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  1. Yes - standard iron (for any of the Alternate Earth settings) would have the same values as bronze in Glorantha, as the standard offensive material would be bronze, too. Gloranthan iron is a magical (or rather anti-magical) metal, and fantasy and myth is full of such magical materials. Mithril, Wayland's steel, modern alloyed steels, beryllium bronze - take your pick. The same applies to modern arrows. Wooden shafts can be stress-tested with less danger to the archer than can be carbon composites. It doesn't take that high draw weights to get such effects. Even a st
  2. Apparently Yelm had lots of sex in Hell. The Blue Moon that gave birth to the Artmali was sired in Hell, and had a number of planetary siblings. Separation from the pure part (which continued to hover in the sky for most of the Lesser Darkness aka Storm Age) may have removed any prohibitions he may have had before. Hell is cold, after all.
  3. As a sports archer who has shot a variety of bows, any personalized self bow will have different ranges and penetration, and damage will depend on the type of arrow you shoot, too. Non-personalized bows are generally only shot by bloody beginners or people who lost their personal weapon somehow. It is an experience comparable to walking in rubber boots two numbers too small for your feet. Can be done in a pinch, may save you from not having any at all, but is annoying and potentially painful in a number of ways. Target arrows or the multi-purpose leaf-bladed arrows probably are some sort
  4. Oria appears to mean "mother", as in DarOria, the Great Mother. PelOria would be the grain mother - Pela used to stand for wheat, but with the fairly recent re-distribution of national grains, it might mean barley these days, as Esra appears to have received Einkorn wheat.
  5. Ernalda is the goddess of pottery in all forms, after all.
  6. Now, that's the advanced course. On par with meeting those eye-tattoo people in Pavis in Robin Laws' upcoming Pavis books. If I had to do that, I'd start with the Fish Road from Backford, and collect some of the ichor where the Syphon is searing away most of it. Easy peasy - just like getting a sample of Ebola while dressed like Tarzan. Shipping nitroglycerin in a cart going down stairs may be safer.
  7. Weird - I would have though that terracotta statuettes would be the norm in Orlanthi lands, with material like jade or alabaster reserved for nobility. Carved wood would be another poor man's version, and probably an important source of income for stickpickers or poor cottars.
  8. Did they start out as such? Basically this means that Dendara is present at Ezel, and her cult known in Esrolia. As Oria has quite a lot of overlap/identity with Ernalda, where does that leave the acknowledgement between Dendara and Oria if Ernalda is unaware of the bright wife? And do we find Gorgorma alongside Dendara in Ezel? Empress Earth is of course a title as much as the Celestial Court primeval earth entity, and it is fairly normal for complex deities to have multiple sets of parents, so the question whether Ernalda is not a daughter of Asrelia would be useless. At th
  9. Dragonrise - the Fall-Out. And you thought Sky Bulls were a bad idea...
  10. I didn't say it would be easy or harmless to get some specimen, but breaking off some branches of a petrified tree might already give you a good set of curios. Doing so will damage your perimeter against the Chaos in the Footprint, so the local Bull guards won't like it, but few of those will have survived the Lunar collusion with Gagix. I wasn't thinking of trading, anyway, more like raiding or wood-cutting, and possibly a little poaching. Pretty much like entering the Big Rubble for a dig. Even if the petrification subsides or becomes infectious (shades of Game of Thron
  11. Joerg

    Solar Campaign

    If he's lucky. "What has taken you so long?" Nothing like Watergate, rest assured. Stormgate is a local feature in the sky, the hole from which Umath emerged to spiral his way to the center of the sky, disrupting the complacent eight planetary sons of Yelm, colliding with who we know as Shargash, crashing into the north pillar, getting dismembered in the Underworld after having been caught in flagrante delicto fathering a new entity with Verithurus(a). This last myth about Umath (minus the Lunar affair) is documented in the Copper Tablets, in the Guide, in Glorious ReA
  12. Of course, followed by a wave of refugees seeking shelter inside city walls, laying the foundation for recruitment to mercenary units, warlocks and similar weird societies as Orlanthi society fails to feed itself properly. A situation not unlike the eve of the Adjustment Wars when the Hendriki invaded Esrolia after taking in numerous waves of refugees from Dragon Pass, starting with famine and raid refugees from no longer draconic Kerofinela in 1042. The demographic changes of the Windstop probably should be addressed at least as guidelines how to change published population numbers for p
  13. Not quite. The Missing Lands were cut from the Genertela Box for publication in 1988 (IIRC), 4 years before any Vinga showed up in King of Sartar, and Nandan the Birthing Man was a scandalous new discovery in the middle of the nineties. The mythology of the Sea Tribe, with the three children/aspects of Zaramaka (Daliath: Intellect, Framanthe: Soul/Spirit, Sramak: Body) mating with one another created the three strands of sea divinities. That's already in the Wyrm's Footnotes series Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha that became the core part of the Sourcebook. The Missing Lands spells
  14. Joerg

    Solar Campaign

    Their founder - not of the chapter, but of the entire organisation. Already the Storm Bull has a mother, Mikyh, the female aspect of the beast ancestor twins. Kero Fin is given as not just Orlanth's mother in History of the Heortling Peoples p.11, but I think that is at best a projection from her giving birth to Orlanth. But those are the only confirmed mothers among the children of Umath. Later is a bit of a moot point in Godtime. If I had to give a conception date for Orlanth, it would be before Umath left for his invasion of the Perfect Sky via Stormgate. How much ear
  15. We know that the sky dome continues below the horizon, and that there are planets continuing their journeys beyond their setting gates. (Mastakos and Lightfore either are an exceptvoion, or really two bodies running opposite of one another.) The down on the sky dome could be pointing either outward or inside - for the mythical journeys of e.g. Lightfore to be seen, they must happen on the inside of the visible sky, with the observer looking at that from above, same as for anything happening on the surface of the Red Moon. When sailing up the Celestial River, there appears to be a we
  16. There are a few well-known examples of bridges from the Bronze Age that have left archaeological evidence. Among these is the bridge across the Tollense River in Northern Germany which became the site for one of the oldest massive field battles known in human history, and the remains of a Bronze Age bridge across or at least into the River Thames at Vauxhall. Both these sites (and a number more in Britain) were wooden constructions, and probably used wooden causeways in their approaches across marshy terrain, as are known from many Bronze and Iron Age sites. In all these cases, the bridge
  17. What I would do when GMing: If the object is engulfed by the wielder's aura, a POW vs POW roll may be called. Dullblade on a spear point should succeed most of the time without resistance. Long hafted axes or naginata sword sticks too, unless held in a shortened grip.
  18. Ducks riding sylphs (or getting tossed by them) might count as flying, and might incur Yelmic wrath...
  19. Which opens up interesting heroquesting opportunities. Are there any underwater Chaos monsters? (Other than the giant, possibly winged walktapus in the East Isles, and some of the spawn of the Mother of Monsters?) Rule, opposed to cult, and possibly only after the Volsaxi secession. IMO the temple is where air breathers can make the transition onto the Fish Road, similar to the temple in the Nochet harbor. No idea whether merfolk have a dry part of the Fish Road in Backford, though. It will be fun to copy the Sacred City from Nochet to Durengard, but make it the center o
  20. Joerg

    Solar Campaign

    I regard the vajra as one of these magically extendable spear-like weapons - I have seen Indian depictions with significantly longer handles. Nothing like a slingstone, in any case. Orlanth never had to wait for clouds to cover enough of the sky overhead...
  21. Yeah, City Rex might be the term of choice nowadays. Certainly beats "mayor". But, unlike a Sartarite city rex, this would have been an appointee, not an elected leader. The Guide uses "companion" for the former count of the County of the Isles. Guide p.249: The map of the Fish Roads (p.254) shows that the Fish Road extends further up the Syphon, but it also shows that the rainbow bridge from the City of Wonders would have touched down at or near Durengard, and I rate that map information as slightly more authoritative than the text I quoted. The Durengard text doesn't men
  22. My 1994 use of the older English spelling and the Iron Age Anglo-Saxons sprinkled with just a thin veneer of Plantagenet memes may be a thing of the past, but the term "Earl" actually appears in History of the Heortling Peoples as a carry-over of a Middle Sea Empire term (to avoid the immediate "burn 'em" reaction to the term God Learners) as a deputy official to one of Belintar's appointees, with Backford most likely being a seat of one of these worthies. I'd be as happy with variations of "raja" and other Sanskrit terms for Middle Sea Empire officials. "Talar" etc. doesn't quite cover
  23. Joerg

    Solar Campaign

    https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/prosopaedia/deities/g/gagarth/ While I seem to recall a cult of Gagarth in one of the Praxian issues of the nineties fanzines, a web search showed up Sandy Petersen's version of Gagarth in the RuneQuest Daily: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/HenkDaily/v940312p1 As good as you can get short of an official publication (which I am unaware of). Imagine that as becoming a prospect in the most brutal biker gang you can imagine. They will ask you to prove yourself being up to their standards. One i
  24. 😁 In all fairness, the magisaur starts out as a now mortal scout dragonewt, and gains size (and loses intellect) with rather advanced age. So, yes, problem solved. Certainly better than starting with a demibird-riding warrior newt with the option to become a triceratops within a few reincarnations.
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