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    Most of these factors are subsumed in the "standard temperature". Basically, the astronomical data will tell you how hot the surface is on average, and whether there is a relevant variation for latitude and/or seasons.

    After long months of intensive research, the Imperial Academy of Science has performed a statistical analysis of the occurrence of the various environments found on Frontier worlds, evaluating the exact chance of a given environment being present in each spot on a planet. So far, the list is applicable only to planets hosting water and carbon-based life forms, but further analysis is underway for silicozonts and methane and sulphur breathers. The contribution of Researcher Baum-Gartner has been particularly useful in this case, as he has repeatedly pointed out to the team that the data received from the probes "did not make any f... sense". Research has shown direct statistical correlation with three factors: temperature, humidity and altitude. However, further analysis, which required the commitment of bio-computers with the brain mass equivalent of a small town, has demonstrated that altitude is never an independent variable and instead can be expressed as a modification factor of humidity and temperature. This has allowed the Imperial Academy to synthesize all collected data into a bi-dimensional matrix immediately usable by Hakmelet ship officers traversing frontier space. Know the environment you are going to land onto, commander, or at least what you are most likely to meet. 0-10% 11%-25% 26%-50% 51%-70% 71%-100% 30°C – 70°C Desert (hot) Savannah Jungle Swamp (hot) Ocean/River 0°C – 30°C Desert (cold) Grass/Plains Forest Swamp (cold) Ocean/River -50°C – 0°C Barren/Ice Tundra Taiga Tundra Ice To use the matrix, first of all determine the daytime temperature of your target world. Subtract 1°C per hundred metres your projected landing site is above sea level. Then cross-reference with the average humidity of the planet surface. Add 5% per 100 metres your landing site is below sea level, or subtract 5% per 100 metres if above sea level. Despite the fact that a certain degree of randomization is expected, roughly equivalent to a 1-100 linear scale, the matrix has been able to predict the environment of the landing site with an amazing level of accuracy. Below: a researcher on one of the moons of 4433GN (Ruunda). The environmental prediction recommended donning standard polar equipment before reaching the surface, which turned out to be extremely necessary.
  3. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    Dunno, never taken a sip of Aztec treasure.
  4. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    This option is always on the table. Yes, but "cannot resist" means that he tries, at least. It all depends on whether the player wants to portray the struggle in play, although the character usually fails. If anything the character does is getting drunk, this makes for a poor Motivation because it produces poor scenes. If the player roleplays the attempt not to get drunk, or invents interesting inconveniences for the character drunken status, then it becomes a good Motivation because it adds to the narration, either in drama or in comic relief.
  5. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    This is indeed a good question. The rules allow for "freeform" Traits (sidebar on p.25), so if the group wishes to adopt a play style that really resembles Fate or HeroQuest, then this Trait is certainly permissible. As this Trait can only be used as a Support Bonus, the skill to which it applies is only relevant insofar as you wish it to use up one slot, something that the rules do not explicitly request. In the case of this specific Trait, the Narrator might want to let it take a Concentration slot, as the character's weak will hampers concentation and use up space that he could devote to Willpower. However, there is a much more appropriate way to represent this in game. What your player wishes to apply sounds much like a Motivation to me. There is a specific example in the rules of these negative Motivations, in which a character is unable to overcome his addiction(s) (page 9 and 79) and the description of his failure to resist replenishes his Fate Point Pool, as it counts as describing a scene related to the Motivation.
  6. Suggest a change or correction

    Both are sensible observations. Noted. We will try to insert amendments in the second print run. For the Agility/Athletics issue, the problem is that it was a last moment change. I had decided to keep Athletics as the default because there was little or no consensus here on the forum, but in the end I realised that it was more sensible to have Agility and not Athletics as the default skill for those games where the group does not mind the details, and the split skills for those groups which do mind. Of course, when you change something at the very last moment... So yes, this is an oversight that should be corrected wherever it is. As for the Environmental Trait, it is implicit that the GM should apply common sense. However, since we have made the design choice of never relying entirely on common sense without explaining how the GM should apply it, a small note is probably useful.
  7. Our Last RQ Session

    Simon, Your players managed to have the writers of FATAL look like prudish boarding-school girls. Well done, folks. Well done (just kidding ). Excuse me, I need to (yuck!) visit the restroom.
  8. YOUR PURSE OR YOUR LIFE! Robyn Hode is here.

    This WAS shipped to backers three months ago. Please contact us via Ulule or any other means that can let us identify your pledge and we will sort it out.

    What part of "data recovered from a damaged probe" was not clear to you? Of course when the Imperial Academy manages to secure more accurate information you will have a detailed description of 2143 GO A5 and dozens of other planets, including all physical and environmental data. Researcher Mirkon is currently working on the subject and his reports are known to be excruciatingly pedant... er, I mean really accurate.

    This is a follow-up of data that the Imperial Fleet has collected from the damaged probe returning from Frontier space. Binary System 2143 GO, Beacon 4 SLEP 323, GalSec W The system is composed of a Type G8VI Subgiant and a Type M3V orange star. The subgiant has six planets, of which the fifth and sixth are notable. 2143 GO A5 (Nurab) is a desert world home to the race of the Jillok. 2143 GO A6 is a frozen gas giant, but its four moons are somehow colonisable and have been used by the Momgä in their recent interstellar conflict with the Jillok. 2143 GO B has no planets.
  11. Implementing Advantages / Feats / Edges

    They are certainly more effective when used in conjunction with crunchy subsystems, but there is absolutely no limit to what effects a Stunt may have. In fact, I absolutely encourage everyone (see sidebar on p. 27) to encapsulate their variant and house rules in Stunts, so that they are easier to port to other settings and campaigns. If your house rule is encapsulated in a Stunt, you can always determine that in your own world that Stunt is automatically acquired with its parent Trait, whereas in other settings only the lone hero who has visited the faraway land of Zipango has it.
  12. Implementing Advantages / Feats / Edges

    I am sorry to tell you this, but... you did not hack anything This is exactly how you are supposed to use Traits and Stunts. This is a perfectly valid rephrasing of the definition of "Stunt"
  13. Suggest a change or correction

    No, it is not a mistake. It must be the absolute size of the target, for two very good reasons: You get to add your Might to your damage, and that already includes the attacker's Size Class. The difference is already there, as you subtract your Size Class from a quantity that depends on the attacker's Size Class. The rule is also valid for ranged attacks, for which it does not make sense to include the attacker's Size Class. Rocket Raccoon is Size Class S, but he has no trouble blasting big bad guys with his artillery.

    The Frontier is just one part of one large Galactic setting. How much of the Big Picture will be in this first book depends on several factors, but you can rest assured that there is one.

    The Imperial Academy of Science was finally able to recover some of the data present in the damaged probe returning from Frontier space. Here is a sample of what the researchers found. ------- The Slithodon is a large reptile native to the vast desert areas of planet Nurab. The ancient Jillok had domesticated the creature to use it as a mount for their expeditions in the desert in search of Vamias to hunt. When air vessels became available, Slithodon breeding become less convenient and the creature stock decreased, although nobles still prefer hunting from a Slithodon as a display of bravery and skill. Wild Slithodon are still present on Nurab, although not in large numbers. The creature is not particularly aggressive, as its slow reptilian metabolism allows it to survive on small prey, but it is still a carnivore and it can attack humanoids when starving or threatened. There are also reports of allochthone colonies of Slithodons on other Frontier worlds, probably the offspring of domesticated specimens that Jillok or Momgä travellers brought there to use as mounts for sport hunting. The behaviour of such individuals is unpredictable, and we advise caution when encountering anything resembling a Slithodon away from Nurab. Characteristic Attribute STR 10 3d6 Size Class XXL CON 10 3d6 Might +6 DEX 14 4d6 Strike Rank 12 INT 4 Toughness 12 WIL 7 2d6 Life Points 17 CHA - - Move 9 Weapon SR AP to Att/Def Damage Effect Bite 12 3/- 1d6+6d2 Slash (effect) Skills: Close Combat [Bite] 50%, Perception [Acute Vision, Hearing] 50%, Survival [Desert] 50%. Armour: Scaly Hide 6/0+; Absorb Heat/Cold/Light 2. Combat Notes: Medium-sized opponents are -6 SR when in melee with a Slithodon. Its huge size provides a Bonus to hit it. The creature skin has adapted to the extreme heat and illumination conditions of the Nurab deserts and provides two points of Absorb against thermal and light-based damage, making it rather hard to kill with lasers or flamethrowers. Harder radiations and particle beams affect the creature normally. General Notes: The Slithodon is surprisingly at ease in all desert environments, not just those of its home world, which makes it an asset when used as a desert mount. When staging a travel, exploration or chase conflict in a desert environment, any party using Slithodons as mounts can use them as a Support Bonus once. If the party includes a character with the Slithodon Trait, the latter can use his or her Trait as a Support Bonus, too, in addition to the one from the mounts. Slithodon-mounted troops add +1 to their combat value in Mass Combat when fighting in the desert.