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    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    I don't mind one person having a high skill with magic. It just means they churn through minor NPCs and can fight more people, but give major NPCs a run for their money. It reminds me of Lin Chun in The Water Margin, he is functionally the equivalent of that Humakti PC. Some people might think it is unfair to have one PC who is so good at fighting, but it just means the other PCs can concentrate on their own opponents, safe in the knowledge that he will finish off anyone else. It is teamwork rather than individual glory.
  2. I had to check on Google to find it, as I had forgotten about this. The shrines could be dotted all over the Rubble, probably wherever a GM rolls that Encounter. As to the actual village, it is separate from others, The Devil's Playground might be a contender, and it could be in the Garden, I suppose, and have been overrun, explaining why it was abandoned, but I would put it in the Main Ruins, nearest to Ogre Island, so not far from Old Walls, Mani's Fort and the Real City.
  3. soltakss

    Hykim and Mikyh : Flying totem animal

    Transform Limbs should allow them to change their arms to wings. I'd allow them to fly with those, personally, as in RQ2/RQ3, Gorakiki had similar spells that allowed cultists to fly. Whether they can fly or not needs to be a decision that you, as a GM, make. However, Flight is a similar strength spell and allows you to fly, so why not?
  4. Thanks for those. By the way, I have added unnamed ruins from the official map, in a very rough way. It helps make certain things not stand out as much.
  5. Well, our current RuneQuest Gloranthan campaign has finally come to an end, after 13 glorious years. Previously on The River Voices, Legend of the Arganauts: The River Voices had bumped heads with the Lunar Empire on and off for years. They raised the Sky Ship, brought back Tada, Tarkalor, Sartar and Genert, drove the Lunars out of Prax, the Holy Country and Dragon Pass, raised a Dragon at the Dragonrise, purged the Crimson Bat of Chaos, dropped Harrek and a fleet of Wolf Pirates at the mouth of the Oslir and gated an iceberg to the Crater to block it. They had awakened their Inner Dragons, entered the Dragonewt Dream, visited the Dragonkill, rescued an Inhuman King and tied it to the Dragonship. They took a True Dragon to Dorastor, where they ambushed Ralzakark, awakened a Two-Headed Chaotic True Dragon by accident, and some transformed into True Dragons to fight it, purging it of Chaos and chopping one of its heads off, then they entered into the Dragon Dance, where they saw that the Draconic Powers of Peloria had been energised and were building in strength. They took Ralzakark’s Crown and Flargle incarnated Arkat by opening the pathways to Arkathome and breaking the God Learner Seals that held it. A Pentian Army ravaged the North of the Empire, Flarkat’s Army invaded from the South and Harrek’s Wolf Pirates attacked the centre. The Lunars had lost Prax, the Holy Country and Dragon Pass. The River Voices had converted Rist towards the White Moon and had founded a Yelmalian Temple there, directly opposing the Red Emperor. Something had to be done. The River Voices saw that the Draconic influences had been gaining power and energy and divined that it was reaching a peak in an old abandoned Second Age temple. They looked there using Shan Agar’s Magical Eye and saw a number of Priests dressed in Second Age robes, carrying Draconic regalia. A number of Dragonewts assisted in the ceremony. The Red Emperor appeared, dressed in Draconic Robes, dressed as the Dragon Emperor, and began a ceremony. Mello Yello could not let him do this, as he thought the Red Emperor was an impure Emperor, so the River Voices jumped in their Golden Barge to the Ceremony. There, the Red Emperor recounted all the problems the Lunar Empire had faced and all the sins it had done. In response, Mello Yello transformed into a Golden True Dragon and recounted all the good things the River Voices had done. The Red Emperor finished the Ceremony and the river Voices could see that he was about to commit Utuma, as the Golden Dragon Emperor, which would purge the Lunar Empire of the sins and allow the Red Emperor to be reborn anew. Horrified, the River Voices attempted a bold and dangerous move. Flargle transferred the Utuma Wound to Mell Yello, forcing the Utuma Ritual to affect Mello Yello instead. Well, that was the plan, but Flargle rolled 00, a Fumble, spent a Hero Point and rerolled to a 10, then spent another Hero Point to flip to an 01, a Special Critical. Mello Yello then used powers of Harmony to die without pain and to follow the Utuma without Disorder, this time a Critical. Mello Yello then used the power of Dragonewt Rebirth to be reborn, another Critical. Finally, Shan Agar used a combination of her Magic Eye, Dreaming Powers, Draconic Powers, Mother of Dragons Power and a load of other stuff, to move Mello Yello’s Rebirth to an egg inside her, as she had transformed into the Chromatic True Dragon, you guessed it, another Critical. So, the Red Emperor performed the Utuma Ritual and did not die, Mello Yello’s body spontaneously self-combusted, burning instantly without any ash, as the greatest Dara Happan Emperors had done, then was reborn from a golden egg that appeared in front of him. Mello had usurped all the Empire’s Draconic Powers and was reborn as Mello Yello, Dragon Emperor. He was now Mello Yello, Dragon Emperor of Dara Happa, Son of Yelm, King of Dragon Pass and Ambassador to Monkey Ruins. The Red Emperor, weakened by the Iceberg blocking the Crater and the subsequent removal of the Red Moon’s powers, had gambled everything on the Utuma Ritual and failed, so he died on the spot. Presumably, he would return later, as he always had, but for the moment he was gone. Now, at this point, we stopped for a breath, as the enormity of what had just happened slowly sank in. Then we started to discuss where to go from there, but the consensus of opinion was that the River Voices had achieved everything they had ever set out to do. Mello Yello was Emperor of Dara Happa, Son of Yelm, King of Dragon Pass and Ambassador to Monkey Ruins, he was also worshipped by those Beast Men who wanted to join the cult of Yelmalio. Shan Agar was Wife to Tada, had replaced the Pharaoh, united the Elements, proven that all the Waters of the World were one, had restored lost parts of the Agar Clan and become the Mother of Dragons. Flargle had destroyed several Chaos Nests, become Arkat, purged much of Dorastor of Chaos, led an Arkati army against the Lunar Empire and helped kill the Red Emperor. Karim Temris had found Yamsur’s Regalia and brought Yamsur back, ridden Yamsur’s chariot to the Dragonkill and back, restored Caarith and proved that she was a daughter of Genert, restored Genert, thus honouring the debt of the Desert Trackers, deposed the Count of Sun County and put his father in his place, founded a new Praxian Tribe, the Lopers, and set them up in God Remembered. So, what was there to do? Where to go to from there? Conquer the West? Embrace the Kralorelan Dragons? Hunt down the Red Emperor and the remaining Lunar Powers? None of them appealed to the players. Retire the River Voices and start again in the new world? Doing what? Playing Lunars opposed to the River Voices? Nobody wanted that. Playing starting characters in the middle of the Hero Wars? Nobody wanted that. Then someone suggested bringing the campaign to a close and everyone agreed. Sad times, in a way, but they went out on a high. I cannot say the words “Mello Yello, Dragon Emperor of Dara Happa, Son of Yelm, King of Dragon Pass and Ambassador to Monkey Ruins” often enough. All we need to do now is to decide what campaign to run. Nothing Gloranthan this time, as we have done Glorantha, although we might return once the new scenario packs start appearing. Suggestions were Dark Ages, Robin Hood or Sci Fi, but we need to talk about that a bit.
  6. So would I! 😉 At the moment, they are all in my head, so would take a while to formulate and write them up so they could be posted. In any case, my views on some things have changed, so I probably wouldn't run it the same way again.
  7. soltakss

    The Limits of Magic

    Personally, I think that all abilities should be treated the same, no matter what they are. If I a PC with Magical Flight 2W2 and an NPC with Jumping 2W2, then in some circumstances they would work the same, so jumping off a building, for example, would be identical. However, jumping between buildings that are far apart would be trivial with Magical Flight but difficult with Jumping, so might incur a Penalty or need a higher Opposed Roll. And that happens with the description of the ability. If I have Jumping 2W2 then I might be able to jump up and catch the leg of a Griffin flying overhead. If I have Magical Flight 2W2 then I can actually fly after the Griffin. Mechanically they work the same, but narratively they work very differently.
  8. You should have a lot of fun, HeroQuest is a fast moving, fun game that is easy to pick up and learn. My main piece of advice is "Ignore what is in the rules". Just stick to the very basics and you should be fine. Anything else can be added if you feel like it, or ignored. Stick to simple skills and breakouts, so Clan Ring 20 (Chalana Arroy +1, Preserve Harmony +1), Clan Rung 2M (Eurmal +2, Defend the Clan +1, Cause Trouble +1) and so on. Make rolls count, so use automatic augments, rather than rolling them.
  9. I have added both the Gargas Gang and Xaragang maps and linked them to the original web pages. Let me know if they need rotating or moving. I think the scale is about right, but scale in the Big Rubble is tricky.
  10. soltakss

    Linked Spell Shenanigans

    I always liked combining Second Mouth and Swallow ...
  11. soltakss

    Sureshot? Headshot!

    Sureshot means you "Always" hit, even when aiming, so yes, I'd say that is how it works. As has been pointed out, with bad weather and poor visibility, your chance to hit might be reduced to virtually nothing, but Sureshot means you hit on 01-95.
  12. soltakss

    Humakt Gift+True Sword

    In my games, yes they stack. Other people don't allow them to stack. Iron also does double penetrating damage to Trolls and Aldryami, so an iron sword with Truesword and double damage doubles, doubles again, subtracts armour and doubles again. Happy days.
  13. RQ3ish, so RQ3 with a lot borrowed from other systems and a lot of houserules. To be honest, these weren't that high-powered, their highest skill was around 120%. However, the magical adds for Runes meant they got high skills. How did I handle them? Like HeroQuest does, so their main powers came from HeroQuest abilities, skills and spells were, to a large extent, irrelevant. If they had a spell, then I used it more like an ability, or modifier to a power. It was free-flowing, fast and exciting, allowing the players to do a lot more with their PCs than the "Sunbright only covers 15m" restrictions on spells.
  14. I've seen that, thanks, but not sure if our players want to try out SciFi just yet.
  15. soltakss

    Devotee Plot Obstacles

    My advice about anything regarding HeroQuest - Ignore what the rules say. Seriously, for me, the strength of HeroQuest is the really simple and elegant rules system, which can be put on pone page of A4. Anything else is surplus. However, in this case, it makes sense to overcome something to become a Devotee. I wouldn't do it as a Plot Obstacle myself, but would have it a something that naturally comes out in a scenario, as a reward from a HeroQuest or as the result of a challenge that you have to overcome to become a Devotee.
  16. soltakss

    Uz Language Questions

    In my Glorantha, Uz can be used as part of a name, so Mistress Race Trolls are often called Uz-Something, for example Uzarl, Uzkogag or Uzant. Clans have Uz as a suffix, so Sazdorfuz is the Uz Sazdorf Clan. The founder of the clan often uses Uz, so UzSazdorf is the Mistress Race Founder of the Sazdorf Clan. Also, in my Grloantha, UzUz (Mistress Race Trolls) know a Sonar frequency that kills trollkin, yes, just kills them dead. They don't often use it, but when they do, they get closer to the frequency, as a wrning, then kill the trollkin if they get angry, or hungry, or want to make a point. The trollkin just drops dead.
  17. Thanks, will add them both at the weekend. I just need to copy the image, resize it, overlay on my master and trace over. Doesn't take long, apart from the resizing. By the way, if anyone else has any locations in the Big Rubble, or special building in Pavis, then let me know and I'll add them to the maps.
  18. soltakss

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    For me, it's the best thing about Revolution D100. You have a reduced set of skills, off the top of my head there are about 12 skills. For each skill you can have Traits, which are specialisations, or things you can do better. So, you might have Athletics as a skill but also have Climb, Jump and Swim as Traits. So, two PCs could have Athletics 50%, but one could have Climb, Jump and Swim as Traits and the other could have Run, Throw and Brawn, so they have the same base skill but have very different skill sets. It becomes really useful with things like Sense Chaos, in other D100 games, Sense Chaos would either be a skill on its own, in which case it has to be increased separately, or it is a special ability, in Revolution it is just a Perception Trait. Its real strength comes when using Revolution with different genres. You have the same base skill set, but you might want to add Science, perhaps, but you use different Traits. So a Space Marine might have Parachuting as an Athletics Trait, for example. With Traits come Stunts, which are specialisations in the Trait. So, the Space Marine might have Parachuting as an Athletics Trait but have HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) and NOLO (Near Orbit Low Opening) as Stunts, allowing him/her to parachute down from very high altitudes without being spotted. For me, they are extremely flexible, get around a lot of the problems I have had with D100 games, being a long-term player, and are very easy to use. I like large skill sets, so RQ2 was great for me, then RQ3 dropped Trap Set/Disarm in favour of Mechanisms, then MRQ dropped even more skills and Mythras/Legend dropped them further. I hated that, as it reduced the complexity and variety of a PC. Then I saw Revolution D100 and it hit the sweet spot, with a reduced set of skills but a large number of Traits, allowing me the flexibility of an RQ2 PC with the simplicity of "new" versions of D100.
  19. soltakss

    Battle of Hender's Ruins

    It is also written up in Elder Secrets, for RQ3.
  20. soltakss

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    Has anyone told you about how Skills and Traits work? If you want Revolution because of the Advantage rules, then you are going to love the Skills and Traits. Well, I love those, anyway.
  21. soltakss

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    There is an optional rule that if you roll below the amount of skill above 100, it is an Advantage. So, if I have a skill if 120% and I roll 18, then that is an Advantage, as it is below 120-100=20. I have an optional rule of a Double Advantage, where if the above rule is applied and the roll would naturally be an Advantage then you get 2 Advantages, so 10 is an Advantage as the tens digit is higher than the units digit and is an Advantage as 10 is below 20.
  22. soltakss

    The Limits of Magic

    From a Narrative point of view, it affects what it affects. If I want a rainstorm, there is no point it covering the size of a house, I want it to cover a larger area than that. My rule of thumb is that Bigger is Harder, so if you want to cover a bigger area, you have to overcome a bigger opposing roll. Now, the value of that roll depends on how you run your campaign and, to a certain extent, whether you run HQ1 or HQ2. But, if I have Flood 10M, for example, then I could flood a house near a river fairly easily, maybe with an Opposed Roll of 13, I could flood a nearby village with an Opposed Roll of 20, I could flood the fields between the house and village by opposing 10M and I could flood the whole area next to the river by rolling against 20M.
  23. soltakss

    Stafford Library - Arcane Lore

    Arcane Lore is a mixture of very different rules sets, so is of limited use. However, it also has a large number of HeroQuests and describes cults in HeroQuest (The act not the rules) format, which is useful. Although it is of varied usefulness, I definitely think it is worth buying if you are interested in the theories behind HeroQuesting.
  24. Very nice indeed. Would you mind if I added the location to my map of the Big Rubble?
  25. soltakss

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    Revolution just says the highest roll wins. Since it doesn't rely on a low roll for an Advantage (Critical), you don't have the problem of aiming low but needing high.