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Hit Locations

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I like the idea of hit locations. I think it really adds flavor to combat. But sometimes it seems to bog my players down mathematically. Keeping track of the actual location and total hp.

Have any of you played or heard of an old game called Top Secret? They had a really great hp system with ten hit locations with little boxes.

Basically I took info from BRP and Top Secret and we made our own little system. It has been working great. Especially for high fantasy / high pulp games.

I've taken the hit locations from Top Secret.


1,2 - Left/Right Chest

3 - Stomach

4,5 - Arms

6,7 - Hands

8,9 - Legs

Each of those locations have 10 boxes within. Added to the sheet are two more categories with 10 boxes called wounds and bleed.

Once you calculate your total hit points, you take .25 of the total number and allocate it to all your locations. Also .25 of the total hit point number goes on your character sheet where it asks for your dead number which will later be represented in the bleed box.

So, stay with me, when a location is filled up, a player will make a check in his wounds box, if that wound is not treated he begins to bleed. He bleeds a number equal to how many wounds are checked off in the wounds box. Once you "bleed" out you're dead.

So...if your 1,2, and 5 are filled up, you have 3 wounds, and you're bleeding 3 a round. Still capable of fighting, perhaps with penalties, but you're hurt awfully bad.

So far it has worked really well and I just wanted to share. It makes for some really easy hp tracking and fast paced action filled combats.

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With "So...if your 1,2, and 5 are filled up" you mean the hit location I guess? Interesting system, easy to follow as well. I am not sure wht the torso should have the same amount of HP as an arm, but hey.

Maybe one could use the BRP HP system and simply add these Wounds and Bleed boxes. Hm, interesting, really nice!

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Guest Vile Traveller

Hit Locations. Love 'em to bits.

IIRC that's how the Battletech mech sheets worked - you had a picture of a mech with circles for 'hit points' in the various locations. I remember spending hours making up specific mech sheets by tippexing out circles to give the right number of hit points for that model. And yes, it's a very quick way of keeping tabs. Of course,, mech sheets weren't as heavily-used as character sheets.

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