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  1. GianniVacca

    Griselda Stories

    What is the canonical order of the Griselda stories including the extra ones from the Kraken chapbooks?
  2. Kralorela, Chern Durel, Orathorn...
  3. GianniVacca

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    My own report to complete dimbyd's: https://2ndage.blogspot.com/2018/05/back-from-chimeriades-vi.html
  4. GianniVacca

    Black sun / blood sun

    YGWV. As someone who has been refereeing in Chern Durel for about one year and who is more interested in gameable stuff than in theological discourse, I can offer the following: - The Black Sun is the main god of Chern Durel (the former Kingdom of Ignorance), worshipped by both humans and trollkin. He is simultaneously a part of the Yelm pantheon and a Darkness deity. - The Chaos vs Anti-Chaos antagonism is not as important in Eastern Genertela as elsewhere [the main antagonisms in Eastern Genertela are: Ignorance vs Splendour, and Waking World vs Nightmare], but the Black Sun is definitely NOT Chaotic, and the Uz who formerly lived in Ignorance (and who now live in the neighbouring lands) are definitely anti-Chaos since they are also subject to the Curse of Kin. - The relationship between the Black Sun and the Blood Sun is not very clear. By reading the text on p286 of the Guide, my understanding is that the Black Sun and the Blood Sun are two different interpretations of the "Suns to Come" prophecy by different people (the Uz for the Black Sun, and Jorazzi Redhands for the Blood Sun). The Black Sun is the majority cult (p287) but in my Glorantha the Blood Sun has been making progress thanks to the maize connection with the Lunar Empire.
  5. GianniVacca

    A sense of scale

    Well, there are many magical and mythical obstacles to travelling across Genertela so I'd say size doesn't really matter...
  6. As a RQ referee, I do hope we will also be able to have access to the 'cults of terror' write-ups!
  7. GianniVacca

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    A Lamentations of the Flame Princess in Glorantha rpg would actually be pretty cool.
  8. Well, the USofA is a fantasy place, sort of. Most people I know are only familiar with it via comics and films.
  9. GianniVacca

    Tribal Edit Thread for Glorantha Sourcebook

    I have re-read the thread and I believe the following were not reported: p59 “The stone friezes pictured here comes from the notes compiled by the noted cartographer Song of Roses who mapped the Redstone Caverns.” p66 “Sramake”
  10. Also under 'Monk' the sentence "In a couple cases, like the Sun Shield Monk..." should read "In a couple of cases, like the Square Round Monk..."
  11. p96, Classes At the bottom of the table: ***The troll adept, like the druid it is based on, is likely to vary these stats based it talents. This sentence doesn't mean anything, does it?
  12. GianniVacca

    Yanafal Tarnils

    I have seen the daimyō exhibit of armours and arms yesterday in Paris [http://www.hotels-paris-rive-gauche.com/blog/2018/02/15/expo-daimyo-paris-guimet-palais-tokyo/], and some of the helmets were unbefuckinglievable. I think a cool horned helmet would warrant a +3 (or even +6) bonus if appropriately narrated.
  13. On page 3, amongst the KS backers, there is a gentleman referenced to as Ignacio RodrÃguez Chaves. I suspect his real name is Ignacio Rodríguez Chaves. Same remark with Jérome Bianquis and Jérome Bianquis. Likewise, on page 4, there is a gentleman referenced to as Pablo DomÃnguez Castro. I suspect his real name is Pablo Domínguez Castro. These typos smell of copy and paste from two sources using different character encoding sets.