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  1. The doubled skills DO look untidy but voice of my experience here (and that may not reflect yours) it does make it blindingly obvious to players what is and what is not covered by the skill Other doubling ups as follows (all caveat author, there is a decision made by each pairing and I am more than open to the viewpoint that in your game X does not belong with Y because Z) Brawl/Wrestle Climb/Jump Dance/Dodge Hide/Sneak Juggle/Tumble Sail/Swim Bargain/Fast Talk Conceal/Disguise Inspire/Intimidate Musician/Sing Evaluate/Insight Known World/Navigate Million Spheres/Unknown East Natural World Physical World Physik/Potions Drive/Ride Pick Lock/Trap Scribe Balance/Listen Scent/Taste Search/Track
  2. What annoyed me about the MRQ add two stats to get your starting value is this: Right at the beginning of playtesting I asked how this was going to be addressed, which of the legacy systems from different BRP games would be used? Add two scores for a category? Base + modifier? Base with no modifier? Or worst of all worlds the incredibly faffy ElfQuest thing where you have to add two scores individually for every single skill? And AT THAT POINT Mongoose chose the ElfQuest version. Which (regardless of effectiveness or not as a mechanic) just highlighted my complete inability to influence RPG design!
  3. As with most things BRP related porting one rule to another sibling-system is dead easy I just made each Sorcery Spell* a 1-point spell (so the effects were a little toned down to +-10% skill, 1d3 Hit Points, +-3 characteristic points) and used a Luck roll * and several of the RQ Battle Magic and Spirit Magic spells If you use the Unknown East/Advanced Sorcery rules as the more academic magic alongside then it really makes a clear difference between Sorcery and muttered charms
  4. I've done this in several different ways; none for inherently better just different The design decision (I would suggest) is: do you want to get rid of the second roll for weapon damage or provide the opportunity for a higher total Depending on your answer that you can then create the model you want
  5. Ref: the size bonus/penalty OpenQuest has always been gloriously simple and used big bonuses or nothing I'd suggest a flat smaller SIZ gets +20, larger SIZ gets -20 (inspired by the rule for faster ships in the old Elric! sailing rules)
  6. Reducing the Skill List Elric already doubles up some skills (Scent/Taste in place of Scent and Taste, Devise/Repair in place of Devise and Repair) and the Chaosium-authored but WEG-published Star Wars did too (Climb/Jump and Hide/Sneak) I halved the skill list in a game by carrying on with this theme It does require some thought as some skills just don't have a double and others choosing the double emphasises a style of play (So I put Sail/Swim for example) The next decision is: so what? Do we do so just to trim the skill list (no bad thing) or also allow some specialism if a player desires it? I would choose +30 Sail/Swim by default but maybe my character is an old Sailor who really doesn't like splashing about in the water ('a bad sailor falls out of the Boat I prefer staying in it') so instead gets +45 Sail +15 Swim
  7. There's some sound thinking in this thread I favour (but rarely actually follow my own rule) re-purposing an existing BRP rule Maybe: A FreeWill score starting at Pow x5 (just like SAN) If a player doesn't like a die roll, no problem pay FreeWill to re-roll But it's spent permanently as Mistress fate has intervened and the character becomes a pawn (I'll admit I stole this bit from CoC SAN and Symbaroum Corruption)
  8. Making allegiance relevant I did Allegiance scores rolled alongside characteristics Balance x5 = Perception% Chaos x5 = Magic% Law x5 = Knowledge% BUT: that only worked with several other rules changes (which as above might lead SB5.5 too far from its roots)
  9. I think this is a brilliant idea My previous attempts at house ruling various versions of SB always fell down when I went too far from RAW and realised that I had lost a lot of what made it special For characteristics I like: 2d6+3 each Then add +6 each to two chosen/favoured scores For Elder races make the bonus much bigger but it is fixed by Species rather than being player's choice
  10. Warhammer seems appropriate to Lodril (Smith - Earth and Hammer and Fire - Lava and impaling) The broader question I think (unusually to me) is to leave almost as is: Bladesharp makes the edged weapon sharper, Speedart the impaling weapon pointier, reducing resistive forces and so I'd apply to Spears as well, Bludgeon adds mass or possibly velocity but certainly momentum to blunt weapons (so I'd include rocks) Maybe the Lodril Cult version of Bludgeon applies to Warhammers, but everyone else has to choose Bludgeon for the Blunt end or Speedart for the spike?
  11. Very true. But part of Glorantha's appeal is that it is NOT Bronze Age; it's a wonderfully weird and Californian version of Bronze Age The non-idealised, historical versions of prostitution (i.e. anything which isn't Gemmellesque Earth Maidens or Ulerian courtesans) is quite frankly rape. And in Glorantha there is a cult which deals with rapists.
  12. No Casting spells reduces SAN. Going mad reduces SAN. But going mad doesn't affect spellcasting I honestly cannot remember, but I expect so. Otherwise madness occurs VERY quickly
  13. Sure, sure I've seen at least two different implementations (for all that enjoy tinkering with rules in downtime I'm a bit crap at paying attention to them in game unless I think 'ooh that's clever I might borrow that' or 'what a load of old carp'). Rolling for SAN on d20 against remaining MPs and rolling 1d100 against (remaining MPs) x5%. You'd have to be fairly sick to roll d100 against remaining MPs! (Although SBIII did have characteristic tests as a straight 1d100 against characteristic so its not without pedigree)
  14. I've played in CoC games where remaining magic points are used as sanity I'm not sure where the idea originated but one GM said that he go it from me and I certainly didn't invent it so it's been around for a while