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Discord Guide to Glorantha read through

David Scott

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There's a read through of the Guide that's has started on a Glorantha Discord and runs for a year. Organised by David Castle, here's the reading plan, and link:


Look under Book Club.


Here is the reading plan for the Glorantha Book Club group read of the Guide to Glorantha. I have divided the Guide up into fifty sections. On the dates given below, I will set up a new channel for that week’s section, and we can use it to discuss the section. Where a single section covers multiple areas (e.g. Week 2: Hsunchen Culture, Doraddi Culture and Praxian Culture) separate threads will be created for each area. Please feel free to set up threads for particular sub-topics or new conversations that you want to start especially if it takes the main conversation off at a tangent. As moderator, I reserve the right to move messages into a thread so that separate conversations can happen more easily in parallel.

Volume One 

  1. Foreword, World Structure, Introduction (pages 6-17): 12th March 2023
  2. Hsunchen Culture, Doraddi Culture, Praxian Culture (pages 18-31): 19th March
  3. Orlanthi Culture, Pelorian Culture (pages 31-42): 26th March
  4. Fonritian Culture, Western Culture, Kralori Culture (pages 43-58): 2nd April
  5. Aldryami (pages 59-69): 9th April
  6. Dragonewts, Dragons (pages 70-80): 16th April
  7. The Mostali (pages 81-90): 23rd April
  8. The Uz (pages 91-102): 30th April
  9. Merfolk, Lesser Elder Races (pages 103-110): 7th May
  10. Time in Glorantha, Mythos & History (pages 111-124): 14th May
  11. The World of Time, The Dawn Age (pages 125-131): 21st May
  12. The Second Age (pages 132-139): 28th May
  13. The Third Age (pages 140-145): 4th June
  14. Cosmology, Major Pantheons (pages 146-153): 11th June
  15. The Hero Planes, Beyond the Middle World (pages 154-162): 18th June [18:42]
  16. Regions of Glorantha, Genertela, Dragon Pass (pages 163-172): 25th June
  17. Sartar, Tarsh, The Grazelanders (pages 172-190): 2nd July
  18. Elder Wilds (pages 191-198): 9th July
  19. Fronela, Kingdom of Loskalm (pages 199-211): 16th July
  20. Central Fronela, Northern Fronela (pages 212-233): 23rd July
  21. Holy Country (pages 234-243): 30th July
  22. Caladraland, Esrolia, Shadow Plateau, Heortland, God Forgot (pages 243-259): 6th August
  23. Kralorela, Boshan Province, Hanjan Province (pages 260-274): 13th August
  24. Hum Chang Province, Jaubon Province, Puchai Province, Shiyang Province, Wanzow Province, Chen Durel, the Bliss of Ignorance (pages 275-291): 20th August
  25. Lunar Empire, The Lunar Heartland (292-307): 27th August
  26. Satrapies: First Blessed, Darjiin, Doblian, Karasal, Kostaddi, Oraya, Oronin, Silver Shadow, Sylila, Carmania (pages 313-328): 3rd September
  27. Lunar Provinces: Aggar, Holay, Imther, Sartar, Tarsh, Vanch, Talastar, Dorastor, Lunar Allies (pages 328-349): 10th September
  28. Maniria (pages 350-362): 17th September
  29. Pent (pages 363-372): 24th September
  30. Ralios, Vesmonstran, East Wilds, Ralios, Safelser (pages 373-398): 1st October [18:43]

Volume Two

  1. Foreword, Seshnela (pages 402-425): 8th October
  2. Teshnos (pages 426-439): 15th October
  3. The Wastelands (pages 440-459): 22nd October
  4. The Oceans, Waertagi, Ships of Glorantha, Trade Routes (pages 460-470): 29th Octobe
  5. The Islands, The East Isles (pages 471-500): 5th November
  6. Jrusteli Isles, Kumanku Islands, Loral Island, Slon (pages 501-522): 12th November
  7. Teleos, Vadeli Isles, Vormain (pages 523-539): 19th November
  8. Pamaltela, Errinoru Jungle, Fonrit (pages 540-575): 26th November
  9. Jolar, Kothar (pages 576-599): 3rd December
  10. Maslo, Tarien (pages 600-619): 10th December
  11. Umathela, Unique Mysteries of Glorantha (pages 620-643): 17th December [Break for the Holidays] [18:44]
  12. Appendix A: The Sky (pages 644-651): 7th January 2024
  13. Appendix B: Gloranthan Calendar, Appendix C Weather (pages 652-666): 14th January
  14. Appendix D : The Gods Wall (pages 667-679): 21st January
  15. Appendix E: God Learner Maps (pages 680-698): 28th January
  16. Appendix F: Chaos (pages 699-706): 4th February
  17. Appendix G: Broken Council (pages 707-715): 11th February
  18. Appendix H: Nysalor and Arkat, Appendix I: The Red Moon (pages 716-726): 18th February
  19. Appendix J: The Hero Wars (pages 730-742): 25th February
  20. The Greater Hero Wars, The Cryptic Verses of the Yellow Calendar, Black Dragon Mountain Pictoglyphs, Appendix K: Sources, Postscript, Afterword (pages 743-754): 3rd March 2024
Edited by David Scott
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