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Barjora's Shield

Erol of Backford

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So I am looking to develop a quest to find Barjora's Shield.

Is there any info on Barjora besides that he died saving Humakt and all that was left was his shield? (Plunder by Rudy Kraft)

Has anyone woven this artifact into their campaigns in the past and if so how did it go and do you care to share any details?

If there isn't a location that is screaming "home to Barjora's Shield" does Prax or the Wastes work to find a hidden chasm/oasis or possibly some in or near theTunneled Hills or Plateau of Statues maybe, a really bad place?

Which of the Orlanthi cults is most likely to end up with/most suited to wield the shield of the following: Babeester Gor, Ernalda, Orlanth or Storm Bull?

When I googled Barjora it turns out to be a place in India and of course I recalled Elcid321's post on the Tower of the Elephant and thought that it could be possessed by a manifestation of the Elephant God and somehow its brought back from its "tower/statis form" by the adventures and is now insane having been trapped for so long? Maybe a Teshnan Elephant variant but wearing the shield as a forehead decoration but somehow the the Elephant God has gained use of the shield? Geiron would be one tough cookie... you can get its stats at:


Also do we have any references as to earthquakes in Prax or the Wastelands along the south coast, just curious as its related to another potential location for the shield to be found.

Any thoughts on this wet-mess would be appreciated and thank you all in advance!

image.png.c68e10b2bd69e380a3dc98b49120dbdd.png image.png.a8b4263920f1e9ce697fb25cc6d9c4ba.png image.png.0ac1ecf411d34726605a9368df5ba3d5.png

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