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Better Chaosium Propaganda


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There's been some bitching on a Call of Cthulhu message board about the quality of stuff coming out of Chaosium recently. Suggestions of too many typos, recycled content and low production values - specifically as it relates to CoC. Posters have suggested that other companies are getting it right whilst Chaosium are resting on past glories and not really making an effort. I'm not really saying I agree with them - but I do have CoC stuff by Cubicle 7 and it is good.

The whole business with the insecure online trading and how long it took to sort out - if it has been sorted out - are also worrying.

I know they don't have 'big money' behind them, but other companies manage to promote their products better.

Chaosium need to up their game.

No Gods - No Masters

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