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  1. There will be people in the audience who won't like any deviations in the poem, as they have themselves memorised bits of it. However, some performers will intentionally deviate, perhaps to give emphasis to an event or a participant. Over time, this becomes the norm for that area and different regional versions are made. These tales are very conservative, in that the stories do not change, but have many different variations. People who collect tales such as these look for the definitive version and treat everything else as being different, or lesser, versions. The reality is tha
  2. I've always thought the opposite. They are bitter that they know what should be done and can see their descendants not doing it right, but they can't affect it. That makes them bitter, complaining, interfering (where possible) old biddies, worse than the most annoying relatives that you can think of. give them a bit of power and they are the force of conservatism that does not allow your clan to change, as any change is a deviation from the customs. One thing that anyone who wants to change the clan needs to do is to convince the ancestors, which is not very easy at all. When a clan
  3. Glad to see you better and back drawing. The idea of Simon not drawing is a very sad one indeed.
  4. You are better off lobbying for Chaosium to allow Magic World to be included in one of the DTRPG Community Content schemes. They have done so well that Chaosium are withdrawing third party publication, presumably to encourage people to use the Jonstown Compendium or Miskatonic Repository. If Community Content scheme became available that included Magic world, you could easily produce a PDF fanzine for Magic World.
  5. Mythras uses 1/10 but always rounds up. Therefore 51% means a critical range of 6%. Yes, that is why I said that I just use the tens value. Having to divide in a game setting breaks things for some one my players, so I make it as easy as I can for them. Mythras rounds up, which means slightly more calculation than some of my Players like.
  6. Generally, you belong to a Tribe by belonging to a Clan. Your Clan belongs to a Tribe, so by joining the Clan you join the Tribe. By leaving your old Clan you leave your old Tribe. Anything is possible. You could be adopted by a whole Tribe and not be in a Clan. That would mean that Tribal laws apply to you but not Clan laws. You would be a very special case, though. Yes, by joining the Clan you automatically belong to the Tribe. People get adopted by Clans all the time. Normally, it is through marriage or the results of marriage. sometimes it is because your own Clan has
  7. They would spring into action for Initiates and higher. Humakti who join Yanafal Tarnils cannot use swords, as their swords shatter. Fortunately, scimitars are not swords and are fine (for those die-hards who still have scimitars in their games). Issaries merchants are probably OK to join Etyries, as Etyries is accepted as a subcult of Issaries. I think that Issaries worshippers are likely to remain in their cult and be associate members of Etyries. Lhankor Mhy worshippers would be affected by the spirits of reprisal, I think. Chalana Arroy cultists might be able to join Qu
  8. I've been using Counting Up for years, it is easier for me. Mythras and Legend divide by 10 for Criticals. I just use the tens value of the skill for the Critical chance, so a skill of 51 or 59 has a Critical chance of 5, a skill of 110 has a Critical chance of 11 and so on, this means you can't critical with a skill of 01-09 but that's Ok with me. Revolution has an Advantage if the Tens die is higher than the Units die, so 10 is an Advantage but 12 isn't, 32, 54 and 83 are Advantages and so on.
  9. The original question was not "can they fly". By asking about a stall speed, it implicitly assumed they could somehow fly. The question was about their maneuverability, especially with a rider. In that case, I refer you to the documentary evidence already provided, of a clip of a Hippogriff hovering.
  10. Ducks are so easily overlooked. Pektok, a Humakti Sword, was coming up a spiral staircase and was hit in the head with an impaling Arbalest bolt. the Player argued that Derak the Dark Troll was coming up the stairs immediately behind Pektok and would have been seen way before Pektok could be seen. The GM agreed and killed derak instead of Pektok. So, yes, Ducks are easily overlooked.
  11. I did play an Aldryami Humakti Assassin once, in Balazar, which was fun. So if the hippogriffs wings are knocked below zero HP by enemy spells or missile fire, would you rule that they "keep flying"? Nope, that comes under "Silly", but not "Silly in a good way". If you look at real world physics, Hippogriffs cannot fly, as they are too big and heavy. What I would say is "OK, the physics in Glorantha mean that Hippogriffs and Dragons can fly" and go with that. Other things come from that. If a flying creature falls, use the falling damage from the point
  12. Doburdan inserts his Addi* and sends a bolt of lightning through it. * It's a club, for those who were wondering.
  13. There is a Cheers episode, a long time ago, where Sam is challenged to read a book and accepts, so he reads War and Peace. eventually, he finishes it and everyone is surprised that he managed it and wondered why he didn't just watch the film. "Oh, there's a film?" he says, "I didn't think anyone would have bothered to make one". And yes, you must watch them. It's the Lore. I humoured him. Taking one for the team.
  14. Nah, that won't get you banned. in our last Gloranthan campaign, the PCs were doing a ritual to resurrect Genert. As part of that, they had to make a cube of sacrificed corpses, 10 wide by 10 deep by 10 high, so 1,000 sacrifices, to provide Genert with enough POW to return. They spent a whole session working out the logistics of gaining 1,000 people to sacrifice and who would do the sacrifice. Not once did they wonder whether they should be sacrificing people at all, or consider the morality of human sacrifice. They did question whether the sacrifices had to be human and were relieved whe
  15. Yay you! What this means, of course, is that you have to write something else, so you have something at Copper and Silver Seller levels, before their inevitable rise to Electrum and beyond.
  16. I should have included it in Secrets of HeroQuesting. Thanks! That is one of the dangers of HeroQuesting. You can identify with something and, by doing that you open yourself up to being vulnerable to what you have Identified with. If they are better prepared, you can pull them into your HeroQuest and find that they are better at it than you are and they have pulled you into a Heroquest trap. The trick with HeroQuesting is to use the Myth creatively. In one way, no Myth will ever be good for HeroQuesting, as you are not the Only Old One, or Esrola or any of th
  17. I'm guessing that you have never been there. Summer in southern Russia regularly tops 40C or 100F, the steppes can be higher. And the steppes are covered in flies, or they were when I went to Sol Iletsk the first time, not so much the second time though.
  18. Doburdan is a minor, useless god, full of hot air and bluster, probably why he is my favourite Gloranthan deity. His best myth is where he became Ernalda's Husband Protector in the Darkness, but meekly stood aside when Orlanth returned. That describes him perfectly.
  19. That sounds like a good reason for a HeroQuest. The beauty of HeroQuesting is that you can take a myth and bend it a bot to fit the situation. So, you don't necessarily need a myth that fits completely. Have a look at my Secrets of HeroQuesting for more ideas on HeroQuesting. Donandar is all about Harmony, so would be a good way of getting a HeroQuest about peace. You could even use some Stations from Donandar HeroQuests to substitute for Stations on the main HeroQuest, or to add some new stations to force the peace somehow. Tricksters can be useful, as they can use o
  20. It is a Harry Potter book. A Hippogriff helps Harry by flying as explained. If you watch the film, you can see how it flies.
  21. The "Falling Damage" table on page 156 proves this wrong. In the real world, you reach terminal velocity after a certain amount of falling. When you reach terminal velocity, the damage taken by falling should no longer increase, as your velocity and hence momentum does not change. So, the Falling Damage Table falls down if you fall for over that distance.
  22. Whew, glad I don't use them, then. I would not want to annoy Lesser Dryas Atlanteans, they have long memories and a longer reach.
  23. I can see Issaries cultists being really condescending to Etyries, treating her as just another Subcult of Issaries. Etyries cultists, on the other hand, emphasise her nature as Pathfinder for the Lunars, how she achieved enlightenment and so on, with the Issaries people saying "Oh, isn't that nice?" As for Lhankor Mhy/Irrippi Ontor, that is more of a rival cults, vying for the same knowledge, with Irrippi Ontor having access to some of Lhankor Mhy's Library, but not vice versa. For Humakt and Yanafal Tarnils, it is a bit different, as Humakti think that Yanafal Tarnils cheated when
  24. I am trying to find the culture from which Dorastor was appropriated, mainly because it would be a great culture to read up on.
  25. and then be weighted down to the ground? If they want to pick up somebody or something roughly man-sized, they will quite likely send in one of their sylphs to do so. I mentioned catching men, not what to do with them afterwards. One problem at a time. You fly in with a hook on a stick, drag someone off a horse and throw them to the ground, pull someone up into the air and drop them, drag someone over the edge of a cliff and drop them, grab a horse's leg and pull it over. Lot of ways to use a swordstick in combat.
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