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  1. Heruvernalda is the Kordros Island Temple of Ernalda mentioned in King of Sartar, p.102 Hardcover edition/pdf Also p.21 and p.179 in the Sourcebook.
  2. Hon-eel entered the Ernaldan rites of Heruvernalda. Why look for other sources if her connection to Ernalda is already well known?
  3. Dominant Possession doesn't seem to require any "Control" spells. The formerly discorporate being enters the host and takes over its bodily functions, with the original owner unable to steer it. The possessing entity's MP appear to overwrite those of the original owner. No idea whose POW is used for regenerating them, though. If the possessing entity has left their own body through some form of Discorporation, that body will deteriorate in the absence of the spirit.
  4. If you want to resolve this mechanically, assume that a cult spirit of Ernalda is here under a powerful, long-duration Command that your spell would need to override. Ernalda sent it in the same manner she sent Gouger in the Silver or Dawn Age. (Or possibly just before she went to sleep fleeing from Nontraya.) Can you out-magic that goddess with her own magic?
  5. At times it felt lke that (rainwater retention basins in suburban or out of the way places)
  6. The Upland Marsh is not exactly a peat bog (it is one of the youngest of the marsh areas in all of Glorantha), although there will be stretches filling up with moss, while there will be others filling up with reeds. Quite a lot of it is flooded land with varying amounts of morass in varying depths below the water. There will be trees tolerant of standing in water-covered soil - black alder, willow, birches, etc. There will be passages covered by grass floating on top of the water. There will be vast areas covered by thick layers of duckweed. There will be stretches with astonishingly clea
  7. How do you initiate spirit combat with the summoned spirit?
  8. This may have been some rear echelon action during the Siege of Nochet. As a FHQ, I doubt she and her troops would have been part of an attempt to storm the city walls, which is not a job for cavalry. Patrols, raids and counterraids in the hinterland sound more like what horse-riding mercenaries would be sent to do. Any such action might result in an ambush.
  9. That may be one of the main differences between Ars Magica and Gloranthan sorcery: Gloranthan sorcerers don't improvise, ever. The only thing they can do in the field is to take a spell of theirs and adapt targeting parameters and point allocation. A sorcerer wanting to do something new or sufficiently different from one of the rote spells needs to do research, pretty much similar to acquiring a new skill from research. A sorcery spell is pretty much a magical entity of its own, attacking its target only with the virtues of the magic poured into it. In the (largely
  10. That should be covered under "and possibly to other Larnsti". The magic is likely to end up somewhere in the weird mix of magics that congregate in the Sartar Magical Union, and will thus be ascribed to and probably available to Argrath. Player characters could very well run the cult of the Larnsti. Or some other such new/old magic. It would be nice to have some idea published how to run such a game as a GM. There are hints about doing such a thing in the hero band of Dernu and Gernu and later the Eaglebrown Warlocks in the Sartar Rising campaign material. But to GM such a game, you
  11. @JeffSorry if this came across as unfair criticism. No such thing was intended. I'm in favor of the direction sorcery has taken onwards from HQG with the six techniques, and applying them to the runes to create spells in RQG. The doubled casting time per magic point compared to rune magic or spirit magic is a design choice that I would have liked to understand in a world context. But then, looking at some of the meta-rules of sorcery spells, these spells almost act like insubstantial creatures summoned from the sorcery plane, making a temporary manifestation carried by the mag
  12. But now we have the definitive version of the no longer canonical interpretation of the Seshnegi in print. Sadly the Loskalmi document "Book of Joy" has gone into the deepest Underworld, and is jealously guarded by Subere, as Newt folded all Glorantha publications. Debates on sorcery never end...
  13. Isn't that rather the land goddess of the archipelago? The six guardians show up in the fight against the Wolf Pirates in 1616 in the Prince of Sartar webcomic, and get defeated and temporarily dispelled by Harrek. Then comes the Kraken, and more violence ensues. I don't think that Belintar incorporated the guardians themselves into his Godking gestalt, but he did integrate the runic conduits of magical energies governing those Sixths into that. The Guardians may be seen as expressions of those runes, but then, they are but aspects of that. The Lunar/Man Rune stuff Jar-eel takes
  14. Verbatim the same in the Guide to Glorantha, p.205, so no, this has not been Gregged. I second the observation that this statement does not mention sorcery in any way. The Xeotam Dialogues are the published semi-deep source for Malkioni sorcery. The source for men-of-all heroquesting is basically Hrestol's Saga, where the protagonist - a talar caste Malkioni of impeccable standing and experienced in commanding soldiers and wizards in the field - undergoes training in the tasks of the other three castes, learning the way of the warrior, of the commoner (like animal care, crafting
  15. Yes and no. The Lunar Colleges of Magic perform Lunar magic, subject to the Lunar cycles, and all that, which makes it rather clear that their power source is different from what Malkioni or Lhankor Mhy sorcerers use. There are sorcerers in the colleges, and their contributions to the military magics may be crucial, but the spirits called forth on the battlefield are not a sorcerous effect. Sir Narib is actually one of the sources for Argrath's countermeasures. His battlefield manifestation is a vaguely leonine demon which semi-manifests to attack in something like area effect s
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