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Secrets of Dorastor Personalities - Tactics


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We are pleased to announce a new RuneQuest supplement: Secrets of Dorastor Personalities - Tactics.

The Personalities of Dorastor are horrifying in many ways. Each one fights in their own special way, and few know of all of their tactics. I am lucky that I have seen several of them fight, at dierent times, and have survived to tell the tale, normally by being far enough away to not be in the combat itself. Some of the Personalities are true monsters, transcending normality. Aranara, the Great Gorp, Heidi and the Chaos Dragon are examples of these. Such creatures are to be feared and avoided.

Ickigore the Well-Travelled

This RuneQuest supplement is a companion-piece to Secrets of Dorastor, including the major Personalities of Dorastor with an expanded portion of their Tactics, and beautifully illustrated by my art-partner, Dario Corallo.


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