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  1. M Helsdon


    Yes, I read the description of the ruined relief found in Delela, but I can't quite square that with the description of Anirestyu's rule in Fortunate Succession. As this was the time of Arkat's campaign in Ralios, I am wondering if the relief was from elsewhere and was plunder brought back from the wars (seems improbable) or if it is a relic of a Dara Happan/Bright Empire campaign in Ralios - which doesn't seem to fit the text in FS... I may be reading too much into the fact that the illustration is from an Assyrian palace (probably at Nineveh) but usually that sort of art isn't left as a commemoration, but appears as palace wall propaganda. If it is a commemoration of the Bright Empire campaign against Arkat in Ralios, then Kasda must have been a pro-Arkat city. [I am attempting to find all the details I can about Arkat in Ralios, and this 'data point' doesn't seem to quite fit the narrative.]
  2. M Helsdon


    Could anyone tell me where this city is? Emperor Anirestyu besieged it.
  3. Page count sans index now at 100. Keep on thinking of things to add. Will start on the maps tomorrow.
  4. I don't generally include very much about the Elder Races. There's about a page on Arkat's Autarchy (rise, military, fall). From what I can tell, his empire didn't heavily influence the culture, martial or otherwise, of its citizens. But this time, I hope to include historical sketches ranging from the First to the Third Age.
  5. Not certain if I have seen that... But, so far as I can determine, the Axemen are probably of the same non-mainstream Hrestoli sect as their lords. One thing I have realised in writing the text is that there is a very great deal of variety between the different branches of Hrestolism, with the Loskalmi at one end of the spectrum, and the Ramalians at the other, at least for a time. I've never particularly 'liked' Rokarism, but now understand why it rejects Hrestolism - Hrestolism can be very nice or very bad, and it makes me wonder if Hrestol was, in fact, Illuminated..
  6. Yes - though it's the oppressed serfs who worship Zorak Zoran (and Mralot - and most of them are 'tamed'), as I understand it, not the nobility or their soldiers. If this project receives the go-ahead, will be sketching soldiers etc. not, I'm afraid, serfs.
  7. Realised I needed to include western Slontos. Only adds a page and a bit as it's a fairly peripheral region, and I don't have access to much source material. First draft text pretty much done: now at 100 pages plus index. May start drawing maps...
  8. So far today have added more information about ships (which brings the section on Safelstran vessels to about a thousand words) and Brithini crossbows. By offering details of Brithini and later Western crossbows, it illustrates the decline in technical/magical ability (the Brithini use hi-tech crossbows with a metal lath with a lever, whilst the Western are basically composite wood/baleen with a much simpler mechanism).
  9. There's a time limit. Recovering the head helps. One thing I had to do was attempt to delve into the various Malkioni sects, because without it, understanding their military is difficult.
  10. My understanding is that riding was the prerogative of talari officers; ancient holari didn't ride because it was against their caste laws. From what I can tell, the Daron wasn't bred to be an ideal heavy cavalry horse until the Second Age - before that it was big but slow. Very tough, but prone to making assumptions based on past experience.
  11. Their main issues are injury and death, both usually repairable.
  12. Yes, I have seen and used that. However, my reading is that the sorb vision isn't just mounted on the crossbow. Will have to reread. I am awaiting for approval to continue. The first thing I will do are the maps. There's a subsection of about 450 words about them.
  13. And it's still growing. I really like Safelster...
  14. That's the first draft of 'Men of the West' completed, coming in at 74,454 words not counting the index. With the index it is 99 pages. If it is cleared to proceed will start generating maps and illustrations - probably needs four maps and about thirty sketches.
  15. The majority of Orlanthi clans are unlikely to do this as raids are usually to capture valuable cattle, and stealing children is far too likely to initiate a blood feud. However, some Orlanthi clans do specialize in slave taking, for example the Tarshite city of Slavewall, as its name denotes, is the site of a major slave market dealing with captives from as far away as Balazar and Prax. It was founded during the reign of King Yarandros by a war clan who subjugated their neighbors, making them their thralls, and then encouraged these thrall clans to assist in their slave raids lest their own kin be sold. It is, however, probably rare, as if the neighboring clans have the sense to drop their own disputes, they will briefy unite to exact revenge on the slave-takers, and either destroy them or drive them away. Stealing cattle is one thing, stealing children something very different.
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