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6e errata (already?!?)

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The Adventure of the Great Hunt includes a 6e rules preview, and there we read, "Melancholy character suffers –5 to all Skill, Trait, and Passion rolls."
However, in the Nocturnal Forums we read from Greg's post




And I read (again) the rules on Disheartened (KAP p73 bottom right hand column)
"-5 modifier on all further rolls made during the situation".

That is an error.
You are correct--it ought to be -5 to all skills.


So Greg explicitly restricts melancholy to Skills instead of rolls, but 6e goes back to Skill, Trait and Passion rolls (which is most but not all rolls.) Did this switch back and forth? Or does the 6e preview continue the error?

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You missed the context there.

The very next sentence of the OP is: "So this set me thinking, given that it is a dice roll modifier rather than a skills modifier."

That is what Greg was answering to: the -5 is applied to the skill (or whatever), not to the 1d20 roll. I.e., you are not rolling 1d20-5 vs. your skill/whatever of X, but 1d20 vs. X-5.

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