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Sailing into Nochet

M Helsdon

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This is the cover, by the inestimably talented Mark Smylie, of my current Jonstown Compendium project, which itself is in the (near) final stages of proofreading and art gathering. This is a nautical companion to The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass with a focus on seafaring - mercantile and military.

A round ship is towed by tugboats towards the quays of Nochet. A patrolling triaconter exchanges news with her crew, as two merfolk also talk with a sailor. Beyond rises the temple of Issaries, with the Great Market before it, and behind lies the massive bulk of the Grace Temple. The temple of Dormal is off to one side, and a floating shrine used in festivities sits at anchor nearby.

Personally, I believe that Mark has excelled himself. There's a huge amount of detail in this painting, much not easily seen at this scale, but it conveys the size and prestige of Nochet, the Queen of Cities.

Many of the crew and passengers aboard the tub feature in their own illustrations, complete with character descriptions and stats, and many appear in the Periplus.
Chaosium kindly shared a portion of the map of Nochet, which made this possible.

Approaching Nochet.png

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