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  1. Alchemy is a subsection of Weird Science. It made absolutely no sense to have one set of rules for pseudo-medieval concoctions and one for steampunk drugs and gadgetry. They work in the same way, it is just a matter of what kind of gadgetry is available.
  2. Ask Loz & Clarence, they usually reply rather promptly. I do not know whether Clarence has foreseen licensing M-Space, but you can always ask. On the other hand, this is one of those points (chained IPs) where the OGL has definitely fewer impediments than other licenses.
  3. A bag of holding in a system which does not count the encumbrance of items... is it useful? 5d4 is an average of 12,5 damage. An average arrow from a self bow does 9,5 damage, up to 11 for a long bow. A greatsword does 12 on average if your Might is just +1, and you get to double the damage that gets through. It is certainly not a game breaker. As for magic items, there is an example in the book. A +2 sword requires a decent magician to craft, but it should not be that difficult to create. It is a dangerous item, but it will not kill a dragon on its own. An "always on" Protection amulet could in this case provide +2 to armour. This would be rather D&Dish and not a game breaker, either. However, if you can make a reliable prediction about what sort of elemental attack you will face, then you can imbue the amulet with Absorb [Energy], and that will subtract dice, not points, of damage. Definitely more effective. And yes, this is something you will encounter quite often, as most elemental attacks are either fire or electricity, like in D&D, so you have a 50% chance of rendering them less effective. As an example, the sample Martian character Prof. Rathas, which you find in the rules, had an Absorb Kinetic 4 / Absorb Radiation 4 protective item in the original campaign. The dwarf alchemist I am currently playing has Absorb Kinetic 4 / Absorb Fire 4 and once took a 7d6 fireball and remained standing. All this alchemical stuff is cheaper to make as it is one-use.
  4. The SRD is not formatted for publishing. The final edition will have "bullet" sidebars instead of grey background insertions, and all highlights that the current edition has, plus some more. But the SRD will remain a LibreOffice document to help those brave self-publishers who wish to extend it.
  5. Perhaps this is because there is the changelog visible in the PDF. 🙄 Re-uploaded. I ❤️ MS Word
  6. The Basic Combat chapter is stable enough for release. Comments (particularly on clarity) are welcome.
  7. Version 1.0.1


    The Basic Combat chapter is ready.
  8. The campaign is now on DriveThruRPG. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/288761/Rise-of-the-Yokai-Koku Apart from those who have already requested it, anyone else who has purchased it and wants it on DTRPG too ?
  9. Indeed. This subject is very interesting, but we are cluttering the thread with off-topic. The original subject may be of interest to many would-be contributors of contents, so it would be a shame to make the thread less accessible.
  10. This is not "fan wisdom", g33k. There is a precedent now: https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=05891d4f-1658-4f00-884f-8310cfeb4b0f Now, a Court of Appeal or Supreme Court could still overturn this ruling, but the fact stays that a US Court of Justice has confirmed that the interpretation of the law saying that rules cannot be copyrighted is correct. As of today, this is the most authoritative opinion in the debate, as it comes from a sitting court. Note also that this does not mean that everything in a game is free game (pun not intended) for plagiarism. As the recent Open Cthulhu incident showed, there are usually plenty of elements in a game that are copyrightable and protectable and this stands in the way of would-be plagiarists. But none of this is relevant to the OP's case, as he has clearly stated that his intention is to publish his original work, just with some d100 stats attached. Speaking of what... @dieselpunk, you should probably have a look at M-Space as a ruleset. It sounds like the best fit for your ideas.
  11. I think everyone here pointed at their favourite iteration of the rules, but forgot to reply to the specific questions here. None of the systems mentioned here require third parties to pay for the right to use the system. There may be instead other requirements for publishing, mostly depending on whether the system uses the OGL (Legend, OpenQuest, Renaissance or Revolution) or a Gateway License (Mythras). In general, the OGL allows you more freedom, but this mostly when you want to build a new ruleset on top of an existing one. Since what you stated is that you wanted a ruleset for your setting, then the OGL probably has few (or no) advantages over a Gateway License. Obtaining a license for one of the aforementioned systems does not transfer the ownership of IPs between parties. At least in the OGL or Gateway licenses used by the aforementioned publishers. You can read other considerations about third party publishing with the OGL here.
  12. I have uploaded a new version of the editable sheet. Now recalculation of skills works again, and the picture silhouette changes according to what you write in the Gender field.
  13. Nope! If you roll under your base skill, you get 1d4. If your characteristics make you gifted for that skill, you improve fast even after reaching 100%.
  14. Alas, I would say "Many months" rather than many trials. I suspect there are few trials you (and some others) would not face to get hold of it.
  15. I think this got lost at some point, but the general idea is that "real" Martial Arts do not allow more than one Might of each Stunt. Variable Might focus should be only for those settings with "magical" martial arts, like Dragon Lines or the Shade Land. The standard rule in the International Edition will be that multiple levels of Focus are allowed in certain contexts, but require the acquisition of multiple Stunts. The cost in slots should be enough to provide a reasonable cap.
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