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  1. Any Orlanthi in the Temple would be eaten, but any Orlanthi in the temple deserved to be eaten. Those flying down to attack would suddenly stop and decide to fly back. Orlanthi with Teleport could jump away and hope that the range is enough to escape the dragon.
  2. Sure, I get that, which is why I posted. Those are what I see as RQ Clarity. People can wade through the book and work it out for themselves or read something like that post and see what the important points are.
  3. In the super secret special insider club, as has always been the case at Chaosium.
  4. You have a skill, roll D100, if it is 1/20th of the skill you have a critical, 1/.5th you have a special, under the skill a success, over the skill a failure96-100 could be a failure or fumble, and within 1/20th of the failure chance a fumble, but check a table for fumbles or only check if over 95. Specials do good stuff, criticals do great stuff. You cast spirit Magic with POWx5% You cast Rune Magic with a Rune You cast Sorcery for NPCs Runes and Passions can augment, once you have decided the best way to use augments they are easy Shamans have rules that o
  5. Another 5* Review for the Book of Doom, this one by Leon K: This book is extremely useful in fleshing out players unique experience in the game. The crafting rules add flavor and detal The building and shipbuildingare very useful as reference material. The spells are a treasure trove of information to add to you game. All around a great product. Oh, and Book of Doom is #4 in the DTRPG Top 100 Products.
  6. The Book of Doom is now a Copper Seller!
  7. Thanks. It was only released on 11th January, so is quite new.
  8. I think the standard advice should apply: Don't bother converting D20 scores for Hit Locations, recalculate HP per Location and Strike ranks, just use the values in the supplement Add runes and passions on the Fly, if you need them Use the Runespells as written, don't bother converting them into a Rune Pool, unless you want the NPC as a recurring character From memory, the scenario should work reasonably well as it is, without any particular conversion.
  9. The Book of Doom has received its first review, a 5* Review by Darren P: The write up that describes this work is perfect. The description is exactly what the product is. Indispensable is what it will become to many of us. There's so much in it. New skills and magic, all closely linked to runes or themes (like War for example). It means no two characters need ever have the same spells or skills again. I sense the influence of Heroquest here which had me reaching for my books to see what I could convert. Nicely done.
  10. Red Book of Magic simply lists spells in alphabetical order. Book of Doom has spells in categories, either connected to a set of rules (Alchemy, Crafting, Buildings & Ships), by Elemental Rune (Darkness, Water, Earth etc.) or by Domain (Healing, Trickster, War etc.) They are simply resources that list spells. In my Glorantha, the spells are typically available through Sub Cults or Hero Cults, or are given as gifts on HeroQuests. I don't see sorcerers as simply being able to go out and get any spell. However, that is going to depend on the GM and how they see the
  11. I think you should make it a lot more than that. It seems that. All qualities do not appear to be worth the same. Each point of Effective should be worth at least as much as a same value as Bladesharp spell. Other game systems increase the price for similar affects by as much as 100 times the base price for a weapon and about 10 times for a common item. Yeah, it gets far too complex to work out. I think it should be down to the negotiating skills of the crafter and the buyer. As a GM I have no problem with very magical items. A +7 sword is a very rare and magical thing.
  12. Not really, the Book of Doom has over 600 spells! There is some of that in the Red Book of Magic, for example there are 6 versions of Speak With () and 25 Summon spells. For the Book of Doom, I tried to make as many spells as possible generic versions, so that the 600 spells are really 600 spells without many duplications. You should get both the Red Book of Magic and the Book of Doom, but I might be biased.
  13. I would just add 10% to the value for each quality, except Fine. I have added a sentence suggesting adding +10% or +20% per quality to the base price.
  14. Make (Object) was really intended for more complex objects. However, you could have Make (Sword), meaning you specialise in making swords. I would make one roll, instead of two, just because I don't like making extra rolls. However, I like the idea of getting 2 Specials or Criticals and the idea of make acting as a quality booster. So, with your skills, someone rolling 16 on Make Sword is also rolling a special on Craft Weapon so should get +1 quality for Make sword and +1 for Craft Weapon, so 2 qualities in total. Rolling 02 is a critical on both, so should get 3 qualit
  15. Love the youngun with the bare chest who clearly has never seen boobs before.
  16. You are welcome. Here ... Favourite skill: Invite me in (Useful for thieves, con-artists and vampires) Favourite spell: Wash away Flood I would just add 10% to the value for each quality, except Fine. Yes it would, but Fine specifically doesn't do anything except make it look nice. To be honest you are getting on shaky ground when working out the monetary value of a special sword. Someone might pay more for a sword that is quick, someone else might prefer a sword with extra HPs and so on. Are you going to pay double cost for a sword with 10 Qua
  17. The magic system in Magic World is different, from what I recall. There was a BRP supplement that had RQ3-style magic (The Magic Book) and the Red Book of Magic is compatible with that. However, looking at Magic World sorcery, there is nothing to stop you taking the spells from the red Book of Magic and just using them as Magic World sorcery.
  18. It has to make Electrum Seller to be considered for POD, so the more people who buy the PDF the faster it will be available as POD.
  19. If you like. GMs can give as many experience sessions as they like, but the RQG Rules recommend one per season. Sure they can. As can things like going on a HeroQuest.
  20. Full preview, including TOC, at http://soltakss.com/JC/StormSpearia-BookOfDoom-v1-Preview.pdf
  21. Announcing a new Jonstown Compendium supplement: The Book of Doom, an invaluable resource for both players and games masters. Over 600 new spells, dozens of skills, new magical items, new HeroQuesting spells and material, rune mastery, ritual sacrifice, and expanded rules for buildings and ships, trading and income, and crafting of exceptional items. There is also an entire section on alchemy, including new skills, spells, recipes, magical plants, a sample NPC, and other support material. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/343046/Book-of-Doom?affiliate_id=66807 I am happy to answer
  22. Officially yes, because there are too many trolls there. Also yes.
  23. Maybe because of things like this? 😉 Yes, I suppose you are right. The obvious answer is to have multiple items on a single index card.
  24. And the Dagori Inkarth map in Trollpak which had a fair bit of northern Sartar. And these were actually all to the same scale. You could fit the Dragon pass and Nomad Gods maps together fairly easily, although I think one hex was misplaced. The Griffin Mountain map fits along the northern edge of the Dragon Pass map and the Dagori Inkarth map fits along the east of the Dragon pass map and to the north of the Nomad Gods map. I used photocopies of those maps to put together a huge map of the area covering Prax, Dragon Pass, Dagori Inkarth and Balazar/Elder Wilds. It looked glorious but
  25. Hmmm good point. Losing them permanently seems harsh. Just spending them with no effect is punishment enough. I always find it funny when games designers are asked for explicit clarification on exactly how the rules for something should work, because the current rules are unclear, then when they clarify it people say they won't follow their clarifications. Of course, I am in a different boat, as I just use the rules as guidelines, using what I like and changing what I don't like.
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