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  1. Word of Greg from the late 90ies already was that the Pelorian-speaking Orlanthi had Yelmalio rather than Elmal, as tribal members. YGWV, of course... There is a question why the Elmali and the neighboring Yelmalions across the Creek did not compare notes earlier. Goldedge is a fricking Sun Dome Temple, with hoplite training etc., and the Bush Range used to be full of horse-archers using the Kuschile skill before their families relocated to the Alone territory. My current un-allocated lesser sun is Golden Bow. Surely a Lightfore-candidate, too.
  2. IMO he is an adequate king and heir measured against extraordinary siblings and an extraordinary uncle of greater achievements. HIs grandfather ruled the entire Lunar Provinces and took back the kingdom of Tarsh almost single-handedly (which is almost a pun since he (permanently) lost an arm against Palashee), and his father was a premier Lunar magician of almost major heroic proportions. He may have issues. He certainly has followers urging him to do away with the dangerous influence Fazzur has over the traditional clans as head of the Orindori and effectively lord of much of southern Tarsh. If his population in Furthest is as Heartlander as Jeff's recent post on Facebook indicates, they may have encouraged him to employ Dart Competition methods to send Fazzur a message. Unfortunately, Fazzur's followers may be too provincial to regard these assassinations as a mere warning shot. Fazzur himself might be sufficiently acculturated to Imperial mores from his youth in Sylila that he understands the scope of these "warnings". His reaction - to abandon the battle at Dangerford, leaving the king's followers to botch up the job and take the losses - could be a valid Dart Competition move.
  3. One established method is to marry in. (yElmalio) Or you follow a leader inside the clan, and then go native over time.
  4. The area around Vanntar south of Sartar is Sun Dome County, while the Praxian one (which has two domes) is only Sun County. The Dragon Pass boardgame or the Sartar Tribal Map show the extent of Vanntar/Sun Dome County. I doubt that Lokarnos is anywhere as important in Vanntar as in Sun County. Issaries is the trading cult of all the traffic around Vanntar. Shrines are everywhere, for instance on the Sartar highways, but it would be strange if there was none in Vanntar, even if some other cult took over the Argan Argar market there that the Kitori would have had. Wyrm's Footnotes 15 has almost as much info as was published. Some detail is in the description of the Sun Dome file present at the Battle of Iceland in Orlanth is Dead. Sun Dome County sent mercenaries to whoever paid them. After the conquest of Boldhome, the Sartarites were out of funds. The Holy Country might have been able to afford them, but the 1605 invasion into Heortland met no significant resistance. What happens between Bluebird and Halcyon is pretty much up to your experience of Griffin Mountain. While Halcyon makes his re-appearance as successor of Sor-eel in Pavis, Bluebird doesn't get any further mention, but then he is just a scholar from New Crystal City on a personal quest of redemption, without the might of the Empire behind him.
  5. You don't need to have blue skin to become gender-fluid or join the cult of Heler.
  6. Combat as well as spirit combat has that rhythm of active role to affect your opponent, your opponent rolling for a counter, then possibly inflicting some sort of damage to the opponent, and your opponent attempting to do the same to you. Non-combat skills mostly just have a resolution, and possibly an opposed skill rolled, What is missing is that element of attrition or otherwise damage, but something like that can easily be lifted from QuestWorlds group contests. Dance-offs or similar challenges - especially in ritual context - would be a way to stage such contests, although there might be people who don't think that sing-offs like in Pitch Perfect are a little too cute for Glorantha. Or perhaps at least Hero Wars era Genertela. The problem that remains is what to do with encounters that are too hostile for such soft approaches. While running away often is an option, the slowest or worst positioned party member may easily be left behind as an offering for the hostiles. Redshirt day...
  7. Given their use in a game of croquet, it doesn't look like flamingos (and by extension flamingo keets) need any additional head protection when impacting say hard wooden spheres.
  8. Modern Germanic customs differ strongly by larger geographic region e.g. when it comes to consumption of alcohol. Central Europe differs from Northern Europe as well as from the British Isles. And the various German-speaking parts differ between themselves in that regard, too. The Suebes apparently had their very own, quite variant customs compared to other Germanic-speaking tribes in their neighborhood, at least according to Gaius Julius. OTOH the Suebe Ariovist was able to insert himself as a king of kings in Gaul, which means that some of his customs were sufficiently congruent with those of the Gauls to be accepted. But then he had a native wife and a powerful military. The typical suebic hairdo was found in non-suebic burials on mare suebicum (aka the Baltic Sea), too. Possibly with local variations? To recognize such variations takes quite an immersion in the specific customs. Other Germanic groups had different coiffure, e.g. the Langobards (long-beards) who would wear their long hair open, in the same Woden-style that Rimbert ridicules the Meroving royals for. For central and most of western Genertela, there seems to be a lowest common denomination - Theyalan customs - which would be shared west of Genert's Wastes, and various specializations - e.g. Heortling from non-Heortling, southern Heortling from northern Heortling/Sairdite, Sartarite from Vendref, Sun Domer, or Esrolian (all of these southern), etc. Theyalan customs would be or entail a bare minimum of behavioral rules for all species on and under the Unity Council to initiate and maintain peaceful encounters with one another, although the Bright Empire which inherited from the World Council of Friends and the Second Council introduced Pelorian lowlander components which grated upon many of the earlier adopters. Issaries and Argan Argar both rely on these basic Theyalan customs to go after their trade, and Etyries quite likely inherited from Issaries. To handle related customs in a way similar to how related languages are handled sounds like a good idea to me. The practical problem there is to define the similarities and difficulties between customs, though. One way to approach this might be neighborhood - even if you don't like them, you will probably know a few basics about your neighbors, if only to be able to insult them. Shared religions, similar languages or shared overlords will increase the similarities, different ancestors and hostile historial interaction may decrease them somewhat (but even hostile interaction is better than none). Add a big dose of handwavium.
  9. IMG practically everybody is a lay worshipper of Daka Fal. People have and revere ancestors, whether they have a cultic initiation or not. Initiating to Daka Fal is a much rarer beast among the Orlanthi. Going this way excludes a person from initiating into one of the major cults, although (probably temporary) membership in spirit cults and possibly city cults or regimental cults may be tolerated. In RQG Daka Fal is the easy access to the common divine rune spells of the Celestial Court (or of Hantrafal's devising?) for animist characters. Away from those rules, an Orlanthi (culture member) receiving their main personal spiritual guidance from the ancestors rather than from any specific deity still is pretty mainstream. Such a person will attend and participate in the public sacrifices - who is going to miss a feast, after all? Becoming a shaman is the rune level option for an initiate of Daka Fal. It is not required, however. Being a shaman doesn't necessarily prevent a person from achieving greatness as warrior or ruler - King Heort managed to do both while being a shaman. Something like that would have been hard or impossible under RQ3 rules (which imposed hard limits on non-shamanic abilities) but has eased up with RQG (which instead has taboos inflicted on the shaman). Shamans are rare among the Orlanhti, but so are rune level theists. Holy people of Daka Fal are probably comparatively well integrated into Orlanthi village life, unlike Kolati or Earth Witches, and may have enough status to have a freeman's weregild. Rich people need to consult or mollify their ancestors, too.
  10. Funny, that's how I would have described the Yelmic attitude to just about everybody and everything. "Moonson commands, and we obey!" Whereas Orlanth's initiation has him pushed into the pit of Strangers, which he escapes by communicating and bargaining with the other inmates.
  11. I wonder how much such upgrades to VTT would be applicable for a computer-aided pen-and-paper face-to-face game. Drivethrough (and thereby Jonstown Compendium) uses pdf as the primary format, but does supplying bonus material in addition to the main pdf have to follow that format?
  12. Well, Nick, I owe you a review on Drivethru. Just haven't found the right soundtrack yet. "Take me back to my boat on the river" might be apropos. If only for the performers. I do feel taken back to your performance in the Rise of Ralios freeform in 1996.
  13. He is going to be Arkat, and Arkat is coming back as the Destroyer... Belintar didn't get the identification right the firstt time, when he thought it was Harrek who came as Arkat. Harrek only came as the Destroyer, but that only in combination with the Red Woman. As for identity challenges, all will come up with the message "Deceiver", I fear.
  14. One trick about playing Ernaldans is to give them sidekicks, like e.g. husbands or newly adult sons, to do the attack rolls for them. Love family goes a long way to manage these. It is weird. People are more than happy to walk around with an entire zoo of bound spirits while swinging their swords themselves, sending in the occasional elemental to do stuff, but draw a line when what is sent in instead is another embodied person.
  15. And Orlanth or Storm Bull happen to run into people who need fighting. Keep in mind that by the time she marries Orlanth, Ernalda has seen all of the Golden Age and a good part of the Green Age. All the wandering about has been done long ago, when she was the maiden or the young healer, and Asrelia was the Mother. She probably has a number of youthful tales of adventurous dates, and maybe some kinky ones where she grabs a partner and pulls him through a series of adventures he is not suited for. It probably takes a mischievous Asrelia priestess to teach these to the age group of freshly initiated Ernaldans to go off on scandalizing adventures. She shouldn't take all the Yinkin girl fun, though. Maybe some misapplied curative approaches? Ernalda Does Dope might be another cycle where a younger goddess expands her perception while doing stuff. How Going Goth Didn't Work Out might be about Ernalda dabbling in Darkness, and getting chewed up badly.
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