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  1. Don't confuse "worships" with "is initiated to". The Orlanthi are avid lay worshipers of their pantheon, and avid propitiators of their enemy gods that they need to overcome in their rites again and again in order to have the magic their deities embodied in those acts. It is hard to be a fierce chaos-killer when there is no Chaos around, so Orlanthi worship makes sure that there is some Chaos to be slain. If a Lunar or a Malkioni points that out, that may cause an unthinking outrage for challenging the cultural identity. Your average Orlanthi farmer may initiate to Orlanth,
  2. I would be interested in seeing this explored in a separate thread... whether Ringworld Map Glorantha, or Roundworld Glorantha, or even just space habitat Glorantha using Clarketech.
  3. Mine, too, unless this is about uplifted species. There are way too many vertebrate aliens in science fiction, one thing that Lovecraft and BEM pulp SF got fairly right. Even with panspermia, the chance survival of the Cambrian explosion then mass extinction by those headless chordata proto-fish won't necessarily have repeated on other planets. Other Suns is a solid SF rpg if you replace the aliens with something more sensible, or otherwise if you give them a Dr Moreau backstory. Its tech level is much closer to what you see in other SF than anything provided in Traveller (which is
  4. It is worth when they observe this practiced by Praxians in human shape, or on the Pavis meat market. Making a body disappear in Pavis is easy, as long as you don't sell any tattooed skin. Herdman vellum might be a sought after writing material - some of Zzabur's most magical books use similar material. Maybe inscribed by a tattooist while the herdman still was alive? Hard to turn a tattooed skin into a palimpsest, or to forge that. (But then Zzabur's most potent grimoires are likely written on Vadeli hide treated in a similar way as Waertagi dragonship hide - alive, for certain valu
  5. Sorry, Ringworld Glorantha would be a Sunstop variety. Ringworld doesn't know sunrises and sunsets. Neither would the firmament work... The Gloranthan firmament is viewed like from a planet's pole, while the Gloranthan planets and the sun are moving as viewed from an equatorial position on an (approximately spherical) planet. The observable sun only works as a planetary object.
  6. It might be a reason to worship Oakfed for fertility, although fire farming really is the province of Gustbran rather than Oakfed. The Hidden Greens are (or at least used to be) something else, pieces of the Compromise not as readily accessible to the Surface World dwellers as the rest of the world, possibly hiding in folds of Arachne Solara's Web. New lands may appear or become accessible at times - the Thaw of the Syndics' Ban might be such a case if the change in the Fronelan maps from the God Learner maps (and the Dawn and Second Age maps in Trollpak) to the modern maps was cause
  7. Redalda/Redaylde instead of (or alongside with) Hyalor might be an option for horse breeders, too. "One of the Red Women." Isbarn the goose girl apparently manages all manner of domestic fowl. Other than her, Mahome might be a source of poultry magic. Mammalian beasts should really be Storm beasts rather than associated to the Earth. Yes, they do draw sustenance from the earth, but so do poultry etc. There are no (more) domestic reptiles other than snakes or geckos for pest control. No iguanas kept for meat, or tortoises for soup. Weirdly enough, the concept of nursing with milk
  8. Rhinos aren't ruminants, but rather closer related to tapirs and equines as perissodactyla. Thus they only have one stomach, as opposed to the ruminants' four. Whales are or at least used to be ruminants... Praxian rhinos appear to be closet to the Indian variant than the two African ones. Indian rhinos appear to be opportunistic grazers (like African white rhinos) rather than browsers (like African black rhinos or tapirs), from what I could find. The African White Rhinos (also grazers rather than browsers) were said to be the "most social of all rhinos" - probably tolerating other r
  9. Sounds like that exactly is the problem...
  10. Now that makes me wonder - did Joe Knucklehead train that ability in real life?
  11. Krakeneers are the regular (or first time) visitors of the Kraken convention. The Kraken is the "insider" convention usually held shortly before Essen Game Fair in a baroque chateau at the end of nowhere in Brandenburg, Germany, where about 90-100 long-time fans of Glorantha, Call of Cthulhu etc. meet for a long weekend of gaming and talking, and meeting quite famous game designers, Fabian K├╝chler is the organizer of that convention, which he started after organizing the Tentacles convention in Bacharach am Rhein. (Which was succeeded by the Eternal convention, in normal years at Whi
  12. Or you can pester those in the know at ImpCon3: https://discord.gg/WSPJ3zEB
  13. "for a safe journey, bring our lunch." Could an ogre colony subsist on feral broos? Are there still grayskins in Dorastor, and if so, would those be acceptable ogre fodder? Herd men are out.
  14. Missile weapons become a game changer when they become independent of physical force expended by the wielder - starting with cranked arbalests, and continued with gun powder. Recoil-less missile throwers would be the next separation between physical ability and the ability to kill, but teleoperated killing machines (starting with domesticated wolves) are another advance in that direction.
  15. The middle dragon appears to be the Sun Dragon - look at all the regalia it is wearing. The main color is golden, and the blue matches that of the Dara Happan forces in the True Golden Horde. I like the depiction of the Obsidian Palace in that image.
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