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Stormspearia's  Secrets of Dorastor, Book of Doom and Holiday Dorastor: Seven Hills have been tantalisingly close to new medal statuses for a good while now, creeping up to the next medal threshold like Rilldick's War Slug climbing a Wall of Salt with Slow cast.

To help speed things along, I am having a limited offer: For the rest of July 2022 and all of August 2022, if you buy copies of two of these supplements and email me the DTRPG Invoice, I will send you back a DTRPG $5 Gift Voucher. If you buy three of these, I'll send you a DTRPG Gift Voucher of $8. Think about what Stormspearia's supplements you could put that towards! Alternatively, you could put it towards other Jonstown Compendium supplements, or even official Chaosium supplements.



Q: If I buy two supplements and get my $5 Voucher, then buy the third, do I get the $8 Voucher?

A: No, but I will send you a $3 Voucher, so you effectively get $8 worth of Vouchers for buying all three.

Q: If I buy all three supplements as PDF and POD, do I get two $8 Vouchers?

A: Yes, and I would love you forever.

Q: I have just bought the supplements, but before the offer, do I get a Voucher?

A: Unfortunately, no. This is how offers work, and I have resisted them in the past for exactly that reason. However, as above, I would love you forever.

Q: What if I buy the supplements, get the Voucher, then return the supplements?

A: Then you have proven yourself far clever than me. However, all the forces of Dorastor will conspire against you forever. Just saying ...

Q: What's your email address?

A: soltakss AT yahoo DOT com (It's in a secret God Learner code, so you might have to HeroQuest to work it out. If you do, may I recommend Secrets of HeroQuesting to help you along)


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Simon Phipp - Caldmore Chameleon - Wallowing in my elitism since 1982. Many Systems, One Family. Just a fanboy. 


Jonstown Compendium author. Find my contributions here

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