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    I began role playing in 1990. I started with Dungeons & Dragons like many. But I've branched out and tried Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, Top Secret SI, AFMBE, the Palladium System, and many others.
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    Currently my group and I play Basic. We've tried many over the years but always found ourselves cobbling together games using the Call of Cthulhu rule set. When Basic came out, we immediately picked it up and have not turned back.
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    I currently work from home. I am an amateur author and adventure writer. Life so far, even with its ups and downs, has been good.
  1. Hey guys, I've created a Blog. Oh no...not another one! But nonetheless I have. It is a look at my groups adventures and mishaps along with gaming reviews and other fun gaming news. It's new and I'm new to it....so be gentle. I've given a review on threedeesix's Classic Fantasy! It's called Door, Room, Monster, Treasure: Gaming Adventures and Mishaps. It can be found at doorroommonstertreasure.myblogsite.com. I do hope you enjoy.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. I think after chewing on what all have said and reading over the rules a few more times I may decide this. Knowing the style my players are used to, and the books and films they strive to emulate, I will allow multiple attacks on one target. If their skill is below 100, they will need two weapons to do so, and it has to be 5 ranks apart. If above 100% and they have enough dex ranks, I will allow a split of attacks. Such as the Longsword of 150%, 3 attacks at 50, 50, and 50. Now that you have all explained it how it is supposed to work and showed me some hou
  3. Good point. Let's see....games.... Well, there will always be a form of cards. Gambling is a staple. Be it Sabbac, Pazak, or some other form of space styled card game. I also plan to use deadlier games...pit fighting and racing where no rules are present. As for common games...yes, a form of chess will definitely be present. As stated, it seems to be another staple and represented in its classic form or some advance form. Also, I like the idea of droids or mechs battling with wagers placed on them. Also, there was an old game...I think cyberball. I liked that, it was a futuristic fo
  4. Okay that makes a bit more sense. Now for my second question then. According to the fighting with two-weapons, I beleive on 198 or around there, I'm not sure. If both your weapons are over 100% you can split those attacks. But it later says if those skills are over 100% and the off hand weapon is an acceptable weapon for off hand fighting you can ignore the difficult rolls. So my question is if you had the two weapons both at 120%. Why would you split your attacks? Why wouldn't you attack the two people next to you at full 120%s? I don't know why, but it all seems very confusing to m
  5. This is another monograph I really love and am thankful for. I wish this would be continued to be created like a Basic Monster Manual if you will. I'd even pick it up it they came out with a line like Basic Sci-Fi Creatures, Basic Villains, etc etc. Anyway, it has been a welcome addition to the shelves.
  6. This is perhaps one of my favorite supplements that is sitting right next to Classic Fantasy. I'm glad Rodney borrowed the alchemy rules from it. I think this potion creation system is top notch and the best I've seen. D&D and other systems had such a messy creation system or just did away with it on whole. The book is also a wealth of information on adding witchcraft to your game. I use it alot for that "old crone in the swamp" cliche alot in my games. The potion creation has also inspired my players to start taking other skills like cooking and work on little homebrewed recipes. S
  7. I should also state that I know this could be easily solved by enacting a houserule of my own and normally I would. But I'm really trying to learn brp at the core and understand the mechanics at the heart first before I go adapting. I'd like to feel comfortable with a rule at the base and then have the chance to change it or not once I understand why it is or isn't a certain way like I did with hit locations. I understood that rule and made changes to help my players.
  8. Thank you for answering. However, I guess it is still not clicking in my head. I guess because so many other systems allow you to attack one target multiple times it still seems odd to me. I understand the critical and special successes are that much higher but I don't see why if you have a shortsword and longsword in hand you can't cut that orc up, but yet you could attack multiple orcs around you. Perhaps the light just isn't popping in my head.
  9. Sorry if this has been discussed before. I looked but couldn't find anything. Ok. As per the rules, if you have a weapon skill over 100% you can break it up and make multiple attacks every 5 dex ranks on different targets. (Why can't it be one target?). Now lets toss an offhand weapon that's acceptable and won't suffer the difficult roll penalty. I have longsword of 120% and dagger of 120%. According to the rules, I just split those and get two attacks. How come, if my dex was high enough, couldn't I split my longsword and then make my offhand all on the acceptable dex rank
  10. I personally like the shield rules within the basic system. Shields are hardier than most weapons because they are expected to take the brunt of the damage, hence why their hp are bulkier. They allow the parrying of attacks that would normally be tough to do with weapons. Plus a good 'ol shield bash is alot of fun. Most of my fantasy characters use a shield...it's like a staple item on my good aligned warriors!
  11. Interesting thoughts. I never planned to ignore religion. I just wanted it to be explained with science. But allow the option of certain planets and species to treat it as a religion if they wanted. I guess I should have said I wanted to keep supernatural elements out of it so to speak, but allow an introduction of them of sorts. If that makes sense. But I see quite a bit of sci-fi using religion or being religious. Firefly having the preacher character, the Force in Starwars and the mention of Hell, and the classic man vs. God in so many sci-fi movies and literature.
  12. Because I can be scatter brained and be derailed from tracking my posts, I just want to say thank you for all the helpful comments and feedback everyone has been giving me!
  13. I understand you die at 0 if you are not healed by the next round. I understand all the hit location rules. But what is the area on the hit point box by dead with the Dead (- ) for? Can you go to negatives and if so how many?
  14. I like the idea of hit locations. I think it really adds flavor to combat. But sometimes it seems to bog my players down mathematically. Keeping track of the actual location and total hp. Have any of you played or heard of an old game called Top Secret? They had a really great hp system with ten hit locations with little boxes. Basically I took info from BRP and Top Secret and we made our own little system. It has been working great. Especially for high fantasy / high pulp games. I've taken the hit locations from Top Secret. 0-Head 1,2 - Left/Right Chest 3 - Stomach 4,5 - Arms 6
  15. Totally understandable. I cannot wait myself! And my group absolutely enjoys the first volume. BRP and Classic Fantasy have really made our fantasy games what we've always wanted. As for Fallout, I hope your brother posts some things....it sounds like he's put alot of effort into it.
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