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  1. M Helsdon

    The Tale of Ambassador King Emperor Mello

    Mello Yello is currently held at the Sun County penal salt mines.
  2. M Helsdon

    Three New Stars, Three New Gods?

    Baroshi, in addition to being a deity choice for the Eleven Lights, is, I suspect, a patron deity of the Snakepipe Dancers, another of the regiments of the Sartar Magical Union.
  3. M Helsdon

    Mining Your God

    Many Iron Dwarves and iron constructs died in the Gods War. Their mass remains probably constitute the deposits of iron that are mined by humans. Dwarves, of course, either recycle or manufacture iron.
  4. M Helsdon

    Is barding a thing in Glorantha?

    I'll just leave this here...
  5. M Helsdon

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    There's a bright new star high in the Sky Dome. I never met Greg, and only exchanged a very few emails with him, but his life and work have affected my life as they have so many others. He had what some call an old wise soul. Condolences to his family and friends.
  6. M Helsdon

    Lunar Marines

    The Guide says they have A river navy of sleek, oar-driven penteconters and biremes patrol the Four Rivers and their tributaries.
  7. M Helsdon

    Metal shields

    Bronze-covered shields were common in the Iron Age, and probably in some areas of the Bronze Age. There are certaining a few Bronze Age shields made of bronze, but only a few show any possible signs of use, as unlike iron, bronze objects could be relatively easily repaired. If used in combat, a solid bronze shield would take dents, certainly on the edges, and probably on the disk, as Bronze Age arrows and heavy javelins could damage and sometimes pierce such a shield, and axes and swords could damage it. So, yes, bronze shields are a possibility, but be warned that any with pretty decoration are impractical as the shapes will catch and guide piercing attacks, not deflect them. So if your characters want a shield like Achilles, let them, but with penalties for encumberance and the risk the shield will enhance their CHA at the cost of making them more vulnerable. Note also that many decorated Bronze Age bronze shields may have had a wooden or wicker backing which has not survived. In a bronze-covered shield, the bronze sheet was only one component in a shield also made of wood and probably leather. The Greek hoplite shield is a classic example. I suspect that in RQ:G, calling a shield wooden doesn't mean that it purely wood, but that the wood is the primary defensive layer. Many of the 'ceremonial' bronze shields are very thin, and would have been easily punctured. The Battersea Shield is very thin and would have had a wooden, wicker, or leather backing that could have provided real protection. Some woods would have been favored over others, for being lighter and more resilient. From my tome on Gloranthan warfare: Poplar or willow are more commonly used for shields than oak, ash or pine, because soft woods are pliable and tend to dent instead of split, also weighing significantly less than denser timber. Willow also contracts against a penetrating blade minimizing damage. However, heavier shields use oak for its strength but are covered with hide stretched over the front and back, doubled up to reinforce the rim. Oak can be hardened by baking.
  8. M Helsdon

    Tarshite Sun Dome Temple questions

    I know - it's probably an error in the army list. One thing they aren't is a fyrd. This is based on the best information I can find (though the colors are my supposition and the change in shield size is my own assumption based on how they fight). Goldedge Foot Type Heavy Infantry Armor Lacquered Leather/Linen Weapons Sarissa, small phalangite shield Morale Regular 4 Patron Deity Yelmalio Notes Yelmalio cultists organized around their Sun Dome Temple. Magic Factor Low 3 Missile Factor 0 Melee Factor 3 Raised by the Goldedge Sun Dome Temple. Their helmet decorations are dyed yellow or orange. The regiment survived the Battle of the Auroch Hills in 1622 but took losses at the Battle of Dangerford in 1625.
  9. M Helsdon

    Tarshite Sun Dome Temple questions

    One appears to be fairly new, the other re-consecrated. Both probably from a surviving temple to the north.
  10. M Helsdon

    So many errors and contradictions

    And some of the reviewers were commenting on mechanics (my last RQ game was back in 1986 so I didn't feel competent to do this), though my comments were about nine pages long....
  11. M Helsdon

    Lunar Marines

    Most Lunar 'marines' serve in the riverine fleet, so researching Roman riverine forces is probably more helpful than looking at sea warfare. Admittedly, some of the rivers in Peloria are massive, but Roman forces on the Rhine and Danube are likely to be a better fit. Lunar river forces are liable to be confronted by new experiences: tides; the fact that the open sea goes on into a distant haze - they'd be used to seeing both banks of the river most of the time; the water is salty; finding a safe haven in a storm is much more difficult.
  12. M Helsdon

    Tarshite Sun Dome Temple questions

    There isn't a hierarchy of temples, and Tarsh has a history of enslaving Balazarings, so any trying to travel to a temple there are more likely to end up on the block at Slavewall... In fact, the various Great Temples are unlikely to be as monolithic as they might appear - we only have details of the one in Prax, and that's atypical in several ways.
  13. M Helsdon

    Tarshite Sun Dome Temple questions

    Ever New Glory is a relatively new temple city, postdating the repopulation of Dragon Pass, founded after the conquest of Saird. Unlike Goldedge, it doesn't provide a regiment to the Tarsh Provincial Army. The latest canonical description lists their weapons as long spear and large shield, so they are probably phalangites, like the other Yelmalion regiments.
  14. M Helsdon

    So many errors and contradictions

    I believe I spent about sixty hours reading through the PDF when it became available for typo hunting and completed about 1.8 passes through the document in the timescale available before it went to print. Whilst there was some overlap between the four or five of us who were acting as typo hunters people inevitably saw and reported different things. There are multiple reasons for this, but the main being that different people see different things. I even converted it to Word 'manually' and did a spelling check as an extra pass, which caught a few things. Sadly, the bigger the document the less likely that all the typos will be spotted, unless you can do many more passes. Basically, the larger the project, the more errors will occur, simply because human authors are (shockingly) not perfect, and readers inevitably spot different things. My comments and jongjom's had some overlap, but no more than five or ten percent. I recall working through the RQ2 manuscript for Rick, and found quite a few typos there (some generated by scanning) but some old ones too - and I didn't find all of them. So, expecting a large four hundred page text to be error free is simply unrealistic. I am however, ready and eager to work through 'Gods of Glorantha' and anything else Jeff and Jason throw at me. I know I won't identify all the typos, but I'll do everything I can to find them. I fully understand jongjom's feelings, and I for one, would thank him for his work on RG:Q and other documents, and note that I look forward, if possible, to working with him again. Yes, we all probably read each others' comments, because it offers insight for additional things to look out for, in case there's a systemic error. Sometimes things were found because one person reported something, which gave another hunter an 'a-ha!' moment. In reviewing circles this is a phenomena often called the Phantom Inspector.
  15. M Helsdon

    Dorastor, Post-Ralzakark

    Which Ralzakark was killed? As he has multiple bodies/avatars, the death of one might hurt him a bit, but it won't destroy the entire entity. As the author of the verses in the Cryptic Verses of the Yellow Calendar, working from the illustration art guide notes, I must note that that they are cryptic...