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Various other games including some of the generic one ( GURPS springs to mind ) have tech levels giving or suggesting what sort of technology is available at various stages of civilization. As BRP can do everything from stone age to science fiction ,would such a thing be useful, or even possible for BRP ?

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Technology is not exactly a strength of BRP, the technology information in the

BRP book is entirely generic. There is not much of a system to design technolo-

gy or to distinguish between designs from different stages of a technological

development. Without such a background a system of technology levels does

not seem to make much sense.

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I'd agree, which is why why I was wondering if it actually might be useful to actually have one, people might start putting their tech heads on and start designing stuff. I suppose I was thinking of it as a tool or framework. But then, if thats the case we might as well use something like a gurps tech tree.....

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Guest Vile Traveller

Commercially speaking, I think a gear system for BRP is actually desperately needed. To most SF gamers, a game which says "oh, just use GURPS if you want to design stuff" smacks of an incomplete system. I know, after decades of doing such a thing, that this ability to be able to plug virtually anything into the BRP engine and play is actually one of the strengths of our game, but it's not what you'd call a selling point.

And it's been something on the backburner of many would-be writers, I'm sure. I know it's there on mine, steaming away - time to turn up the heat and give it a stir, or let it simmer for a few years more ... ?

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