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  1. RosenMcStern

    BRP and BRP Adjacent Power Systems?

    We are working on some streamlining. On the other hand, the system is designed to mix well only with OpenQuest and Legend / Mythras. Using it with classic BRP may require more tweaking.
  2. RosenMcStern

    BRP and BRP Adjacent Power Systems?

    Rd100 arcane magic is specifically designed to allow spellcasters to function like D&D or Diablo wizards, if you wish. A powerful PC mage can fire blasts of 8d6 elemental energy within a reasonable range. And long-duration spells are easy to manage. You can find a sample magician who can use effective lightning blasts in the Conspiracy Theory free scenario. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/224824/The-Conspiracy-Theory
  3. RosenMcStern

    BRP and BRP Adjacent Power Systems?

    Maybe you can tell the others what you want ? What specific aspects of sorcery would you like to see changed / highlighted / improved ?
  4. RosenMcStern

    House Rule: Attack Penalty in exchange for reduced SR

    Bladesharp 10 is cast between SR 9 and 12, depending on DEX. More likely, an anti-Befuddle manoeuvre.
  5. RosenMcStern

    House Rule: Attack Penalty in exchange for reduced SR

    The big problem is that, with RQG, this option is less convenient than it seems. Yes, striking first is useful, but once you are above 100%, that amount you subtract from the parry tends to be more useful. And when you are not above 100%, a potential miss means your weapon takes damage. In most tactical situation, skill trumps speed.
  6. RosenMcStern

    RuneQuest 6 vs BRP for Base System

    In my experience, switching from RQ3 to the BGB we found that everything became simpler. But we also ditched SR in favour of DEX ranks, while keeping locations and using the RQ3 Gloranthan magic.
  7. RosenMcStern

    Pres Release: Ken St.Andre to Write Mythic Aztecs for Mythras

    It's on the lower right corner of the post, nclarke. If I could find it, so can you. Question: will the game contain a "Take That, You Quetzalcoatl" spell ?
  8. RosenMcStern

    Capping Battle Magic like RQ2

    It is true that the cap is an artificial limit, but very high level spirit magic can easily overshadow non-stacking rune magic, and give some players the temptation to go for the one-trick-pony character. For instance, Bladesharp 10 is just too good a spell to have now (you do more extra damage than you would with Truesword on average, you are almost sure to subtract something from your opponent's Parry, and you damage magic creatures). It changes a competent warrior into a killing machine who fears only being outnumbered, so a competitive player may want to do anything to obtain it. Yes, it is not easy to obtain it, but it is worth it. Personally, I am in favour of the cap, removing it only for particular kinds of characters (shamans, monks, etc.). In Glorantha, where Rune Magic is supposed to be supreme, unlimited spirit magic makes sense only for shamans, IMO. And YGWV.
  9. I found this thread on rpg.net and had one pleasant surprise: Revolution D100 was quoted by many (i would say most) contributors as the most credible contender to the excellent Mythras system in terms of rule elegance. I have not chimed in the discussion in order to keep the thread as it is, a collection of user remarks free of author input, but I wish to thank all who have suggested Rd100 as "a game to try" on that thread. At a moment when we have little opportunities for promoting the game (but this is going to change soon), user support is precious. Thank you people. I just wish to address the concerns that somebody has reiterated about the clarity of some parts of the rules. We *do* have a plan to rephrase the core rules and polish some parts, it is just that we do not have an ETA to announce for the event, and the actual rewriting is still in its inception phase - i.e. bullet list. At the moment, finishing Red Moon Rising and other yet unannounced supplements is a greater priority. But a streamlined version of the rules will appear in the not-so-far future.
  10. RosenMcStern

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    These are not exactly "limitations" if the character you wish to play is a woman who solves all problems by chopping heads off. Which is perhaps a mono-dimensional character concept, but a perfectly valid, and fun, one. But YBGWV
  11. RosenMcStern

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    And Babeester Gor?
  12. RosenMcStern

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    I am more in favour of putting a link to this thread. Sometimes brainstorming is more useful than resuming.
  13. RosenMcStern

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    I know. It seems to me that he has (correctly) prioritized answering his "backlog" of official questions over reading these discussions. Reading all of our blahblah posted here could have changed his POV when replying to that old question, though.
  14. RosenMcStern

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    Perhaps someone could have invited Jason to read this thread before addressing the subject of skill reduction? He complained about lack of time, I doubt he has had the chance to read all of these threads during the last weeks.
  15. RosenMcStern

    Giant Insect Stats

    The Shade Land contains all bugs you may wish to introduce in an adventure, even giant aphids and giant moth larvae.