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  1. Updated PDF available

    There is only one now, and it is with cover.
  2. Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

    Thank you and welcome on board! For everyone: do not forget that we are 36 hours away from the end of the campaign and still with 40% of the funds to collect. We can (and probably will) do it, but do not forget to pledge for the book if you wish to have it. Spamming on socials is appreciated, too!
  3. Updated PDF available

    Go to RPG Meeting and redownload it.
  4. new Classic Combat suggestion for Revolution D100

    The Conspiracy Theory is the best training for this sort of problem, as it teaches you the system one step at a time. Ran it with newbs last week, they grokked the system in a short time and now they have all signed up for a campaign within six minutes of me posting the pitch on Facebook
  5. Updated PDF available

    No, Basic Combat was not supposed to be renamed. I could not do the sub-chapter renaming before releasing the PDF. If possible we will integrate the change in the print version, but we are running out of time. As soon as we fund I need to send the files to the printer: the holidays are near.
  6. new Classic Combat suggestion for Revolution D100

    If this hits the sweet spot of crunch for your group, you can certainly benefit from it. However, I will not consider making anything of this official, not even in the Companion that will see the light, one day. The reasons are multiple: Advanced Combat is based on a delicate balance of factors. While there are certainly a lot of adjustments you can make to important details, removing one of the "pillars" of the system can easily make things worse. Dual wielders would become seriously overpowered. The fact that everyone attacks once but Bjorn-two-axes attacks twice is rather relevant. On the other hand, a shield user has no advantage whatsoever against a single opponent, who can attack only once and thus does not require him to use his second free parry. The biggest problem that people have with this kind of combat model is Combat Effects. Thus, you have not reverted to "classic" combat with this variant, you are still playing a modified Legend ruleset "without variable Action Points" . And this is still too crunchy for some people. Finally, I can assure you that with this modification combat would become seriously slower, particularly with high skill combatants. Advanced Combat in Rd100 is lightning fast even with all crunchy options turned on, with "boss fights" lasting no longer than 3 hours and normal fights up to one hour. At one attack per round with unlimited parries, you would see many combats slowing down to a crawl. As i have already said (to Tanaka, IIRC), if you really wish to try a third combat model "in-between" Basic and Advanced, just use OpenQuest combat "as is", with hit points equal to double Rd100 Toughness. However, I stress once more that this will not make combat faster than Advanced Combat, just less crunchy.
  7. Updated PDF available

    Yes it is updated. You have just to go to www.rpgmeeting.org and login, then go to profile / show my downloads and the pDF will be there.
  8. Updated PDF available

    I have replaced the file once more. It gave me an error when I ULed it the first time, but then I could see the file listed. If it now works, this is one Trouble Ticket for Chris Tang.
  9. Updated PDF available

    The updated PDF is now available on DriveThruRPG. Those who already own the PDF can download the update for free. It is also more compact - 66 Mb including cover. If you like the update and do not own a dead tree copy, please consider pledging for the hardcover edition on Ulule. The game will stay in print in any case, but hard bound books are nicer.
  10. Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

    The updated PDF is now available to all owners, both via RPG Meeting and via DriveThruRPG. It is mainly small changes and clarifications, most of which have been suggested on this forum. The campaign has less than one week left, do not forget to spam like mad!
  11. A Fantasy version of COC

    I think the OP wants specifically something working with the rules of CoC 7E, which differ from most other BRP variants. And I am afraid that there are no fantasy adaptations for that ruleset (yet).
  12. Errata for revolution d100

    You missed the point. In Rd100, a spear has faith in its wielder's ability to win the battle
  13. Looks interesting.
  14. Suggest a change or correction

    Fumbles/Disadvantages may be useful if you want to use a number of success level greater than two, like you do with the Extended Advantage that Simon has proposed. This makes the opposed roll matrix a little bit more complicated, but not unmanageable. It might be a good optional rule for the Companion.
  15. Suggest a change or correction

    It is. Only really adverse conditions should trigger an 80%.