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[D101 Games] OpenQuest Modern - The Company - Playtesters needed


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I've just received the first draft of Rik Kershaw Moore's OpenQuest powered modern warfare game The Company.

Here's the low down on the game's webpage http://d101games.co.uk/books/the-company/

I need a couple of dedicated groups of external playtesters, to really bring out the bits that need sorting out before release.

Everything you need is in the document that I'll provide, the rules and two short adventures.

You'll be required to feed back formally on the document, nothing too grievous a quick playtest questionnaire for your players and more detailed comments from yourself.

The time scale is about 3-4 months since we are hoping to release in the Autumn.

What I'm not looking for is;

1. Someone who wants to peer-review or proof the document.

2. Timewasters who just want to get hold of a free copy of the rules.

Interested? email me at newt@d101games.co.uk

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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