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  1. To me "before the Spike shattered" for a Gloranthan mortal is tantamount to "before the Big Bang" in the Real World-- an unfathomable singularity.
  2. Any pics of Arandinni or at least of Andin anywhere?
  3. GianniVacca


    Yes, but a much more dangerous one (for the perpetrator) than in the RW. As are torture, cannibalism, etc. I have increased the value of the Chaos Rune for players who were in a "D&D murderhobo" mode and that has calmed them down 🙂
  4. GianniVacca


    Are we playing D&D now ? 🤔
  5. Couldn't that have been a D&D adventure, modified for RuneQuest? D&D does have sea ghouls (called lacedons).
  6. I think it's built in the game: Chaos is supposed to lead and hence to have everybody gang up against them. I remember playtest games on a similar pattern.
  7. I have played the newest version of Mythic Iceland (now called RQ Mythic Iceland) at The Kraken.
  8. GianniVacca


    Guide to Glorantha, page 702 I have been looking for a description of the Naga, but couldn't find any in any of my various RQ/HQ books. Did I miss anything?
  9. GianniVacca


    The rules mention the whip several times-- yet no details are given 😞 Has anybody figured them out?
  10. My report: https://2ndage.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-kraken-2019-report.html My daughter's report: https://2ndage.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-kraken-2019-report-different_29.html
  11. The description of the Glue spell says (RQG p262): So would it work on a zombie-- arguably the zombie isn't made of LIVING tissue or organic material!
  12. Cultural appropriation 😬
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