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Bringing Classic fantasy stuff into the Young Kingdoms


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I have played Stormbringer/Elric! a while back and I really enjoyed the atmosphere because it was so dark. The bad guys weren't necessarily out to kill you because they were so evil, they killed you because they cared little to nothing about you and only bothered with you because you were in the way. Also, the Pan Tangians were truly horrible people and they really made the gameworld grim. So there are many things I really like about playing in the Young Kingdoms but one thing I would would be to have more monsters so I am thinking that maybe the sorcerers could have opened some gates to the Dungeon Realm and let in loads of monsters and races of humanoids. I would think that in the Young Kingdom most races would greatly fear the Pan Tangians and Melniboneans who would likely be very cruel towards halflings, elves and gnomes. The dwarves may be far enough away in the mountains while the goblinoids would likely be enslaved or exterminated. The drow and duergar may get along with them however. And the loads of monsters would give endless adventure opportunities.

Anyway, I am curious about how to combine these two. And if anyone has any ideas what would happen to the Temple of Elemental Evil if it were set up in the Young Kingdoms then that would be really interesting to me. And even more interesting would be what would happen if the Giants/Drow series were to be in the Young Kindoms that would be fun to read about too. Thanks.

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Early Stormbringer explicitly suggested transposing fantasy creatures in (I think one of the included adventures had a portal to Glorantha in it) and MM certainly took classic fantasy elements (albeit with his own twist) allied to a million worlds and travel between them I'd have thought that one could transpose in whatever one wanted.

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