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  1. The Ignorants and the Iradgenderi are fascinating to me. And since they haven't been described much, it leaves ample room for YGWV treatment.
  2. I play that if your roll succeeds BOTH under MA and Grapple then you get two effects instead of one (ie, two hit locations caught instead of one, or both immobilisation AND the capacity to throw the foe in the next round), or you may try to reroll the STR v STR roll if you missed it.
  3. Good question. We had a Humakti-sanctioned duel in our RQ:G game last night and our warrior killed Branduan Hodirson. Now the GM has this threat of having to pay wergild looming over us.
  4. What about the Dream World? Based on the description of the Hero Plane, I would say they are the same (or that the Dream World is a subset of the Hero Plane).
  5. Don't want to sound aggressive or whatever, but what you call 'fantasy tropes' are actually D&D tropes. I have read heaps of fantasy novels and wizards are often solitary figures versed in the occult --their spell-casting ability often rumour rather than reality-- rather than mediaeval fireball-casting T-55s.
  6. or of Northern Dragon Pass?
  7. That was RQ3 material though. The OP was wondering about RQ2 material.
  8. Do Dwarfside and Dwarftown refer to the same area? Or is the former aboveground and the latter underground?
  9. He also used to be a player in our group 🙂 He's had the bad idea of moving to your area; I'm not sure he's still playing RQ these days.
  10. GianniVacca

    Non-Uz & Bugs

    or in the same way that humans view broo: fellow mammals-- but Chaos-tainted!
  11. GianniVacca

    Non-Uz & Bugs

    Yes IMG there is a clear connection between insects (& spiders) and the Darkness rune. Timinits and Scorpionmen are an exception though.
  12. Yes... Even better, have a Lanbril rune and get the bonus whenever you roll under the rune per the RAW.
  13. Yes but I don't picture the hungry ghosts as being hopping vampires either.
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