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  1. Joerg

    Spirit magic spell balance

    The proposal sounds a bit like a workaround for the "wear no armor in <location>" geas. I don't think that magic scales that way - your 10 inch weasel familiar takes the same amount of Protection MP as does your war bison.
  2. Joerg

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    Do the magic points that the sword trance was boosted with count for purposes of dispelling? I am inclined to rule that they don't. (As @Kloster pointed out, the MP regenerate regularly after having been spent.) The description of Extension also suggests that Extension is a separate spell from the one extended, although that may be over-interpreting this statement:
  3. Joerg

    Red Moon Rising

    Watch out for the Crater Makers...
  4. Joerg

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    The Mongoose Second Age material may have been a playable variation of Glorantha, but was rarely close enough to canon. I had my moments of "how did they get this so wrong" over and over again when reading the Glorantha Second Age premise, starting with the book detailing Glorantha in the Second Age. The description of the EWF missed all the named characters prepared by Greg, but had a senile Vistikos Left-eye instead. (Which is about the same as having Friedrich Engels as the man in power in Soviet Russia...) Much of the material built on these false premises and made the errors worse. I didn't check out Blood of Orlanth for canonicity. If it was building on the material presented in Glorantha - the Second Age, it is hard to see how it could have anything to do with the Third Age material. For all his demigod status, there is a difference between enslaving say a nuclear scientist and being able to understand quantum mechanics and constructing a nuclear bomb by yourself. Ralzakark is steeped in chaotic knowledge, but hardly a student of the cosmic laws that enable sorcery. The operating system of Gloranthan magic broke down, and was replaced by something which allowed many a continuation of earlier stuff, but not the special cheats used by the God Learners. Removing the Zistor error from the World Machine may have been part of this, starting in 917 but coming to full effect with the Luatha intervention and subsequent upheavals only.
  5. Joerg

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    As proven by the mass migration of Jrusteli God Learners from Umathela and Jrustela to Seshnela, when not even communication worked any more? Or is this idea just your dead horse that cannot get enough flogging? If I recall correctly, the chariot of Mastakos gets wracked on the first interesting step of the LBQ. Jagrekriand (aka Shargash) doesn't seem to want the Emperor back. Actually a fairly good example, as there was a total news blackout after some point of Varus's return voyage orchestrated by Arminius. (Herman? A character from the Munsters, but not a Cheruskan name...) But, as I said, they would have had these powers for themselves, too, and would have been able to communicate across the Closing. But that secret was lost... Lost to the Gift Carriers? True. In Jrusteli times, they had even heard about one another, though few had ever met someone from across the sea. Dormal's Opening did more for Pamaltelan presence on the Genertelan shores than the Jrusteli empire ever allowed. (Or the Waertagi before them.) Free Men of the Seas? Only if you belonged to the Middle Sea Empire, otherwise it's at best galley slave of the seas Now what is your source for this? We know that Mastakos is already picky in giving out his teleport spells to his chief Orlanth - Guided for Thunderous, unguided for Adventurous. Each of the Magasta temples has a shrine to Mastakos which grants Guided Teleport to whom? Under which version of the rules? (Which rules?) RQ, or HQ, or 13G?) From which write-up? Sounds a lot like "this is how my Glorantha works, so make sure yours works like that too." The God Learners worshipped Magasta, too, and his son Wachaza. Other than Tanian's Victory, the Middle Sea Empire cooperated with the seas rather than working against them. All seagoing folk were wiped off the seas, and the highway had become an impenetrable wall, sweeping all sea-goers off the coast, into huge piles of wreckage or worse. Very few very heroic exceptions existed, and are named in the history of the Middle Sea Empire. After the Closing had struck, there were no long range teleportation routes (and there is zilch evidence for such before). There were no re-usable heroquest roads to connect Pamaltela or Jrustela with one another or with Genertela. Three one-use Elder Race routes started the re-colonization of the remnants of Jrustela. It isn't clear how aware these Elder Races were of the whereabouts of their new homes. The most potent magicians and heroquesters Glorantha had seen were cut off from one another. Yet some obscure avenger sect happily bypassed all of this. Explain. Not true. There are HQ paths going almost everywhere, and back home again. There are very few "enter here and leave into the mundane world there" routes known - best known are the dragonewt roads, the Stormwalk path, Belintar's Bridges and his Fish Roads. So the Agimori of Prax regularly visit Jolar or the Nargan Desert? That's news to me. The Men-and-a-Half can go on a Heroquest Path connecting them to the Godtime places of their origin, but they have no way to leave Godtime for the Pamaltela of now. Nope. Indeed. Which shows how reliable these routes aren't. The God Learner Emperors and their greatest sorcerers knew that they had no exploits (left) to keep in contact with their empire. This postulated Jrusteli stargate (or however you want to call it) network never left any traces in the history of Glorantha. Unless it was the unspeakable secret destroyed by the Gift Carriers, this strongly points to the conclusion that there never was any such thing. But proving a negative is impossible. Pointing out the utter lack of canonical proof nonewithstanding. The name "Gift Carriers of the Sending Gods" does imply that the gods sending the carriers refrained from interacting directly. As opposed to the Orlanthi who annually offer worship to Chaos in the Sacred Time? There is no place or culture in Glorantha that doesn't stress the Compromise (or whichever convention they have for keeping their fragile quilt of a world patched together). There are many paths to self-annihilation, and few remain untested. So Illumination is what makes Dara Happans act like Orlanthi? Possible. This isn't my native language, and mine has such words (and worse) for that minion of Gbaji. An anonymous web post is hardly canonical. But hey, I have a website with some weird theories, too. My Glorantha domain was hacked and destroyed, though, which explains its downtime. This is the equivalent of a climate change denier's proof. Name a source in a Chaosium, Moondesign or Issaries Inc. print publication, please. Or does your Q.E.D. stand for "quod ego dixi"? And yet Greg produced dozens of pages describing all the different groups and methods of the Second Age Malkioni under the Middle Sea Empire. Unlike the Dragonspeakers, the God Learners have no such a specific extinction event. Other than parts of their lands drowning and barbarians taking the occasion for a revenge on the weakened remnants of the empire, there is no proof that all God Learners had been hunted down by the time the Red Moon rose. There is Bazkalia Oskor (Guide p.394), this Ralian bounty-hunter shaman whose career consisted of taking jobs on specific God Learners. She's still alive and active. That much is factual - the RuneQuest Sight used to give spectacularly useful insights, and then it became all worthless, as if some heroquest (or bunch of heroquests, independent from one another but culminating in that effect) changed that. I have named some suspects - the Luatha, Godunya... and who knows what the dwarves were up to with the remains of Locsil. No more state-sponsored heroquesting for trivial or academic purposes. Still sorcerers at large dominating vast areas of Malkioni and mixed populations, but no longer under a single empire. Loskalm and Tanisor are continuations of the God Learner activities, and to some extent, Ralios is, too. Tanisor follows Yomili's doctrine, refined and perverted by Rokar and his disciples, whereas Loskalm and Ralios build on Halwal's RuneQuested insights and newer influences, or older Arkati stuff not quite realized by Halwal in Ralios. Delecti was a sorcerer, or other such strange magician. He may have been Jrusteli-taught, just like Arminius was Roman-taught. They certainly weren't the only ones who made the difference. Halwal and Yomili obliterated one another, and probably the main portion of their foremost disciples as well, but elsewhere God Learner orders survived, e.g. in Kerantos in Jonatela, rescued from destruction and persecution by Jonat in exchange for aiding him to conquer (aka unify) Syanor. I object to your "I have a hammer, so the problem must be nails" approach. The RuneQuest Sight was one symptom of several that came up with the God Learners, at least with the Malkioneranists. Whether the Makanists (aka orthodox Malkioni, as in Rokari and pre-Ban Loskalmi non-Irensavalists) relied on it the same way is already dubious. Whether all Malkioneranists did, is debatable, too. The earliest God Learners who prepared the way for the Abiding Book did not have the RuneQuest Sight, and it isn't clear whether the sorcerers who burnt down much of Vralos about a decade later had it, either, but we call them God Learners. But then things have been called "EWF" long before dragonspeakers had any power in Orlanthland by "well informed" people of the "quod ego dixi" school of proof. ("What I said")
  6. Joerg

    Swords of Central Genertela

    Very nice. There are numerous manifestations of Darkness ór Hell that might be added to individualize the "horses", and possibly wafts of Darkness emanating from them and alternating between other features and more horse-like ones. I wonder whether you have taken the "fight like cats with bite and claw" a bit too literal with the feet. Cats' feet are part of the "spring" mechanism that is the entire feline body, The text says they have fierce claws like a cat instead of hoves. Making them cat-pawed is perhaps a bit too cute. I wouldn't have them walk on the soles behind the claws like cats do. but rather sort of "knuckle" on the claws, leaving three-clawed knuckle imprints with two claws more mobile and not used to push the beast from the ground but to hook and rake opponents. Given their role as mounts, I don't think that diokos horses use the "rake victim with back claws while rolling on the ground" style much if at all. Pouncing a prey is somewhat hard with those stilt legs that makes them horse-like in appearance, too. Do these horses wear their eternal snarl, showing the entirety of their impressive fangs with their double-scissor-like dentition that may cause wounds similar to a raptor's beak, or do they have retractable lips that allow them to cover some of it under normal conditions? We know that these horses are carnivorous, and I guess that humanoids or similar ground-dwelling primates would be part of their natural prey, along with herd beasts like sheep. Not sure about how they would hunt larger herd beasts like cattle or bigger antelopes. Their attacks would probably still resemble those of rearing stallions, but with sharp raking claws rather than just blunt hooves, and the claws on the hind legs usable only on downed prey/foes. Diokos demons don't trample, they tear up. They probably hunt in packs, using coordinated chases to isolate prey, take it down, then tear it up in a spectacular and grisly way, not bothering to kill the prey when they tear out flesh and juicy innards. The remains of their feasts aren't tidy at all, and probably provide a good meal for whichever scavengers go after the carrion, but only when the black horses are safely away. Being underworld creatures, they probably feast on the fear and pain of their prey almost as much as on the bodily substance. When they have riders, the riders get to use lances and possibly missile weapons to increase the reach of the demon, and otherwise protect the neck, back and flanks of the team with hand weapons and shields as used by western mounted forces. On the battlefield, they may reduce their feeding frenzy to taking coup, a nice mouthful of enemy flesh (whether mount or humanoid) en passant, mutilating whichever downed meat there is with their claws. Getting them to act as disciplined cavalry force is a proof of the extraordinary leadership abilities Ethilrist possesses, but having learned the efficiency of these, the diokos demons have adopted them, battling with their more bestial instincts on an individual base.
  7. Joerg

    Questions about elves

    Splinters simply mean you didn't chew well enough. And let's be honest, a species that cracks rock with its dentistry is in all likelihood fairly used to sharp and pointed stuff going down their gullet.
  8. My first information about Lightfore was something along the line of "Dayzatar Adventurous", the agent of the upper brother sent into the world when the middle brother (Yelm) was gone after failing to recognize Orlanth earlier. This rhymes very well with Zaytenaras, the other planet in the constellation when Umath enters (not one of the eight). The low, tangible part of the Light Above. (GRoY also mentions Deshlotralas, the planet/little sun of Lodril/Turos, but that goes unmentioned in the Copper Tablets.) Whatever its origin, Lightfore became the rallying point for the forces of Light after the disintegration of the Imperial Sun (conflation). Any such rallying force like Antirius Yelmalio, Kargzant and even Elmal would find themselves associated with this. I do like my recent idea that Lightfore is (or carries) the immortal part of Yelm that does not go through the Underworld but reappears at the Gates of Dawn the moment Yelm passes through the Gates of Dusk, much like the Dara Happans describe the mechanism for Uleria in their description of Mastakos, but that is something that would have been established with the first sunset within Time, and did not necessarily happen this way in the Godtime. Unless you have the twin pair of Benign Yelm and Evil Yelm taking turns on the Sunpath, with only one personality up in the sky at any given time, and not always in the highest place of the dome (where it would have obscured Pole Star for good). (And a bit of Dawn Age Seshnegi star lore trivia, possibly or even probably no longer canon: Trying to impress his love interest, the middle daughter of the Duke of Horalwal, bride of the heir of Talar of Brithos by royal decree, and sister-in-law of Hrestol (and elder sister of the wife-to-be of Ylream), Sir Faralz identifies the Pole Star as the celestial representation of Eurmal the Firebringer and Friend of Men, with a corona of differently textured sky dome where once the Spike had pierced through. Faralz and his contemporaries refer to the sun as Yelm, not Ehilm.)
  9. Joerg

    Questions about elves

    Elves can swell up and ripen, I suppose. Rather than getting fat, they might get sweet, storing sugar (or starch). They might even get over-ripe and alcoholic. If you are an uz, the sticks are edible (and fairly nourishing), too, and simply add to the texture. If you aren't an uz, what business do you have nibbling on elves?
  10. There are spirit cults and general pantheism/ancestor worship. How do you rank Ancestor worshippers or general animists in your scheme of things? In my Glorantha, a significant portion of the lowest level of Orlanthi society is highly involved in magical pursuits - it is them who initiate into niche deities, which gives them a few days in the year when they are dressed up to step into the spotlight, get feasted, and get to be important. Sure, the stickpicker crone widow who knows the rites for Ana Gor isn't going to be popular, but she is an important magical member of the clan, and that will keep her fed and warm when the worst times come.
  11. Joerg

    Deaths at the Dragonrise

    True, but he was revived. All that was missing were the heels of his boots, and he didn't die from the dragon, but in the combats that the questers had to survive. Minaryth's role was critical - he had to calculate the Path Umath / Orlanth's Ring would have taken across the constellations in a week when the dancers only moved along in a day's rhythm. When I played this in a pre-test game with/by Ian Cooper at Kraken two years ago (or is it three now?), Minaryth was lost when we encountered the Shargash / Red Planet representant who helpfully came to complete the Umath events of the Copper Tablets.
  12. Joerg

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    Nick's statement clearly refers to the personal experience of distance when traveling in one of these directions. Distances in the Outer World (which includes the Upper World aka Middle Air and Middle Sky, and the Underworld) become subjective. The height of mountains like Kero Fin or Top of the World enter such uncertain dimensions, too. Effects like parallax don't work on localized orbs hovering over the local ziggurat analogon (like e.g. the Crater or Mt. Kerofin). But there are similar effects available on the surface of Glorantha, like travel into the borders of the Ban which took several days of travel in and a few hours out. The original concept of the Hidden Greens (before they became dully the portions of Genert's Wastes explored by pioneer khans) and Hidden Castles and Valleys were more along the Mythago Wood metric, where such a feature could be traveled around in a few miles, but crossing it directly might take hundreds of miles. This weird non-Euklidian geometry in Glorantha would be a result of semi-realized shards of Godtime memory imperfectly woven into the Web of Arachne Solara. Different magical realities can play havoc with distances, too, like the perceived height of the Red Moon inside and outside the Glowline. Yes, the "down" or gravity vector on the Sky Dome is a matter of mythic preference. For most stars when regarded as fortresses in the sky, the local down vector is away from the Earth that would be observed overhead. For the Skyfall River, the down vector clearly points to Skyfall Lake.
  13. Joerg

    Illuminate Me

    "The Sky Dome is a perfect hemisphere 7000 miles across and 50 miles high."
  14. Joerg

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    To quote (or at least closely paraphrase) Nick Brooke: The Sky Dome is a perfect hemisphere 7000 miles across and 50 miles high. (reposted to the Illumination Riddle thread.)
  15. There have been reports of Templar (!) regiments containing Humakti, and probably other cultists, too. Whether these are included in your question about the presence of Yelmalio initiates is another issue. As a rule, the Yelmalio temple communities have initiation rates like the Heortlings. That makes the cult Theyalan in culture.