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  1. Reading through this with interest. There are societies in Glorantha which are definitely patriarchal, with active male gods with active male worshippers, the Esrolians are definitely matriarchal, and I don't believe the female goddesses there are passive or their worshippers, and then there are the Lunars and Sartarites and Heortlanders where things are more variable. As I understand it, Orlanth in Sartar and Heortland is definitely an active male god, Ernalda in Esrolia an active female god, and then things get more interesting. I don't believe that Ernalda is passive in Dragon Pass. Although of the Lightbringers, Chalana Arroy is the only female, I believe that the cults and roles of Chalana Arroy, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy and Eurmal are not gender specific. The same is true for Humakt, Heler, and other deities in more specialised roles like Gustbran, Heler, or Dormal. There's no reason why members of those cults can't be male, female, or any other orientation.
  2. Size comparison charts for Genertela and Pamaltela. Don't ask me which creature is which...
  3. One thing to bear in mind is that the modern Yelmalio cult is the amalgamation of several Little Sun cults, primarily in Saird, and local traditions vary from Sun Dome to Sun Dome; probably the traditions differ to a greater or lesser degree between temples. At some, Yelmalio and Orlanth are allies, others rivals, and others enemies. These cults aren't going to monolithic, there is no supreme high priest set over all the temples. Even within a single temple, there will be factions, and, people being people, variations in attitudes.
  4. Who's to say he was wearing his original body when he fell out of Time and into the Mirrorsea?
  5. The Brithini breed when commanded to do so so by their 'yellow' caste; the Vadeli 'yellow' caste has been extinct, hopefully, since the Gods War, so the Vadeli happily break caste laws and breed anyway.
  6. Sigh. Constant as in not at Venusian or Jovian pressures at 'ground level', but with variation sufficient for weather.
  7. I don't believe that air pressure in Glorantha works as per gas laws in our world. People can certainly breathe in the Sky World, and there's thousands of miles of atmosphere above the Middle World, so the pressure would be severe at sea level. Instead, air pressure is perhaps a constant. It probably gets colder, but not by much above the level of the mountain peaks.
  8. As Nick, notes, there will be shrines to Yelm in Sun Dome temples, probably at Vanntar and Boldhome, so associated with Yelmalio. Among the Grazelanders as Yu-Kargzant, but otherwise only in Yelmalio temples or perhaps small shrines in Tarsh and probably not with anything approaching a cult with any significant membership. And to a Dara Happan, the Yelmalions are barbarous hill-landers, little better than their savage Storm worshipping neighbours. If your player wishes to worship a Solar god in Dragon Pass, their options are probably limited to a Grazelander, a Yelmalion, or an exiled or hostage Dara Happan noble who hasn't been ransomed or has chosen not to go home, the latter being challenging, and they'd have to visit a Yelmalio temple to worship at its shrine.
  9. As I understand it, the talari have their ancestor cults, and the dronari and holari have their own cults, all tolerated so long as they do not threaten the order and stability of the caste system.
  10. Given that we don't know the details of Iron Dwarf alchemy, using elf to improve ur-metal seems entirely possible.
  11. At this stage it appears that the price of premium colour books will increase dramatically. Black-and-white and standard colour books will not be affected.
  12. Hu-metal is bronze, Umath’s metal. (The name is Ralian in origin - see https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/websites/moondesign-com/jeffs-old-blogs/xeotam-dialogues/) Iron is ur-metal, created through alchemy by the dwarves.
  13. Many things. Iron is tough but can bend and break, and depending on its manufacture can be brittle. Ironbreaker suggests a superior steel sword, perhaps forged by Mostali.
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