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  1. I normally play that your skill is with 1H Sword, 2H Axe and so on. It doesn't matter to me whether you use a broadsword, Bastard/Long Sword or Shortsword, the techniques are close enough. But, my experience with using weapons is playing Robin Hood with my brothers using sticks, which is good enough for what I need in RQ.
  2. In my opinion, if the clan that currently controls the Oasis is happy to move on, they will do. However, if they still need to do things they will only move on if the new clan is stronger or bigger. Oases are not really worth fighting over, as they don't have anything of use, except water, herbs, food and that kind of thing.
  3. RQG does not have Structure Points, yet. However, the Book of Doom covers Structure Points, but they are a little less than the RQ3 values. On that scale, maybe Alda Chur might have 20 point walls.
  4. Also, have a look at http://www.soltakss.com/gmap01.jpg for a map of Central Genertela
  5. Hereditas Novae Angliae domui cum domatis: What to do if you inherit a New England house with an attic.
  6. Does she get on with Rhondabarbaraannannette?
  7. With a silent F at the start?
  8. Revenants are basically the same as Mummies. The RQ2 Gateway Bestiary had stats for Mummies. They are similar to RQG Revenants but have slightly less natural armour and move a bit slower, of and they have 1D6+12 POW.
  9. Muriah is written up somewhere. I am sure I have seen stats, maybe in Heroes or another supplement.
  10. Are other kinds of abuse OK? Could we list the acceptable kinds of abuse, to save time pussyfooting around what might be gratuitous? 😀
  11. Obliged to heal is an odd context. There are people that my PC just will not heal, so don't bother asking him. I would say that the bare minimum is enough. In my opinion, no. What if someone had used Shapechange Rabbit to Rock first? But, other Healers might say that it is fine. The Healer Handbook probably doesn't include it.
  12. Probably not very tasty, but Ok to eat. People in Cults have established ways of working and would be taught what they can and cannot eat. The odd worshipper who constantly questions the rules, pushes them and always looks for loopholes either makes for a very bad cultists who won't last long in the cult, or a very good one who founds their own Subcult.
  13. Oh, I know I am doing it wrong, in many ways, sometimes quite deliberately so. I just don't care.
  14. I already Hate several groups of people, form my Family History, for killing Chalana Arroy Healers. So, I have an idea of which groups of people cannot be trusted and will happily tell people that. Same with people who do not respect my role as a Healer. Their names go in the book. "Hey, you can't eat bacon, you are a Healer!" "Are you a worshipper of Chalana Arroy? have you sworn her sacred oaths? Do you answer to her High Healers? Do you know her sacred doctrine? No? Then how can you tell me what I should and should not do? Anyway, it is mock-bacon, leaves from the Little Pigglee Tree".
  15. "The deities trapped The Devil and Arachne Solara ate it, giving birth to Time". "But, who was the Devil?" "The Devil was the Devil". "But, was it Kajabor or Wakboth?" "Yes".
  16. Our GM said that he would be OK with humans or Ducks, no hostile cults, that is it. We all pitched out ideas to the GM and he said if it was OK or not. So, there was a discussion with the GM but not with other Players. I have heard this before from various people and I get it. I have played in a party where several PCs hated each other, but worked together when they needed to. That adds a certain frisson to the game. As for spell selection, I don't think I have ever been in a party where we have coordinated spell selection. I get the spells I want, other people get the spells they want. If that means that everyone has Flight and Shield, then fair enough. But, yes, I se that it makes sense to optimise spell selection and make sure that we have a fighter, a talker, a healer, a sneaker and a knower in the party, but that is not how I generally do it. Yes, that is how I am playing it. If I say that someone is under my protection then nobody else in the party can touch them. If they do then they feel the wrath of a healer, but I have not yet worked out what that means. I do have a little book that I am writing names in, though.
  17. In other places, female Broo have the smelly end of the stick, as they cannot worship Thed. However, in Dorastor, there are many other deities they can worship. In my Dorastor, Ralzakark protects female Broo and encourages them to join cults such as Chalana Arroy and Lunar cults such as the Seven Mothers and Etyries. They can also join the Humakti Sword Broo of the Broo Legion. So, there are many chances for female Broo to shine in the enlightened utopia of Dorastor.
  18. No, I asked the GM if he was OK with me playing a Chalana Arroy cultists and he said yes. I didn't ask the other Players, as it it none of their business. In the same way that they didn't ask me if I was OK with them playing their Adventurers. Party pooping is fine and something that I look forward to doing at some point. I have control over who lives and who dies, well as long as I have Rune Points left. They seem to go pretty quickly, I used all 5 Rune Points by half-way through the Adventure, so need to get some more. I can also say "I support that cause of action" or "I don't support that cause of action", but won't say that I won't heal the other Adventurers unless they cross me. I am a combat medic for the Blackspears, so I have a vested interest in healing the Adventurers.
  19. They need a lot of healing.
  20. It was definitely there in Cults of Terror, but might have been in a Wyrms Footnotes before that. Wyrms Footnotes 4 says "TIME was born in Hell, where the shadows of Chaos reigned and held the heart of the universe in its greasy paw. All of the universe was in confusion, elements blundered amidst each other, and devils ran amok slaying and kidnapping gods and mortals alike, sending them into the formless void of entropy. When the Lightbringers entered the underworld and completed their great tasks, they forged a cosmic pact which bound all entities, living or dead, spiritual or physical, pure or unholy, intelligent or inert, into the Great Compromise. No Beings who were responsible for the creation of the world were exempt from this universal synthesis. In the pact all the deities agreed to immediately settle their senseless and destructive wars which had precipitated the very chaos they now fought against. They agreed to accept a common ground between them, and the deities warring over any ground would now share responsibility for the protection of that realm. The gods swore their oaths and vowed their Beings to uphold their present status in the universe binding themselves to the thus-created spiritual matrix of the New Age.".
  21. I am currently playing a Chalana Arroy Healer. It is interesting to realise that I am playing him with a zero tolerance for taking part in combat, with immediate shouts of "Don't hit me, I'm a Healer" whenever we get into tricky situations. I originally thought of using weapons to parry and wearing armour, but that just didn't feel right when I started playing Yangan. He has used Sleep and Harmony to great effect, though.
  22. It's a myth. Myths can be contradictory. Storm Bull saw the Devil pinned beneath the Block, other deities saw the Devil appear, be trapped in the Net and be eaten by Arachne Solara. Maybe it wasn't the same Devil, maybe it was. Breaking Myths down into a series of Facts is what starts heresies, splits and different sects. "We know that this happened this way, your belief that it happened that way" is the start of dogma and rigidness. Better to stick with the Myths and their many possible interpretations.
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