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  1. Sure, keep us informed. And I imagine that we might want to compare notes or talk shop about producing a podcast sometime in the future. Issaries' whispers and HeroQuest Glorantha? As the person tasked with our show notes, I know how much work goes into the transcripts. A complete transcript is an annoying thing to do, and to translate that into another language... no thank you.
  2. All Brithini expect their zzaburi to resurrect them in case of death by accident, disease, or combat, though not old age. This suggests that their identity lingers long enough for the sorcerers to undertake that spell. As we have learned that casting a sorcery spell may take quite a while, an instant disappearance is off the table. There is the Vadeli uprising against the Kachisti of Gennerela (modern Fronela and Fornoar) which started by exhausting the Kachisti zzaburi by committing a mass suicide which their captors/guardians were somehow obliged to undo, and managed to undo before the Nidan mountain chain erupted. It isn't clear how or why the zzaburi have such spells.
  3. Are you going to deal with the Lake Felster and riverine navies?
  4. You might want to add the immortal emperors of the Lunar Empire and Kralorela. I am not aware of Godunya having much of a harem, but we know that at least one earlier emperor was married. Maintaining a harem might be a traditional duty of Kralori emperors even though they are bhodisatva-like dragons. The Red Emperor has spread his divinity left and right, and his offspring pervades the upper crust of the Empire. I wonder whether Tarsh is going to become a satrapy once Phargentes II becomes emperor and re-takes his father's kingdom. Other than not being adjacent to the other satrapies, that barbarian kingdom isn't that different from Sylila. The rest of Saird may well be divided up between the then two barbarian satrapies. At least until the end of Argrath's LBQ and the subsequent deeper quest.
  5. I would stat out a few individuals using the RQ3 stats. Any differences from a future product detailing them can be down to individual peculiarities, the influence of Dorastan Chaos, or just lack of better info. I would think that Seseine still is the Chaos deity of seduction, and that Succubi would be her servants, but some might be more of a vampiric origin. Then there is the Lamia(e) in the Zola Fel valley, IIRC.
  6. Sure. I probably would let the mist extend significantly further, being fuzzy, but only providing a completely impenetrable mist in the 2m sphere of the target, and making that harder to pinpoint than just "the center of that wisp of mist"..
  7. I have an old RQ3 scenario where players are performing a pilgrimage/this world HQ to a drusy where a droplet of storm god blood had fallen into a son of Veskarthan's magma. The drusy is spacious enough for two or three people to stand in, and has several openings that let in the wind, and the occasional pilgrim.
  8. Joerg

    The Hound.png

    William T. Kirk, again? Sigh...
  9. Joerg

    RQ3 Conversion

    For Element Runes, I would assume 100 to 120% in the cult runes. For Power Runes, even 60% is a realistic value in a second Power Rune associated with the cult. Thus theoretically a Sword of Humakt could have 90% in Truth and 60% in Death. I agree that such a rune distribution is quite unlikely, but it isn't impossible. Going with 95% for one rune and 75% for the other would be more likely. That is the curse of the opposed trait treatment of the Power Runes, and all the cults lacking Element runes, in RQG. Either you play a bad and often silly caricature of a human being (on the level of the HW/HQ1 disciples which were suggested for retirement), or your rune lord is severely lacking in magical advantage. What happens if a Rune Lord of a Power Runes only cult falls below 90% in both Power Runes due to fumbled inspiration? Does the consecration still work, or are her magical powers limited to those of an initiate starting with that rune loss? And what about taking damage to CHA e.g. from a disease?)
  10. Full agreement, and I edited my post to make clear what I was talking about. The interior plates of Genertela Box were a mixed bunch in representing the text, and the Fronelan one was clearly off the look and feel I expected. I said so in some of my earliest online comments on Glorantha, and offered Late (Western) Roman Empire/early Dark Ages as better sources for Malkioni knights. Oops, Men-of-All. On the whole, I like the interior artwork in the French edition of Genertela: Crucible of the Hero Wars. Starting with the packaging as a hardcover book. Some of the illustrations were and still are impossible for the US market even though they conform a European PG 13 or at least 16, but the Chaos issue of Tales of the Reaching Moon had the same problem with its cover. Glorantha Bestiary had quite good original art. It took me quite a while (as in months) to identify the character on the cover as a Morokanth, though. The boxed sets period of Avalon Hill was fine until they ran out of art from RQ2 to recycle. Troll Gods was the first product hit by this unwillingness of Avalon Hill to commission real new art, condemning their poor in-house graphic designer to fill those empty pages. At that time, fan artwork had not yet reached the erudition that Tales of the Reaching Moon artwork picked up around issues 5 or 6. I don't think that the depictions of aldryami in AH RQ3 were any good. Other than the "page 3" dryad greeting spring in Gods of Glorantha, as nymphs (other than hags) take the appearance of an idealized female of the observer's species. (I wonder how they look to alryami...) But then, the ones in Griffin Mountain or in the independent publications for RQ2 showed classical European elves rather than aldryami, too. The Dobyski one in Elder Secrets at least tried to convey some plant-appearance. But then, the same complaint goes for the aldryami miniature in Sandy's Gods War. My least favorite of all the pieces. (The badly over-stretched poses of the broo and storm mortals aren't that attractive to me, either, and the mermaids could have a lot less H.C. Andersen, too.) I still love the style of the King of Dragon Pass artwork, even though the skin tones are way too pale to conform to my understanding of Orlanthi and Praxians. But then, my original concept of Alpine and Danubian Celts (and precursors) would have been too pale-skinned and not varied enough in tones of skin, too. But then I learned a lot about skin coloration of both Gloranthans and the first Homo Sapiens Sapiens in Europe since. A complete collection of Glorantha art published in any print document probably still would be less than a single volume of the Guide, even with the most atrocious or unskilled ones included, and the artwork commissioned by David Dunham for his video games probably filling a good hardcover if ever put into print (beyond the few scenes that made it into HeroQuest products). I rank the French standards fairly high, and want to point to another great contribution of Gloranthan artwork in La Toile D'Arachne Solara by Jean-Paul Lhuillier, an A3 format fanzine that saw two issues around 1994. The artwork for the German RuneQuest 3 is sparse, and that "professionally" published in license is not Gloranthan at all. The efforts of the Chaos society were a lot better than that. We soon tapped into the international pool of artists for our fan publications, which means you will find Dan Barker (e.g. his great pair of Dragonewt warriors that even received a fake Tales cover) or Dario Corallo on our later products.
  11. Is your scribe a Lhankor Mhy worshiper (even lay members count), or does he have a Malkioni background? You could have a skill "God Learner history" which may cover some of the Vadeli and Artmali lore, too. Otherwise, Lore "Vadeli Culture" might give you insight into their history, and that of their opponents.
  12. That image actually appeared in the English language original of Hero Wars, p.240. Leafing through my copy (one of the few HW books unavailable from the Vault) I found a couple of other images that are well worth bringing back, and others that may be decidedly un-canonical yet still quite cool. I wonder where your vision came from, then. RQ2? When I joined the German RQ community, there were quite a number of RQ2 die-hards on the conventions, with notions about Glorantha that were quite alien to me. My understanding of Glorantha came from RQ3 Genertela Box, RQ3 Gods of Glorantha, and then subsequently (RQ3) Troll Pak and slow access to RQ2 material. I got to read the Pavis Box and Cults of Prax material just before I came across Sun County, King of Sartar, and the Tales of the Reaching Moon articles. I bought RQ2 Companion at a German convention, and that started me into playing in Glorantha, in Heortland. Many of the assumptions of people who had a different entry into the setting keep surprising me. That said, I had some insight into Hero Wars while things were prepared for publication. I first met Greg at Convulsion 1994 and then several times at other conventions, and by 1998 Greg had an idea who this obnoxious German was, and so did the online community. There are some things where I wish I had had more input, too. My idea about the Sartarites had shifted from continental Danubian/eastern Alpine Gauls (to avoid the term Celts) towards a mixture of King of Sartar (Greg's anthology), Pavis Box and Trollpak (the only RQ2 publications giving information on Sartar that went beyond Apple Lane and the hiring scene in Snake Pipe Hollow), then heavily influenced by Digest discussions. David Dunham's King of Dragon Pass computer game provided the next major re-assessment of the Orlanthi of Sartar. Then I came across Penny Love's novel The Widow's Tale, and @Runeblogger describes my initial reaction to the novel quite accurately. There wasn't that much of tolerable interior RQ3 art in the boxed sets anyways. The covers of the Avalon Hill RQ3 boxes were all quite acceptable. The interior illustrations of Gods of Glorantha and Genertela Box were at times bewildering. One of my first comments on Glorantha being different from how RQ3 products described it was about the knight in the Fronela chapter, and how I thought knights in Glorantha should be imagined, going pre- or onset Dark Ages/Late Western Roman Empire at best rather than late Middle Ages or (Italian early) Renaissance. Did you have any problems with the RQ3 Renaissance artwork in Sun County, River of Cradles, Dorastor (admittedly with a weird cover until you realize that it is a depiction of Gloranthan artwork), Shadows on the Borderlands, Strangers in Prax?
  13. I don't think so - the myth behind this spell is most likely the Four Magical Weapons myth, with Huraya's Scarf of Mist being the "weapon" activated by this spell. This doesn't hide you on a clear day, or in a big room, but it will be quite effective in an evironment that already is fogged up or inside of low-hanging clouds. You need dark spaces for Darkwalk (the Sandals of Darkness spell) to be efficient. You need misty spaces for the Scarf of Mist to do more than tp make aimed shots impossible.
  14. Don't use those, they are part of the Aldryami reforestation conspiracy. And in Prax, that means Redwood trees springing to adult size over night...
  15. I guess the US legal opinion matters because rpgs are mainly a US market business. If you are operating in/from a different country, it might be worth it to check the local laws and jurisdiction, too. There are legal systems that rely first and foremost on what the Legislative puts out and takes case by case decisions of the Judicative only as supporting guidelines.
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