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  1. The award-winning tabletop Roleplaying Game (RPG) publisher Alephtar Games is launching a series of new product lines for its core RPG System, Revolution D100. Each line is based on a fictional world from non-mainstream literature, comics, cinema or other media. The RPG products are complementary to the other entertainment forms, and may come packaged with them in a cross-media product offer. The first product to appear will be Red Moon Rising, a setting book for the steampunk world imagined by Scottish artist Rose Loughran. As of Spring 2017, the author has explored this world in an ongoing web comic. One self-contained story arc, readable alone like a novel in a series, has appeared so far, and the plot is still being developed. The supplement for Revolution D100 is the first alternate media incarnation of the web comic. Alephtar Games will launch the book with a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter in May 2017, and then proceed to distribute it through regular retail channels. In the world of Red Moon Rising, the expansionist power of Ashul, ruled by a military oligarchy of techno-mages, threatens the more sophisticated but less technologically advanced civilization of Imara, where those born with the gift of magic are more incline to put it to a peaceful use. The web comic is about people from these nations and how their destinies cross and their lives get caught in the machinations of opposing powers. The roleplaying game lets you be the protagonist of similar stories of intrigue and adventure and change their outcome with your actions. To take the role of a citizen of Ashul or Imara you will need the core Revolution D100 rulebook and the Red Moon Rising supplement. Our crowd funding campaign allows you to get both, in case you do not have the core book. In addition to this, you can order the first complete part of the web comic, “Waterlogged”, in a deluxe graphic novel format. Core book, setting book, graphic novel: you are free to choose any one, or more, of these items. Pick the format you are most comfortable with, and become immersed in the Red Moon Rising universe. Artwork Copyright © 2017 Rose Loughran, all rights reserved.
  2. Wind Words *was* used in my latest Glorantha campaign in the 90s. We allowed reuse of divine magic, but you had to sacrifice for individual spells. And Wind Lords used WW regularly - as well as Dark Walk which is an incredibly useful "commando" spell. We never suffered from the "Shield only" syndrome.
  3. Runeblogger has published my interview. It gives some insight on the genesis of Alephtar Games, Revolution D100 and such, so you might find it interesting to read. Many thanks to Runeblogger and Zit.
  4. The Weird Science sub-chapter can be used for cyberpunk in addition to steampunk. The rules are not specifically tailored to implants and nanotech, though. Red Moon Rising will include some rules for Steampunk prosthetics, and that will be another good example.
  5. The threshold is in fact in use, but irrelevant. Whenever the guards go to zero SR or lower (or below the threshold), Fantasy Grounds subtracts one from their LP. But since no one remained in the fight after receiving a major wound, LP were never used. If running such a combat on tabletop, you would have skipped counting LP until someone got wounded. As for free actions, each secondary weapon for which you have a trait or stunt gives you a free action. Works like in Legend, nothing more.
  6. Wow! ENworld has published a review of Revolution D100: Read more: It is a honest and unbiased review, definitely spot on. Many thanks to the author.
  7. And just to be clear: I am in no way endorsing game plagiarism like it happened for "Bang!". It is just that a court ruling (precedent) now exists. And it is in favour of "no copyright for rules".
  8. I will release the alpha as soon as we run the next playtest. Or you might help us playtest, every Sunday evening from 21:00 to 24:00.
  9. This video features an example of advanced combat that might take place while playing Merrie England: Robyn Hode: It also showcases the Fantasy Grounds module. Enjoy.
  10. We have printed on "heavy duty" glossy paper, as the graphics chosen dictated. At least it is durable.
  11. This is more mathematics (subtraction, and potentially two-digit subtraction, instead of comparison) in order to obtain a similar result. This is the standard rule in the BGB.
  12. PS: Charles has posted on what will happen to Nameless Streets. You can check it there.
  13. I have to add that, well, you know, "It is not dead what can eternal lie" and so on. I would not be surprised to see NS reappear in some other format. But this is absolutely up to Charles. I also have to add that according to the HeroQuest Gateway Agreement that both the publisher and the author subscribed, all variant rules for HeroQuest become the property of Moon Design, which has the right to re-publish them or integrate them in the core rules, as they see fit. This means that the HeroQuest line managers at Moon or Chaosium can legally repackage them (but not the setting) in whatever form they see fit: web page, free supplement, outrageously-priced human-skin-bound special edition etc. etc. It is just a matter of whether they are interested in doing so. They need no further permission.
  14. Nope, sorry. We do not have a print-it-yourself option for the cards (yet), so electronic supporters do not get the cards.
  15. Yes, there is. It is called "the basic rules" If you check the rules on page 106 and 107, you will see that there are several cases in which you may aim at a specific location, or define a specific location as having suffered a wound, even when you use non-localised damage as the default. The rules allow you to use hit locations as much as you like. You may even use non-localised for mooks and localised for major characters, the game will still work smoothly. There are two or three different ways of using "Aimed Blow" when using non-localised damage, emulating the "search for the weak spot" without having to keep track of location damage. There are two important points that may not be immediately evident from the rules as written and did not fit in the sidebars for reasons of space: 1. RD100 does NOT use the classic approach of BRP where you either have mandatory locations (as in RQ and Mythras) or you have major wounds (as in OpenQuest or Stormbringer). The suggested approach is much more similar to the one used in GURPS, which, in my opinion, with all due respect for good ol' Steve Perrin and his intuition that using a locational damage system feels more realistic, works better. This means that locations are a "tag" applied to the wounds, not a separate entity you have to keep track. Even in the published stat blocks, the detail about the locations is there more to describe armour, not Toughness: toughness is always -1 for legs/head, -2 for arms. 2. Although stats are organised to look like "nothing has changed" to avoid cultural shocks, Revolution D100 actually does not use hit points. There is no "pool" of points that you consume because of attrition, but a threshold beyond which you are actually wounded. Below the threshold, no book-keeping: just lose temporary Strike Rank for the pain, but nothing else. Once you are wounded, you mark the wound, not the hit points you have left: you may even have a 0-point wound. All figures are similar enough that you can easily swap the stat blocks between RD100 and other BRP-based games, but the system works very differently.