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Pendragon 3rd Edition Maps?

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So, years back I bought Pendragon 3rd & Knights Adventurous and recently snagged The Boy King.

Pendragon 3rd had two fold out maps. Also there was one (maybe one half, pictured below) pull out map from Knights Adventurous (I think). The Boy King had no pullout map.

I am fairly sure there was originally a poster map in one of the books. I want to know what am I missing.

I bought the pdfs from drivethru. However, only the pdf of Knights Adventurous has a map scanned (over 8 single pages), but that looks different from my map I have. The core book pdf for 3rd has none of the pullouts/color plates or the poster map.

Any help narrowing down what I'm missing would be great!



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