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[Parpuzio] What is this system?

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A new OGL game, heavily based on d100 and inspired by various incarnations of BRP, is now available. It is based on the OGL version of Mongoose RuneQuest 1, with some bits of the D20 OGL thrown in, but it is rather different from its ancestors, retaining less than 25% of them.

The main purpose of this system is to allow Alephtar Games to publish books that include the complete rules used. However, we chose to make it OGL and to make the playtest, that will now begin, absolutely public. All suggestions from people are welcome, and if they are incorporated in the game they will remain OGL, that is, available to the public for free. Playtest has already started.

Here is the SRD. Please consider that it is still untested, which means that it could lack balance. It also lacks magic, at the moment, although we have already playtested a form of supernatural powers.

Parpuzio Game System SRD v 0.5 (name not final)

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