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Prison camp for Saxons?

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3 hours ago, SaxBasilisk said:


One of my players has asked Arthur for permission to build a prisoner-of-war camp for Saxons. His hope is that he can recruit some of them for his own nefarious purposes.

How would you go about creating such a thing? I'm thinking 12 Libra, 2 Libra upkeep, check to Cruel, access to questionable Saxons.

Upkeep is going to be a hell of a lot more, if they are just sitting there rather than working in the fields for their food. £0.25 per Saxon, I'd say, and then you need to add the guards, £0.5 per 5 or so (no guns here). Round it to £2 per 5 Saxons to have some admin/officers as well.

Now, if you are going to march them from the prison camp to the fields to work, then the prisoners would likely do enough work to feed themselves. Probably even more, since they are presumably healthy males. So it might even become profitable. Congratulations, you have rediscovered latifundia slavery.

Of course, if this is pre-Badon, they are very likely to escape if they have the chance and make their way back home. It is not as if they are half an Empire away and their home kingdom having been conquered by the Romans.

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