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  1. Not canonical, but there's a fair bit about Polaris, his cult, and how it fits into the regimental system in: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/296535/The-Armies-and-Enemies-of-Dragon-Pass?affiliate_id=2310005
  2. Jajagappa The Jajalarings, largely subsumed into the surrounding Orlanthi population, worship Jajagappa as the god of death. He carries a net he uses to catch any souls that go astray after death, or which have no divine protection, or otherwise are his prey. They are hunted down and shredded, devoured and reshaped to be another hound in his pack. Jajagappa has the ability to fight the souls of the powerful dead, and drag even great magicians to their final Death. Jajagappa is the sire of Rowdril, the father of war hounds, and for whom the breed is named. Durbaddath
  3. I have considered this but there are many ships in 'Men of the West'. I have pretty much exhausted the material I have on Wolf Pirates!
  4. At present I am attempting to think up a new project.
  5. This slim illustrated booklet explores the use of the mighty war elephants of Fonrit, one of the regions of the southern continent of Pamaltela. It explores the diet and training of the feared shovel-tusker elephants, and their use on campaign and when deployed in battle. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/328937/War-Elephants-of-Fonrit?affiliate_id=2310005
  6. As I have two illustrations I have decided to create a small (five or six page) booklet on shovel-tusker war elephants, which I will put on JC for a $ or less.
  7. Afraid the East is potentially as tricky as Pamaltela. There's an official Kralorelan book in the works, so trying to write about and illustrate the east would be difficult. I have someone asking me to look at their Tekumel project...
  8. Finished, more-or-less. Shovel-tusker now looking for a home.
  9. Thank you. Given recent events, a treatment of Pamaltela would be potentially highly contentious (and I fully accept the advice) and there may be future official development of the region. Rather than spend considerable time developing a book that might be very sensitive I have concluded that it is best to shelve the project.
  10. Afraid the Pamaltela project is being shelved, based on advice received (which I entirely understand), so this is the only remnant. Needs a little more work... I need to think up another project.
  11. Another one. Next I will have to do the crews, though am not certain I have enough 'seed' material for Pamaltela to fill a book. [The box isn't a 'fighting turret' but the enclosure for a chair - these creatures weren't massive.] There is an error in this picture - the trunk shouldn't be able to fit between the lower tusks. Will have to amend...
  12. Amebelodon. I decided to give it a long trunk. Hmm, I've made a mistake with the trunk - starts to curve too soon. Need to do more research.
  13. Will just leave this here...
  14. Non-canonical, but as canonical as I can make it, Men of the West may answer many of your questions... https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/325525/Men-of-the-West&affiliate_id=2310005
  15. There's a fair bit of First and Second Age arms and armor illustrated in Men of the West, in part because I wanted to map in my own mind the evolution of the Western cataphract. Only the Zistorite Bronze Turtle galleys are illustrated; no other Zistorite inventions, though some are mentioned in the text.
  16. Yes. I have a few books on the Benin bronzes on order. Sadly, there appear to be no actual finds of pieces of armor, but the same is mostly so for other items of bronze armor, world wide - finds are relatively rare compared with the number of pieces there must have been in use, because it was recycled.
  17. After working through my books (presently sitting in piles of books or disorganized on shelves) have found a fair number on Africa - but, all pretty much of the Colonial Era. I suspect that much of the Guide illustrations on Fonrit are derived in part from the Benin Bronzes, and whilst I have seen some of these, I don't have a book about them (cue search online for books). Some of the West African states had significant armies, but, there's relatively little on them available outside academic circles, and other than documentation about them by the Colonial powers, there's very little avai
  18. I for one would like to see how much I've got severely wrong, and how much more I could have gleaned from these in writing Men of the West... I did pick up a copy of the GreGanth Atlas a while back and used it as a source for The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass - didn't copy the maps, but after studying it, it provided a view on the interaction of the various cultures in Peloria.
  19. It's a few years since I saw a draft. Uz armies are basically war gangs. The only ones that seem more organized are part of the Kimantorings and those are covered in Armies & Enemies. With an official product in the works and a JC publication already present, it is a bit... crowded. Whilst I have read some books on Chinese ancient warfare, I have no knowledge of some of the genres that seem to feed into Kralorela. At the moment I am assessing Pamaltela as a possibility, though I need to check with Chaosium.
  20. Now at silver. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/325525/Men-of-the-West?affiliate_id=2310005
  21. Now at silver. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/325525/Men-of-the-West?affiliate_id=2310005
  22. There's not really much I could add beyond what is in the Guide and the Different Worlds article. Whilst I use Chaosium material (with permission prior to publication) there's not a great deal I could add to dwarves. Well, I do. For the past eight years I was the carer for a parent, for the last three, intensively so, usually at their home for twelve or so hours a day and on call outside that. It is no coincidence that this coincides with the work on Armies & Enemies of Dragon Pass, as it kept me busy and distracted when there wasn't a need to do anything - though I was there for '
  23. Am now between projects. Sadly an Eastern supplement to balance the West is unlikely, given an official Kralorela book is in the works. I did consider Fonrit, but that may not be viable topic at present.
  24. Probably depends on what definition of henosis you follow. The one I adopted is: Union and unity with the Invisible God through self-mastery. Several techniques of henosis are practiced by different Malkioni sects. For the Hrestoli the paths involve clearing the Mind, overcoming the Self, and ascending to achieve Unity with the One who existed before Being. This ascension is opposed by many - Erasanchula, zzaburi wizards, and other forces, but once it is achieved, the state of Joy has been reached. If you explore its basis in terrestrial philosophies and religions, you'll also find a vari
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