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"Superworld" - Alternate Size Chart


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Howdy folks:

My group just started playing Call of Cthulhu again, so I've been reminded of how much I enjoy the Chaosium system. I've purchased BRP, and have been toying around with doing a superhero campaign in it, but I realize that the game system (as is) is less than optimal for most superhero campaigns. The actual Superworld, which I own but never ran, is a bit outdated and too glitchy for my tastes. I am, therefore, toying around with tweaking various aspects of the rules to suit my needs - a sort of updated Superworld if you will. One of the first things I'm tackling is the SIZE chart. The linear progression is a bit troublesome for superhero gaming, so I've designed the following:


The table includes a "BRP Equivalent Size" column for easy conversion between classic BRP and my homebrew rules.

I haven't fully sketched it out yet, but I figure that these rules will allow me to have characters with more "reasonable" strength scores.

Spider-Man, I figure, would come in at around a STR 45. Using the Resistance Table, that means he has a 50% chance of lifting 7.4 tons (U.S) and approximately a 25% chance of lifting 15 tons (U.S.).

Captain America might come in at around a STR 20, giving him a 50% chance of lifting 448 lbs. and approximately a 25% chance of lifting 900 lbs.

As for Damage Bonus: I'm thinking of doing something like this:


21-25 = +0

26-30 = +1d4

31-35 = +1d6

36-40 = +2d6

41-45 = +3d6

46-50 = +4d6

51-55 = +5d6

That would give Spider-Man (STR 45, SIZ 10) +5d6 punches.

That would give Captain America (STR 20, SIZ 18) +2d6 punches.

What do ya'll think?



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I'm glad you're working on this. The SIZ chart is often confusing for me, especially when dealing with non-standard beings/critters. A set of consistent benchmarks would greatly help those wishing to devise a supers game. Your calculations for Spider-Man and Captain America look good to me, based on my non-expert general geek knowledge of the characters.

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