grappling hook on a line might be as effective. Or a net.
  16. This has been made difficult by the fact that Kallyr lost her best supporters able to go on any form of a LBQ in her failed attempt to set the universe right in her Short Lightbringers' Path. While she still may have devout admirers, or even worshipers of her hero cult, their ability to pull off a LBQ at short notice seems to be rather limited. The other queens of the Sartar tribes weren't that fond of Kallyr, and are open for other candidates with a somewhat similar pedigree. Oh look, there's Garrath Sharpsword! The Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes underworld quest managed to liberate t
  17. That's why I proposed to look far beyond Kralorela, and possibly Vormain. By the numbers, the Kralori make up probably 60% of the eastern Gloranthan humanity. That's a heavier influence than the Esrolians have on Orlanthi culture, even if you restrict yourself to Maniria, Dragon Pass and Saird, but even then you wouldn't dream of describing the Esrolian Grandmothers regime as the mainstream Orlanthi culture. Vormain claims continuity from Govmeranen's Empire, although it does burn through quite a few dynasties, and probably moved the capital upward when the seas invaded. The Joserui
  18. The Feldichi probably are based on the Lesser Dryas Atlanteans. Source material is all over Youtube.
  19. In that case, might we entice you to take a look at the participants in the Twin Phoenix Saga? I would love to see a bit more about the Andinni and their minions and foes. That arena north of Vithela and east of Vormain has about as many inhabitants as Maniria and Dragon Pass, and a lot of oddness. A non-Tokugawa take on Vormain as the continuity of the eastern solar empire without any draconic taint might be enlightening, too. On the whole, creators for the Jonstown Compendium seem to have to ride the very sharp blade dividing blatant cultural appropriation and heartfelt admi
  20. Joerg


    Shouldn't that have waited for the seventh inspiration? But then, the fourth phase may be the Full Moon. Or one of the dark ones. One of the extremes. The three previous inspirations are not in any meaningful way the Red Goddess reborn again in mortal form, and while Jar-eel certainly aims to become that, I wonder whether she was conceived as such, or to some other goal. What she has in common with Teelo Estara is her struggle against the evil of the empire in Peloria (though that was a lot more true for Hon-eel, her great-aunt/sister, and Yara Aranis before her). Only it is her
  21. and then be weighted down to the ground? If they want to pick up somebody or something roughly man-sized, they will quite likely send in one of their sylphs to do so. From the earliest description of the Wind Children I know about, the wind children keep sylphs about a bit like pets. "Personal winds" or whatever, probably quite permanently manifest. Possibly with at least animal cunning, too.
  22. I thought resurrecting a discussion on resurrection would be in order... Many of these were lost in alien realms, as Argrath went deeper and further out than any Lightbringer quester before him. You might call that "lost to Chaos", much like many of the host in the Battle of Earthfall. The equivalent to death and annihilation by the Crimson Bat. Also, a few of these may have chosen to remain behind, becoming a guardian of a heroquesting station where earlier selfish questing may have created a vacancy that needed to be filled in order for the quest to continue. It's a form of apot
  23. There are a number of cults which are behind many non-married children with both parents from the same clan. Yinkin and the Orlanth Adventurous aspect of Niskis, aka Tat and Tol, are probably the main culprits, driven by their cults. Eurmal has his ways, too (although in that case "clan membership" is at best probational) There are quite a few myths about pre-marital sex in the Orlanthi array of myths. The adventures of Tat and Tol border on what the Orlanthi consider pedophilia (with the underage ones being the magical protagonists) Clans are probably better off to initiate potential Yin
  24. That is not dead which can eternal lie...
  25. That may have worked for his second voyage, but failed utterly for his third voyage (which is strangely named as it basically did not happen. What happened is that the expedition used up plenty of resources, though.)
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