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  1. Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

    Attention, revolutionaries! The hardcover edition is now printed, and on its way to our warehouse. If you pledged for both the original version and the hardcover, please report to Ulule to check the list of extra rewards available, and pick the one you like. First come, first served, most choices are out of print collector's items.
  2. RQ3 Close Combat

    This discussion has become educational, indeed. There are different points of view and all have their validity. Here are my considerations. Ranged weapons follow a different path in RQ3. The rule that you train in attack&parry together is clearly for hand to hand combat. This example is thus irrelevant. However... The rules say clearly that you have to be in a stress situation to get a check. MJSadique implied that beating a target that does not fight back implies no danger in any case. And this is perfectly reasonable: if the bully misses, he can strike again next round, there is no scanario in which he gets hurt, even in case of failure. In the case of the assassin, if he misses he is knee deep in s**t: the target will call the guards. It is rather clear that the level of stress is almost absent in one situation and very high in the other, so the two examples are not comparable. On the other hand, the RQ3 rules also state that combat is always a stressful situation. Now, does an enemy who does not fight back count as combat? Does a sneak attack count as combat ? These questions are not explicitly covered by the rules, so both MJSadique and Mikus have a point. It is a matter of interpretation. My personal approach to the point is, however, a bit different. You will concede, Mikus, that your examples are at the very least a bit extreme. Yes, you can find people who are more adept at attack than at parry with a weapon, but in all cases where this applies we end up with the question "Does this qualify as combat"? This means that your examples are valid, but certainly borderline. Now, my question is "Is it really a good design practice to make things more complicate in order to better handle a borderline case" ? In this specific case, we are forcing everyone to record two different skill scores for each weapon (an average of five extra numbers to track for an average RQ3 adventurer) in order to avoid writing down some special rules for shields and weapons that are usually employed as one-shot attacks like the assassin's dagger or the lance. Now, what solution is simpler: to clutter the character sheet for all adenturers with attack/parry values, or to write down the simple special case "Shield attacks are Difficult", "The lance cannot parry" and "Dagger parries are Difficult if your training is in assassination", which apply only to the characters who use these techniques ? In fact, Mythras does have a Combat Trait that covers assassination. And you have just given me an idea for a new Combat Stunt for Revolution.
  3. Mongoose RuneQuest I

    Legend is OGL. There is no downloadable SRD but the entire core book is labelled as Open Content.
  4. Mongoose RuneQuest I

    You all forgot to mention the armour penalty rule that stated that a warrior in full plate had a -42% to both attacks and parries while a naked one had a -40% to attacks only if he wanted to ignore the armour. Because you know, if the pict and the knight meet in the arena, the pict usually kills the knight by stabbing through his armour with a wooden spear while dancing around him and dodging blows. Blatant mistakes aside, the point is different. MRQ1 is the least loved of the incarnations of RuneQuest (it got one single vote in the pool just because I clicked the wrong button and the poll does not allow second thoughts) but it is still fun to play if you are prepared to houserule 50% of it on the fly. The point is: why should you build on a system with known flaws when there are many variants where others have already separated the clunky bits from the good ideas for you? Gore, Legend, OpenQuest, Renaissance and Revolution all provide an improved variant of MRQ1 while remaining OGL, and each of them is already free from the problematic parts. Is there a particular reason why you should want to redo this specific job when others have already done it for you?
  5. RQ3 SR vs Time

    If you wish to take all these factors into account, you should really try Revolution D100. It factors all of these element into initiative (yes, even the fact that the long weapon allows you to strike first, but after the first strike it is slower to swing), without you even noticing.
  6. RQ3 Close Combat

    It all boils down to tests being opposed or not. 100% does not mean perfect, it means only that you cannot fail if the only thing you have to beat is your tendency to **** up. If your have to beat someone else's roll, too, then the difference between 150 (roll at 100% chance and add 50 to your opposed roll or subtract 50 from opponent's chance, depending on the ruleset you use) and 100 (just roll at 100%) appears in all of its relevance. Most recent rulesets use opposed rolls more frequently than straight success rolls, and thus having skills above 100% makes more sense there. Yes. Same level of skill. The point is that if Pluto knows his way with his weapons, he has been trained in both shield bashing and sword parry. If not, his trainer was a moron and Pluto should not have survived long enough to become an adventurer. There is no such thing as a guy who is 100% to hit with a weapon and 10% to parry with it, yet in RQ2/RQ3 it happened all the time, and this is not a very plausible representation of reality. You may assign a penalty to defend when lacking a shield if you are used to a "shield forward" defensive stance, but most percentile rulesets already incorporate such penalties in some way. You may not believe it, but verosimilitude is more on the side of "one skill" than on the other side, and ALL designers of D100 rulesets now agree on this. Even the RQG ruleset has dropped the attack/parry split. It is one of the very few changes it implements over RQ2.
  7. Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

    Unfortunately none. The inner pages have been ready since December (the mess was with applying the cover), they had already been printed when we discovered that the new opposed skill table had the mistake again. This print run will have this small problem. But the rest of the improvements will be there.
  8. Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

    I am waiting for the printer to send us the copies, after literally months of files going back and forth to add one or two millimetres here and there. The next news will be the request to pick a gift from a list for those who already pledged for the softcover. It should come next week, but I have said "just one more week" so many times on this project that I am afraid to write these words.
  9. RQ3 Close Combat

    I DO have irons in the fire, this is the problem Anyway, judging from your list of desires and problems, it sounds like the best route to expanding would be using the Big Gold Book as an expansion kit for RQ3. It shows how to simplify things where you want (it allows you to ditch SR and yet to have rules for closing with a longer weapon) and to keep complexity where you want, and it is highly compatible with CoC 1-6, RQ3 and Stombringer. Two more important points: - better disregard the MRQ SRD completely: it is full of flaws that one cannot but define as "bugs" and "gamebreakers". Its only advantage is that it is free, and could be used as a basis to create your own ruleset, but the pitfalls it contains are many and if you start from there you risk keeping some of them. Over the years, several authors have sanitized it and generated a usable, fun versions of the game by keeping the good ideas (there are some) and ditching the bugs. Use any one of them as the starting point for any personal ruleset you wish to make. if you use the original SRD from 2006, chances are you will eventually regret it. - I would strongly disadvise against making advancement over 95% and 100% more difficut. Either you do not wish to have skills over 100% at all, or it is better to let the players progress as much as they can beyond the 100% barrier. With your proposed variant, no player would probably ever go beyond 105%-110% even after years of campaigning, and 105% is really not worth it. Your character would have done "the effort to become a hero" and yet he would not be a hero at all, as 105% only allows a +1% in specials and the ability to split attacks at 52%, a tactics that is highly ineffective most of the time. No "wading through hordes of enemies", for sure.
  10. RQ3 Close Combat

    First Point: the rule in the RQ3 text that says that 1H weapons can either attack or parry in one round is superseded by an official errata that says that all weapons can both attack and parry in a round, just not on the same SR. I strongly advise you get that errata sheet, in contains important clarifications. Second, RQ3 is 35 years old (RQ as a whole is almost 40). The system in itself is very solid, and still fun to play, but some details had not been ironed out in that specific ruleset. Regarding closing, the rules are usable and fun, but there are obvious loopholes like the ones you spotted. Most newer rulesets demand an opposed roll to "enter the guard" of the longer weapon before inflicting the disadvantage, which is less prone to confusion and more fun. Either you accept RQ3 as "granpa D100" and have fun playing it as it is (and I guarantee you that you will have fun) or you start looking elsewhere. Trying to rationalise a 35-year old ruleset which has undergone at least a dozen iterations in the meantime is a sure recipe for reinventing the wheel, that is coming up with something that is similar to an already existing solution - but not playtested. There is a gazillion more advanced versions of the rules, and other in the making, that have a better answer to your questions and are highly compatible with the classic editions of RQ. The same applies to your objections (which are reasonable) to SR and time.
  11. Red Moon Rising

    Philip McGregor, I will repeat it here to avoid cross-forum dramas. In pledging for Red Moon Risign, you and the other backers, have not supported/purchased "our communication strategy" but an RPG product we had in the making. When your angry posts are more about "how our communication strategy is wrong/unacceptable" and less about when the product will be ready and what will be in it, we do not feel any obligation to reply, or to reply immediately. Please understand that we will not conform to any standards you or any other external source try to set for the frequency or contents of our updates, no matter how many words you spend on the subject. See you on Kickstarter (and here) the moment we have further news. And no, there is no set time for this. It will happen "when we have something relevant to show".
  12. Huzza! Bravo Tanaka, another useful tool.
  13. The X-Men

    Corrected. Everything is marked as "lightning" now, and I have clarified that Storm's powers require activation, except Flight and Absorb Lightning (and in fact, depending on how you interpret the comics/movies, even these two might require activation). Basically, Storm's powers work like the equivalent spells/psionic powers, requiring a Concentration roll to fire a blast of energy or to envelop her in a protective field against that energy source. The difference with spells is that Range and Might are fixed and not depending on Channeling. Phoenix and Xavier use simple psionics, as in the rules. They have a Channeling score depending on their skill and use it to determine how hard and how far they can strike. In theory, Phoenix can strike farther, or fire at multiple targets, by doing less damage. Cyclops' beam is a Project Kinetic variant that does D4s. The stunt, as explained in the notes, allows him to fire the beam as a ranged weapon and not as a power. It works exactly like a laser beam except that it uses two of his Exertion Points instead of energy from a clip. His brother Havok fires a different type of discharges which would probably be treated like Storm's bolts, should we wish to define his character, too.
  14. The X-Men

    Allow me a little divertissement. Nothing official, just to show how it could be done. The X-Men For Revolution D100 The X-Men are a Trademark of Marvel. The version of the X-men provided here is inspired by the Claremont&Byrne stories of the 80s. Cyclops Scott Summers STR 14 | CON 18 | DEX 16 | INT 15 | WIL 16 | CHA 15 Toughness 9, Might +1, Strike Rank 15, Exertion Points 38, Move 5 Attacks: Punch 70%, SR 15, 3/2 to Att/Def, Damage 1d2+1d2 Beam 108%, SR 36, 5/- to Att/Def, Damage 10d4, Range C (25), bash (effect), stun (effect) Skills: Athletics [Balance, Climb, Dodge, Swim, Take Cover] 74%, Close Combat [Martial Arts (Deflect, Evade)] 70%, Communication [Language: English, Command] 68%, Concentration [Willpower] 61%, Drive [Car, Motorcycle] 61%, Knowledge [Literacy] 60%, Operate [Electronics] 61%, Perception [Hearing, Vision] 61%, Pilot [Aircraft] 61%, Ranged Combat [Beam (Bash, Marksmanship, Intercept Projectiles, Fast Reaction, Stun)] 78%, Survival [First Aid, Endurance] 63%. Powers: Project Energy 10 (the beam is equivalent to kinetic energy but does d4s of damage and not d2s). Equipment: Ruby Quartz Visor. Motivations: Leading the X-Men is my sacred duty, an honour that Xavier himself bestowed on me 70%, Will my power ever stop being a threat to my loved ones? 30%, Eternal love for Jean Grey 30%. Notes: The Marksmanship stunt gives Cyclops a Bonus to hit with the beam. The Fast Reaction stunts allows him to treat the Project Energy power as an automatic weapon, striking with a Ranged Attack Opening Move. Colossus Pyotr Nikolaevitch Rasputin STR 22 | CON 15 | DEX 13 | INT 12 | WIL 13 | CHA 12 Toughness 9 [15], Might +3 [+9], Strike Rank 18, Exertion Points 28, Move 5 Attacks: Punch 92%, SR 18, 3/2 to Att/Def, Damage 1d2+3d2 [1d2+9d2] Skills: Agility [Brawn, Climb, Dodge, Swim, Throw (Fastball Special)] 81%, Close Combat [Brawl, Club, Maul] 92%, Communication [Language: English/Russian] 62%, Knowledge [Literacy: Latin/Cyrillic] 54%, Perception [Hearing, Vision] 55%, Pilot [Aircraft] 55%, Survival [Endurance, First Aid] 59%. Armour: [16/0+] in iron form. Powers: Alternate Form (Strong +6, Toughness +6, armour 16/0+, Absorb Heat, Cold, Energy, Kinetic, Radiation 5, Absorb Electricity 3, Skin of Life 3). Motivations: I will never fail the X-Men! 70%, I miss my country and my family 50%, My brother gave his life for the Motherland, can I do the same for Xavier’s dream? 30%. Notes: The values in square brackets refer to the iron form. The Fastball Special stunt allows Colossus to throw Wolverine. Storm Ororo Munroe STR 13 | CON 16 | DEX 16 | INT 17 | WIL 18 | CHA 18 Toughness 8, Might +1, Strike Rank 15, Exertion Points 34, Move 5 Attacks: Punch 79%, SR 15, 3/2 to Att/Def, Damage 2d2 Kick 79%, SR 17, 5/- to Att/Def, Damage 3d2 Lightning 95%, SR 17, 5/- to Att/Def, Damage 10d6, Range Short (50), electric Wind 95%, SR 17, 5/- to Att/Def, Damage -, Range Short (50), bash (auto) Skills: Agility [Balance, Climb, Dodge, Swim, Take Cover] 82%, Close Combat [Club, Dagger, Martial Arts (Evade, Kicking)] 79%, Communication [Language: Arabic/English/Swahili, Command, Status: African goddess] 65%, Concentration [Absorb Cold, Flight, Project Lightning, Project Cold, Project Kinetic, Willpower] 95%, Knowledge [Literacy: English/Arabic, Streetwise] 64%, Operate [Electronics, Lockpicking] 63%, Perception [Hearing, Vision] 75%, Stealth [Conceal, Hide, Sleight, Sneak] 63%, Survival [Endurance, First Aid, Jungle] 63%. Powers: Flight 10, Project Lightning 10, Project Kinetic 6 (no damage, knockback only), Project Cold 4, Absorb Lightning 10, Absorb Cold 5. Powers marked also as Traits under the Concentration skill must be activated normally, the others are "always on". Equipment: Concealed lockpicks. Motivations: Nature and I are one thing 70%, Will I ever overcome my fear of enclosed spaces? 50%, Mutant, hero, goddess: do I really know who I am? 30%. Note: The Lightning Bolt and Gust of Wind attacks are in fact Project [Energy] powers and require a Power Use Opening Move and a Concentration Action. Storm’s weather control powers can be emulated by applying extended activation rules to her Project powers. Nightcrawler Kurt Wagner STR 15 | CON 15 | DEX 23 | INT 16 | WIL 18 | CHA 11 Toughness 8, Might +1, Strike Rank 19, Exertion Points 33, Move 5 Attacks: Punch 98%, SR 19, 3/2 to Att/Def, Damage 2d2 Kick 98%, SR 21, 5/- to Att/Def, Damage 3d2 Sabre 98%, SR 26, 7/4 to Att/Def, Damage 1d8+1d2, Parry 3, impale (advantage), slash (auto), triple wield Skills: Agility [Acrobatics, Climb, Dodge, Jump, Swim, Take Cover, Throw] 98%, Close Combat [Club, Martial Arts (Acrobatics, Evade, Kicking), Sword (Triple Wield)] 98%, Communication [Language: English/German)] 63%, Concentration [Teleport, Willpower] 64%, Drive [Car, Motorcycle] 69%, Knowledge [Literacy, Occult, Religion] 62%, Perform [Circus] 52%, Perception [Hearing, Night Vision] 64%, Pilot [Aircraft] 69%, Ride [Horse] 71%, Stealth [Hide, Sneak] 69%, Survival [First Aid, Endurance] 61%. Powers: Darkness Adaptation (Improve Hide when in shadows), Peculiar Body Structure (Improve Acrobatics/Climb/Dodge/Jump), Teleport 6 (Short Range, up to 2 targets of M size class, including himself), Unpredictable Target (equivalent to Shimmer 6 if unrestrained), Wall Movement. Motivations: Only a pure heart can counter the fear that my demonic appearance inspires 70%, Eternal gratitude to Xavier for giving me a last chance 50%, Even in the darkest hour, I can cheer 30%. Notes: Nightcrawler does not usually wield weapons as he does not wish to hurt his opponents, but if he does, he can wield one sabre per hand and an additional one with his tail. Teleport must be rolled only if he wishes to carry a passenger. Wolverine Logan STR 17 | CON 28 | DEX 18 | INT 15 | WIL 16 | CHA 13 Toughness 11, Might +2, Strike Rank 18, Exertion Points 44, Move 6 Attacks: Punch 95%, SR 18, 3/2 to Att/Def, Damage 3d2, Parry 4 Kick 95%, SR 20, 5/- to Att/Def, Damage 4d2 Claws 125%, SR 21, 3/2 to Att/Def, Damage 1d6+2d2, Parry 4, impale (effect), slash (auto), double wield Skills: Athletics [Balance, Brawn, Climb, Dodge, Jump, Run, Swim, Take Cover] 101%, Close Combat [Claws (Dual Wield), Club, Kenjutsu, Martial Arts (Deflect, Evade, Kicking)] 95%, Communication [Insight, Language: English/ Japanese, Status: Secret Agent] 61%, Drive [Car, Motorcycle] 61%, Knowledge [Literacy: Latin/Kanji, Spycraft] 56%, Perception [Acute Hearing, Acute Vision, Acute Smell, Night Vision, Track] 91%, Pilot [Helicopter, Aircraft] 63%, Ranged Combat [Handgun] 66%, Stealth [Hide, Sneak] 61%, Survival [First Aid, Endurance, Forest, Streetwise] 73%. Powers: Animal Instincts (Improve Hearing/Vision/Smell/Track/Claws), Animal Rage (Fanaticism), Regeneration (Healing 1 per round, Improve Endurance), Unbreakable Bones (Absorb Kinetic 4, Immunity to Slash). Equipment: Retractable claws, can carry field agent equipment but usually refrains from using firearms. Motivations: Xavier and the X-Men are the only ones who treated me as a person and not as a weapon 70%, Will I always live afraid of succumbing to my feral instincts? 50%, “I’m the best there is at what I do. But what I do isn’t very nice…” 30%. Note: Adamant claws are superior in quality to any non-supernatural weapon. Wolverine will not go into Animal Rage voluntarily as this may make him dangerous to his allies, too. Phoenix Jean Grey STR 11 | CON 16| DEX 13 | INT 20 | WIL 23 | CHA 17 Toughness 7, Might -, Strike Rank 12, Exertion Points 39, Move 5 Attacks: Punch 64%, SR 12, 3/2 to Att/Def, Damage 1d2 Kick 64%, SR 14, 5/- to Att/Def, Damage 2d2 TK Bolt 113%, SR 20, 5/- to Att/Def, Damage 9d2, Range Close (25), stun (auto) Skills: Agility [Balance, Dodge, Swim, Take Cover] 69%, Close Combat [Martial Arts (Evade, Kick)] 64%, Communication [Language: English, Insight] 77%, Concentration [Might, Range, Targets, Telekinesis (Levitation, Project Kinetic), Telepathy (Dominate), Willpower] 113%, Drive [Car] 63%, Knowledge [Literacy, Medicine] 70%, Operate [Electronics] 63%, Perception [Hearing, Vision] 73%, Pilot [Aircraft] 63%, Survival [First Aid, Endurance] 66%. Powers: Psionics from the Telepathy and Telekinesis families of powers, Channeling 9. Motivations: Xavier is my mentor, and his dream is my dream. 70%, Do I really know what limits my powers have? 50%, I love Scott, but what if there is another I am attracted to? 30%. Notes: this is the real Jean Grey, not the one possessed by the Phoenix Force. She lacks the Overcome Stunt, so her Dominate power suffers one Penalty. Professor X Charles Xavier STR 8 | CON 16| DEX 13 | INT 23 | WIL 22 | CHA 15 Toughness 7, Might -, Strike Rank 11, Exertion Points 38, Move - Attacks: Punch 51%, SR 11, 3/2 to Att/Def, Damage 1d2 Skills: Agility [Throw] 59%, Close Combat [Brawl] 51%, Communication [Language: English/German/Hebrew/Russian, Insight, Persuade, Status: Renowned Scientist, Teach] 78%, Concentration [Range, Overcome, Might, Targets, Sensitivity (Location), Telepathy (Dominate), Willpower] 115%, Craft [Electronics, Surgery] 66%, Drive [Car] 76%, Knowledge [Biomedicine (Genetics, Mutations, Neurology, Psychology), Literacy: Latin/Cyrillic/Hebrew, Physics, Psionics] 106%, Perception [Hearing, Vision] 75%, Survival [First Aid, Endurance] 69%. Powers: Psionics from the Telepathy and Location family, Channeling 9. Motivations: I have a dream, a world where humans and mutants live together in peace 90% My body is broken, but my mind makes up for my disability 50% How many of my old friends did I fail or betray? 30% Equipment: Wheelchair. At the Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters he can use the Cerebro machine to enhance his Location abilities.
  15. I can see where this is heading, Simon, and any indication about player preference is welcome. However, leaving everything open to choice is not a good option. Let us examine how one of your example would work in an "everything is optional" scenario, first. The end result would be Pick 8 from First Aid, Insight, Persuade, Surgery, any knowledge, any appropriate power as "any knowledge" already includes Magic, Healing and Herbalism. The above formulation, while being easier to write for the game developer, has a high risk of generating "decision paralysis" in any player who is not familiar with the many options that the game and setting offer. Being able to generate characters quickly is considered a big plus in a RPG nowadays, and Revolution D100 fits the bill rather well at the moment, as the generation process is very quick while at the same time allowing those who have already mastered the system to create a very powerful character from the get go. Increasing the number of choices available would significantly increase the difficulty for beginners, while providing little benefit for seasoned players, as the example of character generation already states that you are supposed to negotiate any sensible exchange of options with the Narrator. In this specific case, the exigence of guiding beginners in character creation is prioritary over giving more freedom to those who are familiar with the game, regardless of what the majority of players think. Having some choices labelled as mandatory is at most a nuisance, easy to houserule away. Slowing down the character creation process the first time you are trying the game is a significant hassle that might keep players away from the game. The latter is a risk that I am not willing to take. In any case, everyone's opinion is welcome.