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  1. First two: Lesillan and Gerran Minor Class.
  2. Preparatory rough sketches. Poses may change.
  3. Latest. I have a mystery: on my laptop my layout looks fine; on my desktop the pagination goes awry. Word used on both. The only difference seems to be the laptop uses metric page size, the desktop imperial... On to roughing out the next illustrations: Lunar Schools.
  4. I have been looking at the Gods Wall illustration in the Guide and am tending towards something like Assyrian/Babylonian costume. The Pelorian culture illustration might also be a source. Thank you both for your input. May start roughing something out at the weekend. Additional: found a place for the latest sketch, which involved manipulating the captions of other sketches and... there's room for yet another one in that chapter. Checked the other chapters, and no caption changes have any impact on white space.
  5. Latest: another Irillo Hundred militiaman. Wanted to illustrate the shield variant (derived from a canonical source), and the fact that there's no standard equipment for most militias. The shield is a mixture of square for Earth, and a Stasis Rune. Much as Mobility is desired by cavalry, infantry who fight in a shield-wall or phalanx need to 'stand firm'... Now need to work out where it fits... Starting to think about the next set, but am stumped by a reference to 'Orian clothing' for one Lunar Minor Class. Obviously the costume of the cult of Oria, but I have no idea what this is. Can anyone help?
  6. The God Time certainly had duration, and each god seems to have performed their actions sequentially, but every deity seems to have had their own sequence, and so they are often contradictory. The God Time definitely had distinct eras, and a gradual increase in entropy, but understanding it is beyond the Event Horizon of the Compromise and the beginning of Time, so mortal minds are probably unable to understand it. The goddess of Truth didn't survive, so there are now no absolute truths in Glorantha: YGWV is innate to the nature of the world.
  7. An overview of the Army Lists chapter. Mostly illustrated with mini versions of larger illustrations elsewhere. Would like every unit to have an illustration, but that would take another year... Despite my intent to start roughing out Lunar magicians today, I seem instead to have roughed out another member of the Nochet militia...
  8. There are a number of illustrations of different city gates (ranging from a gate of Raibanth, a temple complex in Nochet, Red Cow fort and others) to a gateway of Whitewall before and after the Lunar assault. Not really something that would fit with the book, I'm afraid. Considering a sketch of the six schools included in the Minor Class Lunar magicians, but that would require six figures, and maybe also a seventh of an Illuminated Major Class magician. I have information on their costumes, but it is twenty years old, and the set would take several weeks.
  9. Latest: this time a more Lunarized soldier from Furthest. If it had occurred to me earlier, I might have attempted to draw most of the Tarsh units to illustrate the variation in weapons and armor, and the varying levels of Lunar influence. Now need to think about that half page of white space in the Arcane Warfare chapter... The mini set displays all the sketches (with exceptions of horse armor and an Orlanthi chariot). The other drawings of weapons, armor, shields, fortifications, maps are in addition to this.
  10. As the Tarsh civil war heats up, they are going to be allies of Sartar. Latest image. The saga of filling up white space: Introduction - full Fundamentals of Warfare - full Arms and Armor - full Regional Warfare - full The Battlefield – full Transport and Mobility - full Fortifications and Siege Warfare - full Arcane Warfare – ½ page Gods of War - full Armies of Central Genertela – n/a Army Lists – n/a Appendices – ⅛ page Index – n/a Sources - n/a Going to see if I can fill the Appendices gap with another Tarshite regiment.
  11. Whilst interesting to rough out, the 'evolution of Sun Dome temples' would require a page, so not suitable as a filler. Instead, sketched this one, to illustrate an appendix that mentions Tarsh. The arms and armor are intended to be a mixture of native Tarsh and southern Pelorian; the snake head shield boss is intended to show that Ernalda's cultic imagery is important to the militia of Dunstop even if they aren't members of her cult. Also gave me an opportunity to (finally) draw a Boars' tusk composite helmet - maybe this soldier fought in the Battle of Porkers...
  12. Nice. So far as I am aware, there are no images of Enkidu that have been positively identified; there are suggestions that depictions of the wild man/bull man on Mesopotamian seals are of Enkidu. What you may have there are two different versions of Gilgamesh?
  13. In the Roman instance: yes, but doubtless spears were used in the same way in other times and places. Examining the picture: her shield appears to be protected by a leather covering, so not immediately combat ready, she has other weapons readily to hand; the location is relatively safe in that the farmer is 'armed' only with a hoe and is accompanied by a young child. Given these factors, the use of the spear isn't unrealistic or inappropriate. Conclusion: an excellent piece of art.
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