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  1. Chariots were historically used in two ways: massed chariots (prior to the ascension of cavalry), and as battle taxis. I imagine that it is in the latter role Sartarite chariots are used: to convey war leaders and priests, stopping to let them do their mundane or magical fighting, and then used either in a pursuit, to move to another part of the battlefield, or make a quick exit. Near Eastern chariots (and so I assume Gloranthan ones) used leather webbing to provide some suspension for the crew. Here's my version of a Sartarite chariot (heavily influenced by Mycenean and Hittite chariots, and some elements from Assyrian chariots). Note the image of of Elmal and his charioteer woven into the protective covering.
  2. Glorantha is one bubble of many within an infinite ocean of Chaos. There are doubtless other bubbles of order, some almost indistinguishable from canon Glorantha, some very different. Every time a GM starts a new campaign set in Glorantha, one of these bubbles emerges from the inchoate void.
  3. Managed to fit in the sketch of the Pittance conscript (not a DX battalion) and found that there might be room for one more, but am sketched out at present.
  4. After the Dara Happan revolt of the First Wane, the Lunars disbanded many Dara Happan regiments. Each of the Tripolis cities are now required to maintain a Pittance Regiment, which are made up of conscripts from the lower classes. He has a second-hand sword, is lucky enough to have an open helmet, and has a self bow. I have, perhaps foolishly, embedded the text in the sketches.
  5. 90% of sketches in the book are fully annotated. 10% like this latest are not (either because it seemed unnecessary, or because they seemed too cluttered). For posters it might be possible to create one with annotation, and one without. Arthritis playing up, so not much fine work in this one, which may be the last for a while.
  6. Found a home for the latest as a filler at the end of the Army Lists chapter. Now roughing out the next... Have received a suggestion that most of these sketches might be collected together on a poster, with the figures about 8cm high. Obviously it would make sense to group them by nation/cultures. A question? Should the annotations identifying pieces of armor be retained or removed?
  7. Probably no room in the text for the full-sized sketch.
  8. Here's one by Jan Pospisil. Sartarite use of Praxian riding animals is not uncommon.
  9. Thought I'd group my Orlanthi together. Four or five distinct cultures here.
  10. Well, it's done. Final fixes made (though bugs undoubtedly remain) and document complete.
  11. Some taints might be invisible such as changes to attributes, whilst others might be hidden by clothing. Even some Chaos creatures might not look chaotic, such as a succubus disguising her appearance, or an ogre or vampire - Chaos isn't always obviously repellent, which is one of the reasons it is so insidious.
  12. Real world issues are limiting my time and energy to do anything Gloranthan. Other than tidying up a sentence about the manufacture of bronze swords did this as an experiment:
  13. It's a more than competent, and very colorful piece of art, obviously intended as a homage, and fun.
  14. I didn't know until now that Red Sonja was an Uz! All makes sense now.
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