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  1. Well, we may be able to post video, but only after we have run the scenario. Assuming that it is accepted. It would be fun to try this game at GenCon, which is public, but I am a bit scared of copyright issues. As a result, only Kraken attendees (see Joerg's comment for explanation about the Kraken) will be able to see the ad. Nevertheless, this includes the Chaosium staff and a lot of people from these boards.
  2. For Krakeneers only: I have just submitted an "interesting" scenario to Fabian. if you want to see some "heavy hitters" in action with D100, on May 22nd you might have a chance.
  3. Even if we think that Revolution D100 improves them in some points, both classic BRP and Mythras are great systems that i would fully recommend playing without hesitation. Except that it is not gonna happen. As soon as I started a basic playtest of this alternate rule, it became evident that it did not work, and above all that it was not necessary. The point is that all our playtest experience clearly shows that the Overcome conflict does not slow down gameplay. If you are familiar with Rise of the Yokai Koku campaign, you might have noticed that there is a scene in which the adve
  4. It might be 2022. Currently our focus is on releasing Red Moon Rising first, and RMR is about 50% written at the moment. Once this is out, we will build upon the released games 8RMR, DD100) to finalize the International Edition.
  5. Hi Averion and welcome to the madhouse. Your houserules sound a lot like "Mythras with fixed AP", which is a houserule that many adopt. You are integrating very few, if any, concepts from Revolution, the core is still Mythras. Perhaps you could collect more feedback on the Mythras section. If you want general suggestions, instead, there are several threads you could browse here. The only piece of advice I wish to provide is "try the rules". Run the Conspiracy Theory or the Quest for Eldorado and tell us how it felt.
  6. No, it is just a misspelling that the editor did not catch. It should be Romania.
  7. Okay folks, you can now have a thorough look at the game in this unboxing video clip: If you can understand Italian, you can guess how much Giaffy was excited about this game. And he is not even a roleplayer!
  8. Nope. 1 pt (soft leather). 2 pt was hard leather, which you cannot use as padding.
  9. BRP covers historical play, too. Real armour should be present in all its forms. Fantasy armour should be an addition, not a replacement for real amouur. The limited weight/cost, 5-point protection niche in real world was taken by mail shirts that provided partial cover but good protection from slashes. Their stats are probably similar to that of the non-historical ringmail. I was referring exactly to this. It's not that hard to simulate: you don't allow mail without padding, as it happens in 90% of RPGs with a minimum of historical verisimilitude. There is no need to punish player
  10. Ring mail did not exist, this is the point. It is ring that should be made redundant and replace with th eubiquitous chain skirt. And the values for mail must always include the padding. You cannot wear chain without padding. It would do more damage than it blocks. Realistic value is 5 INCLUDING the quilt. I really cannot undestand why Steve Perrin, who has some experience with armour, chose this unrealistic value for chain.
  11. Gambeson 5 and chain 6 is lightyears away from reality. Chain was ALWAYS worn on a gambeson/silk/linen, so having it increase protection by 20% only makes no sense, for the weight it adds. Gambeson/aketton is the equivalent of what we used to call "leather armour" (which probably did not exist in real history. it should be Chain should be around 4-5, and was standard issue for medieval professional militia or ancient soldiers, often worn only on the torso. Between this and the full protection of the gothic plate there should be 4 steps at least, with room for scale, lamellar and brigandi
  12. We are behind schedule with this because of various health issues, but all these things are in the pipeline.
  13. As soon as I have the English edition in my hands I will check with Rolecat.
  14. True. But, assuming that Chaosium can prove that they were unaware the licensee was in infringement of someone else's IP, one thing is having an infringement with your "open gaming" logo slapped on it, and one thing is having it appear in a section of your marketplace on DTRPG. In one case you can easily argue that you cannot [pre-empitively] police everything people publish with their open licenses, in the other case it is less credible to say "we were not supposed to verify the legality of the contents we hosted". At the very least, it would be immensely embarrassing.
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