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  1. M Helsdon


    Once Rurik is installed as Count, the Vanntar regiments fight for Argrath...
  2. Afraid I have no insight into the process - if it reliant upon me creating a black & white document, then it will be some time, as real life has intervened.
  3. M Helsdon


    One thing to consider, that in a Bronze/Iron Age setting even the 'same' god will have cults with greater and lesser variations in ritual, dogma, and a variety of other things, so there isn't a Yelmalio cult but a variation of Yelmalio cults. Those temples in Saird will be broadly similar (but not identical) whilst those further away will deviate further, either because the cult has changed due to regional circumstances, and/or because the cult retains features from the past. In that scenario, Elmal is simply another divergent form. I'm probably wrong, but the version in RQ:G will reflect the cult in Dragon Pass/Prax, as, probably, the Cults books will - because attempting to document cultic variations would be of little interest to most readers, and add significantly to the size of the books. It is worth bearing in mind the very different features of a cult that isn't totally dissimilar to Yelmalio: Mithras. Mithras was seen as a god of light, truth and contracts, in addition to being a soldiers' god. You can rest assured that the cults of Mithras within the western and eastern portions of the Roman Empire weren't identical, and these in turn differed from the Commagene cult of Mithras-Helios, Armenian Mihr, the Persian cult of Mithra, the Indian cult of Mitra, the Greco-Bactrian Mithro, the Hittite/Hurrian Miitra, and perhaps even the Buddhist Maitreya...
  4. Hopefully the updated PDF will be uploaded in the near future (and have since found and fixed two errors). Sales of Armies & Enemies are pretty much stalled now, but have reached a respectable number. Am deliberating creating a gallery supplement for Armies & Enemies, but not sure if it would sell/would reduce sales of the main volume. Would probably be about 20 pages.
  5. Here's a preview of the 'gallery page' added to the rear of the document (behind the bonus pages about recruitment of the Lunar Army). There's only room for twelve figures, and unless people indicate otherwise, I don't believe another ten+ pages of these should be added... The latest version has been provided, but might take time to upload to DriveThruRPG.
  6. Doing shameless self-publicity: The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass suggests possible aspects of magic that might be seen/heard/felt etc. primarily by Element, but also for Chaos, and a few other Runes, and also the Elemental Hero effects that might be witnessed. There are also some descriptions of magics being cast and magical effects. There's a great deal more in the book that just armies and warfare... https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/296535/The-Armies-and-Enemies-of-Dragon-Pass?src=hottest
  7. Would suggest that there are two distinct disengagement situations: controlled and desperate, the equivalent in a battle of retreat and rout. Rout is faster, but your enemy is liable to have the ability to strike you, pursue and strike, and this is when most casualties occur in ancient warfare. Retreat is slower, and you may be able to parry, and be able to get away, if you are either faster, or your opponent chooses not to pursue, and if things go bad a retreat can become a rout.
  8. Afraid my comprehension seems to be affected by the shock of events even after more than a week. Have had to wade through the piles of paperwork of someone's life again today trying to find obscure information for probate. I know everyone has to work through the remnants of another's life at some point, and this is my second, and the worst. Will see what I can do. Tend to run out of motivation at particular times of day, so maybe I will try to create a mini gallery at the back of the book and ask MOB to upload a new version. May take me a week or two. Only a selection of figures will be included.
  9. Those are by Jan.
  10. One thing I could do, is add a few pages at the back with slightly smaller non-annotated images (save for unit) but the problem is there are over a hundred sketches, and if they are shown with any definition, it would need probably ten more pages. Am not certain for the implications for POD as the book is already too big) but would prefer to include them instead of as a separate 'poster book'. With the new sections already added as a bonus to the PDF of details of Lunar recruitment at the back, behind the index, (especially grantland soldier colonies), there is about a page and a half blank... So the question is: if you want some of the sketches in one place, how big should they be?
  11. I don't. I was starting to create a black & white version but real life (in the form of a death) has completely derailed all my intentions. A modern Adobe PDF application could probably create a b&w version with a few selections, but my Adobe is very very old.
  12. Thank you. Mini-posters had been considered, but at present I regret I am not in a position to do anything very creative. Afraid I am inhabiting either a grey fog or early morning despair at present. Today I made the funeral arrangements, which is set for the end of the month. A lot more people seem to die at this time of year.
  13. In happier times, this would have made me delighted and astonished, so I will share it here.
  14. The factors are briefly described on page 282, and mostly reflect the values in the WB&RM/Dragon Pass board game, with other units extrapolated. It seemed desirable to provide some quantification of the strengths of the units and entities, and the board game stats seemed ideal for this purpose. RQ stats for various regiments will, I believe, be provided in a future official publication, so I did not want to preempt or second guess that. Jar-eel is indeed extremely tough, though remember these don't just reflect the demigod or hero on their own, but their band of companions as well. The Red Emperor may not be as potent, but he would usually be accompanied by several units of the Imperial Bodyguard and Field School of Magic as well as other troops.
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