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  1. As I understand Orlanthi society, having a noble as the household head or possibly even as prominent resident of the household will elevate the entire household to noble standard of living. That's how Harmast has "noble" as his occupation. He is not (yet) a functionary of either the Ernaldori clan nor the Colymar tribe, but he has all the trappings, including his steeds (taking a fancy for striped horses) and his equipment. I might have another definition for a minor "noble" or "landed thane" - somebody whose household receives income from 5 or more tenant farmer (or herder, vintner, fish
  2. I would expect the old tradition to provide a set of encounters for the region to be continued. Whether this means that one would have too many places to look up creature stats or whether something similar to the Red Book of Magic - a Brown Book of Creatures? - could catch up such creature stats for more convenient use. Jeff mentioned elsewhere that it would have ten or so minor cults, like (and including) Geo. It will show of the cosmopolitan side of Sartar, of its networking with traders from all over the world.
  3. No. But there is a notable trend in the list of past chiefs or kings to come from such families, so I thought it worth mentioning the presence of such let's say reliable sources of management personnel. The Orlanthi admire personal heroics even on a very local level and will be ready to follow such an individual regardless of birth status or ancestry. Having such an ancestry (or being able to claim it) is a bonus. See Argrath.
  4. The RQ3 sorcery rules were written for some form of adepthood that doesn't gel well with Gloranthan runes and which placed immense weight on the construct of a sorcerer's familiar, a concept quite alien to any depiction of Gloranthan sorcery, whether Brithini, Malkioni, or Lhankor Mhy. The techniques and runes don't quite make a syntax like the Ars Magica rules which may be somewhat related to RQ3 sorcery done more systematically.
  5. This was a bit blurry. A person serving on the ring of the clan would be accorded some sway and respect, but needn't be a noble by status. Usually, you would want ring-members able to act as representatives of their cults in magical rites. Bringing someone with an actual say in the local council apparently provides a lot better magical identification than bringing in a lesser status specialist god-talker. Plenty of ring types have pre-defined magical roles for the ring members. Different rings will call for different specialisations, but then highly proficient individuals will be expected
  6. There are stories about how Talar and his heir Hoalar (twin brother of Froalar) were killed by the Vadeli, probably in the Double Belligerent Assault. Hoalar's son Gresat inherited kingship, and held it at the dawn, according to the unpublished Hrestol's Saga. Horal himself (named Holar Swordbearer in that manuscript) was not present in the high council of Brithos, either, but his son wielded is sword. That makes me assume that Holar wasn't among the living any more, either. Also lost seem to be Menena (wife of a Horal) and Talar's wife Eule. No mention of Dronar or Dromal, but Zzabu
  7. As an intellectual form of magic, involving INT in a sorcerer's capacity may be pretty much unavoidable. I think I would have preferred if the sorcerer awakened an expanded mindscape as his "magical organ" analogous to the shaman's fetch. That "organ" may very well start with the individual's INT, and may very well open with storage for runes and techniques for INT-11. RQ3 weirdly expressed this organ as the adept's familiar(s), or (slightly less weirdly) as a sorcerer's mandala in RQ3 Land of Ninja. Hero Wars and HeroQuest used grimoires for sources of sorcery, and presumably a
  8. Depends on the definition (and size) of the stead. A hamlet like Apple Lane or Farfield (of "Rattling WInd" fame) probably yes. Asborn's Stead (from what I know, a solitary wealthy farm) yes, because Asborn is a tribal thane anyway. Otherwise the place wouldn't necessarily warrant a thane.
  9. "My ransom is 250 Lunars - hale and sound. Rough me up, and down my price goes..." "Aw, we don't have 250 Lunars right now. How about you give him a good beating, and we get him back for 150 Lunars?"
  10. What is the rule for Lhankor Mhy cult spells? "All Detection spells" is a pretty big bid to start with. How many are there? And then there are those Sages who use sorcery. Are they exempt from teaching spirit magic?
  11. There are some apocryphal mentions of discord between Zzabur and (a) Horal, and Menena stepping in to restore peace? The Brithini don't really recognize ascended masters. Perhaps they regard the whole concept as some form of necromancy.
  12. To date, we have seen only two mayors in print - Brygga Scissortongue of Pavis, and Garaystar Flatnose of Wilmskirk (described in Sartar High Council, in Wyrm*s Footnotes 7). Both under Lunar occupation, mostly limited to an administrative position inside the city, rather than as the marshal of the joint tribal militia for that city. It will be interesting to see how Joh Mith is tackling these rex duties in charge of the city militia.
  13. Rokari tenets have one big bugbear - Hrestoli men-of-all and how they mess with the proper(ly submissive) society with their insight into what the Watchers do. Hrestolism was a movement of participation in religious matters. In Jrustela, there appears to have been a popular movement of interacting with the philosophy of Malkionism, and apparently a rather wide-spread literacy and insight into the basic tenets of the religion. IMO a side effect of the path to the state of the Man-of-All which would accept trainees from every caste. Rokarism seeks to undo many of the innovations brough
  14. It was the (sample?) spell of the Stygian College of Magic in RQ3 Gods of Glorantha, a sect-exclusive spell.
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