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  1. According to various snippets from various panels at various cons, the battle rules in the upcoming GM book will focus on what happens to you as a PC within a battle rather than on the outcome of the battle itself. So do not expect wargaming rules.
  2. Now we had a similar thread on the FB group and the (sort of) consensus was that each spell was different, and even a given spell taught by a different cult might have different sensory effects. But (as always) YGWV and one of the posters said that, as a GM, they allowed their players to recognise their opponents' spirit magic spells based on the sensory effects. I do not -- in My Glorantha a Lunar Bladesharp has different sensory effects to an Orlanthi Bladesharp.
  3. Well this is from the rules, so it's the only canonical stuff we may rely upon:
  4. This is why I was thinking something more exotic, like reptile- or running bird-based (fantasy) mounts.
  5. Do Teshnan soldiers use mounts? If yes, would their mounts be horses?
  6. I'm not saying it is satisfactory. I just remember Greg saying something along those lines at a con. Personally, whether a Glorathan year is or is not the same length as a RW year doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of the game so who cares.
  7. I'm pretty sure Greg said at one of the German cons that the Gloranthan days were longer, thus having the Gloranthan year and the terrestrial one of similar lengths.
  8. I do not use RW equivalences in Glorantha because it is a magical world. In MY Glorantha (as someone has pointed out) the Red Moon looks tiny in Kralorela. Why? That's another matter, to which I haven't given any thought, but it's simply the way things are. With the growing Lunar presence in the Kingdom of Ignorance, the Red Moon looks larger there even though the distance is pretty much the same.
  9. Currently running a RQ:G campaign set in Kralorela, and IMG the Red Moon, whilst visible in the Kralorelan sky, is really really small, making the night real-world dark.
  10. To me "before the Spike shattered" for a Gloranthan mortal is tantamount to "before the Big Bang" in the Real World-- an unfathomable singularity.
  11. What makes you think so?
  12. Any pics of Arandinni or at least of Andin anywhere?
  13. GianniVacca


    Yes, but a much more dangerous one (for the perpetrator) than in the RW. As are torture, cannibalism, etc. I have increased the value of the Chaos Rune for players who were in a "D&D murderhobo" mode and that has calmed them down 🙂
  14. GianniVacca


    Are we playing D&D now ? 🤔
  15. Couldn't that have been a D&D adventure, modified for RuneQuest? D&D does have sea ghouls (called lacedons).
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