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  1. I can see where this is heading, Simon, and any indication about player preference is welcome. However, leaving everything open to choice is not a good option. Let us examine how one of your example would work in an "everything is optional" scenario, first. The end result would be Pick 8 from First Aid, Insight, Persuade, Surgery, any knowledge, any appropriate power as "any knowledge" already includes Magic, Healing and Herbalism. The above formulation, while being easier to write for the game developer, has a high risk of generating "decision paralysis" in any player who is not familiar with the many options that the game and setting offer. Being able to generate characters quickly is considered a big plus in a RPG nowadays, and Revolution D100 fits the bill rather well at the moment, as the generation process is very quick while at the same time allowing those who have already mastered the system to create a very powerful character from the get go. Increasing the number of choices available would significantly increase the difficulty for beginners, while providing little benefit for seasoned players, as the example of character generation already states that you are supposed to negotiate any sensible exchange of options with the Narrator. In this specific case, the exigence of guiding beginners in character creation is prioritary over giving more freedom to those who are familiar with the game, regardless of what the majority of players think. Having some choices labelled as mandatory is at most a nuisance, easy to houserule away. Slowing down the character creation process the first time you are trying the game is a significant hassle that might keep players away from the game. The latter is a risk that I am not willing to take. In any case, everyone's opinion is welcome.
  2. Simplified Antagonists

    Easy/Hard/Very Hard challenge ratings are guidelines, not something set in stone, so it is possible to have more granular interval. Assuming that the base skill level is 21% for most skills as Olivier has suggested, a basic opponent with the appropriate Trait will be 51%. Trained militia / rogues / tribesmen etc. will be 61%, thanes / soldiers 71%, tough fighters 81%, leaders 91% and so on. Add the appropriate Traits to make the opponent fit for the role (weapons, weapon stunts, Hearing/Vision, Hide/Sneak, Balance, etc.). Non-core skills for the opponent role will be 51%, assuming the foe has the appropriate Trait. Very important leaders may have 60%+ in non-core skills, due to training or to characteristics above 10. It is usually necessary to assign a score, even on the fly, to important characteristicsa. Relevant characteristics for the role (STR for melee fighters, DEX for archers/hunters/thieves, INT/WIL for magicians and so on) will usually be in the 13-18 range depending on how tough the opposition is supposed to be, the rest is usually 10, 12 for important bosses. Using the above guidelines, you can create a usable opponent in two to five minutes, depending on how confident you are with the rules.
  3. Resurrecting RuneQuest (Black Gate)

    It was not just a matter of artwork. The layout for RQ3 Deluxe was tidy and managed to make the text more usable, and IMO Land of Ninja was even better. But not only were Troll Gods and Elder Secrets illustrated "as you can see above", the books were laid out sloppily with plenty of wasted space. The impression was that of a hastily assembled product which no one really cared about. And Elder Secrets was almost all new materials not previously published for RQ2, so it was really a shame it was treated this way. Nevertheless, we all loved Elder Secrets Tales of the Reaching Moon, the RQ fanzine of the 90s published by David Hall, MOB and friends, even produced some decent pictures you could put over the Dobyski ones to "mend" Elder Secrets. Unfortunately the layout was beyond repair.
  4. Simplified Antagonists

    Not yet, and the D100 tradition requires that they are built like PCs. But some suggestions for quick creation of opposition might be appropriate for the Companion. Brainstorm at will!
  5. Tunnels and Trolls with Revolution D100

    Quite "innovative" of course, it is just 42 year old. St.André introduced it in 1975, after all Anyway, here is another bunch of suggestions for the Companion. In any case, RD100 already has the concept of Challenge Rating which is not so different from Monster Rating. If you do not want to fully stat an opponent for a conflict you just assign a CR that replaces his skills. Sounds similar to Monster Rating to me. The only thing I do not appreciate is that RD100 specifically suggests to keep challenges bi-dimensional. High skill rating does not automatically mean a proportional increase in Resolution Points.
  6. What was your favourite version of RuneQuest to date

    Ouch, I misclicked and there seems no way to change one's vote. Well, at least in this way MRQ1 gets ONE vote PS everyone will understand it better if you prepend the commonly used name: RQ2, RQ3, MRQ2, RQ6, RQG etc. etc.
  7. What was your favourite version of RQ to date and why?

    What about a poll, at this point? BTW, I still think that OpenQuest and Revolution D100 should not be valid options, as they never wore a RQ badge (Mythras did). The question was "which version of RQ" not "which version of BRP". Otherwise you should count also Stormbringer and Magic World, which have a lot of fans here.
  8. Under-Half Successes

    I have some difficulties following your point. - Effect-based combat does not increase book-keeping needs. You generate an effect and spend it on the fly. What book-keeping are you talking about? - Pre-announcing the manoeuvre you want to use does not speed up things at all. Because it requires that you make a tactical choice every time you are about to roll. Post announcement, on the contrary, limits tactical decisions to when you win the exchange. You only pick one option when the dice have already said "yes", not when the dice might say "no".
  9. Under-Half Successes

    You might also consider moving to one of the rulesets which use effect-based combat to make hand-to-hand action more interesting: Legend, Mythras or Revolution d100.
  10. Modular Runequest????

    About point 3 I am not so sure, the others... I agree, it is just that someone else will not. Many people consider character creation integral to the rules. Note also that something similar to what you imagine here already exists. It is called "the BGB". It offers you plenty of "modular" options, just in other areas than experience and chargen. For combat, for example, it offers you the options of using/not using Strike Rank, of using/not using Hit Locations, of fixed/variable armour etc. etc. Ditto for magic, where the only things that does not change among systems is that there are "power points". Edit: scooped by RIchard S.
  11. What was your favourite version of RQ to date and why?

    Crucifixion is more Gloranthan. At least if you are a Lunar supporter.
  12. What was your favourite version of RQ to date and why?

    Sounds more a heavily houseruled Rd100 to me rather than a mix Point #1 is not unique to RQ6, it is shared by Rd100 and OQ as well. Points #4, #5 and #6 are features definitely present in Revolution D100 (the rules for major and severe wounds in Rd100 are the same as in RQ6, and Rd100 Sorcery _is_ based on Sandy's), you are just opting for "the way that feature is implemented in another version of D100" rather than a different feature. But what you are describing is a "limited skill list, no location, effect-based combat" ruleset, which is closer to Rd100 than to any other implementation. Back from threadjacking, I would say that my favourite versions of RQ (BGB and OpenQuest are excluded, as they never wore the RQ badge, while Mythras did) are: - RQ3 for high fantasy - RQ6 for Sword&Sorcery or historical
  13. Errata for revolution d100

    That would break almost 90% (or 09%?) of the other rules
  14. Errata for revolution d100

    Da... and it has gone to the printer by now. WIll correct it on the PDF but the first batch of the hardcover will still need "applying common sense"
  15. Black Friday sale

    Be quick and grab the last copies of Revolution D100 softcoverwhile they last! Revolution D100 softcover at €19,90 including PDF And Robyn Hode said: we have taken from the rich, time to give to the poor: Merrie England at €19,90 including PDF