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  1. The description of the Glue spell says (RQG p262): So would it work on a zombie-- arguably the zombie isn't made of LIVING tissue or organic material!
  2. Cultural appropriation 😬
  3. For what it's worth-- we've only explored Northern Shiyang so far, but we've already found three different human cultures: People of Ignorant descent living under Kralori rule. Some of them are OK with that, some others resent it, some others mind their own business. They worship the monstrous demon who lives below Tzu Ling. Kralori of various clans and origins. Mostly worship Kralori deities but some of them worship other deities eg Thrunhin Da The Untouchables. They speak Kralori but don't belong to any of the Kralori clans. They clean the city and handle the dead. They live in their own quarter where they herd giant insects. They worship Gorakiki. Plus we have the following non-humans: The Slug-Men†, who act as intermediaries between the Kralori and the Ignorants, Trollkin (mostly slaves) Sentient cats‡ Merfolk in the river † inspired by https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/144820/YoonSuin?language=en ‡ inspired by https://imagecomics.com/comics/series/monstress
  4. We all tried that. The problem is that when you have Gloranthan-obsessed players who own all the books, it becomes quite moot in Sartar or in Prax. It's worked better for my Ignorance campaign because canon maps are scarce.
  5. GianniVacca


    You can't possibly experience linguistic drift in Darktongue when the 1,000-year old Uzuz matron keeps correcting you on pain of being eaten.
  6. The Ignorants and the Iradgenderi are fascinating to me. And since they haven't been described much, it leaves ample room for YGWV treatment.
  7. I play that if your roll succeeds BOTH under MA and Grapple then you get two effects instead of one (ie, two hit locations caught instead of one, or both immobilisation AND the capacity to throw the foe in the next round), or you may try to reroll the STR v STR roll if you missed it.
  8. Good question. We had a Humakti-sanctioned duel in our RQ:G game last night and our warrior killed Branduan Hodirson. Now the GM has this threat of having to pay wergild looming over us.
  9. What about the Dream World? Based on the description of the Hero Plane, I would say they are the same (or that the Dream World is a subset of the Hero Plane).
  10. Don't want to sound aggressive or whatever, but what you call 'fantasy tropes' are actually D&D tropes. I have read heaps of fantasy novels and wizards are often solitary figures versed in the occult --their spell-casting ability often rumour rather than reality-- rather than mediaeval fireball-casting T-55s.
  11. or of Northern Dragon Pass?
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