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  1. GianniVacca


    Looks like a bug. I certainly wouldn't enforce it.
  2. on page 24, boxed text at the bottom of the 1st column: When the fighting breaks out at either location, refer to WHITEYE'S TACTICS, pXX-XX.
  3. GianniVacca

    Uz Language Questions

    OK, here are my Darktongue syllables: https://2ndage.blogspot.com/2018/12/darktongue-101.html Enjoy, and do not hesitate to comment.
  4. GianniVacca


    Do Gloranthan women have menstruation? If yes, what is the mythical explanation?
  5. GianniVacca

    Uz Language Questions

    I have put together a roster of possible Darktongue syllables based on the proper nouns from the published material (mostly Trollpak and the Guide). I can publish it on my blog should anybody be interested. Do not forget that, as with any other linguistic material from Gloranthan canon, this is all as "heard by Greg during his explorations of Glorantha and approximated to an American English ear". It's not the real McCoy.
  6. No trolls in Ignorance-- it's a mixed human-trollkin population, see pages 287 & 289 of the Guide.
  7. GianniVacca

    GM Reference Booklet Printout Driving Me Crazy

    It was! Weird.
  8. GianniVacca

    GM Reference Booklet Printout Driving Me Crazy

    Weird.... When I try that the option to change the page display to Single Page is greyed out 😞
  9. Has anybody managed to print out the damned thing? Because of its weird structure (two physical pages per single PDF page) I can't print it out satisfactorily.
  10. GianniVacca

    Tell me of Sheng Seleris

    Why's that? It took the Manchus 65 years to conquer China.
  11. Black Lotus is described as 'notorious' in the Guide so I reckon its trade is illegal/heavily regulated.
  12. GianniVacca

    3rd-Party Publishing?

    Free or not? I guess that would make a difference in terms of 'fan published stuff' vs a fully-fledged 3rd party product.
  13. GianniVacca

    "Secrets of Japan" and martial arts

    Oooops I now realise you were specifically looking for Japanese Martial Arts-oriented skills, so disregard my previous message, as the free version available now does not contain any Martial Arts-related content. As for your original post-- I had a discussion with Charlie Krank about Secrets of Japan back at the time when he was running Chaosium. He told me the author had provided him several lengthy manuscripts intended to complete the first book, but that he did not want to publish them because he thought 'there would be no interest' -- but then we all know about Charlie's business acumen 😞 Well, there used to be several very interesting Basic supplements published by Stratelibri.
  14. GianniVacca

    "Secrets of Japan" and martial arts

    You may also want to check the free partial preview for Rise of the Yōkai Koku, a supplement for Revolution D100 set at the time of the Sengoku Jidai, that Alephtar Games had circulated. The fully-fledged product wasn't funded 😞
  15. GianniVacca

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    Wasn't there somewhere talk of the 'Nine Lightbringers" in Pamaltela? [edit] yep, here: http://www.pensee.com/dunham/glorantha/umathela/UmathelanReligion.pdf. Not canon, but interesting! [/edit]