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  1. I would really not recommend scaling skills to model supernatural/superhuman entities. I have run several superhero games, including an Avengers one-shot at the latest Kraken online, and having super characteristics is a much, much better way to handle superhumans. Of course, a characteristic at 30+ will also give you a big skill score, but a trained human will still have a slight chance against you. Other way of "boosting" super entities could be the Improve Trait power, for instance giving Improve Endurance makes the entity really, really hard to take down. For giant machines, the scaling factors are damage, armour and toughness, not skill. A vehicle or metal titan has 10x the listed Toughness on the human scale, and does 10x the rolled damage. So Mazinger's fist actually does 20-40 damage to creatures (squeezes an elephant to death).
  2. Virus.That's what you get for not being vaccinated. Will fix it now.
  3. The Italian edition of Dynamic D100 will be released on September 3rd, 2021. On that same date we will be at the Modena Play game festival to present the game and run demos. If you are in Modena at that time we will meet you there, otherwise you will be able to order the game online. The French edition of Dynamic D100 will be released on October 1st 2021. On that same date we will be at the Octogones game festival in Lyon to present the game and (hopefully) run demos. If you are in Lyon at that time we will meet you there, otherwise you will be able to order the game online. We decided to postpone the release of the French edition, which is 80% ready, to avoid rushing its production because of the impending arrival of the Italian edition. Once conventions are returning and we decide to use them to launch games, it is better to focus on convention dates, and the date for the Italian convention happens to come first.
  4. All copies were destroyed as they bore a Chaosium logo we could no longer use.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I was quite busy. The news are: Dynamic D100 is available inEnglish, but we expect the French and Italian editions to be more relevant in terms of diffusion; they will arrive in September-October. We will make an official announcement about Red Moon Rising in a few days. As announced, the text of these two titles will make up the core of the new International Edition; in fact, some of this text has already been released to Red Moon Rising subscribers as early access. The full version of the International Edition is unlikely to appear before 2022, but a new SRD could arrive in 2021; as stated, part of the text is already available.
  6. I would say no. Not at all. Mail is very effective at stopping slashes, but performs poorly against piercing and crushing weapons. It will still save your life but will not prevent incapacitation. Even when plate was not very common, everyone wore a helmet over the mail coif. Not doing so would be suicidal. The real big advantage of mail is that you can make a "no gap" suit of it. Doing the same with plate or lamellar is incredibly expensive, and you would still have mail protecting some areas. Have a look at some HEMA master videos. They all tell that mail is useful and convenient, and you would really wish to have it available in battle, but certainly not the best armour you can find.
  7. Pete is quite a competent swordsman (and weaponsmith). You can bet that his experience has transpired into the rules. Yes, it is. If "longer combat" does not mean that more events happen, but just that there are more turns spent in "I miss" or "he parried, no effect" events, then you are not using the time you spend at the table in an effective or entertaining way. As Loz explained above, you may appreciate combat mechanics that leverage attrition, it is a matter of taste. But this combat model is not exactly... exciting. Nor does it leverage tactical thinking that much.
  8. Revolution D100, not surprisingly. The superhero package is in the download section. I have character sheets, yes, but there are potential copyright issues here. I will only share if a moderator says it is ok.
  9. So, we played this game yesterday. No video recorded,although Régis has posted a detailed list of what black metal songs he, or at least his character, was listening to during the adventure. I am not 100% happy with the result but the game went on relatively smoothly. And all human-sized opponents provided a comparable level of challenge to Iron Man, Thor and the Black Widow. The biggest issue is that you need a good degree of system mastery to use most powers.
  10. Well, Loz is certainly more qualified to answer for Mythras, but there is one thing I can certainly add, after spending hundreds if not thousands of hours playing almost all variations of BRP (RQ3, BGB, Legend, Mythras, Revolution, probably others): the closer you go to a "one attack per round" combat model, the longer your combats will take in terms of both game and real-world time. So the point is: can you houserule Legend or Mythras so that it resembles RQ3/G a little bit more? I would say yes, you can. And it will not break the game: your players will still beat the bad guys if their characters are competent and they make wise tactical decisions. But it will take a significantly higher number of combat rounds (and combat rolls) to do so. And not because more "exciting events" will take place. It will just be a higher number of misses or parries. So in the end it is entirely up to you and the features you want in your game: fewer "events" per round, and more rounds per combat, or more "events" per round with the associate necessity of some "during-the-round" bookkeeping? The answer is, of course, subjective.
  11. This is a nice rule if exploited well, and I used it a lot, especially in my all-troll games, but it was not in the core RQ3 books. It was in the errata (and in the gdw edition). As you can see from the reply below yours, most people still regard it as a sort of houserule. The truth is that while RQ2 and RQG provide different mechanics for damage enhancement to slashing, piercing and crushing weapons, RQ3 and the BGB only have damage increases for impaling wepons. This sometimes leads to unrealistic combat techniques. Why don't you just try the game at the table instead of just reading it? A lot of people have tried that combat system, and now prefer it over the classic BRP implementation. Others do not, but most of them can now motivate their dislike with experience rather than feeling. As D. Vincent Baker said, "You cannot really know how a game plays out until you have tried it in practice".
  12. The sad truth is that damage values in RQ3 are rather... wrong. Blunt weapons have the lowest possible minimum damage, and not just a lower average damage. This has two consequences: sharp weapons have a higher chance of penetrating armor, while blunt weapons are more likely to bounce off; it should be the opposite; a sharp weapon does more damage so it is more likely to overcome a parry; this is wrong, it should be the sheer impact of the blunt weapon to have higher chances "Sharpness" is factored in the damage dice with a +1 or +2 for the sake of simplicity, but then this leads to the above inconsisencies. In general, sharp weapons are ineffective if they strike at the wrong angle, while this cannot happen to blunt weapons. The damage dice should reflect this, but in RQ3 they do not. The BGB is more consistent in this, as it is the blunt weapons that have the biggest minimum damage.
  13. Well, we may be able to post video, but only after we have run the scenario. Assuming that it is accepted. It would be fun to try this game at GenCon, which is public, but I am a bit scared of copyright issues. As a result, only Kraken attendees (see Joerg's comment for explanation about the Kraken) will be able to see the ad. Nevertheless, this includes the Chaosium staff and a lot of people from these boards.
  14. For Krakeneers only: I have just submitted an "interesting" scenario to Fabian. if you want to see some "heavy hitters" in action with D100, on May 22nd you might have a chance.
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